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EOS-M / Re: EOS M with Magic Lantern, shutter cannot release
« on: October 23, 2014, 12:07:53 PM »
Thanks for the above 3 answers. Unfortunately, none of these applies to me. I have enabled " shutter release without lens" since the first day that I use ML. I have tried different version of ML. My EOS-M functions Normally without ML, even now. The "official" position of ML is " SD card dependent". I am going to try another SD card and see what will happen.

EOS-M / EOS M with Magic Lantern, shutter cannot release
« on: October 23, 2014, 02:17:04 AM »
I have been using ML since July 25 this year on my EOS-M with 8G SD card. No problem untill today. The problem: after the camera has been turn on, the EOS-M will AF but will not release the shutter. The only way to make it work is to release the lens and reinstall the lens (both with the camera on). I formated the SD card outside of the camera and use the same card, The camera functions normally (without ML). I use the same card to reinstall the same version of the ML. Same problem. Format the same card with the newest version of ML, same problem. Has anyone run into the similar probl;em?? Has anyone knows how to fix this problem???

EOS-M / Re: Adapters + legacy lenses on the EOS M: any advice?
« on: October 20, 2014, 01:04:25 PM »
It seems 135/f2.5 runs between $100-$300. I could not find any info about the number of blades but as you said it seems the best Konika offered at this range. Konika 135/f3.5 is much cheaper for half of weight.

How is Pentacon 135 f2.8? I know nothing about the brand and this product but they say it has 15 aperture blades.
That can be found cheaper than Konika 135 f2.5.
You can do a Google search on just about anything.

Lenses / Re: Travel gear thoughts...
« on: October 20, 2014, 12:56:42 PM »
I'm even thinking about taking ONLY my EOS M next trip

Been there, done that. Will NOT do this again. Japan in June/July: I had the 22, and th3 nice small zoom, as well as samyang 14/2.8 and nikkor 50mm 1.4.
All great.. wonderful night shots.. but for general street shooting, I missed way too many opportunities.
As a second body, sure, but never again as the sole option.  During the last few days I was so frustrated that I kept thinking of going to yodobasi and picking up a kiss/rebel to hold me over.
Please explain in detail about "missed the general street shooting". Is it due to shutter lag of the M or the long zoom is too slow, or other reasons. I am thinking about taking the M with 22 and 18-55  and a 90mm Elmer for a long trip. I used to take two crop DSLR bodies and 3 lenses for long trip. But they are getting too heavy for me. Thanks for the advice in advance.

Lenses / Re: Travel gear thoughts...
« on: October 18, 2014, 03:58:00 AM »
Thanks, guys, for the feedback...  The wide aperture lens was an obvious oversight on my part.  And yes, I was primarily thinking of a trip to Europe next year.  I carry everything with me in the US.  I'm hoping that Canon will release the 100-400mm L II before I go, as I am a zoom junkie, and my wife has limited patience with 'time-outs' to capture the best shot.
If you are aiming at interior of Cathedrals, a 24mm 2.8 IS (pair with 6D )will be great especially iy you are the " shoot and run" type. I looked at your list, You do not have any IS lens and all lenses are f 4 or slower. A fast  wide lens sounds good but they may have more distortion and may not enough depth of field.

EOS-M / Re: Adapters + legacy lenses on the EOS M: any advice?
« on: October 17, 2014, 03:18:56 PM »
I want a lens for natural light portraits and good bokeh to use with EOS-M. I just want it for fun and won't invest high $$$ on it. I guess a fast tele between 85mm to 200mm can be a good candidate. What is your best practical suggestion? Should I look to old FD models or classic Nikors or others?
If you want good bokeh, look for lens that have at least 10 aperture blades. The more blades,  the better it will be. This is give you an almost round opening on the aperture. The bokeh will be excellent.

PowerShot Cameras / Re: G7 Picture @ Dpreview.com - High iso quality?
« on: October 08, 2014, 01:39:18 AM »
Did you look into the LX100? It will have better high ISO performance than the G7X. It also have a faster lens.

Reviews / Re: Scott Kelby 7D Mark II Real World
« on: October 07, 2014, 09:40:32 PM »
Yeah I heard him say 24MP twice also. I was extremely disappointed, given the fact that the released camera will have only 20. I honestly believe canon made it 24MP but decided to use the 20mp in this body so they could keep the camera cheap and sell more.  >:(

edit- and not only what I said above, but also that overall 24MP would just be "too good" for such a camera. Have to keep the FF pro body cameras looking good and the owners of 1-dx happy, etc.
With the same fab techology, the 24mp and 20mp sensor will be the same cost. May be Canon is trying to see which one will have a better performance in noise and DR through out the ISO range.

PowerShot Cameras / Re: G7 Picture @ Dpreview.com - High iso quality?
« on: October 07, 2014, 06:39:14 PM »

There are some shots @ higher Iso. IMO, the IQ @ 1600 Iso is a little bit weak. Or am I wrong? Do I expect to much from the G7?

I would like to buy an small camera one for my grandson
There is a big diffgerence betwwen  "pixel peeper" and viewing the picture on screen. I once shoot some picture in the restuarant with the EOS M at ISO 6400 just for the fun of it. The pictures look great when viewed on a 20 inch screen but I can call them junk when I look at them at  pixel level.  Do you really want to hand a $800 camera to a 13 years old boy???

EOS Bodies / Re: Next Rebel Going EVF? [CR1]
« on: October 02, 2014, 12:33:22 PM »
If Canon retired the EF-S mount, wouldn't that harm the upgrade path to EF lenses (particularly L series)? Would someone using an entry level body with EF-M mount really be as likely to buy an L lens if they have to buy an adapter, too?

I just don't see Canon dumping EF-S any time soon...
If someone buys the L lens for the M, the cost of adapter is a small change. Why not?? On the other hand, the M mount lenses has already cover from 11mm to 200mm. That is more than enough for most people. One of the idea od M is to keep it small. Put a big L lens on it goes the opposite way. I have a 17-40 L, I have never consider mounting it on the M.

Photography Technique / Re: Why 3:2 aspect ratio?
« on: September 26, 2014, 04:40:22 PM »
My semi scientific explanation:
3:2, This is close to the visual field angle of human eye. If you do not move your head an/or your eyes, you will see more width than height. Leica pick this format also based on the movie film at that time. about two movie frame size was used to make 24 X 36 MM
4:3, is carry over from the TV. The image sensor in the early date are round tube. They are small and expensive. So 4:3 was pick to have a larger image area and give in to the human visual field.
8X10, 5X7, 4X5 etc. are for the handling of either glass plate or paper.It is easier to handle something that is close to square than a skinny oblong.
6X6 camera, since those camera are not easy to be turned sideway. a square form will avoid turning. the guy can cropit later to be portrait or landscape.

Lenses / Re: Inexpensive standard walk around lens question
« on: September 24, 2014, 02:48:07 PM »
People that want to rob your camera are likely cannot tell if it is a 5Dc or 5DIII. All they know is a BIG ( read it as expensive) camera. May be you should stay away from the area that is not safe. Your EOS-M should serve you well. It is small and cheap.

I don't think Canon will enter this end of the market.  I think it would be in the benefit to make a licensing deal with Zeiss and/or Schneider for AF technology.  Once canon moves into the 40+ MP range the weakness in their lenses will become very apparent.  I don't Canon will make dramatic improvements to their lenses (L+ series?) but allowing a 3rd party to provide ultra high quality glass, would be in the benefit.

Right now they have lost landscape photographers to Nikon.  A 40+MP and some Zeiss/Schneider glass (not sure they will need AF but others who want 40+ MP such as model photographers, ..) could use AF

Have you tried any top Canon lenses on a 40+ MP body? 

None of the lens testers have, but a 7D had a 42MP equivalent sensor.  And now the 70D and 7D MK II have sensors that are equivalent to a 51.7 MP FF sensor based on photosite density.   

I don't expect to see a issue.  People were complaining that Canon lenses could not resolve a 20 MP Body when the 1Ds Mark 3 came out, based on what?  Lack of information and fear of the unknown!

I don't expect a problem with a high MP sensor, resolution of the image will increase.  My issue is processing time.  With newer computers and SSD's, that concern is easing as well.

If Canon are so great, why would anyone pay extra for a Zeiss lens?
I can think of a few reasons:
1. Zeiss lenses for Canon  are MF lenses. It have finer adjustment in MF than the EF lens.
2. Better and smoother out of focus area due to almost perfect round diaphram.
3. Perception, German designed product is better than Japanese designed product.
4. To show off the deep pockets, mine is more expensive than yours.

I've never heard of the brand prior to this press release.

What do the young people learn today? ;)

Back, when I was young...
And apertures were round...
You can blame it on SLR and auto diaphram

EOS-M / Re: EOS M Accessory question
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:57:27 PM »
I use the Flipbac 4 rubber 'peel and stick' grip along with the Canon ER-E1 wrist strap and this combo makes it very hand-holdable with one hand.
The Flipbac grip is wide and not that thick. How does it compare to the DSLR grip in terms of handling. Rubber grip will give you a better traction for sure.

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