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I found the pre-announcement teaser videos very enticing.  But as soon as I saw a picture of the real thing, my interest dropped to zero.  I do not know who would buy that camera at that price.

This camera is a joke. It's ugly.... way too big and despite being lighter and smaller than almost all DSLR's, looks like a brick.
While it is retro, it is certainly not retro done right.
As people have noted earlier, it should be much more beneficial to manual focusing and the price should be more in line with the features.
NOT giving us video does not make we want to pay out an extra 800 dollars over the D610.
Additionally, while the knobs are nice looking, I believe that modern DSLR controls are easier to use and better ergonomically.
Also, while the pre announcement marketing was great, it built up expectations to high for what the product was actually delivering.
This was a major failure by Nikon.

Canon General / Re: TEN YEARS FROM NOW.
« on: November 26, 2013, 04:40:18 AM »
Yesterday was the day I made the move. I bought the a7 and will soon sell all my DSLR gear. I cannot imagine a reason to go back to DSLR's as long as the weight is nearly double an a7 sized camera and the size is much larger

How much would a 70-200 lens for the a7 weigh and how much smaller would it be?
the Sony FE mount f4 version is pretty similar to Canon's current offering(based on a visual comparison alone.)
That being said, if you read my whole comment you would see that I specifically mention that most pros will still use DSLR's. However, I know about 10-15 people with DSLR's(all amateurs) and only 1 of them has the 70-200(the f4 he bought for 350 bucks on CL) or anything longer(besides those cheap 18-300 superzooms.)
I myself want a small camera with a few small primes for when I travel for extended periods of time and for carrying around daily in my backpack.
If I have to sacrifice ergonomics with long lenses, that I never use, for this, then that is an easy choice to make.
I know for people who regularly use long, heavy lenses this sentiment may be very different, but that is not the majority of DSLR buyers.

Canon General / Re: TEN YEARS FROM NOW.
« on: November 25, 2013, 09:16:55 PM »
2. Mirrorless will follow point and shoot cameras into the abyss of consumer cameras being replaced by camera phones.
I think it will be 100% the opposite. DSLR's or medium format(which will then be easily available in DSLR sized cameras) will still be used by most pro's but by only very serious hobbyists(think Neuro, the guys on this board, etc.)... But nearly all the rebel, 70D, 6D market will be replaced by mirrorless cameras.
Yesterday was the day I made the move. I bought the a7 and will soon sell all my DSLR gear. I cannot imagine a reason to go back to DSLR's as long as the weight is nearly double an a7 sized camera and the size is much larger
I firmly believe this trend will continue.... Just imagine how excited people on this board will be when Canon makes a FF mirroless with good AF. Everyone on here will buy one as a backup, and most wont really need their DSLR anymore.... I don't.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon Shmikon
« on: November 13, 2013, 10:48:07 PM »
Why is the Canon guy the smoker/drinker?

There are actually two versions of the Nikon image, one with a drink, and one without.
I still haven't seen any Nikon smokers though!
On a different note, I thought this picture was absolutely ridiculous and the entire feeling of the announcement was extremely pretentious.

EOS Bodies / Re: Wait for the Canon 5D Mark IV or get the Mark III?
« on: October 31, 2013, 10:29:27 PM »
i talked to my local rep and heard the IV was going to be rather underwhelming.
i'd wait for the V.

people can make as many excuses or give as many reasons as they want why these results don't matter.
the fact is, if this score was had by a Canon camera, people here would be doing backflips and high fives for weeks.
end of story.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Camera Sling
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:33:23 AM »
i have a bosstrap. i used it in the past with a 5DC and 24-105 and now with another even heavier rig.
i really like it a lot and it seems very secure. I chose this one because I don't like the idea of using the tripod screw as the connection point for the strap..
I felt like i would constantly be checking if it was coming unscrewed or even worse, it would just fall one day. I really liked the bosstrap solution, it's cheap(relatively,) fairly light, and sturdy.

the Nikon rumor is extremely exciting. Nikon's current sensors are pretty awesome, and having the 16mp D4 sensor in a small size would be a real gift from Nikon, especially if it is a reasonable price!
I know others disagree, but personally I love Nikon's lens lineup too. They have great colors, decent prices, some interesting exotics, nice vintage pieces, and perform pretty well. Having their lens lineup, sensor performance, AF, all with a smaller form factor would be awesome!!!
I hope Canon has something to counter these new cameras soon! the more competition the better!

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Rumor: Nikon Digital FM2 - Retro look
« on: October 21, 2013, 02:14:00 AM »
this camera sounds truly amazing. i'm very excited about this. i'm a little worried that it weighs 750g!!! I really hope that the price is reasonable(below 3k, hopefully around 2k.)
This is an extremely exciting camera and i'm definitely going to consider canceling my Sony preorder for the a7 and lens. in fact, i'm almost definitely going to cancel my Sony if this thing is close to what is described and under 3000 bucks.
Since i've been looking at the Sony i've been a little worried about the lack of native lenses, lack of AF with adaptors, the large and expensive LE A4 adaptor for A mount lenses, and now the reviews saying RF lenses perform poorly on the a7.
I love the 16mp sensor idea!!!! I really hope it has something special to make MF easier(split prism,etc), and I really hope the price is not like 4k!!!
If Nikon can deliver this camera for a great price it is going to be huge!

Canon's sensor tech is fine, but there is certainly not a consensus that it's the best(at least outside of this forum.)
I have been very interested in the M9 for a long time, but for a plethora of reasons it was a no go for me.
The sensor tech of Sony has been much hyped since the D800/D600 and I'm extremely pleased to have an extremely modern 24mp sensor, with focus peaking, in a size smaller than any other FF camera on the market.
While this is not going to replace a DSLR for professional use in many cases, I think it will be a huge hit among enthusiasts(and pros) who want a fun camera to travel with or carry around everyday.
As others have noted earlier, you can just buy this camera and use it with your Canon EF lenses, along with other lenses you might have around too(or any other lens you'd want to buy.)
For anyone criticizing this camera, remember this, it features the most modern sensor available at the lowest price available for a FF, all in the smallest size of any FF camera on the market(besides RX1.)
If you don't like it, you certainly don't need to buy it, but I find this camera to be MUCH more exciting than any other camera i've seen in a long, long while.

I just pre ordered the a7 and 28- 70 kit lens from here in China.
The a7 and the 28-70 Kit lens are $1860 here in China, which is actually 130 dollars less than in America.
I'm very excited to get some old Takumars or 1.2 manual focus vintage glass and have some fun.
I doubt I will ever buy another DSLR again.

just pre ordered the a7 and the crappy kit lens. I'll probably get some cheap vintage MF fast glass to play with it until I figure out the exact lenses I want.
I'm very excited about this bad boy!

PowerShot / Re: Limited Edition PowerShot Cameras Coming
« on: October 15, 2013, 11:50:34 AM »
this is terrible. CR has turned in to LeicaRumors.

Dylan, I knew you'd be excited about this thing!
I have been waiting for this camera for years!!!(probably since the M9 was first announced.)
Unless something crazy happens to dissuade me, i'm almost definitely going to preorder whichever one has better AF. I'm thinking the A7 is better for me as the PDAF should(my thinking, am i right?) be better than the A7r. I'm also more inclined to 24mp instead of 36, and with the A9 probably coming next year, i'm happy to buy the cheaper one now, and then get the true top of the line in a year or so.
I'm thinking of buying the Sony Zeiss 24mm F2 lens. I'm having a hard time figuring out which lenses will have AF functionality.
Dylan and Gino, and others buying this camera, what lenses will you use? will you buy any of the new lenses to use with it?
I'm in China, but i'm in the process of selling my D700, and 24-70. I love love love this camera and lens, but it is just wayyyy to heavy! i'm very excited to have an EOS-M and the Sony A7!!!!
This is also a great return to my Minolta roots. i started out in my high school photography class using an old Minolta, and I am very excited to go back to something small and simple instead of these crazy monster DSLR's that everyone is so in to nowadays. I'm sick of having a heavy backpack and sore shoulders!

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: I don't understand
« on: October 04, 2013, 01:12:08 PM »
That's a simplistic statement.

This whole thread is a simplistic topic.  A rumor that Sony will have a 36 MP FF sensor.  There are rumors that Canon will have a 40+ MP FF sensor.  Let's talk when something is announced, until then it's just wasted electrons.
While I wholeheartedly get your point, Neuro. The FF Sony camera rumored here is most likely going to be announced in about 10 days. I trust Andrea over at sonyalpharumors and I'm pretty sure there is at the very least going to be one FF Sony mirrorless, if not two by the end of the year. while it is all rumors at this point, Canon has certainly been dragging their feet on releasing new technology and new features people are looking for while pricing new products at a premium level. I would say this includes things like the 24-70 w/ no IS, 6D w/ only 11AF points. similar sensors again and again and a 5DIII at 500 dollars more than the D800.
While it is all rumors at this point, there is a very good chance that Sony will have a sub 2000 dollar Leica sized FF interchangeable lens camera on the shelf in a couple months. While I am super excited about this, I am a little disappointed it has taken this long as I have been waiting for something like this since the M9 was first released. I was hoping for a FF ILC in a smaller than DSLR size for years, and was first thinking it would be Fuji after the Xpro and the same when Nikon and Canon both announced their mirrorless offerings(Nikon 1 and EOS M.) While I'm sure everyone will have many logical reasons why Canon is correct(they're a billion dollar company and doing great business afterall,) I think we would all like faster advancements in technology and design. So yes, I would say Bravo to Sony for making* something small, FF and with interchangeable lenses, especially at a $2000(or less if the rumors are right) price! and yes, I wish Canon, and all the other companies, would quit dragging their heels and release some innovative products!

* please forget the fact that the Sony camera is not even announced yet. If tempted to think of a critical reply, please think of the RX1 first.

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