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Laugh if you like, he is most likely correct.  The 7D was the pinnacle of the APS-C segment, too.  You do realize we're talking about cameras, not just sensors, right?   ::)

By far, the most important aspect of getting a good picture (after the photographer) is the AF system. As I am fond of saying, who cares what the DR is of a blurry picture :) The 7D was king of the APS-C cameras for 5 years with it's balance of features and even now, it is arguable if the 70D is better... (I think it is)
I would choose it again over any other APS-C camera. Nikon D7100? Hate the button layout. Pentax K-3? Bad autofocus and too few lenses. Canon 70D? Too small buffer, although, I might jump for that one instead. The 7D was not only, it is a great camera.  :D
You have to look at these bodies from a product positioning point of view. And as far as Canon naming conventions goes single digit bodies tend to be the highest end of that product segment. The more digits in the name the lower end it is.

To limit Canon from adding innovations and new technologies in lower end products does not help them any as other companies will always try to outdo each other's user experience, features or pricing so a body whose only upgrade in the 5 years was a firmware update aint gonna have Ethernet port, USB 3, LTE, GPS or WiFi overnight.

I do understand the frustration and confusion amongst some participants on this thread so I tend to not argue all my points to the bitter end. ;)

This is my interpretation per body

1-Series = Highest end double grip pro body
5-Series = Highest end single grip pro body
7-Series = Highest end APS-C pro body
6-Series = Highest end SD card pro body

Again, I think Maiabing's forecast to be very close to the actual announcement of the 5D Mark III replacement. Although I agree with her analysis I hope she is wrong. Why? Because I'd like a 5D Mark IV in my hands sooner than later.

I do hope that if CFast were to be introduced in the next 1D or 5D that they cost similarly with the fastest CF cards.

Lenses / Re: Why do fast primes not have IS?
« on: June 24, 2014, 10:34:56 AM »
I'm wondering why fast primes like a 35/1.4 or a 85/1.2 don't come with IS. The fastest lens to feature IS is the 35mm (and the 200mm) f2. Why is that?  :o People would love a 50mm f1.2 IS  ::) Is there some sort of technical problem? I can't imagine anything else, it would sell well, would set them apart, isn't too expensive... Can someone help me?  :)
I honestly wouldnt be surprised if the next L primes will have IS. It just that you have to wait for the timing and product cycle to play out for the current generation of primes.

In preparation for the introduction of the 7D Mark II I already have buyers for my 7D. Based on the technlogies in the 1D X, 5D3, 6D, 70D, 700D, 100D, 1200D and even M2 it will be flagship APS-C body with all the technological trimmings one could ever wish for. It will outdo anything Nikon or Sony has in the market.

LOL.  ;D

You're right. I'm not lazy. I'm just groggy. Night!

Too lazy to argue my point further. So I will conceed that Rugby and Cricket are equal to the World Cup and Olympics. I do this because I am lazy.  ;D

The Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup, not just the sports in general. These are major global sporting events with viewers in the billions. Fact.

And I doubt you are lazy, it just adds nothing to your theory when you dismiss such important events out of hand.

Anyway, back to the 1D X ii and 5D iv. ;D

Too lazy to argue my point further. So I will conceed that Rugby and Cricket are equal to the World Cup and Olympics. I do this because I am lazy.  ;D

I must say that I find it a little amusing that on a rumour site where you are giving your opinion of a theory with regards to the future 5D and 1D product line from Canon, that you ignore two of the world's largest sporting events.

Cricket World Cup:

and the Rugby World Cup:

They may not be sports that are popular in the Philippines, a country I love, but I can assure you they are right up there with FIFA World Cup and Olympics.

But we already discussed that earlier in the thread. It is always easy to theorise when you select which facts to omit, ignore or manipulate.

Keith goes to show how much time I shamelessly spend online. ;)

Really the only guideline useable. Not that's its fail safe. But seems to be useful to gauge updates more than anything else. Here's my D-series timeline,

AUG 2005 5D

+ 37 Months

SEP 2008 5DII

+ 42 Months

MAR 2012 5DIII

So far 27 Months

+[37 Months = JUL 2015 ??] 5DIV ??
+[42 Months = DEC 2015 ??] 5DIV ??

So, still hoping for a 5DIV announcement at the end of this year. May of course come JAN to not hurt X-mas sales. Also, I do see the time line for the 5DIII as being shorter than for the 5DII as it was more an all-around upgrade/refinement while the 5DII marked a technical breakthrough. Especially if the rumor of a new sensor type come to life.
Keep in mind that announcement dates do not translate to the first shipment received.

Like say the 5D Mark II. I do recall that was the announcement date but I know the first shipment of bodies arrived after Christmas and before New Years of that year.

Same with the 1D Mark IV where in shipment in Europe first arrived in December but in South East Asia I remember it to be in nearing the end of January. I got my copy before any Canon Ambassador/Explorer of Light/Product Endorser got theirs and I understand they were not exactly happy about it. But then again I had mine reserved since 2009. ;)

Thank you BTW for supporting my assessment that 2015 will be a dry year for 5D and 1D replacements. Other than no major sporting events of the caliber of the Olympics or World Cup there is the thing about product life cycles.

If I do recall correctly Canon/Nikon tend to release new gear half a year before the major sporting event happens. So Maia's suggestion of either a July or December announcement would work as Rio 2016 falls on August 2016.

Solid rumours I'd put any money on come along very rarely. I personally discount almost anything that's more than 4 months out from an announcement.

I still can't fathom why the camera makers are so secretive, when companies like Intel and Microsoft provide roadmaps into future announcements.
Because these are two very different industries when you look at their markets;
Intel (especially)
The regular customer doesn't buy much direct from them. Have you ever bought just a CPU or SSD directly from Intel? (you might have, I don't think I'm much mistaken when I say that a very minor minority do..) Compare that with the companies that Intel sell their stuff to: HP, Dell, Apple, IBM, Lenovo, etc.etc.. they design and build solution around the "raw materials" that Intel provide. Your laptop; a small number of parts are from Intel, the integration of all the components is done by makers of motherboards, software etc. etc.
Low margins, but MASSIVE volume is their game.
Microsoft, much the same; their software enables design possibilities for HW and SW makers. (it is only recently that Microsoft moved into the HW space, for various reasons (such as providing a blueprint/best practice implementation, larger control of end product (like apple) etc. etc.
The products that Intel and Microsoft define in their road maps are coming years down the line, when the products are ready they need all their partners to have finished solutions in place to act as a market for them.

Compare these models, where the companies you mention are producers of raw materials. (abstracted to the essential IMHO) to Canon or Nikon; they integrate technology acquired either inhouse or from third parties (memory, ARM cores, materials etc.etc.) and sell an end-user ready product.
Canon and Nikon also have such large product bases where they cover almost everything; from camera bodies, lenses, flashes etc. and they provide this to the end user in a readily integrated and assembled form.
They don't necessarily need to publish a road map, for them I would believe it to be a competitive disadvantage; you have less of a chance to surprise the market and upend your competitors. And I'm sure too that from a financial point of view if you don't deliver on your road map then investors and markets will punish you.
Canon/Nikon do not need to provide a road map, like smaller vendors, they don't need to convince the market that they have a plan and are in it for the long run. They do not need to convince potential customers in order to create a market; they already have one. (And yes there are various angles that could be debated here; for instance a road map for EOS-M, IMHO that could possibly be nice, because the system might need a clear direction to get most people to come on board and make an investment apart from the body and kit lens (though that might not be desired target demographic for them..))
If Canon/Nikon published a road map for bodies, features, lenses that would be helping their competitors who could upend  the road map by providing better/cheaper/more attractive features than the stated road map. So far Canon and Nikon's competitors are playing catch-up to the big two. But in order to do that they need to provide system road maps that says that we will provide you with the tools you need in the future. Were there a road map from Sony saying: "we'll introduce full-frame mirrorless cameras in tiny tiny bodies soon?" I don't think so, but once there they needed to provide assurance  that there is a plan for creating a viable set of tools.

Companies are secretive because of the Osborne effect.

Those who have access to the product timelines are photo news agencies that tend to buy in bulk and sign NDAs. These orgs and others who sign NDAs tend to be the ones who leak to Keith and Craig. ;)

Now for a bit of trivia about the 1-Series. The product line makes up but 1% of all produced EOS bodies. Canon bulk sells em to photo news agencies and the rest goes to individual working and non-working photogs.

My timeline for product release is based on my personal assessment. I only use CR & NL to either validate or invalidate my speculations. Most of these rumors are based on online wishful thinking if I may be so bold to say.
Be bold - I'd very much agree!

Remember that what you see here and at NL has had a bit of a 'plausibility filter' (YMMV) applied too ;-)
Not to mention conjecture based on past product cycles, sporting events and product releases of rival companies.

I even joined this forum so I can have some fun conversations. BTW Keith no plans in opening your own forum? NL is the grandfather of all Canon & Epson rumors on the web.

For lens rumours I notice most stories are brought about by marketing age, wishful thinking, sporting events and product releases of rival companies.

These are the lenses I look forward being updated within 12 months. Although I doubt these will be updated this soon as they sell too well.

EF 35mm f/1.4L USM
EF 50mm f/1.2L USM
EF 135mm f/2L USM
EF 400mm f/5.6L USM
EF 180mm f/3.5L Macro USM

Street & City / Re: Typhoon Haiyan: 7 months later
« on: June 24, 2014, 03:16:29 AM »
Thanks expat.

True but this is only speculation. Not even CR2.

If I were you I would get the best on the market now Dolina and enjoy it, rather than speculate as to when a new 1D X may, or may not come out. They are available for around US$ 5,000 now. Great deal.
My timeline for product release is based on my personal assessment. I only use CR & NL to either validate or invalidate my speculations. Most of these rumors are based on online wishful thinking if I may be so bold to say.

I could actually get it lower than $5,000 but you'll have to buy it in South East Asia. Again, I do not mind waiting. I do not derive any income from photography.

On CF cards: I am unloading all my 13 old CF cards and converting the proceeds of the sale to 4 newer, faster and larger ones. My guess is that the transition to CFast will be within 24 months and when it does start the value of older CF cards will quickly drop. When I do transition to bodies using CFast I think I can get better value for four 64GB 800x cards. Another motive for the sale is that I have difficulty keeping track of them. To illustrate I found one CF card that has photos from 2010.

In preparation for the introduction of the 7D Mark II I already have buyers for my 7D. Based on the technlogies in the 1D X, 5D3, 6D, 70D, 700D, 100D, 1200D and even M2 it will be flagship APS-C body with all the technological trimmings one could ever wish for. It will outdo anything Nikon or Sony has in the market.

Then upgrade. Both current models offer a substantial gain. The 5D3 has usable ISO up to 25,600. The 5D2 was at its limit at 6400 in RAW. 

2016 is my prediction. Your 5D2 will be practically archaic by then.
I prefer to buy gear within the first calendar year of introduction. I do not enjoy buying gear within the last calendar year of production. Unless it is substantially discounted.

This is my preference. ;)

It only takes place every four years so to compare to F1 would be wrong, as there seems to be one of those every month.

As for Eurocup, no idea. I guess it would depend on who is playing. But you mentioned 2015, and to say that there is no big global event would just be wrong.

Of course, here in Asia it is only really Japan and Korea, as well as Hong Kong that are any good at it.

Here are some stats from the RWC:

The tournament is one of the largest international sporting events in the world, surpassed in scale only by the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, and the Tour de France. The first World Cup, in 1987, had a cumulative world television audience of 300 million; its successor, the 1991 event in England, reached 1.75 billion. South Africa's 1995 tournament reached 2.67 billion, and the 1999 Welsh-hosted event reached 3 billion. The 2003 tournament had a cumulative world television audience of 3.5 billion, and the final, between Australia and England, became the most watched rugby union match in the history of Australian television. The event was broadcast in 205 countries. The 2007 tournament had a cumulative world television audience of 4 billion.

Any which way I hope the 1D X and 5D III replacement arrives sooner than later. My 1D4 and 5D2 are getting long on the tooth.

As for the sporting events in 2015... you guys made me LOLz at your definition of major sporting events. All the sporting events mentioned are as massive as the NBA. :))

The Rugby World Cup is a truly massive event, much, much bigger than the NBA. Check out the stats, from memory it is only just behind FIFA World Cup and Olympics.  :D
Is it bigger than Eurocup or Formula 1?

I'm with you vscd. No matter how convenient it may be to find a SDXC card they're currently limited to speeds of 2,130x while CFast is limited to 4,096x. It would be incredibly shortsighted of Canon to do such a thing to the 5D3 replacement.

Although I can see a faster SD & dual SD being done on a 6D replacement.

P2 cards must RAID SD cards with an LSI controller within a PC card enclosure to reach read/write speeds acceptable to electronic news-gathering applications. I only mention P2 cards to demo how slow these SD and its succsors arecards are within a pro-level application. CFast was designed to take on P2 cards.

- faster SD card slot
- dual SD (get rid of that ancient and expensive CF)

Your position. Hopefully they won't do that.

- and yes.. MORE DR please.. kill that banding in the shadows, buy sensors from Sony for Christ sake as nikon does.
- more mp like 40mp (and 20mp mRAW) that those great lenses such as 24-70 2.8 II, 70-200 2.8 II and 16-35 f/4 can handle!

Why do you need a Canon, just grab the latest Nikon with your fancy Toshiba/Sony/Whatsoever-Sensor and get lucky. I don't understand why you bought a 5DM3 when everything inside is wrong for you, even the Memorycard.

You'll get an equally good 24-70 or 70-200@Nikon. And who needs 40MPixel? Get a Pano-tool. Understand it. Use it.

P.S. I'm glad that there are companies out there who invent their own sensors, like Sigma or Canon.

As for the sporting events in 2015... you guys made me LOLz at your definition of major sporting events. All the sporting events mentioned are as massive as the NBA. :))

CF cards will be replaced by CFast cards when less compressed 4K video becomes the norm.

It could show up in the next 1D, 5D, 7D or any other body that uses CF cards.

CF cards are limited to 1,140x (UDMA 7; 167MB/s).

SDXC version 4.0 cards are limited to 2,130x (UHS-II; 312MB/s).

CFast cards are limited to 4,096x (SATA III; 600MB/s).

XQD version 2.0 cards are limited to 6,826x (PCI Express 3.0; 1,000MB/s).

XQD on paper is a better solution as the speed is limited to PCI Express rather than SATA but it is only used on bodies from Nikon and Sony. CFast has support from Canon and Phase One.

Why would you need CF on a 6D?
I am pretty happy with the 6D and don't plan to replace it soon.  It is a landscape/ all around camera.

Because they used CF in the stone age and therefore it is indispensable, and no one can do without it.

Storage is storage, I'm not sure what the big deal is about. The only criteria is how fast it is, not legacy support for old media from obsolete cameras.

Portrait / Re: Poor Lighting
« on: June 23, 2014, 03:33:41 PM »
Thanks Polack.

Aly by alabang, on Flickr

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