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Software & Accessories / Re: PC Monitor for photo editing
« on: July 23, 2013, 04:33:32 PM »
I use the HP zr30w 30" IPS calibrated using spyder and a 2nd 22" generic in portrait orientation.  The reason.  For lightroom you can keep your 2nd monitor in grid mode and size the previews till you get two wide, the results are large thumbnails that make finding images very easy!  In CS6 you toss all the toolbars like layers pallet, actions panel, history etc on the portrait monitor.  I lost my 2nd monitor a couple months ago and I plan to buy a new one ASAP as I'm going crazy with EVERTHING on one monitor again!

Now this isn't cheap, but if you spend the extra money you'll be happy with the extra real estate on your main monitor IMHO.

Lighting / Re: Starter off-camera flash gear
« on: February 18, 2013, 09:29:37 PM »
My recommendation would honestly be an Einstein and the 8.5" reflector a beauty dish or some other modifier, plus cheap Trigmasters until you get multiple einsteins someday then get the cyber commander.  Color balanced lights will save you years of banging your head against the desk fixing it in post.

Software & Accessories / Re: Who uses a handheld light meter?
« on: October 02, 2012, 03:13:23 PM »
If we're shooting without lights, we just use the camera's metering system.  if you are mixing ambiant and flash/strobes you will waste a ton of time if you do not use a lightmeter and have your work cut out for ya in post.

I got the L-758DR and after spending some time learning how to use it right I get great results now.  It can be used to ensure that no point in your scene falls outside of your camera's dynamic range as well (after calibrating it to your camera).

For those who are asking why would you use it... If you use your histograms and LCD to wing it (in combination with the camera's metering system and metering mode you have it set in etc) you are most likely bringing your images into editing software to fix the exposure, right?  With a (proper) light meter reading it's just right.

For example, take a pic without flash turned on and balance it so the background/sky looks great.  Using those settings adjust your strobe to match that power and you should get nice blue sky that isn't blown out and you can adjust your background brightness with shutter speed from there.

It can be done without a meter obviously, others have posted they do it without one.  But I don't understand why someone wouldn't take the time to learn to use one if you can afford it.

I built this machine a year ago and I'm still in love with it.

Corsair case
Sabertooth X58
Intel Core i7 970 Hexcore 3.2GHz (Corsair liquid cooled)
GeForce GTX 570 (1.25 gb of 1900 MHz ram is way overkill but I let seti@home use my machine when idle)
24 gig corsair ram (I have maxed it out, but I think there is a memory leak in cs6)
1/4 TB crucial M4 SSD for OS and Applications (a must for running LR4 and CS6 in my book)
and 2TB Barracuda for my storage (plus various other HDs from older machines).  I use an external HD for backups.

I have a Windows 7 pro experience score of 7.7 and I just can't say enough about this settup.  However color is really important to me and the 22" proview monitor my wife was using before I built this monster was NOT cutting it.  If you changed viewing angle the colors and blacks/whites all shifted.  So I found the HP ZR30w IPS display and after calibrating it we get perfect prints from Mpix every time now.  I flipped the 22" into portait mode and use it as the second display.  The F11 second display mode in LR4 (I use grid zoomed to two pics wide) is tits in portrait mode!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity to equip my wife with the best I could and I anticipate loving this system for quite a while still.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: EOS 7D FW2.0: Problems anyone?
« on: August 15, 2012, 11:30:59 AM »
Has worked like advertised for me too...  Lovin auto iso at 400!

Lenses / Re: If you can have ONLY 3 lenses, what would they...???
« on: August 14, 2012, 08:20:10 PM »
The ones in my bag, we have a 5dii and 7d so the 70-200 on the FF and 85 on the 7d (all hail auto iso set to 400!) make for really nice pics.  And the 16-35 just completes our needs... It's perfect!

16-35 2.8L II, 85 1.2L II, 70-200 2.8L IS II

That's where I put my money and I don't regret it.

Well after using the official 4.1 for several days now I'm happy to report the only issue I had (it was never slow on my machine) is resolved.  No more 99% usage on my 24gigs of memory!  I'm back to never seeing more then maybe 40% usage with several browsers open, LR4.1, CS6, bridge, and Elements 10 (all being used).

I do find it odd when people using 2 and 3 year old machines wonder why it's slow... you buy the most up to date camera and software, well you have to update computers, to current technology, every 2 years unless you spend $3k+ in which case you might get 3 years outta that machine.  That's just for the box people, a good editing monitor is going to run another thousand minimum.  But that's what it takes to run this software and get competative results with your peers.  Photography isn't a cheap person's hobby/business.  You get the best results from the best equipment.  Or I may be full of it, wouldn't be the first time!  I still hold on to the belief I am going to find a mint 50mm 1.0L at a garage sale on an old body for $5 hehe.  woot!

LR4.1 and CS6 have my vote in the "kick ass" column.

I asked this very question a year ago.  I ended up with 2 zooms and a prime after asking what 3 primes to buy.

16-35 II
85 1.2L II
70-200 2.8 IS II

In hindsight I believe we made the right choices with the zooms.  I would have gone with the 100 L macro because of macro and IS if I could do it again, but having said that, the 85 1.2L II is the closest thing to perfection I've used.

I would consider a 580EX II too, ETTL has gotten to a point where you can salvage some horrid lighting.

Just to mention what I've seen; I'm using rc2 on a hexacore i7 w/ a crucial m4, gtx 570 and 24 gigs of ram (windows exp score is 7.7 out of 7.9) and it is NOT slower then 3.6 was.  I did notice it used alot of my ssd before I moved all the library and cache type files to my barracuda drive.  And I have been at 99% used on ram, that's nuts.  There is a hardcore memory leak for sure.  I kill LR every few pics (I edit 5dii large raw files only) to reset my ram usage.   :o

EOS Bodies / Re: Buy the 5D III or wait for the 5D IV?
« on: March 03, 2012, 01:24:00 AM »
Even if I could afford the 5diii now I wouldn't buy one yet.

In what, 6-8 months it will be rebated down to $3k.... No?  I'm just guessing but, isn't that a reasonable expectation?

We just got a 5dii in Nov so I can "put up" with it for at least a year!   :-*

Lenses / Re: What's your favorite Canon lens and why?
« on: February 26, 2012, 05:42:19 PM »
it´s hard to say what is my favourite lens.

from the number of pictures it´s the 70-200mm f2.8.

but then i shoot 95% of all portraits in my home studio with the 85mm f1.2.
and for the landscape shootings i never leave home without the 16-35mm.

Ha!  These are the 3 lenses in my wife's bag and we use the 85mm 90% in studio, because its perfect.  If there is a bad shot... It's most likely your fault, not this lens (don't forget to micro adjust it in camera, they seem to back focus from the copies I've used).  we use the 16-35 @ 35mm for shots on a step ladder in the studio.  Outside it's 70-200 due to IS, range, and focus speed.

EOS Bodies / Re: New Magic Lantern Unified Running on the 5D Mark II
« on: February 01, 2012, 10:51:40 AM »
Ok, I've patiently waited for over a month now.  Does anyone have a status update on this being made publicly available?  Are they close?  I can wait, but not knowing is killing me!   :o

Lighting / Re: Any suggestions on cheap ebay triggers / poverty wizards?
« on: January 24, 2012, 10:54:31 AM »
I use the Aputure Trigmasters, $30 for a tx rx pair and $20 per extra rx unit.  They are rated for 100m but you can get further if you have good los between them.

I use them with a 5dii and (2) 580exii's.  They do have a new all in one tx/rx unit too now I see.

The ones I have and the new ones can be used to trigger the shutter too if setup right.  Plus make sure you buy the right ones, rebel ones don't work with the 5dii for example.

Lenses / Re: Help choosing lenses for new 5D Mark II
« on: January 12, 2012, 12:50:11 AM »
My wife and I picked a 5dii up around thanksgiving.  We also bought the 16-35 2.8l II, 85 1.2l II, & 70-200 2.8l is II.

I have to say for $3k you would be happy ( for now) with the 70-200 2.8l is II & 50 1.4 (but we use 35mm on the 16-35 more then our 50 prime).

The vast majority of the shots we take end up at iso 100 f2.8 below 1/100th between 150-200mm... You can't get that shot (obviously) with the f4 nor without IS.

If you consider a 35mm lens (prime or zoom) someday you could skip the 50 1.4 and get a 100 2.8l macro (our next lens).  I haven't rented it yet but read great things about the portraits.. Oh and it's L grade macro glass too hehe.

We shoot canon for the glass... Right?

Software & Accessories / Re: Looking for a good monitor
« on: December 28, 2011, 09:33:50 PM »
I recently purchased a zr30w and already had a spyder3 pro.  It's an IPS monitor and I suggest you check it out.  The view angle is amazing!  No distortion at any angle you sit at.  It WILL need calibration!

Paid $1k usd (edit: that's US dollars not used) for mine.

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