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Hello all,

Can u store more than 3 user defined picture styles in 5D mk ii?
Read from Magic Lantern forum somewhere that this is not possible/dangerous for now.
Any workaround other than carrying a laptop to upload the picture style files to camera?
I suppose I can do it in post with raw capture but if I can get the effect I want in jpg, I save a lot of
post processing time :)
PS: I shoot raw+jpg all the time.
Thanks! John

Hi all!

I am continuing to test my new 600ex-rt.   :)
Flash Setting at full power 1/1, 105mm direct flash firing at a piece of white paper.
Using ML v2.3 RGB spot metering, I needed to WB my camera to 6300K in order to
get all 3 RGB values to match.

This tells me that my 600 is about 300K bluer than a "standard" flash, which is at 6000K.

My real life shooting has confirmed my test. I needed to dial K about 300K higher than my
usual setting to get the correct skin tone.  i.e. when I gel with CTS I used to need 3700K but now
I need to go to 4000K.

Out of curiosity, I pulled out a mint Nikon SB-80DX and tried that too. It is spot on at 6000K.
BTW, camera used was 5D2.

So I am just wondering if others r seeing this too?


Hello all,

Just got my 1st 600ex-rt and tested the recycling time against my old 580EXII at full power,
using 4 eneloop 200mA batteries fully charged. Hard to believe the 600 is recycling slower than my old 580exii.

3.6Sec on 600 versus 2.8Sec on 580.  Anyone has similar experience?

Perhaps the 600ex-rt is too new and it takes time for the capacitor to "form"??

Any help would be appreciated.

Greetings to all! First of all, I am a Canon user and I really want Canon to do well.

Have been reading up on D800 and 5D3's user manuals...
Gosh, Nikon's new face-detect technology inside the viewfinder is awesome!
Not only does the face detection works with
high-speed phase focusing but it also works with exposure calculation based on the face alone!
In addition, it works with i-TTL too!!  This is a paradigm changer for wedding photographers!

Implication is that when capturing any backlit portraits, there is no need for exposure compensation
if u turn on "face priority" in D800 or D4!  This also helps bounced flash portrait photography immensely.
There is no need to "guess" the flash expo compensation and chimp anymore!! U get excellent focus
and decent exposure in the 1st shot!

Canon, do u realize this Nikon feature is going to kill us all Canon portrait photographers!
Please, Canon, I want this in the next Canon DSLR!

As if this is not threatening enough from Nikon, Sony's new Exmor backlit sensor used in D800 is
another game changer. It is not just another "better" tweaked CMOS sensor from a different manufacturer. It is
not a "tweak" of CMOS technology, it is another revolutionary technology by itself.  It is like Nikon is using a gun to fight with Canon's sword. The ISO advantage of Exmor's backlit technology cannot be under-estimated.

Canon, please, hurry up!  Perhaps licensing Sony's sensor technology is a fast stop-gap solution!

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