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I'm surprised no one has mentioned George's camera store in Sydney.

There Australian, they had the Canon rep in there yesterday, and they're selling for the same price as Grey.

I think after what JB Hifi did, they're going to bow a little to pressures.

Georges price for 5dIII isn't that great ($3872)

Compare that to leederville on $3599 with small delivery charge and discountcameras on $3662.08 or $5743.28 with 24-70 II (+free delivery)

Both australian stockists

Australia / Re: Buying Camera gear in Aus? Who do you use?
« on: March 19, 2012, 04:58:42 AM »
Don't know about cameras but I bought my Zeiss 21/2.8 from and it came to my place pristine 5! days after ordering  - regional Australia. I read a lot about unhappy customers there but read about equal amount or more happy ones and decided to give it a go - fantastic price, better than B&H and anywhere else.
I am NOT a member of their team - I am just one lucky customer. They offer Australian Warranty as after-buy.
zeiss lens pricing is quite good in australia - recently acquired a 100/2 ZE - teds offered 2050 as the first price and JB 1999 (very competitive to grey import pricing). Michaels was asking for $2600+ lol

17 coming in this month, this will clear most backorders, remaining stock will come Mid April, maybe earlier, we are taking orders again at $3599 with $500 deposits.

wondering if you could clarify if just the initial lot that will be 3599 (due to error) or if that is going to be an ongoing price? - am interested in mid april-ish (can't do earlier b/c of TRS) :)


honestly I'm a bit confused about this grey market thing. these products are sold by well known companies so I suppose they're not illegal, we also get the same product as being sold by local big retailers with the same 1 year warranty and I believe these products are from the same manufacturer which is CANON, so what's the difference?

Only difference is that the items are not imported via the official importer (i.e. canon australia) and are therefore not subject to price gouging/profiteering by the importer. Based on current exchange rates, there's an approx $1000 USD price difference b/n US and australian pricing of the 5dIII. Even taking into account taxes and potential shipping cost differentials, canon stand to make a bucketload by putting up barriers to prevent nasty grey importing (i.e. not providing warranties) and encouraging people to 'buy local'.

where is the origin of AU grey market? USA or Hong Kong?

mainly HK - though people do order from US (B&H etc) - There are also a couple of singaporean based companies (DWI/DD electronics) though not sure if thats HK stock as well or not.

Basically importing from most places in the world would be cheaper than australia and the asking 4.2k aussie price (is effectively 4.5k USD at current 1.07 exchange rate)

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon price match the 1DX to the D4?
« on: January 07, 2012, 01:34:02 AM »
Given that the D4 is @ $6k (pre-orders/RRP), I'd be surprised if canon doesn't drop the price from the expected 6800

At this moment, the the D4 appears to have a few obvious advantages over the 1Dx...
- video (uncompressed HDMI output)
- video (1.5 & 2.7 crop for 1080p)
- photography (F8 cross sensors)
- wireless work (with accessory -

Potentially you could make a case for the XQD cards as well though that is neither here or there atm.

AF is also an area where canon could potentially lose out (based in previous history)

For certain people these differences would be sufficient to either tempt or convince them to switch - canon would certainly know that. An $800 price difference would make it a a lot easier for those tempted to actually take the jump as the cost of switching glassware is effectively reduced.

Imo, canon made a mistake with the long lead-time announcement of the 1Dx - given the only reviews have been with 'pre-production models' that are subject to change there isn't actually that much known about the camera (spec sheet stuff aside).

In contrast, following D4 announcement there have been numerous reviews/reports/you tube clips etc from people who have actually had a thorough play with the camera (as an example - - long but quite informative). Thats what generates the hype/public interest

For canon people however, we have to sit and wait until the march release to get the equivalent info (i.e. post D4 release) - by which time you'll have had a few weeks of hands on D4 unboxing/reviews drowning blog and youtube sites

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