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Lenses / Re: Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 Pancake
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:39:36 AM »
I looks like a nice lens, but I can't see spending $200 to shave off an inch or less of my 50mm 1.8, and to lose a stop and a half? The 40mm would be a nicer length for a cropped sensor, but personally, I'd take better light gathering. The 50 1.8 is also a good performer especially at f2 - 2.2 (which is still a whole stop advantage...).

The only things that would make me really interested are: sub-$200 is really in the $150 range, and this thing is sharp at 2.8 and focuses quickly. It doesn't need to be 70-200 quick, just a decent bit faster than my 50 1.8. If it had USM, I'd be all over it. As it is, the metal mount is a definite bonus over my nifty fifty. I guess this also depends on the price of the current 50, because I got mine at a low point, for under $100, and now they can be in the $130 range, so difference isn't as big.

EOS Bodies / Re: Preproduction Canon EOS-1D X Exists!
« on: June 02, 2012, 06:23:23 PM »
I agree with some on this thread: These do not look like pre-production cameras. No, they don't.
They don't need to look like anything, but I'm sure they're still preproduction because the body has been done for a while I'd assume. It feels great when you use it - the best of any Canon DSLR I've held. I think they're really just trying to fine tune the operation and firmware. When I ask Canon guys whether the AF features and configuration will be the same between 1Dx and 5D3 and they're hesitant to confirm anything with the firmware and features that hasn't publicly been said. I think they're doing all the can to make sure operation is perfect.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS-1D X Delays [CR2]
« on: May 31, 2012, 01:26:45 AM »
I do think that seems like a rather strange thing to have that long of a loaner for the camera - however, if the 1D X is seeing seriously delays, then even having a pre-production model would be great for something like the Olympics. I've seen high ISO from the 1D X, and played with it for 30 minutes, and I can see why Canon wants to get it out as fast as possible, but definitely wants to prevent any possible problems since I think there's still lingering stress after the 1D3 problem...

On the other hand, while the 1D X felt ready, would you really want to trust a pre-pro camera with an event as important as the Olympics? (I guess it'd still be a great secondary camera, but I'd be weary of it for my main work.)

EOS Bodies / Re: New Extensive Firmware for the Canon EOS 7D? [CR1]
« on: April 20, 2012, 03:52:17 PM »
Well, we do know that *some* type of a firmware upgrade is due out pretty soon so that the 7D can be compatible with the GP-E2.

However, I'm not holding my breath for any new features. Canon has had hundreds of opportunities to do this over the past few years, and hasn't for the most part. (The 5D2 being the big exception here.)

I agree that manual audio (it's in the 60D!), better bracketing, and an auto-ISO limit (also in the 60D) would all be nice. Also, so would the ability to change the file name, but clearly Canon believes that one is only for camera's which cost $3k+.....

Personally, I don't see what Canon's problem is with adding features to firmware. I mean, I'm not going to ditch my 7D for a 1D body just because I have some nicer features. And I think the goodwill of Canon doing something like that would actually help. (Panasonic does this with consumer cams and it's been great.)

Lenses / Re: Lens Announcement at CES? [CR1]
« on: January 07, 2012, 03:39:11 AM »
<div name=\"googleone_share_1\" style=\"position:relative;z-index:5;float: right; /*margin: 70px 0 0 0;*/ top:70px; right:120px; width:0;\"><g:plusone size=\"tall\" count=\"1\" href=\"http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/01/lens-announcement-at-ces-cr1/\"></g:plusone></div><div id=\"fb_share_1\" style=\"float: right; margin: 0 0px 0 10px;\"><a name=\"fb_share\" type=\"box_count\" share_url=\"http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/01/lens-announcement-at-ces-cr1/\" href=\"http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php\">Share</a></div><div><script src=\"http://static.ak.fbcdn.net/connect.php/js/FB.Share\" type=\"text/javascript\"></script></div><div class=\"tweetmeme_button\" style=\"float: right; margin-left: 10px; margin-bottom: 70px;\"><a class=\"tm_button\" rel=\"&style=normal&b=2\" href=\"http://www.canonrumors.com/2012/01/lens-announcement-at-ces-cr1/\"></a></div>
I stress again that CES is looked at like a “consumer” show by Canon, and “L” lenses generally aren’t considered as such. However, Nikon is carrying a lot of hype into the CES show.</p>
<p><em><a href=\"http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/264304-USA/Canon_8014A002_Zoom_Wide_Angle_Telephoto_EF.html/BI/2466/KBID/3296\">Canon 24-70 f/2.8L @ B&H $1249</a></em></p>
<p><strong><span style=\"color: #ff0000;\">c</span>r</strong></p>

I generally agree with this, but there's something different this year: CES and PMA are happening at the same time this year. PMA is basically across the street from what's going on at CES, so I see no reason for them not to use PMA like normally. Even though PMA is around 6 weeks sooner than it normally, I don't see that affecting a Canon announcement, especially post-holiday and given their trend of announcing things so far in advance now…

Of course, 2012 is also a Photokina year and an Olympics year so those events can sometimes influence launch cycles. So, if Canon has anything new they want pros to have for Olympics shooting to test/use/get excited about then they ought to announce it soon. On the other hand, if they're looking for just a bigger announcement and long waiting period, they'll get plenty of attention in the fall at Photokina which is right around the time of their other announcements.

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