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Great idea this thread. Since the kids are at their grandparents for a week, I'll post the most recent I have.

Shot at 1.4

Lenses / Re: Sigma 50mm Art 1.4 Focusing problems
« on: July 03, 2014, 05:00:59 AM »
I got the 50A today and took some quick photos. Seems like it is front focusing a bit but will do further tests tomororow under better light to be sure.

I was wondering what is the best way to do the most accurate tests to figure out how much it is front/back focusing at different focus distance and then how to adjust them in the Sigma USB dock I purchased as well?

Reikan Focal. Or if you want a cheaper setup, use a nice bright white lamp and place a big checkerboard parallel to the sensor at 0,4m 0,7m 3.5m and as long as doable. Take a LV focused shot, and/or manual and start shooting and using the in camera afma until you match the manually focused sharpness with phase AF. And note that value and do the next distance. When you're done you will have 4 afma values you plot in to the lens via docking. Make sure to shoot at least 5-10 shots pr distance and pull focus way off between shots.

isnt this what the FEL button does or did i read your post wrong?

The FEL button uses spot and only locks for one image, no?

Hi all!

I once read, I think it was about 600 RT, that I could shoot an ETTL shot wirelessly and then if it looked good I could lock it, and use that output for the other pictures following that shot. But I just went through the manual and can't find it anywhere. It seems like a cool function when stuff happens to fast to use a meter or dial in the manual output.

Lenses / Re: Waiting for the 35 1.4L II
« on: July 02, 2014, 06:13:09 AM »
No doubt, sigma 35mm 1.4 art is canon killer.

Check some reviews, many people compared the two lenses. Though I'm not quite sure about the build quality that Sigma provides — at first sight yes, it's very good, but will it last as canon 35mm does?

I'm not sure I'd call it a Canon killer....it's a little bit sharper but that's about it. Also bare in mind that I've been using my 35L for the last 8 years (and it's paid for itself time and time with great professional images) where as this Sigma is new to the market. I'm happy with my 35L and see very little reason to swap to the Sigma. My Canon 35L has provided great images and will continue to do so.
If you rate a lens by optics alone then sure the Sigma looks great. But I would wager in a comparison that few could tell from an A3 print which lens was which. The Canon is far better built, has a far more reliable AF system and will hold it's value on the second hand market over the long term. Sigma AF issues are well documented, even their 120-300 has af issues.

You're wrong about build quality, the Sigma is much better, all of my 35 L's has been squeaky when squeezing the sides of the barrel, and two of them had the small plastic pins that holds the af/mf switch in place broken, leaving an open hole right into the lens. AF issues are a copy related issue, when you get a working one, AF is really good with the new Sigma's, in fact I JUST 20 minutes ago tried to activate all of the 61 points on the 1dx, instead of only cross type, as they didn't work well with any of my lenses, but the 50 Art they work great, so finally leaving them activated. As for the issue of the 120-300, they updated it a few days ago to work way better with the 1ds3 and 1d4.

Color and contrast as well as sharpness in corners are better with Sigma, but I completely agree with you that the IQ of the 35 L is really good, and the AF of that lens is simply fantastic. But color and contrast, build and ca correction needs a BIG update.

Do a few bursts, it might fall down and get decapitated by the mirror.

1D X Sample Images / Re: Any Thing shot with a 1Dx
« on: June 29, 2014, 11:54:56 AM »
Was at a Zoo with Rainforest theme. Went into were the bats were and it was insanely hot and humidity was ridiculous! I spent 15 minutes there before my 200 didn't fog up anymore, I stood on a small bridge where the bats flew by VERY close.

Applaud the fact that the family let you hang out at Animal Kingdom for 30 minutes shooting Bats in sweltering summer heat!!!!

 If you don't mind me asking how was it hauling that gear around the parks?

Well, they went for lunch in the cafeteria with aircondition, only inside that bat-area was the heat :P

I bought a Lowepro lens case for the 200, and had a small backpack with a sweater a water bottle and the 24-70, so not too bad at all  ;D

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Dynamic Range Question
« on: June 28, 2014, 06:07:07 AM »
In cases like this I pull the exposure down to get the midtones and if the highlights are stil to bright I pull down a little, and then push the shadows up a tad. That way the noise is kept to a minimum but still with detail all over.

Remember to use the blacks and whites slider to finish it off (in LR)

Thanks! I love this lens more and more each day. I'm buying a second copy 35 Art over the weekend, hopefully the AF doesn't suck like the first 35 and the first 50  ;D At least now I have the docking and I know that they can work and be epic.

From a visit to the aquarium, well duh...

Through 40cm thick glass at 1.4, not too shabby IQ.  :P

Lenses / Re: The sharpness curse!
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:07:10 PM »
Thanks mackgyver! In really happy as well, I have been waiting for a epic 50 since I bought my first camera and to finally have it and actually see it gives me the results I wanted every single time is the best feeling.

And a snapshot at breakfast turns into a fun memory and a picture where I don't notice the flaws if the lens, but the cuteness in my daughter  ;D

Hate me for loving that 1.4 sharpness, I REALLY don't care  :P

That is *really* sharp. What software did you use for PP? Any unsharp mask used?

I just use Lr for the fullsize images, but when I resize I use NIK output sharpener plug in in Photoshop.

Photography Technique / Re: Shallow DOF vs lighting
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:00:05 PM »
Hi all, my first post at canonrumours!

For portraits where you have time to mess around a bit, if you had to pick between shallow DOF or off camera lighting, which would you choose? Which technique alone do you think makes better portraits?

I choose both!

why force yourself to choose between one or the other?

Superb shots!

And i agree , choose both, but ND filter or some serious HSS power is needed in sun light.

Lenses / Re: Waiting for the 35 1.4L II
« on: June 26, 2014, 11:49:14 AM »
Here's a recent 50 art 1.4 shot of my daughter. How sharp is that at 1.4 and how lovely bokeh? LOVE this lens!

Awesome shot Viggo - demonstrates the capabilities of the 50A!

Thanks! :o)

Lenses / Re: The sharpness curse!
« on: June 26, 2014, 09:09:38 AM »
Hate me for loving that 1.4 sharpness, I REALLY don't care  :P
Great photo of your beautiful daughter - turning a "snapshot" into a true photograph!  I don't hate you for wanting the sharpness wide open - I'm sure nearly all 50L owners would be beyond excited if Canon came out with a 50L II that was razor sharp at f/1.2!
+1 Exactly! And then they would forget about the previous L "unique" characteristics and they would enjoy their new sharp 50mm L lens  ;D

EEEEExacttlly! And thanks  :)

Canon General / Re: Should we tell them?
« on: June 26, 2014, 03:18:52 AM »
I think this is very different with different countries. I can't imagine anyone in Norway being mad for some advice as long as it's polite and constructive. And it's almost the other way around here, since I carry a 1d, people see a big camera and think it must have some knowledge and come up to me and ask for advice, which I'm happy to give. Reminds me of me when I first started and had all those light bulbs going off over my head.

I don't forget there was a time where I didn't know what APS film was and had no idea that a  zoom-lens and a telephoto lens wasn't the same thing.

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