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Canon General / Re: $4 Million Photograph
« on: February 24, 2014, 11:42:39 AM »
I hope the picture you posted is not the original Gursky, because a huge portion of the lower right corner is very obviously clone-stamped.
Oh it is def. a bad photoshop job... see it in the original image... check out the large version at this link and you can easily see the same grass pattern repeated in lower right corner...


EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Problems with Canon mk3 locking up
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:40:03 PM »
I work for a major corporation and we employ 11 Canon 5D Mark II cameras for shooting both still and (corporate training and PR) video. I have shot endless hours and countless Gigs of video using the mark II. Lenses we use range from the 70-200 IS f2.8 to first gen. 24-70's to Zeiss  ZE lenses. Memory cards are mostly 400x Lexar 16gb and a few Sandisk Extreme 8gb. With many years of experience with this type of camera for video I have learned a lot about the pro and cons regarding dslr video usage. One of the biggest drawbacks being the 12 minute clip length of the Mark II. Upon receiving my first Canon 5D Mark III in April of 2012 i was to shot a corporate event involving a long speech about 25 minutes in length. I decided to try out the new Mark III and its claimed longer recording time. The camera was set up using a standard video tripod. I was also using a Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS II lens. Mounted on the hotshoe was a Rode shotgun Mic that plugged into the cameras mic port. I was also using Bose QC II headphones for monitoring. The cards i used for media capture were all (4) 16gb Lexar 400x. The first two speeches i recorded were all perfect but they were also less than ten minutes in length. I decided for the 3rd speech, which was to be about 25 minutes in length, to format a new blank card to make sure I would have enough space to achieve this. At about the 12 minute mark of the recording i started to notice the image on the live preview screen begin to skip and act like it was in slow motion. The blinking record light on the back of the camera changed from blinking to a solid red on. No matter what button I pushed or no matter what switch I switch on or off the image stayed frozen in the preview and the red light remained on. I quickly decided to remove the cameras battery and switched to a third card and managed to start recording once again. Unfortunately, all of the video that had been recorded prior to the freeze was completely lost. I tried numerous rescue software to no avail. It's def. never a good experience having to tell a client/co-worker that your camera mysteriously malfunctioned and you lost important footage. Regardless of the pros and cons of shooting dslr for video, in all the years of shooting dslr video with the Canon 5D Mark II i have never had this problem, ever... period. The Mark III will be shelved for video until this problem is address properly and fixed properly. Shame on you Canon for making us your beta testers.

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