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Software & Accessories / Canon GP-E2 Problem / Issues resolved
« on: October 22, 2014, 01:48:11 PM »
For the last week or so I had noted my GP-E2 was offering:

1)proper satellite connection (either 2 or 3 bars in 3D)
2)and also the digital compass was working real time.

However when viewing the Latitude and Longitude fields I was getting 1° respectively and the UTC field was showing up as:  //::

It would seem this is an indication of the date and time not being populated.

I tried swapping batteries, cleaning all contacts with a number 2 pencil and speaking with support and there was no resolve.  I opted to dig further and found (off the wrench menu) under "GPS Device Settings" the "Auto Time Setting" was set to "DISABLE".  The reason I had done this was the daylight savings time feature was modifying the internal camera clock and I'd be consistently an hour off on each and every photo.  Back in April of 2014 I had set this to disable and the clock issue (proper time stamp) went away and I was successfully retrieving satellite data.   I would gather, since almost six months to the day had passed, this interfered with GPS data being currently retrieved despite reception being 2 or 2 bars and the digital compass was working.

Not willing to give up, I opted to go into the "Auto Time Setting" feature and choose "Set Now", then enable "Auto Update".   Walla..problem solved.

It would seem apparent this "Disabling" option was not fully tested.  Canon support had no documentation on such an occurrence.

If anyone has the GP-E2 and GPS data is not being retrieved, I hope this documentation helps in their troubleshooting.


5D MK III Sample Images / Pet Portraits with 5D Mark III
« on: June 18, 2014, 04:23:16 AM »
Yesterday I had set up my portable photo studio to photograph a few real estate clients but afterward I had recalled our close friends acquired a 2 month old Great Dane which they named "Scooby" less than a week ago.  We typically watch their pets several times a year and thought with the studio up it was opportune to get pro shots of Scooby.

Anyone else out care to post their favorite pet photos taken with the 5D Mark III?

Here's my Scooby - taken with the 5D Mark III, 24-105 F4, Two Elinchrom Lights, 580 EX II hair line light (left rear about 7 feet high) and metered at 1/160, F11, ISO 400

"Scooby" the Great Dane puppy (IM5D_017490) by Anthony "Tony G" Gliozzo (Web Site is, on Flickr

Outside of shelling out 6800 USD for a 1DX, I am curious if any of you have found a good work around for the lack of Exposure control in Manual Mode on the 5D Mark III.  I've been reading up on Magic Lantern but don't see (at this point) a way to override and offer control of this feature.

This frustration comes when shooting Birds which are back lit.  Av mode is great when DOF control is needed which is almost always especially if a bird is at close range and positioned diagonal or any position other than horizontal.  Tv Mode is excellent of course if a bird is in flight or in motion so that you can determine the shutter speed yet both fall short of what each others' mode doesn't have yet they both offer Exposure compensation.  Manual Mode is therefore the best choice to get your DOF and Shutter selection however there's no control of Exposure Compensation for back lit subjects.  Evaluative Mode seems the best for metering especially when choosing AF Expansion Mode for in flight tracking.  Oddly, I've found that Exposure can be utilized in M mode if using bracketing but why take 3 shots to get one and add all those shutter counts to the camera?  I only shoot in RAW and can correct some of this in Light Room but then the image suffers from graininess when EV is at 0 in M mode.

Perhaps some of you may have your own techniques which I'd be very interested in learning.  Looking forward to any suggestions or thoughts on this and my searches here in the forum don't show much on previous threads regarding this issue.

Thanks in advance

Lenses / Birding 11 Days with the 600mm
« on: December 03, 2013, 05:37:25 PM »
Before considering a purchase of this lens, it was highly recommended to obtain a rental or loaner.  I joined the CPS program, paid the annual fee and requested the 600mm as a loaner.  The time period was from its arrival on 11-22-13 to 12-3-13.

My intent was to man handle this lens without use of a tripod or monopod for the entire duration on a Canon 5D Mark III.  This would include 1-4 hour segments most every day including hiking on dirt trails, paved trails and the like.

I found one key trick to this whole process and that was to use a 3/8" male threaded cone shaped handle that would screw into the lens foot. (see attached photo).  Along with the lens strap and camera strap, this was going to be my sole means of trekking with this lens.  (I'm a 54 year old male, about 175 lbs. and workout approx. 2x a week for the past 13 years).  I've only offered this info for no other reason other than to help formulate what it might take "should you desire to carry this lens hand held" vs. using a tripod with Gimbal or monopod.  Let's put it another way, weight and cardio training will be to your advantage.  Some of us out there would not buy such a lens if it is going to require anymore than carrying a lens and camera body though I know many that wouldn't consider it any other way than have a tripod/monpod and gimbal.  A close friend of mine carries around a 1D IV and a 500mm on a Gitzo tripod with a high end gimbal head.  I thought that was far too cumbersome for my personal taste so opted to hand hold the entire time.  Again, that's just me and just trying to offer some confidence for those of you used to carrying around a 100-400 or a 400mm prime..this is solely the point here and potentially do able but testing this scenario first is recommended.

If you've not seen the lens in person, it extends with the lens hood about 28" with camera body total was close to 31".

Overall, I had excellent success (about 95% wild birding shots).  I found that by using F4 was a disadvantage as when focusing on the birds eye especially at close range the DOF is wafer thin.  So shooting at 1/1000 or higher in Tv mode and letting the camera select the Av was not a good choice.  I reverted to Manual,  F8 most of the time with a shutter of 1/1000 or higher and saw a significant improvement on my birding photos.  If you are not familiar with the DOF calculator online, this would be wise to look into especially in using this type of lens.

In using the 5D Mark III my choices outside of the shutter and aperture were of course AI Servo, Case 2  tracking, Faithful, Evaluative and Auto ISO.  On the lens itself, I was mostly on Mode 1 (sometimes Mode 2 when tracking birds in flight), IS was "on" (though I am aware of using IS beyond 1/640 shutter.  I did try with IS off and noticed my hit rate went down quite a bit as to be expected.

I noticed "this lens" was quite slow "initially" finding a bird in flight.  More specifically, a bird in flight against the skyline.  I am unsure if this was my particular loaner or a possible camera choice.  In either case, outside of this skyline issue, the focus was extremely fast and the drain on the battery was minimal.  On average about 33% battery drain per day.  I did encounter yesterday a lockup on the camera with a flashing "A" in my view finder.  A simple reboot cleared this and I went on with my shoot.  In calling Canon, they had not heard of this flashing "A" but are going to check the 5D this afternoon.

All in all, its quite impressive as you would imagine and if you have your eyes and wallet set on this, I would strongly recommend renting or acquiring a loaner first.  Buying this sight unseen (for those that have never used a lens of this magnitude prior) may not be a wise choice as I wish to emphasize it's very cumbersome.  For those of you coming off a NON IS version or Version 1 you'll notice a big improvement in weight distribution.  its truly well balanced in that respect.

I hope this write up will help anyone out there considering the 600mm IS II lens.  If you're interested in seeing some birding photos and similar with this lens my flickr account is:  Thanks for reading.


Lenses / Walking around with the 600mm IS II - thoughts
« on: November 17, 2013, 03:30:47 PM »
Just curious as to how many of you carry this lens around without a tripod / monopod and for how long.

My shooting needs are primarily for wild life.  This lens will be on loan for about 10 days starting this friday 11-22-13 and all I have handy is a
1)Gitzo monopod (GM3551 6X Carbon Fiber Monopod )
2)Benro Travel Angel tripod (modelA-269M8 TRA269)
3)Acratech GP-s ballhead
4)Manfrotto 701HDV video type head which I know is not ideal for bird shooting. 

Both heads and both Monopod and tripod can support about 25 lbs+ as I recall.  I do realize when mounted, the lens will be front heavy and if on the Travel Angel tripod one leg should be straight out in front of the lens for proper support along with the neck strap of the camera avoiding a tip over.

I can comfortably carry the 5D M3 and the 400mm 5.6 L for about 3 hours on all sorts of hiking trails or so and not be fatigued.  Given the 600 is much more bulkier and heavier I was hoping to do additional preparation given the above scenario with mentioned current gear.  I was also considering (I have the equipment) to do a DIY Black Rapid sling as in this video which I believe I found in this forum many months ago.  DIY: DSLR Shoulder strap w/ quick release and tripod support (read description)

I have a back pack for cameras the Flipside 400AW.  I think this lens will just fit as I recall its about 18" long.

Open to any thoughts, suggestions, tips, questions from anyone who has used this lens personally and has chosen to carry it around or at least try.

Thank you in advance.

I am attempting to sort out any resets the service center may have done but most of them including AFMA are all in place for all lenses.

However, after taking several outdoor photos today @ 1000 ISO I don't recall ever seeing this much graininess and trying to figure out what's changed.  Is it likely any of these settings would cause this appearance:
High ISO NR was on Standard..just changed to "OFF"
Highlight Tone Priority was on, now off

If there's anything else one can think of to turn "off or "on" please advise.  I've shot at ISO 3200 indoors without flash and shots were amazing.  I'm not sure what the issue could be..  Every shot taken was grainy. Lens used 400mm 5.6 L.  I used the 24-105 the other day outdoors (after picked up from service) and strangely I had no issues with graininess.

With respect to the Custom Function reassign options on the 5D Mark III, I saw one that Neuro suggested and that was to reassign the DOF button to One Shot > AI Servo and visa versa.  After setting this up and pressing the "Q" button I noted all the settings including One Shot as displayed on the screen.  However pressing the DOF button did not alter the One Shot mode on the back menu via the Q button.  In calling Canon this is apparently is now a bug as you can only see this toggle occur on the Top of the camera or by pressing the INFO button 3x.  I guess its not safe to say 2 out 3 ain't bad.  The tech took the report I had offered and listed it as a flaw and hope we see this update in the firmware forthcoming.

Onto the GP-E2  (GPS) - I've noted this phenomena several times where the time stamp on the camera has been altered by an hour when the GPS is connected.  Of course one has to supercede the other..either the camera time or the GPS clock.  Basically with the correct time zone and DLS "on" the clock goes off by an hour.  I ultimately opted to go into the GPS settings and turn off Daylight Savings time and this seemed to cure the issue. The tech was able to repeat this same issue and advised I turn daylight savings back on in the spring.  Not so.  That defeats the whole purpose of DLS to begin with.  This is clearly a bug.  He ultimately agreed when I presented "my PC is on DLS I don't ever mess with that time why should I have to do this with your GPS device"?  I hope in this next firmware release we will see resolutions to both of the above issues. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / The AF Setting Guide Book for 5DM3 and 1DX
« on: January 08, 2013, 12:27:55 AM »
A trip to the Irvine service center today produced a good conversation with one of the tech reps.  In short, I do quite a bit of BIF shooting (birds in flight) and focusing is a challenge when you have 6 cases in the 5DM3 menu (and 1DX) to choose from.  I've read some articles that explain to be the holy grail in AF settings for BIFS but I have found them so-so.  The service center had recommended this link which I thought to share with AI Servo users

scroll down a bit and check out the PDF file for an in depth 48 page tutorial on AF for either of these two cameras.  Hope this helps some of you...Rev

I've been extremely meticulous as to pop lenses on and off as quickly as possibly and in sheltered environments such as a back pack, in a car,etc but finally it happened..spec of dirt within the 5D M3.  A blower didn't get it off initially after repeated attempts.  Then I went against my better judgement and used an eye glass cloth that brought on more lint but removed the first dirt particle.  I ultimately found myself in an endless rid of one but others would get on the mirror.  Things got worse went I used (alcohol free) eye glass cleaner on the mirror and screen by gently wiping off the dirt with ever so slight pressure.  After about 40 minutes of this ordeal I gave up when what appeared to possibly be a scuff or two on the screen or mirror appeared.  I wonder what that bill is gonna run?  I read elsewhere that this doesn't affect any photos so if out of pocket is ridiculous I may not get this repaired.  Still, hoping it is cleanable and that nothing is scratched.
I knew never to touch that mirror but the annoying dirt particle got the best of me..any thoughts?  anyone ever have a mirror replacement done and know approx cost?  I was told by canon support that the screen filter on the 5D with an EVF is not replaceable.

Didn't see any recent threads on this except for a 24-70 - thought to give this topic a whirl before the season is over

Here's a few to get started:

Burst Of Orange..Colts Neck Farm, New Jersey by Revup67, on Flickr

Software & Accessories / Do It Yourself Black Rapid type Strap
« on: November 17, 2012, 06:02:02 PM »
You will need:

1)Camera Bag Strap preferably with metal clips or sturdy clips with adjusters of course
2)Key Chain Ring or some type of ring that has a locking mechanism
3)threaded screw that fits into the base of your camera that has a loop on one end such as the type you find on the base of a tripod mount.  I took the screw out of Flash Bracket

All photos attached.  This is very comfortable and secure.

Got the idea from this video DIY: DSLR Shoulder strap w/ quick release and tripod support (read description)

HDR - High Dynamic Range / Sepia Tone or Black and White HDR's
« on: November 11, 2012, 03:58:43 AM »
I'll start this one off with a photo taken with the 24-105 at a Historic Blacksmith Shop in Allaire Historic Town Wall, New Jersey.  Done in Photomatix using Fusion (not Tone Mapping) on 3 bracketed images then post processed in ACDSee Pro 5:

Historic Allaire Town - Wall, New Jersey by Revup67, on Flickr

(Solved - Solution is below)

This is somewhat disturbing to see this unnatural effect on a pair of black clothes in daylight.  This happened on both my subjects that wore black.  This same effect occurred across multiple images shot in RAW.  Any ideas would be helpful.

Side Note:  PS after uploading image here to CR the image has some brightness (so it looks a bid faded) added to it vs. when I toggle back to DPP same time, same screen

DPP version 3.11.30 which offers the fairly recent HDR Tool under Tools menu encounters an issue.  When you stack say 3 bracketed images all tagged with the GPS data using the external GP-E2, then process the 3 images for HDR the GPS data is not saved on the final JPG.  This is possible as Photomatix 4.2 by HDRSoft does carry forward this data to the final JPG.

I reported this to Canon and they were unaware.  They hope to have a fix for this at some point.

Landscape / Autumn Colors Amidst Landscapes
« on: October 25, 2012, 12:46:55 AM »
Here's my contribution - tis the time of the season for sure.

Laird Road- Colts Neck Township, New Jersey by Revup67, on Flickr

Dorbrook Park-ColtsNeck, NJ by Revup67, on Flickr

Dorbrook Park Colts Neck, NJ by Revup67, on Flickr

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