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5D MK III Sample Images / Post Your 4th of July Photos
« on: July 05, 2012, 02:11:57 AM »
Taken above Mission Viejo Lake, CA.  Settings were:  taken with Canon 5D MK3 and Canon 70-300 L IS USM lens @ 4.7s, F10, ISO 100, tripod (Y), BULB setting with TR cable, @ 83mm AWB.  Post Process in DPP only RAW to JPG.  No HDR

4th of July 2012 (Mission Viejo, CA) by Revup67, on Flickr

I wasn't sure initially but thought perhaps my 16-35 may have been slightly soft in certain areas of the photos.  I finally got out the Lens Alignment tool (MK II version) and set up for preparation

The first image is at "0" whereas the second image has an added Front Focus adjustment of +5.  I'm curious as to your thoughts as to which one looks better either photo ending with 75 @ 0 or photo ending with 79 which has the +5 adjustment..I think I'm going blind after staring at dots and stripes for 2 hours.  If you can try and ignore the lighting (slight difference) - these are crops from RAW's as JPGs no sharpness or unsharp or other enhancements were done of course. If you think they are both off then advise..thanks n if need be to zoom

I spent a half a day at Salt Creek Beach in Dana Point today utilizing the 5D Mark III with some more of it's potential.  This was taken on the rocks with a 400mm L 5.6 lens ( no filters).  Settings were: 1/2500, 6.3, ISO 800, Exposure +1 2/3, AI Servo, AF Point Expansion:Surround, AWB, High Speed Conitnuous.  Made 2 additional copies of the file at -1 exposure and -2 exposure.  Stacked in Photomatix 4.2 then cropped to 1920x1280 from JPG master which was from 3 RAW files.

After seeing what this camera can do..I'm not sure I'll be using the EOS 7D anymore.  The 5D MKIII is nothing short of amazing.  (Flickr has dulled this image)

Surfer @ Salt Creek Beach by Revup67, on Flickr

Just ordered mine for the Canon 5D Mark III will also work with EOS 7D with firmware upgrade (forthcoming).

Abe's of Maine:

Call their 800-992-2237 x 266 Fred was my sales rep - said he has only 5 left.  Everyone else (J&R, BH is out of stock) Free Shipping as well 269.95

Tell him Anthony sent you..( I don't get any kickbacks )..good luck !

The Black Crowned Night Heron - Dana Point Harbor, CA 6-12-12.  Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 400mm 5.6 L without IS.

This photo is not cropped and almost untouched except to adjust the white balance which was ever so slightly off.  Basically the image is straight out of the camera and was a RAW converted to a JPG then resized to 1920x1280.  Settings were:  1/1600, F 5.6, ISO 200, Evaluative Metering, AI Servo, AF Mode = Spot AF, Shutter Priority, EC = 0 and hand held by a 53 year old.  I spotted this Heron on a fence and gingerly walked up to him and snapped a few pics.  There were so many good ones it was hard to decide which one to post.

If anyone has their doubts or gripes about what the 5D can't do or if you still care to boast about the D800 then this image ought to keep those humbled and bring things into perspective :)

Black-crowned Night-Heron (Nycticorax nycticorax ) by Revup67, on Flickr

This is a Nutmeg Mannakin spotted in the tall brush at Newport Beach's Back Bay Eco Reserve.  The bird can't sit still for more than a moment.  He constantly hops from one branch to another.  This is a crop off a JPG original shot in RAW.  Cropped dimensions are 1567x1044.  It's razor sharp.  I'm not so sure I need that 7D anymore.  Specs are ISO 640, 1/1600 and F6.3.

Nutmeg Mannikin (Lonchura punctulata) aka Spice Finch by Revup67, on Flickr

Just came across this article.  it's candid and true to the point and not by any company but by a photographer.

Seems like the D800 has its downsides as well..

I'm glad I got my 5D MK3

It was a tough choice as to deciding which single lens to take to Cabo San Lucas.  I had to travel very light.  I opted for the very versatile 24-105 and was pleasantly surprised at the amount you can crop without losing IQ.  Normally I would shoot bird pics with a 7D and 400mm L to get that razor sharp closeup.  However take a look at the crop on this bird shot cropped from 5760x3840 down sampled to 1768x1777.  Mistakenly, I had shot the whole trip in L JPG not RAW.  So the bird shot is a JPG of a JPG.  Shooting some of these landscape scenes at 24mm was excellent as again there was plenty to crop away without losing IQ.  I will say in the darker areas (not here) I did notice some banding that folks speak of.  Fortunately there weren't many of those shots.  Note the last photo of the villager playing guitar was shot at ISO 3200..most impressive IQ.

Female Hooded Oriole by Revup67, on Flickr

Land's End Cabo San Lucas, Mexico by Revup67, on Flickr

Land's End Baja Mexico by Revup67, on Flickr

Beamhouse operations by Revup67, on Flickr

Mira Flores Villager by Revup67, on Flickr

Just got the camera yesterday and had a chance to do in camera processing which for the most part is not that bad.  very flat natural look (see image CanonHDR.jpg).  If I were to offer any improvements beyond the natural flatness (use DPP latest version if you have a bit more control there) it would be how much is actually cropped to straighten the image.  With inside 5D MK3 HDR processing the image is cropped quite a bit to align all 3 RAW files however with the latest Photomaxtix Pro software 4.2 little or no cropping is done.  Almost all or the entire frame of the image is salvaged as well as an incredible amount of HDR control is offered.  Note the fence on the left side.  Within the Canon HDR some of it is gone however Photmatix (below Canon) saves the entire pixel frame.

Image taken at 20mm, 1/640, 5.6, M mode, ISO 100, AF Manual.

(Stupid me, forgot the lens hood - note diffraction)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Possible 5D MK3 Annoyances
« on: May 15, 2012, 02:31:10 PM »
Possible Annoyance #1 - While in AF menu, sub menu 4, "Single point AF" cannot be unchecked.  As you scroll to uncheck the menu allows all other choices to be unchecked except choice 2, "Single point AF".  This is not so with the 7D as you can uncheck and check whichever ones you want.  Though on page 100 it does state this option cannot be turned off.  Not sure of this logic especially if all I want is Zone Af and Auto Selection as on example.

Possible Bug #2 - Page 236 in the manual it demonstrates how to utilize other features while in Silent Control Mode/Movie Mode such as audio level recording, shutter speed, ISO, EC, and Aperture.  I tried but was unable to access these options unless I am actually recording.  In speaking with Canon Support (Jeff) he offered a work around and that was:  to change Shutter use the M-fn scroll wheel, to change ISO use the ISO button on top of camera, to change the audio recording you must go into the Menu (button) Camera icon #4 choice #4 called Sound recording and change Auto to Manual.  Then you will be able to see the audio LED's on the back while in Movie Mode.

Possible Annoyance #3 - after pressing the Q button, the menu lacks any AF point selection choices as with the 7D.  Instead we have a less frequently used WB +/- function.  Fortunately there is still a small area of blank space next to the Aperture listing that perhaps Canon can squeeze in the AF point choices.  Currently the only place to access AF selection is with the upper right button.

I'm not sure how many of you have had a chance to explore some of the video features this camera at such an early stage but they are fantastic.  One via the Menu (at least from my perspective) however was a bit befuddling at first attempts.  This feature is called Silent Control.  In order to access this menu the camera must be in Live View first as you cannot find this option in the normal still image menu area.  Once in Live View, jump to Menu 1 (with the camera icon), then the 5th (final sub menu).  There you will see 3 choices. Use the rear Dial to go to choice 2, Silent Control, and choose "Enable".  Tap the Shutter release button so you are back in Live View and press the Stop/Start button to begin recording (yes you must begin to record to access this next feature).  Next press the Q button while recording and you will see a new menu come up (the options in this this new menu depends on whether you are in P, Av, Tv or M - M mode offers the most choices) or see owner's manual page 236 for what is enabled here or disabled.  From there you can literally tap the Top, Left, Right or Bottom of the rear Dial to change any setting such as ISO, Aperture, Shutter, Exposure & Sound.

Hope this helps everyone.

Anyone have any comment on this?  My camera finally arrives Monday and am curious for global input from  the forum users on this site that wish to cast their opinion about menu options that are recommended to "turn on" and to "turn off" or things to avoid.

I'm an advanced user and know the 7D real well.  I realize the above is a broad question and if it helps any I primarily shoot landscapes, stationary objects such as flowers, buildings, minimal portraits, some wildlife such as deer or birds and insects.  I shoot only RAW and use only Av, Tv and M modes.

I'm basically looking for "don't bother with X as an example" and why.  Hoping there's a few 5D Mark iii users out there that know this camera well enough now that can make these opinionated statements.  Thank you all in advance for reading.

EOS Bodies / It's OK to Rant and Gripe Here but .....
« on: May 09, 2012, 11:21:32 PM »
So many of you have great ideas and suggestions for software and firmware upgrades to improve the Canon products.  It seems as though everyone is sharing/ranting/griping here but is anyone submitting their thoughts to Canon?  This rant and rave reminds of me of when people complain or talk about someone behind their backs.  The communication never gets to the culprit and so they keep doing what they are doing and the complainer keeps complaining.  An endless loop.

I do hope some of you or most of you send these excellent suggestions directly to Canon.  That way they are aware of the suggestions, gripes etc and deploy these via firmware, updates, upgrades etc. if and whenever possible.

Ex.  I wrote to Canon support the other day about DPP not offering a very simple command called RENAME.  RENAME should appear in a right click (i.e. context menu) on a photo but does not.  Each to time I rename an image I have to shell out to Windows Explorer and perform this task.  (Yes I am aware of the batch process but that is multi stepped. I also know you can rename a folder but why no single photo/file?)   I finally got fed up and instead of griping here I wrote to support and received the following reply from Rodney in Canon Support:  "We appreciate your continued correspondence regarding the EOS 5D Mark III and Canon software.  A rename option in Digital Photo Professional is a very good suggestion.  We thank you for this feedback and I will make sure to pass this along towards the appropriate parties for consideration. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance with your inquiry about the EOS 5D Mark III and Canon software.  Thank you for choosing Canon."  So let's take all of these great suggestions and get them in the hands of the people that can do something.  To get you started here's the email for EOS Canon support: Lastly (and I hope you do send your valuable comments to them) please share with us the reply you have received.

Portrait / We, The Photographers......Self Portaits..a Who's Who on CR
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:12:42 PM »
I thought to come forward and reveal this faceless person.... so here I am.  Who's Next? and a nice to meet you.

Stretching My Imagination by Revup67, on Flickr

Canon Support just informed me of this - note the line on the serial numbers of your cameras that are affected

It seems all this concern may have been for nothing and the delays it caused were fruitless based on this advisory..uggh.

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