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Technical Support / Battery stuck in 5D Mark III
« on: April 05, 2014, 11:45:13 AM »
Not a complicated problem to explain, but very unsettling and I've yet to solve it. I went to replace the battery in my 5D Mark III… tried a couple generic batteries that were out of juice then put in a genuine one… was surprisingly difficult to push in (didn't slide smoothly, lots of friction) but I figured it was seated slightly wrong but ok and pushed it in farther. Now it is stuck in the camera body. The white tab works, there is some play when I move the battery around, but it won't slide out. Stuck in there pretty good, not even sure how... feels like maybe something else is jammed in there keeping it there or the spring is messed up but I can't imagine how.

Help! Need to get it out. Fwiw, the camera works fine with the stuck battery, but that does me no good because it will run out soon and then I've got a $3500 paperweight. :/

Lenses / Best landscape lenses
« on: December 15, 2012, 04:31:55 PM »
I asked this elsewhere, but I figured I'd ask it here, too:

I'm thinking of getting into landscape photography, which was an interest of mine I never really pursued.

I started with 135 (Velvia) and then went to 6x7 and eventually 4x5. And while I found 4x5 had everything I needed (amazing IQ, color, lens movements) it was too expensive and slow. I'm not a patient person I guess.

I'm thinking of selling off either my entire 4x5 kit or most of it and investing the money in T/S lenses for my 5D Mark III. I strongly, strongly prefer the IQ and color on 4x5 Velvia, but it is too much work to shoot and too expensive. I'm just too lazy.

My favorite focal lengths were 135mm, 180mm, and 300mm. What lenses should I get to mimic these? The 24mm TSE II seems like the best performer, but the 45mm and 90mm seem like they would give me the FOV I like. But the corner performance... yuck.

Then I'd get an ND 1.5 so I could do the long shutter speeds I like. Does that make sense?

Has anyone successfully been able to get velvia style color and tonality out of a Canon sensor? I'd overexpose a bit, meter so that the scenes I shot only had 4-5 stops of DR (very low contrast scenes), etc. But is there some way to match color (LUT)?


Canon wants to charge me $30 for a replacement and customer service took about 30 minutes to get me there, sending me back and forth again and again between departments.  All I need is a plastic lug to fix the strap, you think they'd have extras.  Not only that, they no longer stock OEM straps for t2i cameras, said I'd need to buy a more one without even knowing what it will look like.

I have had nothing but terrible experiences with these guys.  Cameras are fine but customer service has been consistently abysmal, every problem I have.  Yes, I'm ranting about a trivial issue but I'm so fed up with Canon's consistently bad service I'm ready to switch brands.  Anyone else had such bad experiences?

EOS Bodies / 8 channel readout
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:17:20 AM »
What does this mean?  The 5DII has four channels, 5DIII has 8, 1DX has 16.  How fast does each channel cycle?

It seems like the 5DIII can capture 6fps at full raster and that in each case a channel correlates with about 3fps.  Does that mean the 5DIII reads out 1/5th of the sensor at 30fps?

How can the camera avoid line skipping if the full sensor can only read out at 6fps?

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