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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Panic button - 1Dx
« on: February 10, 2013, 02:55:22 PM »
You can set any functions you want to one of three Custom Setups. I have one set for sports at 1/1000 and 12 fps, one set for long exposure work with bulb mode, mirror up and another set for street work. Any combination you want you can save and have available, and you can set each to one of the custom buttons.

Pretty cool. Care to give the other settings?:)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Panic button - 1Dx
« on: February 10, 2013, 02:29:48 PM »
While I was taking a walk the other day I met a guy with two 1Dx, lenses and wireless transfer thing. I stopped and chatted with him and learned that he works for one of these news agencies. After talking for a while he mentions that he has programmed a panic button on his 1Dx, a button that is preset with aperture 8 (I think), ISO 6400, and shutter speed of 1/500?..  Not sure if I recall the settings correctly, but he told me that rather being stuck/or forgetting that he was in a meny, when he HAD to get the shot, he could just push this button and be certain to get the shot. I also believe that it was programmed for 12 frames per second.

A smart idea in my opinion.

Anyone heard about this kind of programming?

Canon General / Re: Thailand (Bangkok) 120 film
« on: February 10, 2013, 11:12:19 AM »
Oh seems i didnt express myself clearly. Im looking for a place in Thailand preferably in Bangkok to develop the films :) Maybe even some local forum member i dont mind.

Sorry my mistake :)

Canon General / Re: Thailand (Bangkok) 120 film
« on: February 10, 2013, 05:36:13 AM »
Hi there,

im gonna shoot 120 film (6x6) in Thailand in some weeks just for fun. Gonna use Kodak Portra and Tri-x. Does anybody of yall know a good place for getting the film developed? Preferably a place that offers good quality and not just cheap prices. Maybe even some private people on this board here are willing to do it? Portra should be easier since it just uses C41 processing. For the BW photos maybe there is even a place offering baryt paper?
Any input is welcome

Ilford in the UK? I hear fantastic things about them

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: future of sigma art line
« on: February 05, 2013, 08:48:09 AM »
I am like a cat that dipped its tongue in scalding hot milk with sigma compatibility issues... have been an all Canon outfit for years... it is just possible Sigma turned a corner with the new 35mm, but sorry, Sigma will have to turn a lot more consistent corners before I try that saucer again.

thats kind of like me and Tamron

I do know i've got the 85 f1.4 and its flat out awesome so I really really want to give the new 35 a go

My 35 is brilliant straight out the box

Portrait / Re: Portrait suggestions needed
« on: February 03, 2013, 05:03:36 PM »
I am by no means an expert, and like you most of my photography is a hobby, with a few late exceptions (last year, where I have had about ten paying photojobs on the side of my regular work (mainly to pay for more gear:) )

A couple of things strike me about the shot. The composition of the shot. It is a bit prisonlike :), and you have a lot of space over his head, while cutting his limbs by the elbow.. If I recall you shot him at 125 with a 70-200. I am not sure how much further back you can move, but you can certainly move the zoom back so you get more body, and less dead space above him. Also as you have noted yourself, move him away from the backdrop, and then you have to choose whether you want a low-key or a high-key photo. If the latter then you need more light on the background, as well as a bit blurry. The light in your son's face is a bit flat (the shadows give depth). The white balance seems off, but that might be my screens.. A tad green, but more so on my iPad retina, and less so on my laptop, but I guess that you are shooting in Raw, so that will be no problem to fix afterwards.

Another question is what do you want this photo to be? A character study of your son, or getting focus on his medals and stuff? He as far as I can see have beautiful eyes, and maybe you should work with that?. Get him in a pose that is not straight on, but a bit turned to the side? If the focus is the boyscout, maybe a portrait in their natural environment?...

Just a few thoughts. Hope this helps.


Black & White / Re: Black & White
« on: February 03, 2013, 03:49:21 PM »
@digital paradise. Really inspiring work, please post more. Espescially love the hall, and the hands!

Lighting / Re: An open letter to Canon regarding the Canon RT system
« on: February 03, 2013, 10:07:43 AM »
Given that the situation is as it is, would you reccomend the phottix odin, or the pocket wizard plus III? Do they pretty much have the same capabilities (apart from phottix is sender, and separate receivers, and the pw is transeiver). The price of the pw is just a tad more than the phottix, but I have the impression that most people in here have gone with the pw...

Phottix Odin are totally different to the PW Plus III. Way more control capability on the Phottix Odin. Some key features where the Phottix Odin shines is the ability to remotely set the power of the flashguns (in manual and TTL), zoom their heads, set second curtain sync. The Odins are very, very good and ultra reliable.

Ok, thanks :)

Portrait / Re: Portrait work
« on: February 03, 2013, 04:41:12 AM »
no problem im often writing in gibberish so its hard to understand me

I think you make a strong point, and what makes it even more important is that when you move away from a screen and go ahead and print it, it becomes quite noticeable. I have done that mistake myself (wanting to make it black'er than it originally was). Further there is a dilemma, because by doing it more black (skilfully or not) it is because you want to emphazise the subject. However by doing so, one also remove some depth in the shot... i.e. making a case for more details in the black/grey areas....

Lighting / Re: An open letter to Canon regarding the Canon RT system
« on: February 03, 2013, 04:27:56 AM »
Given that the situation is as it is, would you reccomend the phottix odin, or the pocket wizard plus III? Do they pretty much have the same capabilities (apart from phottix is sender, and separate receivers, and the pw is transeiver). The price of the pw is just a tad more than the phottix, but I have the impression that most people in here have gone with the pw...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Emergency wedding, of sorts.
« on: February 03, 2013, 02:03:24 AM »
Was this wedding today????? how did it go????!!!?!?!?!?!!!!???!!!!!!!one111!!!!

+ 1

I am also waiting for a blow by blow account :)

How did it go? Was your friends happy, and you?

I am amazed that so many posters here are trying to recommend to the OP to keep the 5D3 which is so much more expensive and way in excess of his needs. Too many users in this forum are gear heads. The gentleman stated that he couldn't tell the difference with his test shots. He knows enough about photography to understand the impact of lighting and lenses on the results. And I am sure he understand the differences with features etc. His main concern was IQ! Yet he was expecting something different - its a real eyeopener if you ask me.  We assume that everyone has the desire to pixel peep and find the most discernible difference while forgetting that photography is an art and a pastime not something to keep our wallets empty. I say to the OP to SEND BACK THE 5D3 and stick with what works for a little money and go from there. Later down the road if you want the performance or 61 focus points etc you could buy the 5DMk4 or something better. In the end i think this guy knows something that us gearheads dont!

+ 100

Seriously, nobody needs that many low quality PS cameras that make no changes to image quality at all. Their pro cameras get 2 body releases per year, and their amateur DSLR gets a yearly refresh.

We tend to get lost in our own little worlds where our interests seem to be the only ones that count.
Canon sells boatloads of cameras to millions of people who could not care less about what a photo enthusiast feels is important.
The most important thing to us about those sales is that it helps create a company with enough size to actually fund an R&D program that can give us products like a 1DX that can actually be purchased at a believable price due to the economies of scale.

I am sure Phase One would love to have the volumes and cash flow that Canon has to fund R&D that is not dependent on companies that may or may not be in business in the near future.

This is very true. I think we are very fortunate that Canon has something for everyone in its lineup. Not everyone is a professional (me) and a 1DX or even a 5D3 would be completely overkill for a great many people.
There is an entire generation getting hooked on smartphone cameras (not me) that probably thinks the exact opposite of the original poster. Why spend thousands on pro equipment when I get decent pictures from my iPhone for what I need?
Go into the iPhone forums and read about it. There are people writing this stuff
The low end P&S market is actually shrinking, but its going to sell the most. Whats the most popular Canon DSLR? The Rebel series right? A camera and lense system worth thousands will probably be bought by the minority that make a living off of it or know how to use it properly.

I think you both make a fair and important point!

My professional background is marketing, and my thoughts here may be tainted by that fact.

Compactcameras is a product category that is in decline and have been so for several years. They face immense competition by alternatives like smartphones, ipads with photocapabilities and others. The powershot S 110 with their ability to post online directly is a small step in a direction of meeting the new digital social media needs. However, this poses an internal challenges to Canon, as one of their other big areas are print. (the three big business areas are Camera CIG, Print, and Medical imaging equipment and telescope imaging), as fewer people on, what we in here call, the lower end tend to print pictures anymore, and instead post them directly on the web.

As far as you question goes, I believe that the reasoning lies much more in internal logic than a logic geared towards consumers. I think that they produce so many lines, not as a evolutionary result based on the demand by their consumers, but more like an answer to different large outlet chains. There is an increasing demand (and this goes for print too) by the chains, like Best Buy, Staples, Mediamarkt and others for their exclusive versions of the different camerabrands. Thus, Best Buy can be the only one that offers a spesific Canon camera, while Mediamarkt runs another camera version from Canon that they sell exclusively. In my inept roundabout way, I am trying to say that I believe that this (to your question) has less to do about consumers, but more to do about making it attractive for the large and powerful chains to sell Canon gear.


EOS Bodies / Re: Canon's Roadmap for 2013 [CR2]
« on: January 29, 2013, 04:53:49 PM »
Nobody's cheering for the upcoming EOS M?
I wasn't really turned off by the slow AF that was pointed out by reviewers, but if that's addressed in the next iteration (and that'll prolly be the biggest improvement), I'll surely buy it.

Give me an optical vf and I will buy it!

Lenses / Re: Lens recommendations for wildlife
« on: January 29, 2013, 02:52:14 PM »
I have the 2.8 is ii
The 200-400 sounds good but it just is not out and not in my price range.

It depends on how much you plan on shooting at 400mm.  The 70-200 IS II takes extenders pretty well.  The general consensus is that its IQ at 400mm is close to the 100-400L's but its AF will be slower.  If you go this route, make sure you AFMA with the lens + extender(s) -- it won't automatically port over the settings for the bare lens.  If you shoot at 400 a lot or want longer, then the 400 f/5.6 is really you're only choice.

I suggest trying the extender route first.  If that works for you, then you could wait for Canon to revise the 400 f/5.6 later.

I have the 70-200 ii and 2xiii combo and AF is not slow at all imho, and IQ is brilliant!

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