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Lenses / Tilt-Shift Lens vs. Macro Slide Rail
« on: March 14, 2012, 03:07:07 PM »
I'm in the market for a tilt-shift lens like the 24mm for real estate photography.  However, it is very pricey and I'm wondering if there are any alternatives to wider captures.  Right now I'm on a APS-C with a Canon 10-22 and I'm not a big fan of the curvature at the extreme frame edges.  Planning on going Full Frame very soon and didn't know if the tilt-shift is absolutely worth the $2K+ or if similar results could be had with a 24mm (or 20mm, etc) on a Macro Slide Rail, going left to right to capture a wider composition and then stitch back together in PS. 

Suggestions/Advice greatly appreciated!  Thanks!

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