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The other thing you have to remember is the big whites do not depreciate, and can be an investment, third party lenses are generally cheap to buy on the second hand market. Another reason to look at the big white's.

This is a good point & it has been my own experience, I owned both the version 1 300f/2.8 & 400f/2.8 Lenses, sold them for exactly what I had paid for them when I purchased the Version 2 Lenses, I could have sold them at a profit but I sold to friends so I was interested only in recouping what I'de spent.

Actually I disagree that.  You have better think about that from finance point of view.  Money actually loses its current value in the future because of inflation.  For example, you buy 300mm L f/2.8 for $7000.  You may sell it for 6500 ten years later.  However, you will lose 5% inflation of 7000 yearly.  That means the future of your $7000 is about 11500.  You actually will lose not 500, but 5000.  The more you invest in you lenses the more you will lose in the future.
Don't buy the big white because you think it will keep its value.  You will lose more money on the investment.  You buy the big white because you think it worth for the money.  If I was a PRO, I would buy the best gear I can afford and bring return.  Otherwise, I would not.

I bought a new Tamron 150-600mm lens a month ago. I am a professional photographer and am not biased towards or against Tamron vs. Canon, as I own prime L-grade lenses from both companies.  Unfortunately, this lens is not weather sealed, and after using the lens for two weeks outside, the amount of internal dust was atrocious.  Regardless of being meticulous and using a blower at all times, the lens quickly absorbed dust onto the frontal glass element internally, including moisture, via the cork-screw barrel that retracts into the upper chamber.   Closely inspecting the markings on the lens, I saw that it was manufactured in China, as opposed to Tamron's traditional Japan manufacturer, which was a big shock, so quality control has definitely been compromised in order to sell the lens at $1069 :-\

Additionally, image stabilization for action shots (specifically bird shots) is not reliable.  Even though the proper autofocus point speed and tracking can be adjusted in the Canon 5D Mark III to compensate for the lag, shutter speed has to be at least 1/2000th+ of a second in order to prevent motion blur for hand held action tracking shots (coupled with f/6.3 on a cloudy day and ISO 1000-2000, this creates photos worthy of entry level DSLR bodies and stock lenses - which means not good!). Unlike my Canon 100-400mm f/4-5.6 L lens, which has 2 modes of image stabilization and creates very fast and stable shots, the Tamron 150-600mm lens only has an on/off VC switch with no additional stabilization mode selection settings.  Gimbal shots are naturally improved, but AF adjustment at 15m to infinity is still sluggish when trying to focus on objects 200ft and further (creep still occurs with the limiting switch).   I called Tamron directly, and their technical support team confirmed that their teleconverters are not compatible with this lens as Tamron engineers have officially discontinued all TC's and did not design this lens with the 1.4x or 2x in mind.  Additionally, they confirmed that both converters should not be used with the lens, as unpredictable results can occur and are not guaranteed to work properly. 

Static shots are amazing with very comparable MTF chart optical clarity to Canon, and portability of the lens is great :); nevertheless, I need a fast and reliable lens for shooting Ospreys, Eagles, King Fishers, Herons, etc.  Sorry everyone, but this lens is not quite the "big white killer" that many individuals thought that it would turn out to be.  I too thought that this was the lens that would allow me to save several thousand dollars; however, I have now returned the Tamron 150-600mm lens for a full refund and consequently have to save up in order to purchase the real Canon 600mm f/4.0 L II (weather sealed, improved pre-set focus ranges, stabilization modes, etc.).  I am not even going to touch the "Sigmonster" 800mm f/5.6, given that it too is not weather sealed and that other professional birders have complained that the focus ring breaks over time, has a fragile body shell, and is extremely sluggish to maneuver; being confined to a gimbal for the majority of the time.   In the end, you get what you pay for! :-\

It's nice to see your first two exactly same posts twice(  I think you are the first person complain the VC of this 150-600mm.  That's a very useful information for me before I make decision buy this lens.  I will keep my eyes to see the VC problem.

Pricewatch Deals / Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS for 799 after 200 rebate
« on: March 07, 2014, 12:04:57 AM »
I know most of people here like f/2.8 version.  However, this is still a great deal.

The price shows 1299.  It will drop to 999 after you add it to cart.

I don't see anything wrong with the bokeh on the sigma 35
here is an example @ 1.4

Hi wicked, your right, Bokeh seems Ok, but I think you had too many of these BEFORE taking the shot, the Glass is leaning to the left, you needed to stand with your left foot on a box of matches so you could have the beer level, works for me.

I think I cannot do better than him after couple glasses of beer.:)

Software & Accessories / Re: Louis Vuitton bag
« on: March 03, 2014, 01:27:55 PM »
My colleague will be interested in this one for her 5D3 even though she has used her 5D3 only few times in the past 1.5 year.

EOS Bodies / Re: Hardware Hack for EOS Cameras Coming Soon? [CR1]
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:40:18 PM »
Sounds like a 5D4 upgrade without warranty for 1K.  If the mod really can bring a lot of benefit, I would consider for it since my 1.5 year old 5D3 is out of Canon warranty.

PowerShot / Re: Canon to Leave the Entry Level Point & Shoot Market?
« on: February 24, 2014, 07:54:58 PM »
Optical zoom will always outperform digital zoom, and there aren't yet many smartphones with optical zoom (and those that do look like the neighbor kid's toys on Toy Story), so smartphones haven't yet replaced, for example, the $90 Canon PowerShot A2200.

Of course people know the $90 A2200 has better IQ.  Years ago people use P&S camera because of the convenience.  Now they have better choices, smartphones, because it's much more convenient.  If they really care about IQ, they probably use dSLR already.  Nokia phone has 40MP camera, Sony phone has 20MP camera, and now Samsung phone has 16MP camera.  In two years every phone maker will have build-in 20MP+ camera.  I can see most people don't need a P&S camera in few years.  Canon should make FF attachable Lens-style camera like Sony QX10/QX100.  I think that's the future of the P&S.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: In-Depth Review: Tamron 150-600 f/5-6.3 VC
« on: February 20, 2014, 05:19:04 PM »
Enjoy your new lens and stay away from "correcting" my posts, otherwise i will have to chop your typing fingers off.
 And think about what i wrote, every time you turn the zoom ring of your tammy 600 the wrong direction.

LoL.  I have no problem with the zoom ring direction of my Tomron 24-70 f/2.8 VC form the day one I got it.  It's hard to believe people would make this simple mistake and cannot tell the differences between 150mm and 600mm.

How about year 2013?  Dose Canon have higher percentage than last year?

Any reason you wouldn't just dump the cr2 once you had the converted DNG?
Because alex keeps improving cr2hdr all the time, next up is floating point dng because it allows more resolution from dual_iso output ... but to profit from that, you have to have the original cr2s available.

Awesome, that's really interesting.  So can these cr2hd files that it puts out still be read by LR/ACR?  Feel fee to point me to documentation or a FAQ or something.

I've been keeping a lazy eye on how things are coming along for the 6D (e.g. tragic lantern), wondering when it'll be stable enough for me to take the plunge...

cr2hd will convert dual ISO cr2 file to DNG file format.  Actually the converted DNG files are the files you need, not the cr2 files.  However, you want to keep the cr2 files because Alex is keep improve his cr2hd program and you can always use the new version of cr2hd to get better converted DNG files.

Any reason why Alex hasn't be snatched up by Canon?

He likes to innovate, Canon doesn't :->

He might not be welcomed by Canon's firmware department because all developers there hate him.

Lenses / Re: Sigma 50mm f/1.4 Art Price leaked
« on: February 07, 2014, 01:15:24 PM »
Just to re-iterate my point, that price is just a guess to allow for pre orders. Much like this other Australian retailers guess:


899 is good price.  However, I feel that 35mm is more useful for me.

I just had a good rebate experience from Canon with my 70-200 2.8LIS2 purchase. The $300 Amex rebate card came quickly and the website was simple to use. I don't know about others experiences but there was no reason to cry about mine.
You are very lucky.  I had two bad experiences.  One was for a printer rebate in 2009.  The rebate center told me there was no serial number with the UPC code.  After I send them my rebate scan which actually included the serial number, then they send me the rebate check.  One was just happened months ago for my 100mm Macro L.  They didn't want to honor the rebate because of the mismatched information between the rebate form and invoice.  The biggest problem is Canon's rebate form didn't mention that and how they can deny the rebate.  After I search from Google and found out thousands people had problem with Canon rebate, I decided to file the problem to BBB and noticed to their customer department.  Then I got my rebate approved in the next day.

I do hope the new version will keep the same bokeh quality.
I believe it will be better.  However, I don't like the rumor price.

If the IQ of this lens is close to Canon 28-300mm L and price is about 1000, I will get one as my travel lens.

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