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Lenses / Re: Why no firmware update for Sig 50mm Art?
« on: Today at 05:21:51 PM »
I bought it, but returned it for a full refund.  Just did not work reliably on my 5DIII.

Well, in that case make sure Sigma knows about the reason why you returned it...

Just seems Sigma put so much hype out about the USB dock that they are missing an opportunity by not releasing a fw update.

I doubt it's an easy task to reverse-engineer Canon's protocol and the enhanced af system of their newest lenses. And Canon has tuned the 1dx/5d3 af system to work with *their* lenses, and Sigma cannot change that. Probably they simply cannot do better on the Canon mount but concentrate more on Sonikon for improvements...

... and most likely Canon knows all that, and that's the reason why they don't feel that much pressure to update the 50L or their ancient 50/1.4.

EOS Bodies / Re: Looking to upgrade my gear!
« on: Today at 05:15:17 PM »
Thanks for your response. I always shoot in M and where do I change ettl settings? Im using a 580 EX in manual mode.

Please clarify your problem again - your shooting camera m and flash m, and if you go beyond 1/60s the flash goes into hss mode rather than staying with x-sync up to 1/180s?

EOS Bodies / Re: Looking to upgrade my gear!
« on: Today at 11:56:38 AM »
Quick thing on the 6d- recently, with my aputure triggers, my sync speed has only been 1/60. I don't know if that's just me or what but that may make it a less than great option for portraits. If anyone has any idea of what went wrong let me know

Probably you've set the flash settings to ettl and set the automatic sync speed in av to float between 1/60 and 1/180. If the background is dark, the camera will try to get as much ambient as possible and default to the slowest sync.

If you want to change this behavior
* shoot with fixed 1/180 x-sync in av resulting essentially in a kind of m mode with ec possible even on the 6d
* use tv with pre-set shutter speed and floating aperture -> will probably default to wide open
* shoot full camera m, loosing the option to set ec

Alas, auto-iso won't work either with flash, this is all completely braindead behavior (thanks, Canon!) though there was a experimental Magic Lantern module around providing auto iso with flash, ec in m and custom min. aperture in tv.

Lenses / Re: Why no firmware update for Sig 50mm Art?
« on: Today at 09:14:11 AM »
So, please speculate, why has Sigma not addressed Canon (and even some Nikon) mount AF issues on the 50mm Art?

Simple: You've already bought it.

Unless issues seriously damage a manufacturer's reputation, they'll do a r&d-cost and sales-increase calculation. Supporting an entire new camera model is certainly "wort it", but fixing issues some people might never encounter?

It's the same with Yongnuo and their dodgy st-e3 unit, just because you're able to update the fw doesn't mean they'll try to fix all issues. Last not least, there's always the possibility the respective behavior is a hardware issue and cannot be fixed with a fw update at all.

Lenses / Re: Lens Recommendations
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:39:59 PM »
Any suggestions? What do you guys think?

I suggest while the 50L sounds great on paper, do some research or try it before buying. It has focus shift if you don't shoot wide open and isn't as sharp as you might imagine wide open on crop. Plus the depth of field is ridiculously thin, so you really have to like the "only the tip of the nose in focus" portrait style.

There's a reason people are wishing for a 50mm L upgrade and are buying the Sigma ART lens, though certainly there are good arguments in favor of staying with Canon.

Canon General / Re: T3 to 7D.....the right thing?
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:31:42 PM »
The 7d was going for around $600.  I'm reading alot of options here in the thread, so I may just hold off and see what's a good fit for me.  All of your input is valuable, and I thank you all very much!

That's a great price, if you want an even cheaper good camera look at the very nice 60d (sd cards, swivel screen, a bit smaller/lighter).

The 7d1 has the oldest incarnation of Canon's long-running 18mp crop sensor which can result in visible banding when raising shadows, it's bit better on 60d, it depends on how heavy your post-processing is. The good thing about the 7d1 is this is the cheapest Canon body that is designed for tracking moving objects like birds in flight.

Oh and btw, i'm a she ;)

Oh my, what are *you* doing on a tech nerd internet forum then :-p ?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: ISO 160 vs. 100
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:16:37 PM »
On the 1D X there's really not much difference at any ISO from 100 - 400.

Same on 6d, "thanks" to Canon's read noise problem there's hardly any reason to shoot at base iso unless the shutter speed has been maxed out.

I did some test images on my 5D2 by taking a black frame with the shutter cap on at each ISO and then increasing them by the same amount to more easily see the noise. I always shoot at increments of 160.

Interesting, esp 640/800 ... but I'd say it might be a bit different on newer cameras. Personally, I'd be hesitant as it's not only about noise with lens cap shots, but about color fidelity and post-processing elasticity which afaik are better at lower base iso settings even on full frame sensors.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom 6 Coming March 9
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:43:26 AM »
I just searched the website for Lightroom 6 and came across the quote above.  Unfortunately the link takes you to LR5.

Of course, there is no "Lightroom 6" so it'll simply show the result for "Lightroom" rather than an ugly 404 not found page.

Plus Adobe *might* have it already in some meta-tags to prevent 3rd party sites grabbing the keyword for commercial purposes. That's why I grace CR with a lot of search hits by writing:

Lightroom 7


Lenses / Re: Tilt Shift 90mm Sharpness
« on: March 05, 2015, 11:42:01 AM »
Is the issue still decentering, or is it the position of the camera?

Sorry if I've mis-understood you, decentering is really when one edge/side is different than the other(s). If you want to really test your lens, there's no way 'round printing and shooting a test chart.

At f16 should the whole image be in focus from front to back?

Hahaaha, no way, calculate to see the average depth of field (for a standard print/view size):

Forgive my inexperience, but when I say that the edges are soft I wonder if this is simply a Depth of Field issue, because the top portion of the image is out of focus?

Sure, that's why you do focus stacking, you cannot get infinite dof es. at close distance no matter how small the aperture. Or try f222 instead of just f22 :->

Lenses / Re: Tilt Shift 90mm Sharpness
« on: March 05, 2015, 07:32:01 AM »
If I fill the frame with the shot and focus a third of the way up (perhaps focussing on a specific Jewel), without tilting or shifting I am noticing that the top edges of the image, are a little soft, at f16.

This lens should be as sharp as they come, and if one side of the lens differs from the other side (try shooting a test chart) this points to decentering.

Am I focussing on the right point?

Do yourself a favor and use Magic Lantern - with focus peaking, you see exactly what is in focus and what isn't. And use focus stacking instead of diffraction at f22, will ya :-) ?

EOS Bodies / Re: Eos 6d metering timer
« on: March 05, 2015, 06:48:24 AM »
I just assumed (never smart, I know  :-[ ) that my 6d would do what my 1d m3 would....

In that case, it is indeed smart to cut back on assumptions 1d->6d or you might be in for a few other disappointments :-p

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D MKII
« on: March 05, 2015, 02:14:30 AM »
But the fact that Canon are not being forced as you put it earlier suggests that the difference in feature sets when everything is taken into account is not that great.

Personally, I find that the main reason that *any* recent dslr is an incredible tool and sufficient for most things you can come up with - alas, except tracking. But one or more features don't matter that much except on paper.

I do think Canon is more conservative because they want to remain a choice for as many professionals / prosumers as possible.

Agreed - which in turn can make it a bit awkward for anyone below that level. It's not I wouldn't recommend Canon to entry-level shooters, esp. because of Magic Lantern, but purchasing at 6d price and below imho warrants a good comparison with Nikon/Sony.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Poor video quality or normal?
« on: March 03, 2015, 04:33:57 PM »
Marsu, you are the expert on this. Does the M use full sensor readout?  I know the 5D MK III does.  I thought the "M" used line skipping.

No, actually I have very little idea about video - the question mark above about where the downscaling occurs was for real. When in doubt the actual video wizards are to be found over in the ML forum.

I just follow the video thing simply Magic Lantern does it and *if* I'd go into video it'd certainly not be 8bit on a camera that doesn't even do proper downsampling (i.e. everything except 5d3 or 7d2, the latter doesn't run ML).

Of course ML's raw video doesn't do any downsampling at all but simply crops a part of the 1:1 sensor res - that's the big usability hassle apart from a lot of time-consuming postprocessing with the mlv stream.

Damn, all I'm getting is birds on horses, not the other way 'round :->

To be honest, digital photography market is flooded with work on same or much better level than that of the Lik, not to mention his lies and pretty cheap cheesy stories behind every capture, that further cheapens real value of his work. Are marketing skills and trickery worth the premium? Well at the moment in Las Vegas and other high excitements producing places apparently it is!

Without commenting on this particular photog, shouldn't we be happy that it's possible *_at_all_* to be successful in the age of digital photography? And at least he seems to have retained a sense of humor about it ...

While he can't deny artnet's figures and his non-existent resale market, Lik does have an excuse. "It's like a Mercedes-Benz," he said. "You drive it off the lot, it loses half its value.

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