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Software & Accessories / SD card min. write speed?
« on: March 07, 2013, 02:30:52 PM »
I'm currently using a 2010 32gb SankDisk Extreme with "30mb/s" on the sticker. Since the prices have dropped a lot since I'm wondering if getting a newer card would improve my raw+jpeg continuous burst rate significantly - currently I'm using a 60d but will get a 6d sooner or later.

* Does the *minimum* write speed depend on the size of the card, i.e. is a 32gb card better than a 16gb one except for the obvious storage difference?

* Does my older 60d still profit from the improved write speed of the current Sandisk "Extreme Pro" with 95mb/s on the sticker, or is the a newer uhs-1 sd controller like on the 6d required?


Lenses / 2x cpl as nd fader?
« on: February 27, 2013, 12:57:01 PM »
I recently bought a 10 stop nd filter and a cpl filter. Since the 10 stop is very nice for the usual people removal, water/sky blur as predicted by some it has to be accompanied by a brighter nd filter to complete the setup.

Question: I read that the nd faders are nothing more than two polarizers together, so if I add another b+w xs-pro mrc2 cpl to my existing b+w slim mrc that should do the trick?

This is my current research concerning the "stacked" solution, it even seems to have advantages...

(-) vignetting on ultrawide if stacking the same size
(-) more hassle to adjust, no scale
(-) iq loss due to more space between filters(?)
(-) uv leakage in addition to ir (like in non hot-mirror nd filters)

(+) another cpl is cheaper than a vari-nd
(+) cleanable since the two glass layers can be removed
(+) both filters usable independently
(+) it's possible to adjust the rear polarizer angle, important for the usual cpl shots with added nd effect

Lighting / POLL: When will Canon release the 430ex2 successor with rt?
« on: February 27, 2013, 07:17:25 AM »
It has been nearly a year after the 600ex-rt release, and not even a rumor has surfaced about the 430ex2 succesor - just the theory that Canon is bound to update the "little brother" sooner or later. Will they indeed? Vote here and let's see


EOS Bodies - For Stills / 6d w/ eos remote and tablet connection?
« on: February 26, 2013, 03:37:39 PM »
Since I'll buy a 6d sooner or later, I'll need/want a compatible Android device for eos remote. Trouble is: Canon states that *tablets* are not guaranteed to work - has anyone got something like the Nexus 7 and tried it or are there any other links with experiences on this?

Lenses / UV or clear protection filter?
« on: February 16, 2013, 08:41:42 AM »
In my recent unintentional trivia series "I'm clueless, please help me out" I've stumbled across another question: I thought using uv filters were just a rip-off for old school amateurs who didn't know that a digital sensor isn't sensitive to uv - or for people who find a uv filter that is cheaper than a comparable clear filter.

My web research supports this, but I was told that just because it's in the Internet it isn't necessarily correct... and I've recently come across one application that might still prove a need for an uv filter except for protection or lens sealing:

* Vari-nd filters or two stacked polarizers - in contrast to "real" dark glass nd filters, they let uv pass and though the sensor is not very sensitive to uv, it still might make a difference with long exposures.

Is this correct? Are there any other reasons to get an uv filter over clear glass?

Lighting / Weird ettl ec behavior - is this just me?
« on: February 14, 2013, 03:53:17 PM »
With daylight fill/bounce flash I'm mostly shooting Av mode with fixed iso 800-1250, min. shutter speed set (1/60s - 1/250s on my 60d) and a little negative flash ec to prevent overflashing the subject or positive flash ec because the diffuser eats too much light. I'm also often using camera ec to control the subject-background relation, so most of the time it's set between +1/3 and +1 to allow for a natural background.

The weird behavior I am experiencing: When changing *camera* ec a little from 0 to +-1/3 the background exposure changes a *lot*, while the following 1/3 steps are relatively minor - so on my 60d+600rt camera ec is not a constant, gradual scale. Is this just me, my camera or my flash? Is the flash exposure depending on the camera body used, or do all the ettl2 Canon cameras meter the same?

Lenses / Is your midrange gear insured?
« on: February 14, 2013, 02:12:16 PM »
I didn't quite know where to put this question, so it ended up in "lenses" since these are the most expensive items in the bag.

The motive for me thinking about insuring my gear is that I though someone has nicked my 70-300L out of my bag today - but back at home I gladly saw that I didn't take it with me in the first place as I usually do. So: My current gear (camera+lenses+flashes+filters+...) I'm carrying around is worth about €5000, and I'm going to add a 6d+24-70tc totaling about €8000. I bought this gear piece by piece, but somehow it's grown to (for my standard) considerable value, though it's far from the pro 1dx/5d3+f2.8-kits other people have.

Starting as of today I somehow feel that not insuring the stuff but carrying around the greater part of it most of the time is not exactly clever, on the other hand my budget is stretched as it is so I'm wondering if other people insure their "midrange" dslr gear against theft & damage or they consider the real world risk too low to pay for the insurance?

EOS Bodies / Why's there 20mp on the 6d?
« on: February 11, 2013, 02:40:03 PM »
I am wondering why Canon put this sensor into 6d - the 5d3 seems to have the 22mp count because it's a multiple of 1080p and produces less moiré when downsizing to video resolution.

Is there any reason for the the way the 6d sensor is *except* marketing, i.e. keeping the tech spec even below the 5d2's 21mp? Maybe Canon gains a significant production advantage like less sensor waste for 6d and such is able to lower the price? Or is there any video- or stills-shooting related reason except that a little larger pixels produce a little less noise?

Lenses / How to reduce the nd filter warm color cast?
« on: February 10, 2013, 03:22:20 PM »
I'm about to buy the Heliopan 2093 nd filter with 3.0 density. The manufacturer states (German: http://www.heliopan.de/produkte/graufilter.shtml) that this density produces a warm color cast that can be removed by "adding a Heliopan UV/IR filter in front of the ND filter".

Now I'm confused: a) all I find are UV *or* IR filters, what is the manufacturer talking about and b) does this work & is it necessary or is it trivial to remove the warm color cast in postprocessing?


Lenses / Please explain the need for f2.8 zooms
« on: January 30, 2013, 06:28:31 PM »
The standard lens requirement for shooting events/weddings seem to be a combination of 24-70/28 and 70-200/2.8, I read both are nailed to a pro's camera 90% of the time (though I have problems doing the maths :-))

A lens with a larger aperture afaik has three advantages: better af on some bodies, better subject isolation/creativity (just one eye in focus) and last not least a "fast" lens is required for "low light" shots.

My question rose when I read the great book "Captured by the Light" by David Ziser who - believe it or not - writes that f4 to f5.6 (for convenience or added safety) is his bread and butter setting for posed candid wedding flash shots, and he used the 5d2 at that time.

Question: So according to this f2.8 is more important for available light and movement shots, but if that was case with the 5d2, I'm confused why still seems to be still valid with the 6d even though it's about 1 stop better ... either f2.8 was borderline in the past, or f2.8 - 1stop = f4 would be sufficient now - or am I missing something here?

Disclaimer: Please forgive slight traces of irony, this ia a real question because I don't entirely understand the issue, it's great people get whatever gear they like for any purpose they want.

Lenses / What nd filter density (combinations) do you use?
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:20:56 AM »
I'd like to buy a nd filter for nature and architecture shots, i.e. blurring water/clouds and removing people. The problem is that the 82mm filters (Tamron & Canon 24-70) at least from b+w are new releases and hilariously expensive in the mrc version, so I want to settle for one filter for the time being.

These are the choices available, at least from b+w:
Type 101 = 0.3 density +1 stop
Type 102 = 0.6 density +2 stop
Type 103 = 0.9 density +3 stop
Type 106 = 1.8 density +6 stop
Type 110 = 3.0 density +10 stop

  • Question 1:If you had to choose just one filter from your experiences, what type would it be? Is 3 stop enough for most blurring purposes and +6/+10 stop overkill? Would you advise not getting the +10 filter because later on it might be more convenient to stack +6 and +3?

  • Question 3:What are the real worlds drawbacks of using a polarizer as a 2-stop nd filter, and stacking it with a "real" nd filter?

  • Question 3:For my "always on" clear protection filters I have the mrc versions, but for an effect filter I'm really wondering if a non-multicoated b+w version or even a cheaper brand would make that much of a difference - I know there are already threads about this, but feel free to append your experience here, too :-)

Thanks for the input, I have read pages summarizing "what filter is supposed to be for what" but I'd rather get first-hand opinions of users here.

Lenses / How many times did you return (L) lenses to get a good copy?
« on: January 10, 2013, 05:37:41 PM »
I just bought a new 17-40L, and I'm happy that I didn't get it from ebay (the offers weren't good enough vs the current Canon rebate program) because the lens shows visible decentering - see attached 100% crops of bottom vs. top, my first thought was that the chart was tilted... but it wasn't me or the camera and now I'm going to get a replacement from Amazon.

I wonder how many times your lenses were exchanged (or how many copies you tested side by side) until you received a lens that was a good copy?

Looking at the crops, would you also have returned the lens, or is something like this to be expected and I'm spoiled by better lenses?

Btw, if anyone wonders: As far as I tested it the 17-40L is a good (landscape) zoom lens for the money even on crop, it's just the corners and that it doesn't reach max. sharpness wide open but needs to be stopped down a little to f5.6+

Edit: afma should be no issue @f4+ and my 60d doesn't have it anyway ... with this 17-40L copy I couldn't tell lv from phase af. The crops are of course focused with contrast af and shot on tripod with mirror lockup.

Lighting / When (and if) does a "gold" colored flash diffuser make sense?
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:40:59 AM »
I've seen there are "gold" flash diffusers like the ones from sto-fen that are supposed to give, surprise, warmer "sunset-like" light. Since I couldn't find any decent reviews...

... does anyone use this kind of diffuser, when does it make sense (broad range of situations or only as a very special effect)? Any sense buying this over flash gels except that gels are a hassle to mount to the flash in addition to a diffuser?

Lighting / How to produce circular flash reflection in eyes?
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:43:10 AM »
I've got some flashes and conventional diffusers, i.e. the sto-fen type. But I'm annoyed by the ugly flash reflection in the eyes, so currently I'm looking for a softbox (larger square "studio-like" reflection) and/or some means to produce a circular reflection.

The best I could come up with is this type, does anyone else the conventional rectangle reflection is ugly and has another solution (or something home-made)? http://www.amazon.de/D%C3%B6rr-PRO-4-Diffusor-Canon-580EX/dp/B001BN4T9S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357378741&sr=8-2

Lighting / Flash head size 600rt vs 580ex(2) ?
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:37:29 AM »
I'm looking for some flash diffuser equipment, but many shops haven't updated their descriptions since the release of the 600rt ...

... and I'm wondering if something that is made to be stuck to the head of the 580ex(2) automatically also fits the 600rt, or do they have different sizes? Thx for the information if someone happens to have both flashes!

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