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EOS Bodies / Re: New AF Technology Coming in July? [CR1]
« on: May 30, 2013, 05:12:55 AM »
Let's say the 70D has the same good AF system of the 7D

I wouldn't call the 7d af good for every application - it's even somewhat less precise than the 60d, though of course the 7d af point spread, number and fw customization help immensely for tracking.

Any af system in a 2013 camera should be at *least* up to 6d precision, or better 5d3 level to be able to use the enhanced precision of the latest canon lenses (see lensrentals reviews on that).

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Real iso's?
« on: May 28, 2013, 06:45:29 PM »
So your recommendation is full iso stops and expose to the right, isn't that basic knowledge and in agreement with the article?

This isn't so, the Magic Lantern devs have figured it out, see this good read about what iso is best (see q&a section): http://magiclantern.wikia.com/wiki/ISO

Then, what is the best ISO?

To the best of my knowledge, the best ISOs are the ones available in recent Magic Lantern versions (April 2012 or later), obtained from ISO 100 multiples adjusted with a small amount of negative digital gain:

* ISO 85, 175, 350, 700, 1400, 2800 - best for Neutral -4 and other low-contrast styles.
* ISO 80, 160, 320, 640, 1250, 2500 - good for a wide range of situations.
* ISO 70, 140, 280, 560, 1100, 2200 - best for high-contrast styles.

Can anyone tell me if they know of any 5DMark III's  "Bricking"

The Magic Lantern devs often "brick" their test cameras, but there are ways to recover it with a special recovery firmware so most of the time a trip to Canon service is not necessary.

As a user using a final (not nightly or alpha like currently on 5d3) version it shouldn't happen, but as all software ml has bugs, thus a minimal risk remains. For me, I've been using ml for years w/o any problems on my 60d.

But generally questions might find more ml users to answer here: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php#c3

Fyi: From everything I read on the Magic Lantern forum, Canon service doesn't even care if you have managed to brick your camera and have even left the sd card with ml in the camera - obviously it's not worth the hassle to argue with the customer to them.

But of course ymmv, even though ml can be uninstalled at any time w/o any trace of it ever been there.

EOS Bodies / Re: New AF Technology Coming in July? [CR1]
« on: May 25, 2013, 05:18:36 PM »
D-U-A-L AF, phase and contrast at the same time?

This is what Canon does with the new sensors with phase af pixels, but maybe in the future they'll add the ability to do phase and contrast at the same time while currently the phase af is just a helper to tell the general direction for contrast af.

This might be interesting if they'd not use live view but a semi-transparent mirror, maybe they've got a semi-transparent non-fixed mirror unlike the old system on my eos RT that took a lot of light away, but it had a lighting fast shutter release.

But I don't trust this to be good news until I've seen it really working, for my money I'd just like a 5d3- or d600-style old school af system at a reasonable price thank you very much.

Interesting...I was starting to watch a Syl video on the Canon site, made when the 600 was just newly released...or shortly after, and he mentioned that he definitily was going to do an update to the book to include the 600 stuff.

If Syl changed his mind it's probably because 1/4th of the book and lots of diagrams is about getting optical remote to work, either with his ettl cables or with clever tilting the heads so the slaves see the master ... part of this has become obsolete with the 600rt, so he probably decided against a large update after all.

Still, it's a great book and I can only recommend it to anyone, there's little stuff about the 580ex(2) you cannot directly apply to the new flash.

A pretty sizable group has developed for people who don't like the new "layout."

Not a smart move on flickr's part (and of course "there are no pros anymore) ... the preferred way in the industry when changing anything is to add an "old layout" option, and then quietly take it away again once the media coverage has ended :->

i was wondering about this so effectively on a 5Dmk3 you can capture full res raws at 24FPS now!??!!

It isn't full raw res because a) the data rate would be way to high as a uncompressed dng & b) "only" the live-view buffer is grabbed which has afik different sizes on different camera generations - but it's still great for quick "capture the moment" bursts and timelapses/focus stacking w/o killing your shutter. You can also use the live view 5x zoom mode for extra reach if you just want part of the picture.

I hope my 600D supports autoETTR  :P Would be very useful when taking landscapes!

Atm 60d (I've got one, too) isn't supported for auto-ettr but just silent dng, but they're working on it - most features make it first to the cameras where the current development focus is, i.e. 6d/600d/5d3 and are then backported to our good ol' models...

One more reason to use Magic Lantern not only for video: With the new capability to read raw sensor data they've got two great new amazing features for still shooters.

* Raw histogram even in "normal" photo-mode (& of course live view): Unlike the Canon version you can see beyond the jpeg range, this should be a great even for people who never used ml before. Also it's amazing that Canon *didn't* add this feature in their fw, not even for 1d cameras...

* Automatic ETTR: Now you can auto-expose to the right to max. dynamic resolution & minimize noise with clipping prevention!

* Silent DNG burst pics (capture the live view image w/o flipping the mirror) - it's not full raw resolution and it might show the usual movie moire, but you can capture successive shots in 14bit raw as long as your cf/sd card can keep up :-) ... for example my 60d takes 53x 1737x1156 shots in <10sec, other more newer & better camera bodies have a larger lv resolution and deeper buffers für 100+ shots.

These features aren't yet available for all cameras, if you want to try you've currently got to use a nightly build: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?board=33.0

Animal Kingdom / Re: Wrong Photography Ethics?
« on: May 21, 2013, 12:52:45 PM »
So again, where is that line in the sand? Is it as simple as ---if you can pull it off in lightroom it's real, but the moment it hits photoshop it isn't?  Oh wait, there's that spot removal tool in lightroom...

I think we all could agree on that with digital there is no binary "line in the sand", but for me it's good to get an awareness where the grey area is for me and other people - and one point certainly is adding information that wasn't in the original shot, while heavy lr postprocessing or single-scene compositing (hdr, blending) and some spot "cleaning" imho is ok and qualifies as (digital) photography.

Syl Arena writes (I can't remember the exact quote): "I'm a photographer, not a postprocessing artist" and that's why he tries to get it right in camera and not in photoshop.

Animal Kingdom / Re: Wrong Photography Ethics?
« on: May 21, 2013, 11:52:14 AM »
Disagree, I think both pixel peeping and photo ethics are perfectly valid subjects to discuss on a photography forum

+1 ... I cannot get my head around it that people read a thread they're not interested in, this one or technical "pixel peeping" and waste their time even more commenting how useless and boring it is and that they couldn't care less.

or perhaps even to begin "cleansing" a certain group of people...and I don't mean with soap!  "The end justifies the means..."

Personally I find a discussion about this informative and wouldn't subscribe to a relativistic and "there are no ethics" point of view - the latter has prominent protagonists in history who thought that reality is what you make it :-)

Question: My main issue with "free" Flickr is (or was?) that only the newest 300 shots or something like that are shown - has this changed or do I still need a paid account to be able to show older shots?

Animal Kingdom / Re: Wrong Photography Ethics?
« on: May 21, 2013, 07:19:18 AM »
Thanks for the share! In my photo, such clouds do exist in that part of the world.

What about the bushes you removed, are there bush-less areas up to the horizon so you could theoretically have gotten this shot around the corner at another time w/o editing? Aren't these cats often around bushes to get cover before attacking their prey?

These things decide if it's more of a "photo" to me than cleaning up distracting objects just for the sake of "a "clean" and perfect shot. I'm often unsure if I should "clean" up my own pictures in the background, it's really a hard decision if this alters it just a bit to avoid distraction or if it's already my personal "this doesn't feel right anymore" category.

Linguistic note:  "It's a Canon L-series and should be giving you excellent IQ," is a statement with two separate clauses, not a dependent clause, as in, "It's a Canon L-series and so should be giving you excellent IQ." 

You are supposed to be a surgeon or something like that, not a linguist or otherwise I wouldn't have dared to comment on your comment :-> ... though it's good you clarified this because some time ago I was under the impression all L lenses have to have top iq, and most salesmen offering them would tell the same :-p

The 24-105L is a very good lens, espeically stopped down to f/8 which the OP mentions.

No doubt, but as far as I have read about it you can still get softer results because the IS is older and it's not sharpest wide open (the latter like my 70-300L, 17-40L) - I mentioned this because the op's shot was wide open with strong bokeh.

I think this thread brings out a simple painful? truth. That is electronics have developed to the point, that the overwhelming advantage the FF cameras had some years back - is rapidly closing down.

But this is just because the 5d3 and 6d have failed to make any significant sensor update - ff has much more potential left for higher mp (look at the Nikon d800), so if your lenses can keep up ff has a bright future for many types of photography.

but it's a Canon L-series and should be giving you excellent IQ

I wouldn't draw such a straight conclusion (example: 17-40L wide open), for the current lenses I'd say the overall advantage of L is better build quality and (most of the time) sealing, for iq ymmv.

Any ideas? Problem with the lens? Am I doing something wrong and missed a setting somewhere?

As the others have noted, the 6d shot is either out of focus and/or motion blurred (IS never prevents this to 100%). My advice: If you want to test a lens after buying shoot a test chart or at least another similar object with a tripod, and not a live scene out of the window, only then you'll get a real result how the lens performs and what you need to work around - for example use afma or expect corner or wide open softness.

Other thoughts: Dynamic range is about the same and the color rendition is also great for both cameras.

Yes, the dr of the expensive Canon dslrs is still rather mediocre, it's a known issue *if* you happen to shoot high-dr scenes.

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