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EOS Bodies / Re: Where are you EOS 70D?
« on: January 24, 2013, 11:49:49 AM »
Wow... Sad news for Canon fans. If the 70D has the same sensor as the 60D and similar AF, then it will truly be a waste of an upgrade.

Next to the gimmicks I'd at least expect the 70d to have 11 af points like the 6d, maybe even the 7d-type af - so depending on the price of course it'd be an excellent and capable camera, though considering the competition a little underwhelming and lacking the "wow!" factor.

Lenses / Re: What nd filter density (combinations) do you use?
« on: January 24, 2013, 11:19:18 AM »
Hope that helps...

Thanks all, that was exactly the information I was looking for :-) - esp. the fact that I don't need a fancy mrc version (I'll reserve that for the polarizer) will save a lot of money.

As for the filter system, I can see the hassle with the screw-on version, so I'll have to calculate the cost of  Lee/Cokin with polarizer & nd if getting the adapters and holders from eBay/China - but that's probably beyond the scope of this thread.

if you stack a pola and an nd make sure that the nd is closest to your lens

Ok, good to know it's a working combination!

I use the Singh Ray vari-nd filter. [...] The only downside is vignetting if used on very wide lenses.

I've already read about the drawbacks of vari-nd esp. for wider lenses, so it'll be a fixed density nd filter for me.

And I'll want to use it on the 17-40L on ff sooner or later - and even for "normal" sized filters I've read vignetting can occur, that's why b+w sells the slim version. But since I'll have to use a step-up adapter 77->82 for the 17-40L I might get vignetting anyway, even with a slim version?

Lenses / Re: 17-40 vs 16-35, which one got the mojo ?
« on: January 24, 2013, 06:11:19 AM »
UWAs tend to make us take pictures that have nothing going for them except the UWA effect.

That's why I didn't buy the more expensive 16-35L, I doubt I'll use the 17-24 range that much except for macro once I get a 24-70 lens. But looking at event shots, I figured that it is important to have at least *some* uwa lens because you cannot stitch pictures like with landscape nor move out if you're with the back to a wall or a street.

Currently I like the 17-40L as a sturdy standard zoom on crop and will eventually keep doing so with my 70-300L on a ff body to skip changing lenses.

EOS Bodies / Re: Where are you EOS 70D?
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:39:01 AM »
It’s said to be an incremental upgrade from the 60D

Thanks Canon for not obsoleting my 60d :-> ... I already had a feeling the 70d would be just a 60d with the latest gimmicks (digic5 & fw features like hdr, live view af pixels, wifi, gps) and afma, if fast lenses are used. This really would be 100% Canon-like.

If this is released before the 7d2 (maybe end of 2013?) it proves Canon simply cannot do any better in the aps-c segment atm and needs the higher ff sensor area that has more potential left.

Lenses / What nd filter density (combinations) do you use?
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:20:56 AM »
I'd like to buy a nd filter for nature and architecture shots, i.e. blurring water/clouds and removing people. The problem is that the 82mm filters (Tamron & Canon 24-70) at least from b+w are new releases and hilariously expensive in the mrc version, so I want to settle for one filter for the time being.

These are the choices available, at least from b+w:
Type 101 = 0.3 density +1 stop
Type 102 = 0.6 density +2 stop
Type 103 = 0.9 density +3 stop
Type 106 = 1.8 density +6 stop
Type 110 = 3.0 density +10 stop

  • Question 1:If you had to choose just one filter from your experiences, what type would it be? Is 3 stop enough for most blurring purposes and +6/+10 stop overkill? Would you advise not getting the +10 filter because later on it might be more convenient to stack +6 and +3?

  • Question 3:What are the real worlds drawbacks of using a polarizer as a 2-stop nd filter, and stacking it with a "real" nd filter?

  • Question 3:For my "always on" clear protection filters I have the mrc versions, but for an effect filter I'm really wondering if a non-multicoated b+w version or even a cheaper brand would make that much of a difference - I know there are already threads about this, but feel free to append your experience here, too :-)

Thanks for the input, I have read pages summarizing "what filter is supposed to be for what" but I'd rather get first-hand opinions of users here.

EOS Bodies / Re: Which is better? 5D MKII or 6D?
« on: January 24, 2013, 04:56:13 AM »
This might be of interest.

It is, as a beautiful example of building a website with zero editorial content but with some php/sql knowledge - and then letting users generate some background noise in the comment section.

The big failure here is that there's no evaluation on how important the spec differences are - but "objective" comparisons like that make manufacturers juggle with specs to either position a camera above the external competition or under the internal competition (Canon 5d3).

If you want to read some less obvious (positive) facts about the 6d, read this:

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Up to what ISO are you willing to set?
« on: January 23, 2013, 03:25:11 AM »
Up to what ISO you willing to go?

On 18mp aps-c: Max iso800 for 100% crop usability, maybe iso1250 if I know I don't have to raise shadows in postprocessing and keeper rate would be too low otherwise.

Anything higher imho is only usable if the shots are downsized (which they aften are), that's why I want a 6d, even though higher iso capability doesn't mean more dynamic range at high iso than older sensors...

I know that the moire on this is even worse but I'm worried if I pick up a mkii now while they're cheap, i could miss out on something great in the 6D with it having the new processor and even higher iso capabilities. Any thoughts?

I don't know about moiré/video because I shoot stills, but there are many less visible improvements of the 6d over the 5d2 while the only regressions are the missing joystick, only 1/4000 shutter & 1/180 x-sync & only 100k shutter rating.

The good news: The 6d will also run Magic Lantern shortly (there are working test versions right now) :-)

Read this for the improvements of the 6d:

Pricewatch Deals / Re: Canon 6D - Meike grip on ebay for under $40
« on: January 23, 2013, 02:37:00 AM »
I got mine.. and take a look at my little review.. enjoy!

Thanks for the review, and nice shots - with which lens were they taken?

 Two questions though:
* do the blue functions actually do anything on the 6d, or are they leftovers from the 60d?
* apart from it feeling sturdy, did you try to bend it and to provoke a power loss that was reported on other Meike grips?

You are right the issue is occurs in very dim but not supper dark situations.

Maybe that's really the reason Canon screwed up and still cannot reproduce the problem - they see af assist as a tool for shooting in pitch black conditions as the 5d3 af should be able to copy with just "low light" on its own? And probably the focus lag in dim light wasn't seen as a problem since the condition was considered to be unlikely.

However looking at the problems pro photogs have indicates the 5d3 testing with the new 600rt flash that was *made* to work with the 5d3 af spread was not good enough...

there is nothing in a camera that truly has zero cost.

Sure, and I don't confuse Canon with a charity organization - but in the case 5d3->6d with the same digic5 it'd say that they had to consciously remove some features, just like afma on 50d->60d, leaving them in place probably would have generated less development cost than removing them.

However, another reason might be that I know from the Magic Lantern forum that the 6d has less memory than the 5d3, so that might be another reason for some firmware feature cuts, even though some memory can hardly cost a lot. Or maybe they are using defective digic5 units on the 6d, just like a dual-core processor is a quad-core with two broken cores?

Lenses / Re: How many times did you return (L) lenses to get a good copy?
« on: January 22, 2013, 01:50:19 PM »
ps:  If anyone can tell me why it says Powershot G-15 below my name I would appreciate it.  Went to edit my profile but could not find that....

:-) It's the equivalent to other fantasy names on other boards and simply changes with the number of posts you've written ... the most senior members that obviously have nothing better to do than to write on CR have a 1DX besides their name :->

+1 ...  they've also knocked off the multiple exposures in continuous shooting on the 6D ... Can't fathom why ...

After Canon has learned from 5d3/d800 that obviously few people are willing to switch to the competition, their only thought seems to be to upsell to the 5d3, and that's why they removed a lot of firmware features that could be implemented for zero cost....

BTW, what was your impression of the focus points on the 6D other that the centre point? ... (I guess this may have been discussed elsewhere but couldn't resist ... I got the 6D yesterday)

I just tried it in a shop 2x for 1/2 + 1 hour next to the 5d3, so I cannot comment on the outer focus points - the upcoming review should have a conclusive answer on that.

But I'll wait some more for the 6d (and probably 24-70ii) to drop in price as they surely will - the 6d might be an ok to good camera, but feels a lot cheaper than the 5d3 and that should reflect in the price.

The manual is woefully inadequate ... You could check these out

Thanks for the link - the pdf also shows how Canon crippled these options beyond "jpeg only" on the 6d, I hadn't realized until now: next to some missing blending options it's not possible to save the source files on the 6d, it's just the result!

Thanks again, Canon :-< but fortunately I cannot see any advantage of the in-camera processing over Photomatrix, save for the raw option on the 5d3.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: ISO 50
« on: January 22, 2013, 12:42:32 PM »
BTW, as an extra, i shots some crude tests with my UN-beloved 5D2 last night.
MIDTONE BANDING at iso 100 - it still has it!
  Real-world photos are where I first found the problem, specific test shots certainly replicate it.  I need to do a few more tests just to make sure this is not a glitch of my display calibration curve but I'm pretty sure it isn't as I can accentuate the pattern with a simple unsharp function in PS.
Should i start a new topic with that when I get a chance?

Sure - bashing the 5d2 will make the 6d look better, and I'm desperate for that since this is most probably the ff camera I can/want to afford over the 5d3 :-p

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