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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5DmIII price drop in France 2700 EUR
« on: October 22, 2012, 04:28:01 AM »
They have the Nikon D600 for just 250 less. Canon 5D3 vs Nikon D600 for almost the same price?

Why not? Nikon users are as unlikely to switch brands as Canon users are, and if many of them have been waiting for a ff cam but didn't want the 12mp d700 or the more expensive d800 then the demand for the d600 will be initially high.

The 5d3 will sooner or later reach the point when all people willing to pay €3000+ will have bought one, so the price has to drop to find sufficient customers - or they'll do discounted bundles with the 24-70ii which is what I'm waiting for.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 5DmIII price drop in France 2700 EUR
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:27:32 PM »
may not  be for long time...

... even so, given the weak € this is rather amazing - thanks for reporting! The 6d will have a very tough time finding customers for €2100, maybe Canon will be sorry to have omitted adding a swivel-touchscreen and a flash.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Soon-To-Be-Released Tamron 70-200 2.8?
« on: October 21, 2012, 03:09:45 PM »
Thanks for all the insight.  I'm weighing this, one of the consumer 70-300's or a Canon 70-200 f4 IS.  I don't think I can ever beat my 135 with anything at any price for indoor sports, but see how a 2.8 stabilized zoom would be GREAT for indoor events and outdoor sports.  A 70-300 might be "better" for outdoor sports, but the 2.8'er more versatile overall.

Keep in mind: 1 The non-L Canon 70-300 has just micro usm, so you'll be better off with a 70-200/4L no to speak of the better build quality. 2. The depth of field with 300mm is very thin, so imho f2.8 is great for fast af but not for the actual shot, I even stop down my 70-300L a bit in good light.

EOS Bodies / Re: New body?
« on: October 21, 2012, 12:44:46 PM »
Yes, it's a new body from Canon called the Sony Alpha a77.

Could it be Canon is finally getting a grip and using Sony tech, too - so that's what Canon was really talking about when they said their next sensors will have more dynamic range :-)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Soon-To-Be-Released Tamron 70-200 2.8?
« on: October 21, 2012, 11:40:09 AM »
you pay a premium price for a product that will still be sought after when it is 3-4 years old and will still command a respectable 'used' price

... if you treat it really nicely that is and have a lens cap and hood that looks like new. And you have to take the repair prices into account, a damaged L lens will cost you much more than a non-L because spare prices scale accordingly. And then if you carry around thousands of $$$ gear you'd better insure it - add that to the purchase cost, too.

So for some applications it might be wiser to buy a Tamron 24-70 with 6 year warranty, either get it repaired simply buy a brand new one (if completely broken or stolen) and still be way below the price of one Canon mk2.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Soon-To-Be-Released Tamron 70-200 2.8?
« on: October 21, 2012, 07:34:23 AM »
Where did I predict the 24-70 MK II L was going to be "THE" lens?
You need to stop putting words in peoples mouth. :-X

Where did I say *you* predicted the Canon to be "THE" lens? If I'd wanted to put these words into your mouth, I'd written it otherwise (or my English skills fail me again here, if so I'm sorry). The quote from you was intended as an example of L lenses having a strong reputation.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Soon-To-Be-Released Tamron 70-200 2.8?
« on: October 20, 2012, 02:19:29 PM »
No.  Tamron might be a good value for the occasional shooter, so I'm not knocking them, but the list of advantages the Canon L will have is long.

... starting with a strong reputation, so a unreleased lens like the 24-70ii is predicted to be THE lens without horrible onion bokeh a Canon would surely NEVER have ... while a Tamron unreleased 70-200 is not competitive for sure :-)

You can expect half the price, half the quality.

No, that's just it - price and quality don't scale linear, so half the price will be much more likely to be 2/3 or 3/4 the quality - look at the 24-70 Canon mk2 and Tamron. If you get a premium product, you're paying money just for having the best or pro gear.

...someone managed to catch some Canon exec at a show saying that they took it out to promote the 7D and to make putting it back into some potential 70D give the 70D an extra, exciting, 'new' selling point. So blame it on the out of control Canon marketing guys IMO.
Nice to hear that's 'confirmed' so to speak.  It's always been obvious to me that's exactly why the 60D doesn't have AFMA.  Since the the firmware code is there already, someone had to actively make the decision to omit it, and that someone was clearly in Marketing.

Ugh, if the reason really is intra-Canon model marketing that's pretty a pretty cheap move! Generally I like to speculate what greedy schemes the Canon marketing guys are up to, but even I feel bad when I hear it really confirmed :-( ... it is my (current) brand after all and I've been using Canon since ~1990.

...but with all my other lenses, it's been more or less fine.

... with *Canon* lenses that is, I guess? I can report the same from my 60d, but also all Canon. My theory is that Canon not only removed afma from the 60d to make the 7d look better, but to stall 3rd party lens sales - non-Canon lenses seem to be much more in need of af adjustment.

Video & Movie / Re: Magic Lantern for 650D any soon?
« on: October 15, 2012, 04:03:59 AM »
The people at Magic Lantern said they are waiting for a firmware update.

... and they need an actual 650d lent or sponsored to try it
... and the  5d3 & 7d ports are in the works, I guess they'll first achieve stability with these
... see here: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?board=34.0

But, cropping shots taken with the 70-200 at 200mm is still sharper than the 70-300 at 300mm.
You are talking of the non-L version, correct? Of course that's no match to a lens that is 6 times more expensive, I was talking of the 70-300L which is only half the price of the 70-200L...

I have also shot figure skating events with the MkII on a 60D and learned that the 60D is a bit lacking in the focus tracking department.  Roughly 20% of my shots were OOF.  With the 7D, less than 5% are OOF.
Only 20%? You're lucky! I think the af servo of my 60d is a bad joke and never use it unless something is moving with constant speed directly towards or away from me. The 60d simply is not customizable enough and has far too few af points to do efficient tracking.

Second, use AI Servo mode.  Be aware that AI Servo mode is predictive focusing and not exactly real time.  It tries to predict where the subject will be when the shutter is actually tripped.  To do so, it keeps track of the movement of the subject.
Ymmv, but definitely not my recommendation with the 60d. I shoot action with high shutter @iso2000-3200 and one shot, works for me though of course iso noise and esp. limited dynamic range @high iso is a big problem.

On a 60D that's the full frame equivalent of 112-320mm, and without IS that's just too long to shoot handheld. 

Um, you are infected by IS-itits :-p ... for action shots IS doesn't matter at all, though it's convenient because it steadies the frame and lets you set the af point(s) easier - but that's no necessity like on supertele lenses. To freeze fast action you need at least 1/1000s+, at 320mm ff-equivalent that's hardly a problem even for 18mp @100% crop.

Pretty sure it's the lens...you have some brutal (and really unattractive) falloff/"vignetting" on the first shot. That's not normal unless something is really weird inside the lens.

I noticed that too but thought it's a broken post processing software (wrong lens profile) - isn't it?

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Canon EOS 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Available
« on: October 14, 2012, 03:28:21 PM »
Most people don't need these "features" anyways

"Need" is a relative term - but ml has functionality that enables you to take shouts you couldn't have taken otherwise (timelapses, focus stackin) and features that I would never want to be without so Nikon is out the question (zebras, focus peaking, unlimited bracketing).

(2) My battery meter dropped 2 bars in 5 mins of testing! It's like having my old 70-200mm f/4L IS lens on again, ML seems to be power hungry (perhaps was just me switching between playback and liveview mode a lot), so need to test it with 2 x fresh LP-E6's in my grip and shoot video or stuff for an hour or two and see how it goes.

Unless there is a specific problem with the 7d alpha, ml isn't that power hungry except if you use one focus peaking algorithm. The impression users get usually is because you use live view a lot longer with ml, and that's what draws power. Be sure to the ml enable power saving timers that dim the display and so on.

And one hint to all 7d users: This could have been possible long before, it's just that it took until a few days ago that someone has lent the devs a (broken) 7d :-p ... so be sure to donate, one dev (Alex) is working on this full time. Also see the forum here: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/

  Iso was between 320 and 640.  And my shutter speeds were 1/2000 and 1/8000 of a second.  And I'm still not happy with the result.  I've heard that the 70-200 is tack sharp between 70-135, and I have quite a few of the shots within that range, and I'm not blown away.

General recommendation: For movement use Tv mode with AutoISO and something like 1/3200s+ (the motion blur in your pictures is due to the way too slow 1/400s). But your motion blur sure looks tack sharp :-> ... you're purse really seems to be way ahead of your skills.

I've got a 60d, too, and this model is missing af micro adjustment - so do some tripod shots with a tilted inch ruler (google for details), focus some point @f2.8 and see if the af is indeed where it's supposed to be - otherwise you've got to have the lens adjusted, replace it (if possible) or get some camera model with afma. The 70-200/2.8 is really made for full frame, crop users might be more happy with the 70-300L unless you really really need the small depth of field and have to have a zoom at the same time.

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