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Lighting / Re: Flash head size 600rt vs 580ex(2) ?
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:31:38 AM »
I've read that custom-fit products for the older 550EX can apparently be used on the 600EX, although the fit is snug.


I have searched for the same and found low profiles ones

I admit I've bought a non-low-profile original sto-fen for a ridiculously high price because the low-profile versions looked as if they'd fall off in the lightest wind breeze or camera shake - and I didn't find any comparisons "large" sto-fen vs. the smaller rip-offs.

only issue issue is that they do not stack when not in use as the ones for my 580 EX do. Unfortunately, I have not found a perfect solution for 600EX gel filters and have now resorted to having to make my own ordering large sheets from B&H an velcro off ebay.

That's my problem, too - can you describe (or take a pic of) your home-brew gel holder version?

Lighting / Re: How to produce circular flash reflection in eyes?
« on: January 05, 2013, 07:09:53 AM »
You're not referring to the effect of using a ring flash are you ?

Nope, but sure looks catchy, but very special and might divert attraction from the overall motive. I do a lot of macro with multiple flashes, and the direct fill flash rectangle is always too much visible in the eyes of animals.

Try joghurt becher with different colors

Thx, that's worth a try, I didn't get the idea myself because I'd suspected the plastic takes too much light away. A plastic bag sounds a bit too much unreliable because it's prone to change form or flatten(?).

Maybe you can add some black tape to a rectangular softbox to fake the look of a window cross.

Oh, well, that's also a good idea - seems I need to bump up my creativity with flash accessories a bit :-)

If your camera has a pc socket you can pick up a cheapo msnual ringflash on ebay.

My 60d hasn't got a socket, and neither has the 6d (thanks, Canon!) that I'll probably buy because it keeps being €1000 cheaper than the 5d3 and hasn't got the af assist bug ... and the pc terminal on the speedlite is incoming only (thanks again, Canon).

Lighting / How to produce circular flash reflection in eyes?
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:43:10 AM »
I've got some flashes and conventional diffusers, i.e. the sto-fen type. But I'm annoyed by the ugly flash reflection in the eyes, so currently I'm looking for a softbox (larger square "studio-like" reflection) and/or some means to produce a circular reflection.

The best I could come up with is this type, does anyone else the conventional rectangle reflection is ugly and has another solution (or something home-made)? http://www.amazon.de/D%C3%B6rr-PRO-4-Diffusor-Canon-580EX/dp/B001BN4T9S/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1357378741&sr=8-2

Lighting / Flash head size 600rt vs 580ex(2) ?
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:37:29 AM »
I'm looking for some flash diffuser equipment, but many shops haven't updated their descriptions since the release of the 600rt ...

... and I'm wondering if something that is made to be stuck to the head of the 580ex(2) automatically also fits the 600rt, or do they have different sizes? Thx for the information if someone happens to have both flashes!

Lighting / Re: Getting started with 600EX-RT, advice?
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:29:56 AM »
So far I just got a Gary Fong Lighsphere diffuser for it and that's about it.

Btw: Do you feel the Lightsphere is too top-heavy when mounted on a flash as large as the 600rt? And how are your experiences so far, would you buy it again?

Lighting / Re: 600 ex -rt sticky wheel syndrome
« on: January 05, 2013, 04:27:35 AM »
I really think the cold weather is affecting  them..

I've had the same experience, the wheel on my 600rt some time became nearly impossible to move and I was near taking it to Canon (and waiting a couple of weeks since I don't have cps). But it loosened itsself again, and right now indoors it's 100% ok.

It really might be cold weather and thus the problem probably is non-serviceable. Maybe Canon will change the lubrication on the next bunch of flashes if they get too many reports, the usual effect of being an early adopter...

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Going FF very soon; what to do about lenses?
« on: December 16, 2012, 05:21:54 AM »
however have you considered the Tamron 24-70 VR? not too far off the IQ of the 24-70 mark ii and roughly the same price as the 24-105 :)

The Tamron, apart from a so-so af speed, is definitely is very far off Canon's 24-70ii concerning the sharpness except for the center. That might not matter much for some portrait or travel uses, but will for architecture or landscape. Sill a great value lens, if you get a good copy because Tamron's qc seems to be even more lacking than Canon's. But you can have the Tamron adjusted for free and it has 6 years warranty (Canon: 1y).

1.)  Get the 24-105 f/4 at the nice discount for package/kit deal, or
2.)  Just get a prime (85mm?) (50mm?) and live with it, or
3.)  Wait for 24-70 f/4?

You should look at your current shots and determine how often you go from 70 to 105, i.e. if loosing the zoom range is an inconvenience even if you've got a 70-xxx lens.

You didn't write about your budget - Canon's  24-70/4 as a new lens is overpriced but seems good because of the newest IS system, near-macro capability and and supposedly better iq as the "old" 24-105, but the latter is an absolute steal when in a discounted kit (there are also lots of used lenses around). Otherwise if you want f2.8 for whatever reason on a budget have a look at the Tamron.

Lenses / Re: 100mm macro L on a 7d
« on: December 16, 2012, 05:10:46 AM »
Personally, I kind of like the 50 1.8, that lens has to be the best bang for the buck of any dslr lens from any company

I've also got the 50/1.8 but never use it because it's has such a crappy build quality and a very loud af I feel like it'd be the 80s again ... for shallow dof or low light shooting (small prints only because of very mediocre sharpness) it might do - but I'd everyone to "try before buy" if spending a little more $$$ isn't worth it.

I have used the 100L for portraits of musicians in poorly lit bars and got some wonderful shots, but I was really wishing I had the 5DII with me as the better performance at higher ISO makes more difference than a faster lens would have made.

+1 ... f2.8 on current least on crop simply isn't enough for dim light shooting esp. when something is moving, the whole f2.8 religion only makes some sense when on full frame with higher iso capability and esp. a f2.8-tuned af system like on the 5d3 ... for crop only fast primes wide open reach accaptable iso values.


From reading most of your posts on here Marsu42 you seem to be going round and round in circles.

I have to admit I don't get that, imho I'm in the boat with lots of others starting sometime in 2012 looking for a ff, thinking about the old 5d2, being shocked by the overpriced 5d3 and then waiting for the 6d - that's not a circle, but a straight line.

Why not instead of idolising and agonising over equipment just go out and shoot some pictures?? Enjoy photography? Get your name out there sell some prints and that will make purchasing equipment easier.

Why do you assume I don't enjoy photography? What you read here is just a small part of me being annoyed by Canon and gearhead talk (but you're reading this too, aren't you?). I'm out every day taking shots and learning, just returned from taking nighttime shots of Berlin in the snow nearly freezing my fingers off (and gladly, because it was worth it). Imho I'm getting so many good shots it's hard for my old laptop to keep up w/o overheating.

And actually this post was intended to be about creativity, and esp. the kind that makes a difference in comparison to the gazillions of other pictures out there, growing by a million every day.

I know i gave you some stick the other day, but seriously just enjoy it.

I appreciate your advice and I know it's easy to get lost in tech spec sheets, but as written above writing in CR is not all I do. But shooting with my current equipment is just not made for commercial low light events, and  since getting ok gear puts quite a strain on my budget I'm getting all the opinions I can get.

No 30 is for was added by my girlfriend  :P

31. Stop procrastinating by talking to anonymous foreign freaks on the net and do the dishes already :->

Lenses / Re: Vignetting on 24-70 F/2.8L II USM
« on: December 14, 2012, 12:30:46 PM »
it appears to have very bad vignetting.

"Bad" is only bad if it shows after postprocessing (for jpeg correction is built-in), i.e. when raising the outer areas and then underexposure on top of that so that the shadow resolution drops and noise rises.

So 2ev should be still ok and is not much in comparison to other wide angle lenses like more than 3ev on the 35L.

Marsu - I know what you mean, I try and educate people through my blog as I feel a lot of people think simply buying an expensive camera will give them great images

Personally, I think that's just fine if a) *I*'m not buying gear I won't need and b) not too many rainforests are cut down as a consequence of people's desire to exchange their phone every other month :-o

I just feel a bit sorry for people who wish they can buy experience and knowledge and are bound to be disappointed, esp. if these people spent hard earned savings. But then again, if I don't own a camera store :->

It kind of takes away from some of the hard work actual photographers put into creating their art. [...] They just look at the content not the technical side like us!

Well, I admit that some gearhead talk can be fun, and understanding the tech stuff saves you from buying too expensive or not appropriate gear.

But I'm really trying not to let it mess with my head - do I really need an original Canon lens hood for €45 when the €5 China plastic item is 99% identical (except for the brand name) :-p ? Imho the key is balance, "just get the best (= most expensive)" is as much bs as "A good photog can shoot a wedding with a €10 throw-away p&s".

Btw: Your 30 steps could really help beginners save wasted shots and lessen frustration, this is more or less what I've worked out for myself - except #30, I think spotting good shots requires taking lots of bad shots (and trying to recover them in post).

Here's an example of a 7-bracket shot with a 5D3

I just cannot help noticing that you could have taken the same tripod shot with a Rebel 550d and Magic Lantern which allows for unlimited (+automatic) bracketing like 20 +- 0.5ev shots :-o ... at the resolution of the flickr shot no one could tell the difference.

Lens choice - You say that this is a moot point because of mirrorless, but that's not entirely true. AF performance can suffer, sharpness can drop (due to pixel density & the crop factor which essentially magnifies any lens flaws)

In theory, yes, but in reality with the current crop pixel density and ef lens choices corner/edge flaws of lenses are more likely to be "fixed" by using them on crop like eos-m while most L lenses aren't outresolved. If the crop pixel density rises even more, that might change.

Durability and speed.

Additionally there are all the other little things that make the cameras "more professional"

Indeed, no doubt that for professional use dlsrs are the most appropriate choice ... but the majority of dlsr sales are to amateurs and some enthusiasts.

All I was wondering what you *need* a dslr for when looking at all the shots folks post and thinking "Well, you certainly didn't need a dslr for *that*". Of course it doesn't hurt either, and a dslr has a steeper learning curve than a p&s.

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