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EOS Bodies / Re: Update on the EOS 7D Mark II Spec List
« on: August 24, 2014, 11:43:29 AM »
Funny , all this fuss about a consumer camera . Dreamers discuss specs on plastic consumer cameras like the 7d, Real photographers just buy the pro body , ie. the Canon 1dx . Nuff said

What a dumb thing to say.

The 7D and the 1D series have about the same ratio of plastic to metal (it's pretty high, actually).

I know lots of pros who will not use the 1D series because of the idiotic built-in grip.

The 7D will crush the 1Dx when it comes to focal length or magnification limited situations.

Lets also not forget that not all pros neeed the features of a 1dx, mainly the fps and the extra juju for servo tracking.  A lot of pros use 5d's because of this factor - a 1dx for weddings is a bit of overkill (not that it wouldn't kick major butt!....but it would be kind of like having a a fancy fast race car but adding a governor to it so it can only reach a max speed of 70mph.  For weddings I generally have my 5d3 on silent mode, and, I have been opting to just not have burst mode on at all (yeah, I could just go with servo mode and rapid fire, but I'd rather come away with 5-10 great shots of the bride coming down the aisle 50-70 rapid fire at 12 fps --- I already feel like i shoot too much at weddings and need to calm down on the shutter and be more calculated with my shots.)

So no, not all pros use a 1dx, nor do all pros need a 1dx.  A good portion of that price tag is all about fps, and buffer, and AF tracking...strip that away and you get a 5 series body!  There are some other bells and whisltes the 1dx has that would rock, but no, not everyone needs a machine gun of a camera...

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 02:27:28 PM »
Don't you understand how many cameras you could sell?

I'm sure they understand that quite well.  I'm not sure why so many people seem to think they know more than Canon...

Neuro: respect your Canon input a great deal.

As a loyal Canon customer, I know that they must have great data on the video market.

My frustration lies with them holding back on video features that competitors are releasing in similarly priced camera bodies.

There are two parts to my frustration-

1) I want a Canon camera with 4K, not a Sony or Panasonic, because Canon makes better stuff.

2) They could sell a TON of 7DII cameras on volume if they added those features and make up any loss of $$ on their Cinema EOS line from that.

So, my hunch is that the only reasons they refuse to do it is for the reason we've suspected all along- to protect and save face with their pro video line- not a good enough reason to prevent release of a great product that would fly off shelves in my opinion (such as a 7DII with 4K or RAW).

Pro video people are going to be buying GH4s and A7Ss or perhaps Blackmagics as backup cameras when they could be buying 7DIIs.

In other words, Canon's not capitalizing on their market lead in DSLR video and not following the Apple rule: cannibalize yourself before someone else does it to you.

Are there really that many indie movie makers that are shooting in 4K nowadays or is this just all baloney? Who here has a 4K monitor or software that can edit 4K video? I have yet to actually watch something in 4K. So why is it all of a sudden we need this in a camera that is primarily designed to shoot sports and wildlife pictures?

We all know that ML will squeeze 4K out of it anyway, so chill out with the 4K already.

An explanation: for film / video makers, having 4K is more about future proofing when 4K hits big and increased resolution in 1080p, not about playback for normal videos. It's like taking a small JPEG and using it for quick web distribution but wanting to have the .CR2 file for later use in case you want to blow it up for print.

That said, I'd be happy with a RAW 1080p feature in place of 4K because it would offer increased dynamic range.

But I don't want a Magic Lantern solution- I want a stable, well thought out Canon solution for 4K and / or RAW because it's more reliable and because I own enough Canon glass and bodies that I **care** about the company's future :) ;)

Or, maybe canon did target the 7 series towards sports and wildlife shooters.  If the 7 series is targeted in such a manner, what would they have to take away from these proposed specs to give it 4k video?  Or, how ginormous would the price tag be if it did?  Would it need a third digic 6 in there to handle video output?  Would they have had to back off on the AF for it?  Or, if you look at the A7s, then would we see a 7d2 with a 12MP sensor?

Again, these specs seem quite reasonable, add 4k in there and what happens to the price? Are people willing to pay 5d3 prices for a crop camera with 4k video.

And the bigger question is - why the heck would they do all that for a sports/wildlife stills camera???? 

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 02:20:26 PM »
If these specs are close, it is a bit disappointing.  If they were going to stay right around 20MB, I would want higher ISO.  If they are keeping this size, there needs to be a significant improvement in DR.

The 65 AF could be nice.  Will be interesting to see the spread and how well it functions.  Was really hoping for 24MP+ and closer to 30.

I think we've hit the point though where monumental gains in high ISO quality on a crop sensor just aren't happening, were looking at drawing blood from a stone here - as many would point out it's just the laws of physics here and larger FF sensors will be easier to get more ISO out than 1.6 crop. 

The 7 series is kind of the big compromise body - think about it.  You could have the 1dx and a 600mm lens (no compromising - but pricey as all hell!!!!), but most don't have the $$$ to plunk down for that.  So in comes the 7 series - high fps, and the 1.6 crop gives that extra reach - a 7 series body plus a 300mm + a 1.4 converter will get ya just overt he 600mm FOV, for far less than the cost of just the 600mm lens.  Many here seem to want the quality of a $20,000 setup for less than $5000, and sorry, that just ain't happening!!!!

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 02:11:33 PM »
I think Canon understands it's target market far better than most of the people here...


The 7DII/X looks to be a mini-1D X in many respects.  It'll have the best AF of any APS-C camera on the market.  65-pts will push AF point coverage almost to the sides of the frame.  10 fps.  Dual cards.  The iTR suggests a new RGB metering sensor.

The minuscule number of forum DRones will whine and complain, and say they won't buy it (not that they intended to anyway, in most cases).  Meanwhile, the camera will be very popular with buyers.


Whenever Canon (or Nikon) comes out with a new camera, I enjoy trying to reverse-engineer their market research.

It was clear from the 5DIII that they had done excellent research on what wedding and event photographers wanted and hit the bulls eye (while still offering a camera that would be great all-around for other serious users).

I wondered what their market research showed about the 7D. I figured that it would be targeted at sports, birders and wildlife shooters. But I really thought they would up the pixel count significantly and sacrifice higher ISOs, in part to protect the full frame line.

What's interesting to me with these rumors (and I am fully aware that they are rumors) is that Canon appears to have decided to try to reach a balance between resolution and ISO performance, possibly deciding that a 24 mp sensor was just too noisy at modestly high ISOs (Which, by the way, is also very evident in reviews of Nikon and Sony 24mp APS-C sensors, despite what some people on this forum think.)

People love to talk about Canon "crippling" one camera to protect another more expensive model. That's almost always B.S. and it appears it might be the case here as well. By holding the resolution down to 20 mp, they may be trying to keep the noise level manageable at higher, but reasonable ISOs, like 1600, 3200 and even 6400. Even though there may be some risk that potential 6D or even 5D buyers would go for the 7DII.

These specs show a company that knows what their target audience wants and I suspect it will sell very well when it's released.  At a minimum, it will certainly outsell the Nikon D400. :)


the grass is always greener.

" By holding the resolution down to 20 mp, they may be trying to keep the noise level manageable at higher, but reasonable ISOs, like 1600, 3200 and even 6400. Even though there may be some risk that potential 6D or even 5D buyers would go for the 7DII." 

I think this depends on the actual cost of the 7d2, and yeah other factors too.  when I stepped up from my xsi to a 7d, I was taking a good look at the 5d2 as well but ended up going with the 7d because it had a lesser cost (and because I was playign the field in terms of what I was shooting, kind of all over the place so the 7d was a good fit at the time). 

If the 7d comes in at under 2k, then canon may have to refresh that 6d (give it more cross points) because that is the body that will be in danger from a 7d2 under 2K.  If it's 2k+ though, then it actually makes the upgrade path more clear.  With the 6d at $1600, those who want to step up for things like portraits and weddings have a very valid budget option in the 6d.  If you know you are shooting sports and wildlife, now you have your 7d2.  And if your further along, then you have your 5 series.  I really doubt those that not only want but need what the 5 series brings to the table will buy a 7d2 though, even if it is under 2k. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 12:58:54 AM »
yikes...16 pages....

rumored specs.  I find this funny because 16 pages later ---- it's still just a rumor!

with that said, was not in the market for a crop camera before this rumor, and still am not after.  I like FF.  In terms of the specs I'd say this camera sounds like a beast of a sports and wildlife camera.  Improved AF, newer better sensor (newish?  Maybe, who knows...) - all things sports and wildlife folks will have lots of fun with. 

am I angry that this doesn't make me want one?  Nope, not one bit.  The 7d was never the go to cam for landscape work.  not that it won't be able to do fine landscape shots, but the 7 series was about giving pro action grade features to a crop camera for less cost.  These specs sound spot on

Of course, I bet this is just the first of many possible spec sheets we'll see floating around the interwebs.  Maybe this is a tease and we're actually looking at a 24MP sensor with a totally new design.  Or, maybe they considered going that route and ended up with a camera that was great but with a price tag of $2800 and came to the conclusion that the crop sensor market just wouldn't accept that kind of price for a crop camera.  So they backed it down to a more conservative level which could retail in the $1700-1900....

bottom line is....nobody knows nothing about nothing right about now!!!

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 12:37:49 AM »
Define prosumer? Quantify extra cost..

Cost is negligible to the point of being non-existent to the consumer.  They put wifi in $200 point and shoots.  The reason I mentioned pro and prosumer levels is because Canon already puts wifi in the bottom end, cheapest cameras they make and for some reason don't in the top level, most expensive cameras despite it being an incredibly useful feature for lots of working, professional photographers.  I can't even begin to imagine why anybody would be opposed to features, even if you think you wouldn't use them, especially when they have no measurable cost to the end user.

Maybe it's because what I shoot is vastly different than what you shoot - but - I would think some kind of bluetooth connection would be better all around than built in wi-fi.  I'm only chiming in here because you blanket the field of working professionals and state that it would be incredibly useful and why would anybody be opposed to those features?  Well, I have a 6d and a 5d3.  the wifi was a fun thing to play around with when i first got the 6d.  I haven't even turned the wifi on in maybe 10 months or so, and that was only because I was on my honeymoon and thought ohh...maybe I'll post a few...couldn't though because the signal at the resort in jamaica kind of sucked! 

so i just am at a loss to see the uses of wi-fi for pro level functions - and if your working for a media outlet that demands on the spot reporting, my guess is they'd pay enough for the add on transmitter...

EOS Bodies / Re: Are These The EOS 7D Mark II Specifications?
« on: August 23, 2014, 12:26:15 AM »
No. They either pay extra for the wifi add-on that a lot of folk don't want, or they do it at half time / full time.

Right, so wifi is indeed useful and would be a welcome addition to a pro/prosumer level camera

You missed the part where he said - "that a lot of folk don't want."

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon mirrorless: Status?
« on: August 21, 2014, 02:58:00 PM »
It looks like this has been one upped - this looks like a convenient 'rig' to carry around :o:

Source: Sony a7S used to shoot Chevrolet commercial


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon mirrorless: Status?
« on: August 18, 2014, 03:49:19 PM »
another topic with several predictable replies.  This one is fun though because AVTVMland is much more happy and blissful than dilbertland. 

Canon hopefully have learned their lesson. Do NOT bring sub-par specced gear (EOS-M) to market, asking WAY TOO HIGH PRICES for it (EOS-M).

I definitely expect an
* EOS M3
body size like EOS-M2, AF as good as Sony A6000/5100, sensor equal, Wifi built in, flash built-in priced competitively [i.e. around USD/€ 650 including EF-M 18-55]  this one is feasible
plus additionally
* a much better specced EOS M "Pro 1"
with kick-butt 7D II sensor, mirrorless class-leading DP-AF, fully articulated touch-screen 1920x1080 Full-HD res, WiFI, GPS and RT-Commander built in; 4k video like pany GH4, body size slightly smaller than Fuji XT-1, 1 thumb/select wheel in back, plus 1 dial close to shutter, priced competitively at around USD/€ 1299,-
any time soon.  this one is a what you smokin one though - RT commander, built in?????

Followed somewhat later by the announcement of the Canon FF EOS XL1" and "XL 3" mirroless cams plus new short-back lens mount Canon EF-XL and initial native lens selection of 24-70/4.0 plus pancake set of 20/2.8, 50/1.8 and 75/2.8.   8)  8)  8)

Guess, which one I will pre-order! :-)

I still think the biggest problem of mirrorless is that it lacks any kind of real identity.  It wants to be small and compact but those that have the $$$ to plunk down for it also want the IQ and speed you get in a standard body - for that you need a few more years because they R&D guys are faced with the problem of having all these great optical formula's that they have to reinvent in order to size it down to 'mirrorless size.' 

IMO, mirrorless only really takes off when EVF tech gets substantially better and can be placed in a standard FF body (same size as 5d, 6d, and 1dx) - FF mirrorless in a pro sized body with a native EF mount = no compromising on glass. 

right now the benefits of mirrorless aren't enough to the compromises one must make in glass and functionality (AF, EVF, FPS)

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: to 600rt + st-e3 or not....
« on: August 18, 2014, 01:19:21 PM »
TY to those who nudged me towards the 600/st-e3 system.  So far I'm really liking it.  The controls on the ste-3 arre a little hard to get used to but I'm getting the hang of it.  the biggest bonus so far is the ability to do high speed sync off camera - that's been one of my biggest issues lately - yeah I know you can stop down to keep things within the 1/200th limit, but, I'd rather have more control over my depth of field - and I do like shooting wide open (or close to it) - so having the ability to high speed sync off camera is quite awesome!

I forget who mentioned it, but, yeah, I do feel like I need to label my flashes now because it is easy to set them up then wonder which one is A and which one is B and which one is

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 No Longer in Production
« on: August 18, 2014, 01:11:04 PM »
It does sound like Canon is clamping down on costs.

Absolutely.  Their camera division is still running a small profit despite drops in sales, and that's mainly due to 'operational efficiencies' (= cutting costs).

this is pretty spot on.  And to add fuel to the fire, thinking of it like this  then  makes it extremely unlikely that the have 2.5 years of backstock built up.  That is one of the rules of having efficient inventory.  An operational efficient company would never keep that much stock in inventory. 

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 No Longer in Production
« on: August 18, 2014, 10:55:16 AM »
The absence of a new lower end APS-C camera (xx0D) makes for interesting speculation that they've held off releasing a new camera because they realise there's no point in making it as the 7DII will make it seem irrelevant.


You realize that the best selling Canon camera is the T3.... and that it outsells every other camera Canon makes combined! This is because you can get the camera and lens CHEAP!. Apparently, for the masses, cheap beats IQ hands down...

So somehow a 7D2, probably for $2500 WITHOUT a lens is going to somehow mean that there will be no more demand for a $400 camera with lens, when price seems to be the dominant market force for the masses?

Are you sure of your logic?

You guys just don't know how to deal with a petulant, rather retarded child, do you ?

The 7DII is a big camera that is going to cost-a-lot-of-money, and the xxxD is a little camera that does not cost-as-much-money.

That's not a nice way to talk about Canon's cameras!

Let me put this another way. There's two parts to this.

To me it seems that it is quite likely the next xxxD will have the same sensor as is in the 7DII. If they bring it out before the 7DII then maybe they think it will eat away some of the 7DII sales from the people that have a 7D now and are just looking for a camera that produces better IQ (and not necessarily better fps/AF) whereas if the first camera that 7D owners see with the new sensor is the 7DII then they stand to get more carry over sales from people who see it and say "I WANT!" (or at least that's my thinking, feel free to point out where I'm wrong.) So new sensor in new 7D model, maximise profits from upgraders buying new expensive camera that they may not need but want.

Now had they of released a new xxxD camera a month or two ago with existing sensor technology and then a few months later the 7DII comes along with a new sensor then maybe they're afraid that sales of the xxxD will stall because people will wait for xxx+1D from Canon with the same upgraded sensor tech that is in the 7DII. That would also prevent them from releasing a new xxx+1D that uses the new tech in the 7DII in the first half of 2015 because it would be too soon between models. It won't necessarily matter what is new in the 7DII just that the 7DII will have all the new stuff and people will want the new stuff in cheaper bodies and may delay purchasing decisions because of it.

So a bigger gap between xxxD models (no real problem with sales) so that they can slot in the 7DII and roll forward with whatever new goodies (new DIGIC too?) come in that.

Sound like a reasonable plan or am I just crazy?

this is starting to make less and less sense - again, we're comparing a sub 1K body to a new body with unknown specs and prices that may land in the +2k realm.  Sorry, but anyone looking for better IQ that doesn't need the fps and tracking (7d users that don't shoot sports and birds) already has an option - the 6d sits in that sweet spot for price and IQ between at close to 1.6K.  Also, if your a 7d user who has patiently waited for a while now, why would they jump ship for an xxxd body?  Especially if they know the 7d2 is right around the corner.

It's more likely that canon is waiting on releasing a new xxxd or xxxxd body until the holiday season because those bodies are much more likely to sell as gifts than a 2k+ pro body.


EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 No Longer in Production
« on: August 18, 2014, 02:13:06 AM »
ok, thoughts...first off, best buy isn't in the market of selling pro or semi pro gear, so what some random sales clerk says is the last things I'd trust in regards to the future of a semi-ro/pro product line. 

What I love most about this is the predictability of all the responses.

In a nutshell,

Some say this means the 5d3 will be out like tomorrow ---well, not if they have 2.5 years of stock left!  If they have 2.5 years of stock left, then when will the 5d4 come out ---- in about 2.25 years!  I highly doubt that.

now for all the sidebar stuff.

1dx2 before the 5d4?  What are you guys smoking? Looking at the last cycle - the 1dx was announced in october of 2011 - released in march of 2012 but wasn't shipping until June.  the 5d3 was announced in March of 2012 and available shortly after being announced.   I would think the next cycle of updates will follow that same pattern - announce the flagship but don't release for a long time.  then announce the 5d4 and have it be available shortly after the announcement. 

then the gloom and doom report, and the failed idea that canon needs to do anything for more than bragging rights ----  the market decline is not because it has no good products on it (if this were the case then I'd think nikon and sony would be holding steady, but they are losing ground) - the market is declining for a bunch of reasons -  because it's hit a saturation point, also because the technology has matured, because we are in a global recession and disposable income isn't as readily available, and yes, because the market has changed.  the soccer moms don't give a rats ass about DR or low ISO IQ - and they are the ones buying consumer grade cameras en mass.  If sales are slipping for that market segment it has less to do with real features and more to do with how it's marketed and the actual demand for the product.

"Sales are declining so the challenge is to sell more units." 

This is true - but - this is more of a challenge for the marketing/advertising department.  R&D is expensive, if sales are declining and the market is shrinking (this has happened even with the release of the A7, A7r, A7s, d4x, d810, and d610).  Has any of the 6 bodies listed there jump started So-nikon-y's sales?  their #'s are still just as down as Canon's. 

That don't bode well for the idea that the dumping a ton of $$$$  into R&D to put a body that has better specs on the market will be the solution to the problem of "Sales are declining so the challenge is to sell more units."

And, this one I gotta just direct quote -

So in order to keep sales up..
- Nikon churns through models
- Sony reinvents the camera
- Canon does nothing except take consolation in knowing it sells more units than Nikon/Sony and just watches sales decline?

Irrespective of whether or not Nikon/Sony have better or worse technology their activity keeps their models current and in the mind of consumers. Shorter product life cycles means that they can react quicker too.

Whether people like it or not, based on past releases, it is safe to expect the 5D4 out next year and not 2016/2017.

Ok, yes - nikon churns out models - I call that the - "lets piss off all those that bought d4's and d800's by launching new models with slightly improved specs and fixes to bugs in the original model approach.  did it help?  Not in droves because most buyers of either body aren't rushing to purchase because their d4's and d800's still have such low shutter counts - 4k or 5.5K is a lot of $$$ to spend on a marginal upgrade...

Sony reinvents the camera..... wow...hyperbole maybe a little....just a wee bit????   Yes, they are the first to put a FF sensor in a mirrorless body, but come on, this does not reinvent the camera!

Then there's this - "Canon does nothing except take consolation in knowing it sells more units than Nikon/Sony and just watches sales decline?"  Well, you said it yourself, they sold more units than sony. All of those things that sony and nikon are doing isn't helping ---- Honestly I wish it was because that would mean that the economy is rebounding and the market is shifting back to quality over quantity.  A strong nikon and sony leads to a stronger canon (and vice versa). 

"Irrespective of whether or not Nikon/Sony have better or worse technology their activity keeps their models current and in the mind of consumers. Shorter product life cycles means that they can react quicker too."

WOW...I kind of already stated how I feel about that.. .   but... really short product life cycles on items with high price tags don't go over well.   Save the short upgrade cycles for the sub 1K market, as incremental upgrades can be more easily glossed over with big advertising and crafty marketing.

Given all the above there though, canons conservative pragmatic approach is really wise considering the market climate.   

EOS Bodies / Re: popup-flash - made a "pro feature"?
« on: August 13, 2014, 02:25:15 PM »
We have all seen the discussions, about why popup-flash is left out on the pro bodies from Canon. Those in favour of leaving it out says it is because it can break, and it is not a "pro feature".

Is the 6D a 'pro body'? 

IMO, it's a marketing decision.  Canon wants your money. FF bodies (from Canon) don't have a popup flash.  FF bodies cost more.  Canon figures if you need a flash and can afford a FF body, you can afford a Speedlite.

The 6D is pro in the sense that it is full frame, demanding EF-lenses. Which sure sell at pro prices  :)

If it is a marketing descition, it sure is not a good one (IMHO). Portability is more and more an argument being used, with all the mirrorless cameras making their entry into the full frame market (Sony). Lugging around a speedlite in adition to a big dSLR is... annoying. Yet another thing to bring along.

I think it would be wise to implement a popup flash in the 5D4  (and/or 1DxII), and make it special, not just a simple popup. Like others have said, HSS, flip/tilt functionality etc.

ummm...there are tons of EF lens that aren't pro or at pro prices....the 50mm 1.8 is's $100!!!!!  L lenses are pro build with pro price tags.....not all EF's are L's...

The casual user may not know about dynamic range but they certainly notice burnt out skies, or overexposed parts of the frame. Lattitude would provide more keepers and better satifaction for casual photographers and a greater confidence in photography if it was not important I doubt all the CMOS designners & manufacturers would be spending $$$$$$ on improving sensitivity for a minority.
Obviuosly in itself its only one aspect and Wi-Fi, GPS etc. is more appealing for advertizers to sell cameras to consumers after all we EXPECT cars to be reliable and that every new model has better gas consumption so it follows each new generation of camera should improve overall performance the point is we have a long way to go between 12 stops and 20 stops.

I dunno. Maybe we're thinking of different people, but most mobile photos shared on places like Twitter and Instagram have blown channels in the sky, or skin. And I daresay if I mentioned it, 99% of them wouldn't even know what I meant. It took me a couple of years to get to grips with photography terminology, and I was pretty obsessive about it. When I think how I would explain concepts to total beginners, I shudder.

That's not to say most people wouldn't think a photograph taken with a camera that has better dynamic range (to take one aspect of image quality) wasn't better than one taken with poorer kit, but I don't think most of them would know why - or be able to express it. And they wouldn't know what aspects of better equipment would give them that better image quality.

(I don't want to sound like I'm belittling people, but I have to go on what I've seen).

+100  that's pretty much what I just said!

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