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I've only attempted this a few times, once during a meteor shower (used high ISO at 2.8, 16-35mm lens) I was running at closer to 8 second exposures (meteors are bright but too fast for a 30 sec exposure)

What you mean with too fast?

I though moving lights are pretty much dictated by your aperture and ISO, but shutter speed doesn't matter. Same as with fireworks and light painting, no?

at 30 seconds exposures it's just not enough light at enough of a duration...airplanes get caught because they are slower moving, but fast moving ones blaze in and out in 1-5 seconds (at least that was the case the night I was shooting) I watched as the camera was exposing... over the course of 10 shots I saw at least 6 meteors, but when I paused to check, no evidence of meteor was present.  So I backed things up to 25, then 20, then 15...found that 8 was the sweet spot

good advice here, another free program out there is starstax - --- I have not used it yet but this was recommended to me by a good source

I've only attempted this a few times, once during a meteor shower (used high ISO at 2.8, 16-35mm lens) I was running at closer to 8 second exposures (meteors are bright but too fast for a 30 sec exposure)

Second attempt was urban - so lots of light pollution --- to reduce the overall amount of shots, I went with IS) 100, f3.5, 60 exposures at 5 second intervals (I'm attaching this one).  When time allows it, I'll be doing more of this kind of stuff.

EOS Bodies / Re: No 7D Mark II in 2013? [CR2]
« on: May 13, 2013, 07:06:22 PM »
I'll try again tonight with pictures of Jupiter..... I'll use the 60D with a telescope for the lens and the GoPro again... but to get closer with the GoPro I'll stand on a ladder...... that should work :)

Of course it'll work.  If it helps, you can use Eric Carle's Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me as an instruction manual.

It's still not working.... these are previous photos of the moon.... one with a 60D, the other with an iPad. What should I be doing to get the iPad photo as good as the 60D photo. Since camera does not matter, I must be doing something wrong, but I can't figure it out.... I tried to get closer to the moon, but I can only reach so high...
I see no difference in the 2 images....LOL

EOS Bodies / Re: No 7D Mark II in 2013? [CR2]
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:38:33 PM »
The CR regulars seem to be in a belligerent mood on this thread.

While I'm on it, can someone explain what a Western Grebe is, and you have to choose between drowning or spending €14000 to get a picture of it ?

The Western Grebe is an aquatic bird..... sort of like a duck.... and found on the western half of North America.... HEY! Now I know why it's called the WESTERN Grebe!.... Allow me to quote the book Birds of Canada....

Western Grebes are perhaps best known for thier elaborate and highly ritualized courtship displays. During the "weed dance" the male and female swim with thier torsos and heads held high, carressing each other while aquatic vegetation is held in thier bills.

There you go.... it has to be about the "weed dance".... you just gotta be smokin weed to try and follow this topic!

I like this weed dance and will perform it right now!!! I said in my first reply...not reading past page 2...and I guess not going back beyond page 19 (I was going to read page 18, but I have the general idea of what was going on there....)

Does gear matter -- yes
Does the photographer behind the gear matter ---- yes
can every photographer afford every piece of gear --- no
Does it end up boiling down to making the best with what you have --- yes
Does reading and replying to this thread make better use of my time than playing call of duty ---I am really not sure...

OK...back to practicing the weed dance...which is i think the best part of this whole topic!

EOS Bodies / Re: No 7D Mark II in 2013? [CR2]
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:23:16 PM »
Lets move on.  So with 7D2 coming in 14, and a 1 series high MP coming in 14, that would make for only two notable DSLR bodies next year  (ok 70D would be three if it waits that long), plus the obligatory new Rebels, of course, which hatch frequently.  I guess i don't see whats so spectacular about the number of  2014 DSLR Bodies, and what a great year it will be --  beyond of course the fact that we may see Canon's price interpretation of what a high MP body should command from the market, and whatever they reveal in the 7D2.   is anyone anticipating more than this?

Canon has repeatedly said that the 7D2 will be "a significant upgrade" and "a game-changer". The safest bet is new sensor technology and improvements to AF, burst rate, video, and remote control. At the minimum it should be the unveiling of sensor performance that the rumoured high-megapixel camera will have.... and it is possible that they will skip over the .18 micron technology to something else... who knows?

And that's the crux of it.... "Who knows?" In the meantime we wildly speculate. We have no hard evidence to back up our speculations, but it's fun to dream.

I'll probably get one when it is released.... but I am patient enough to wait, plus my 60D works just fine.... I bet it has at least another 15000 shutter releases on it before the 7D2 comes out :)

Yea I'd rather widely speculate on that then about what doesn't matter to rl.  I'm wondering if we will see only 2 or more than 2 bodies

[sigh] the kids are fighting again....

It seems obvious that the current technology has gone about as far as it's going to go.... No real increases in APS-C land since the original 7D, just improvements in accessories and in-camera jpegs, but very little change in the RAW files. FF is about 2 stops better, mostly due to the larger pixel sizes. Look at the T5i..... the dial goes around.... that's it for improvements over the T4i! Current technology is at it's limits!

I can see things being slow in the non-rebel segment until new tech and methods break things loose. It makes sense to hold back until they are ready.... and when they are ready I can see a quick wave of upgrading the 7D and the entirety of the FF line. (quick being a year and a half)
and when they are ready I can see a quick wave of upgrading the 7D
I see that so many 7d owners are 7d fanatics and lovers... I also see that the consensus is huge of 7d owners that the high iso performance is the biggest issue for all or most.  If they address this issue by at least a 1 stop improvement and tweak the AF to a new level or standard, I see the 7D MK II's flying off the shelves, especially for current 7D owners. 

Many of them have refused to jump to the 5d3, never wanted a 5d2 maybe due to price or fear of losing reach with the ff specs and the 5d2 really wasn't an upgrade for most 7D owners.  And drool as they might, many, many 7D owners cannot afford the 1Dx.

Canon has an opportunity to make a huge upgrade but I believe that even if it's a reasonable upgrade that does a good job of addressing those 2 issues, it will be one of their biggest sellers ever... The other wave of 7D Mk II buyers will likely be the 60D owners that didn't jump on the 70D...

There you have my $.02!   ;)

agree with your $.02

EOS Bodies / Re: No 7D Mark II in 2013? [CR2]
« on: May 12, 2013, 03:11:00 PM »
What in the holy hell is Canon doing?  To many stupid cinema cams and lenses and idiotic mirrorless bodies and lenses?

They're already way, way late to the party and they're delaying again?

We need some low read-noise sensors, some high-pixel-count sensors (cropping is a big deal for me), and some new bodies.  The 5DIII is a great camera, but has high read noise.  The 7D is old, has the old 18MP sensor (not bad, but not outstanding either) and the new AF systems are better.

I want a 7DII with near-zero read noise sensor and a 5DIIIn with nothing new but the low read-noise technology in the fall!

Oh, and while we're at it, VIDEO CROP MODE!!!!  And expanded version with infinite steps and smooth zooming in any resolution would be really, really helpful!

Got as far as page 1 with this and yeah, I am done reading!!!  Will comment to this one and maybe read the last 2 pages...ugggg

I want transporter devices and hoverboards...but you know what...not happening...what about jet packs with built in coffee makers??  not happening...  Be real here... single digit series bodies have at least a 3 year life cycle...more realistically a 4 year life cycle.  So, take your wants and file them away in the land of not happening!  5d4 won't be around until 2015.  If they do have a non 1d series high MP body in the pipeline for 2014, it will have a new name (I guess it could be a 5ds (s for studio).  My bet is that it won't be the great all around camera the 5d3 is, it will be a studio and landscape beast...but I highly doubt it will be a rockstar at higher ISO's.  5d series is built for the event/wedding shooter's a big big MP's will be designed to fill the other niche and probably have a very Medium format feel...

as to 7d2 ---that one puzzles me...if it's gonna be a sports/wildlife body.. why wouldn't they base it on the 1dx model and the 1dx sesnor (aka like a crop sensor 5d3?).  How are they gonna balance big MP with high fps and have expanded ISO performance (for sports andwildlife you will need to crank the ISO to keep a reasonable SS...big MP and new sensor tech is more for slower moving studio stuff....hmmmmmmm

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: May 04, 2013, 01:40:09 AM »
TY everyone on the last's another one !  121 shots, all 1 minute exposures, ISO 100, f3.5

Canon General / Re: the rebate program... what a sham!
« on: May 03, 2013, 05:00:11 PM »
I buy from Adorama on ebay all the time, and other big name sellers also use ebay.  I've never had a issue, and I've bought many thousands worth.
With ebay, its just a matter of being careful.  Use your credit card, and check into a company that you do not know about.
As to Big Value selling 370 bodies, they have sold more than that in one day.   They sold 500 in a few hours last fall when the price dropped to $2600.
Big Value has listed the 5D MK III over and over.  The 370 number is from just one of their many listings of the 5D MK III.

That is a good point, Mt. Spokane!
However... the link to Big Value that you provide on this site is for one listing. That quantity number hasn't changed in over 8 days now. Big Value has a second listing which includes a memory card. On that listing they have 73 sold at the moment.
It's important to have baseline numbers. That's why I've listed numbers as a fact with a time frame. Listing numbers by themselves do you no good. You need to monitor the numbers on each day to give yourself a track record.
Thanks for bringing that up!

Let me reply to Chuck if I may...
I'm a professional photographer too. My background also deals with advertising and marketing. As a professional photographer yourself, you realize more than others that 20% of your time is spent behind the camera, and the other 80% is about post/business related things.
As part of my 80% I need to watch my costs. Equipment costs are things I can control to a certain degree. That degree is when you purchase at the right time, and if your getting value with your purchase.
What stood out like a sore thumb to me is how a camera such as the 5D Mark III being on the market for over a year now went up in price? The rebate was added to somehow disguise that price move. It truly perplexed me as a advertising and marketing person/background that Canon would do that?
Let me explain...
Rumor has it that Canon has a larger MP camera ready to launch sometime in the near future. Why would you raise the price of the 5D Mark III being over a year old, and lower the price of the 6D which is the newest full frame camera Canon has come out with?
Is the reason to place the 5D Mark III between the 6D, and the upcoming large MP camera?
Interesting thought, isn't it???
My other point was that there's a huge price gap between the 5D Mark III and the 6D which will allow Nikon to take advantage with the D800. The D800 price fits right between the 5D Mark III and the 6D, and the D800 is  $500 less than the 5D Mark III.
Chuck, I appreciate the time you took to gather up the amazon numbers. I think you need to have a base time frame/ranking to see how they will change in the next week, month etc... Thank for doing that!
In the end, an open discussion with facts should always be welcomed. My posts weren't intended to stir the pot. It was only intended to point out changes in regards to the flip flop marketing and advertising Canon was doing.
So... Is Canon positioning themselves with prices before the big MP comes out or, did Canon allow Nikon to get more market share? I guess with some baseline numbers with a few things I guess we'll wait and see.

Hey hey, thanks fort he well tempered reply.  I am not like angry or anything, as you know when on forums its hard to decipher the tone of the writer....

As to 5d3 cost and fluctuations - Like I said, i paid the full $3500 for mine, and when I look at the weddings I got to shoot with it vs not having it for that period of time (shooting with a 7d mind you) because I was waiting to save a couple hundred on the purchase...the latter outweighs the former.  I could have waited till fall and jumped on the $2800 deals, but that's 10+ weddings of shooting with a 7d - which no doubt I would have done the best I possibly could with that 7d, but wow, night and day difference between the 5d3 and the 7d. 

Now I am on the bargain hunt though because I need to add a backup/secondary body to the bag - with a 5d3 in hand I can play the waiting game --- right nowt he clock is running ---a refurb mk3 vs a $1900 6d.  So what you buy and when you buy, it's really subjective to the user.  With a great primary body I can hunt for the best price...but if I was still on the 7d...a few hundred saved pales in comparison to shooting with the best tools in the peak of the wedding season. 

As to positioning vs nikon and what may lay ahead, I still fully believe that the price of the d800 is dictated by - reduced cost in R&D due to outsourcing to sony, or they are selling it at a near lost to attract those in the niche canon isn't currently filling (could be a combo of both!!!)

I think the falling price of the 6d is because Nikon really hit canon out of left with with the d600.  But --- the price difference between the d600 and d800 is so close that people are bypassing the d600 in favor of the d800.   It's odd too, because the d600 isn't exactly selling like hotcakes - but - it does force canon to allow 6d sales for less than they intended (remeber back before the 6d - new 5d2's were still selling between $1800-2100).

Big MP body...this one is still in the land of giant who knows....will it be a 5d style body and launch in the $3000-4000 range?  Or will it be in a 1 series style and launch in the $7000-9000 range?  If the rumors are right and it's in the 45+ MP range... it's definitely closer to Medium format competition...but that's still in the land of who the heck knows other than the top brass at canon....Neither option is announced yet though so if I may venture a guess...Canon may be trying to get as much margin out of the current line up as they can...

5D MK III Sample Images / Re: 5D MK III Images
« on: May 03, 2013, 04:10:18 PM »
here's one from the other night.... 2 minute exposure, f20, ISO 100

here's a new one...  :)

Canon General / Re: the rebate program... what a sham!
« on: May 03, 2013, 02:36:49 PM »
Buy what you want - and go back to lurking.  No one on this forum controls the prices charged by stores.  If you have a question we will be glad to answer it - I have learned a lot from others on this forum.  But forget the cheap shots, the are simply cheap

Thank you for that personal attack, RGF!
First of all... what cheap shot?
Who said people on this forum controls the prices charged by the stores?
If you would take the time to read the posts, this was about how Canon themselves have set prices/raised prices, and created a rebate program which was questionable.
These are all facts!
If you want to enter an opinion based upon what this thread was about, please do.

I think 2 things here, first, take a chill pill, go use your camera and enjoy it!..Second...Canon and the rebates  vs how individual retailers price and sell the product ---it takes 2 to tango here.  While I dislike Canon's enforcement of MAP pricing, I get why it's there and there is nothing I can do about it so it's best to just deal with it.  But, when you see things like what just happened over the last month with the 6d (same deal, but now about a hundred more with rebate) --- that's the retailer doing that!!!!

Specific retailer - B&H.  For about a month you could snag the 6d, with a bad and a memory card for $1799 (of course you had to put it in the cart to see the price because canon wants them to charge $2100).  Now, good till may 11th, same deal (6d, bag, 16gig sd card) for $1899 with rebate!.  Is it $100 more than last month?  yes.  But --- it's still $200 less than the MAP price.  Is that canons doing?  No!!!!!  That's b&h's doing!@!!!  B&H knows what the MAP price is, and they know what their wholesaler cost is - they know how to price it to make a profit and even if it costs more, rebate draws attention --they can advertise that because it's canon official (note - they can advertise the rebate, but they can't blast ad's saying it's $1899 --- they say $100 rebate, add to cart to see final price...

Back to reality now...why fret over this so much?  Wouldn't it be so much more productive to go shoot and enjoy the images you get from your camera than to be angry over the price?  I bought my 5d3 last july, full price of $3500.  I don't regret a moment of that decision.  The weddings I have shot with it are just magical, the versatility to shoot without flash in almost any situation just blows my mind. 

We are simply talking the marketing of photography here, as professionals, and I think that's a valid thing to do on this forum and central to the affordability of our hobby.  We are not trying to attack the products or anyone here and, as far as sales and the selling of Canon are concerned, we are talking about facts to the extent that we can discern them.  We LIKE the equipment, we BUY the equipment but it's not a religion to us. It's just a conversation.  So use rudeness if that's the way you are but your intimidation of others only cheapens this board and won't get the results you want. 

I don't get it...are you talking as a professional?  Or is this a hobby?  Not a stab but, if your a pro you don't fret so much over the cost, you fret over what the capabilities are and what level of improvement you'll see in what you buy.  That's why studio/landscape folks dislike the 5d3 and don't feel it's worth it ---they want better IQ and DR at base ISO.  For them the value is just not there.  For a wedding/event shooter, the ability to shoot without worry between ISO 6400-12,800 is huge....less flash, more ambient light = more pleasing shots that capture the feel of the moment.  This is why I ask ---are you commenting as a pro or a hobbyist?     

Canon General / Re: the rebate program... what a sham!
« on: May 03, 2013, 02:06:31 PM »

Amazon top sellers list --- 5d3 today isranked at 13th (body only)...6d is ranked at 10th (body and kit lens), and at 15th (body only.  D800 comes in at 20th -- and the d600 comes in at 28th --- the 7d is at 19th ---12 canons in the top has 8....Sounds to me like canon is selling camers!!!

Amazon's top seller list is ranked over a long period of time. It's has nothing to do with today's sales or, this weeks numbers.

Big Value is shown on Ebay. Big Value can't fudge those numbers. Those numbers are generated by Ebay.
I totally understand the "big house" numbers would be intriguing, but for a low cost seller it's interesting that they haven't sold one in over a week. Maybe being an non-authorized vendor has something to do with it?
However... they have sold 370 in the past.

BTW... Get it Digital is at a quantity of 20. Just for the record... ;) They happen to sell on Ebay too.
I'm just going to sit back and watch both of those vendors. Let's see what happens if these two vendors drop their prices from where they are now.

I use amazon as a source to see how things are going because it's big and its universal...  I have never heard of big value and rarely shop via ebay, I just don't trust it..I especially don't trust it when it comes to items that cost more than a grand.  That's not to say I won't buy used product, but --- when I do it's through B&H or adorama, ordering from them I trust what I'll get, on ebay, not so trusting. 

Eitherway, the fact that on amazon, one of the biggest retailers in the world, the 5d3 is and 6d is holding it's own in the top 20 states volumes to me.  Look at the cost other bodies in the top 20, from 1-20

1)  $492.00
2)  $799
3)  $639
4)  $374
5) $1196
6)  $446
7)  $579
8)  $596
9)  $546
10)  $2398 (6d with kit lens)
11)  $996
12)  $799
13)  $900
14)  $3298 (5d3 body only)
15)  $1248
16)  $799
17)  $796
18)  $546
19)  $1899 (6d body only)
20)  $518

See a theme here?  Lot's of sub-$1000 bodies, which is as a list like this should be.  The anomalies here are that any 2K priced body makes it on the top 20 when its competing against sub-1K bodies.  I would have expected the 5d3 to be ranked in the 20-40 range, not holding in there at 14th when everything around it in sales is 2 grand less!!!!!

Canon General / Re: the rebate program... what a sham!
« on: May 02, 2013, 02:21:30 PM »
Big Value is still at a quantity of 370 5D Mark III sold, and that number hasn't changed in the last 7 days now.

Something to consider though, as always, you have to be careful when somebody tells you HIS numbers.  I have wondered how Big Value and those others undercut the big houses and notice, with those two or three outlets, that they claim they are USA versions with proper warranty.  If I was B&H or Ador I would be screaming my head off to Canon about why they are forcing me to maintain this MAP when they don't.  One humorous possibility here is that is exactly what is happening.  So Canon calls Big Value and says, hey, knock it off.  BV responds saying, hey, this pig is not selling anyway even at my prices, drop the dang price.  Then BV stops showing any more sold on that "sold this many but more than 10 are remaining" line.  haha  The more interesting number would be the quantity trend at the big houses.  But does Macy's tell Gimbles?  Oh hell no.   I suppose if we wanted to talk disasters sometime we can talk about Canon M! I honestly feel sorry for him/her whoever they are.  In the South (note caps) we would say, "Well bless their hearts...".    ::)

Amazon top sellers list --- 5d3 today isranked at 13th (body only)...6d is ranked at 10th (body and kit lens), and at 15th (body only.  D800 comes in at 20th -- and the d600 comes in at 28th --- the 7d is at 19th ---12 canons in the top has 8....Sounds to me like canon is selling camers!!!

been rethinking 24-70v1...for some reason I have black listed this lens as the worst in my kit, leave it at home, and yeah lets dump/sell it... Why??????  when I got my primes, I fell in love and wanted to use them...cause they rock...but, that's not nearly as bad as I had thought, and ---it can actually get pretty close, not macro close but close ---here's 2 just snapped... It was shot in mRAW (so if i bumped it to full RAW it would be even better) so keep that in mind, first one is uncropped, as close as i can get with the 24-70, second is a heavy crop...

So, maybe the answer in the hear and now is right in my bag!  I may still snag a tube, just to see what they're like.  But, I think I may be able to get by just fine with existing gear...which would give me the flexibility to snag a dedicated macro lens down the line.

TY for all the great advice everyone!!!!

Lenses / Re: Need Some Advice
« on: May 01, 2013, 03:05:17 PM »
Wow! Thanks everyone for the responses. I really appreciate the advice as well as set up ideas.

Seems like a 35 1.4 is the lens that keeps being mentioned. I was reading about the new Sigma art one the other night. Seems really good though a couple of user reviews mentioned that the Bokeh is bad. The 35L is about $300 more right now. Would it be worth spending the extra for the L?

I'd love to get the 70-200 2.8 that was mentioned, but it's out of my price range. I'm trying to stay less than $1000.

I love my little nifty-fifty, though I use the 85 more on the 5D and the 50 on the T2i. I'll probably pick up a nicer 50mm like the 1.4. 

I'm  limited to the one speedlight I have, and I definitely need to practice with it. Would a mini lens mount soft box be advisable?

Check around the used market for 70-200 ---I am currently using the 2.8 non-IS version (used from $900-1200).  If you have steady hands its an amazing lens. 

Also ---  consider renting gear for the weekend. 

mini softbox...ehhhh...I would go with a cheaper diffuser...

Also, within the budget you state ---consider snagging an extra flash and a few cheap triggers (to take the flashes off camera

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