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My company is throwing an event tomorrow evening (indoors, ~50-80 people). As one of my colleagues has been doing photography as a serious hobby for the past 20 years, he was going to do it, but, as you can guess, he had to cancel. And he recommended me instead.... (Because they wouldn't find a proper photographer on such a short notice, or probably don't want to pay him, i don't know...)

It wont be a world class event, but still, there will be speeches, awards etc. so some nice pictures will still need to be taken. And I am quite worried but excited to do this too:)
(And I have to do this, because as they told me, its either me, or no photographer - so I should feel no pressure at all:D)

The reason I don't feel fully confident, is not that I just got in into photography (got my Canon 60D just a couple of months ago, 5000+ photos so far). But most of all, that I don't have a fast lens or a flash.... All I've got is 15-85 and 5 pound diffuser on my built in flash...  (Sigma 30mm F1.4 was next in my wishlist, but a bit later on)

So my questions to you:
Having just Canon 60D and 15-85 with no flash, what is the best way to get some decent pictures indoors?
What pictures to take?
What not to miss?
What to look out for?
Can I use ISO 6400 or should I limit myself to max 3200?
Can I use inbuilt flash at all? does that diffuser help? (I've used it for my personal shots, and it does seem to soften shadows on the face a bit..)
Aperture priority or manual?

Thank you for all your help.
And even if event isn't huge as such, it is huge for me, and I want to do my best, because I've never photographed anything official yet

P.S. Kit: Canon 60D, 15-85, F3.5-5.6, flash diffuser which goes on top of the built in flash, 2 batteries, 40GB+ of SD cards. Going to shoot in RAW, then process in LR, just in case i mess up a lot:)

P.P.S. I know my camera and gear quite good, I'm just not sure how it will cope in low light situation - thats my biggest fear

P.P.P.S. I cannot use other person's gear, because its Nikon, and I wont have time to rent a new lens, 15-85 is all I've got... (and I'm not sure i would know how to use external flash to the fullest extent, if I rented it - never used it before)

P.P.P.P.S. But I am excited about this, as well:)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / New monitor
« on: April 27, 2012, 08:32:00 AM »

I am looking into buying a general purpose monitor, which I would also use to edit photos, gaming and HD movies.

At the moment i have Asus G73 laptop, which has one of the best screens on a laptop, LED backlit 1080p  (according to reviews), so I definitely would want something as good and probably better.

Could you advise me on:

1) the best choice for ~22-24" 1080p monitor

As my laptop only has HDMI output, am I able to connect 1200p or 1440p monitors?
If yes, then, please advise if getting 1440p screen is worth it (I saw 27" Dell is ~500-600 pound, so much more then standard 1080p)

So if yes, please advise on:
2) the best choice for 22-24" 1200p monitor

3) the best choice for 24+ 1440p+ monitor (for this, price/quality ratio is important :))

Initially I wanted to spend up to ~200 pounds on it, but then I though, as I will be using it everyday, and wont be getting second monitor in the near future, and be using laptops 1080p as well, I thought that I could probably invest more into it, and spend ~500 pounds, if the difference can really be seen, and the resolution really makes a big difference.

I hope you understood my concerns, and thank you for your answers:)

EOS Bodies - For Stills / DSLR handling tips
« on: March 29, 2012, 06:09:43 PM »

I am getting 60D in couple of days and I wanted to ask if you could share some tips on DSLR handling for a beginner. Things, that I could start using right in the beginning, so I wouldn't learn doing something the long or inconvenient way, or even incorrectly.

For instance, i read in this forum about using AF button to focus, and then shutter only to take pictures (is this possible in 60D?).

Also, that I cant delete photos on camera - better to do that on the computer by formatting the card (is that right?).

Things that seems obvious to you, might not be so obvious to a new user, so if you have a particular way of doing something, which is faster or more convenient, please share it:)


Third Party Manufacturers / Agfa Optima I and Zeiss Ikon Nettar
« on: March 28, 2012, 03:25:02 PM »

I have just bought these two cameras on eBay for fun and because I was there when the auctions have ended :)
Manual for Agfa Optima I:
Zeiss Ikon Nettar

I wanted to ask what kind of film I can use with them? (I received Agfa Optima 1 just now, and shutter and aperture seems to be working just fine, so i want to test it. (Havent received Zeiss yet))

Can you tell me what kind of film to use? (i've never used anything like this, or any non automatic film camera to be frank.. :) Just wanna try them for fun while i wait for my Canon 60D :) )

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Buying 60D, what lens + accessories get?
« on: March 24, 2012, 08:08:17 PM »

I am almost finished choosing my first DSLR. After two months of internet surfing/reviews, forum readings, my decision ranged from 550D+18-55 to 5Dm2+24-105 (although price was too steep for that one).

However I went to camera shop today, and played with all the cameras in question (that should be first thing someone does, after reading about what controls on camera do (I wish someone told me that before :) ). I found that 550d/600d was a bit too small, and not as comfortable to hold as 60D. Control wheel and top buttons were a huge deciding factor too(very convenient to use). Also, I can dismiss 5Dm2 for now, because firstly, it was out of my price range, and secondly it was a bit too big for me (I'm glad I can justify not getting it now :) )

So I decided to get 60D. Now the question is regarding what lens and accessories to get.

1) Lens wise I will get 50 1.8 and I am leaning towards 15-85, but as a new DSLR user, will I be able to tell a difference between it and 400 pounds cheaper 18-55 IS ii? Is it worth getting 18-55 now, and later upgrading to 15-85 if I need to, or is it better to buy it in the first place and save those 70 pounds (good lens is always a good investment, right?:) )
(Though about 24-105 too, but being my main lens, 24 would be not wide enough on crop).

2) As for the future, I will want to get cheap telezoom, which I would use rarely (IS 55-250 fits here well, but maybe you would recommend another one (range and price are the important factors here, because I would use it rarely anyway (if I get 15-85).

As for other accessories, could you recommend me:

3) Camera bag (are Lowerpro slingshots good (those on one shoulder)?)

4) SD card (what speed would ensure me that camera wouldn't struggle while recording 1080p video and shooting burst mode in RAW (I know buffer capacity is limiting factor here, but maybe faster card helps a bit?)
And what make do you recommend?

5) What protection filters to buy for lenses?

6) (a bit later) What tripod and head (~100 pounds if possible)?

7) Anything else I've missed what should be included in my camera bag?

Really appreciate your feedback and thank you for all the advice!

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Have anyone ever used techno7?
« on: March 23, 2012, 07:37:00 AM »

I've just found this website -link removed by Admin
Prices here are very cheap... they say they are wholesalers and thats why prices are very cheap.

Does anyone know about them?

How can I check if they are legitimate?


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