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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Setup AF for 1DX
« on: August 10, 2014, 03:34:52 AM »
Are you using an AF case best suited for your subject matter?

If dancers are coming in and out of your subjects field of view, have you tried case 2?

AF case 2 has become my default instead of case 1 as of late.

Photography Technique / Re: Storage Workflow
« on: August 02, 2014, 02:23:34 PM »
I have a portable drive I dump to at home, a duplicate network drive at work, and then my cloud backup.

I also tend to keep way more photos (RAW/JPG) locally on my laptop than I should, but it's handy to have access to them.  I don't consider this local storage as a level of legitimate backup however.

Unless you are shooting 36mp RAW files and savings as TIFFs or PSDs, storage hasn't been a problem for me - but that's probably because I'm shooting at a piddly 12-18mp  ;D

Photography Technique / Re: How to get eyes tack sharp?
« on: August 02, 2014, 02:07:15 PM »
Thanks for your replies. I tried this (with the eye of my wife ;) ). It works. But I can't with Al Servo. So when the birds moving, how does it work? Moving the camera?

I dont shoot BIF, but are you capturing enough DOF for your shots?

I can't explain why servo doesn't nail focus while one shot does for you, especially for a shot of your wife's eye who I presume is sitting/standing still.  I have been shooting AI Servo day one since I got my camera (1D) - never once used One Shot after extensive testing found the AF results to be identical for still subjects.

I would like to ask some tips on shooting outdoor family portraits, specifically in the park.
I will try to describe the scenario and hope you can share how would you take the picture.
The only tool i have are camera and flash.

the scene looks like this: Its on a park, there's green grass all over, one big tree, bright skies, hard sunlight,

My specific question is, would the use of flash be better? - i haven't tried and would like to ask for your inputs to get good shot - coz i find my pictures, if taken on shade, background scene is over exposed.
and if i take directly under the sun - light falls on the face too bright - should I use flash and over power the sunlight?

I went to the park last week with my boy and brought along an optical umbrella (which folds down to nothing) and a speedlite in case a photo presented itself.  Keep your setup simple.  My wife held the umbrella while I took this quick snapshot. 

I like to shoot with the sun in the back as a rim and use my flash to light the subject.  Don't be afraid to use a bare speedlite to fill in for harsh midday sun.  It doesn't necessarily look out of place or unnatural since the sun is hard light too afterall.

Do I need color gel for my flash, to balance color with sunlight.

I might need ND filter, to battle sunlight..?

No gels needed for daylight shooting, although I would consider a 1/2 CTO if you were shooting sunset so your skin tone matched the warm orange glow of the sky.

I used a 3stop ND so I could get my xsync to 1/250 while using a f2.0 aperture at ISO 100.  I suppose one could use a 6stop to boost ISO to 800 to get much more power/faster recycle from the speedlite.  I don't have time to play around with manual mode for child portraits so I shot ETTL +1.  Based on how long it took to recycle the flash, I'm guessing it discharged at 1/2 to 2/3 power manual.

Photography Technique / Re: How to get eyes tack sharp?
« on: August 02, 2014, 01:35:20 PM »
Taking pictures of birds?  Could be your shutter speed.  Sometimes spot AF works better if your target is something as small as a bird's eye.

Canon General / Re: What is your Least Used Piece of Gear?
« on: July 31, 2014, 12:02:28 PM »
Photo backpack.  It just sits in the closet because it's too cumbersome to shoot out of, and I never find myself in a position to carry everything I own. 

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Fun Arias rant on APS-C vs. FF
« on: July 30, 2014, 06:15:05 PM »

Another APS-C vs. FF rant, this time by Zack Arias:


I'm not remotely foolish enough to stir a debate so much as pass on something that will give the pre-digital-era photographers a smile.

- A

I wish all commercials were as fun as this one  ;D

EOS-M / Re: Arca Swiss plate for EOS M
« on: July 15, 2014, 03:31:02 PM »
Hi all,

My EOS M will be arriving in a day or two, and I'd like to get it paired properly with a small, arca swiss compatible plate that doesn't extend way past the body (like a typical DSLR plate would on the M)

Any one out there happy with the one they are using?  I'd like to keep it semi permanently attached to the camera, so not blocking the battery door is a must.


Dear BL
Here is another option that fit your EOS-M need for both additional grip and  Arca-Swiss Plate---And Cheap too.



Hi Surapon,

Yeah I'm rocking this right now and I love it!

Link for my review:

Craiglist is great for some stuff (not electronics!), but always meet in a very public place to avoid being robbed.

Craiglist is great if you're not in any hurry, as in you could be waiting for months lol
It's where I've had the best deals (both selling and buying).

But like macguyver says, meet somewhere safe.  I meet my buyers in the local police station lobby.

Lenses / Re: 70-200 f2.8ii or i
« on: June 26, 2014, 10:26:52 PM »
The mkII's most improved features is the much improved MFD, along with much better performance with the new mkIII extenders imo.

If neither of those mean anything to you, pick up the awesome mkI and save yourself some coin!

When I bought the MkII I knew the AF performance was 'imited'. As fot the MkIII I'm yet to find the limits of what its AF has to offer, even with fast motorsports so again, it's hard to imagine what improvement the 1DX could offer.

Yeah, I mean in many ways they are similar cameras.  But the red blinky AF points of AI servo in low light, high fps, and other little niceties (spot metering tied to AF point, saving camera setups to CF card, weather resistance, interchangeable focussing screens, etc.) make it the perfect camera for me. 

It's hard to imagine what major improvement the 1DX mkII could offer imho :)

I have to be truly honest. I just got a 1DX about 6 months ago to replace my old beaten down 5dMK3 and I cannot honestly think of anything else I could want from a camera. It has great AF, great low light capabilities, excellent ISO quality. What else is there that you "HAVE" to have? To me nothing. I understand we will always want more in life but for me I have to say I am truly happy with my 1DX. Just my opinion of course, I know most feel differently.


The 1Dx is the last DSLR I purchase.  Famous last words, yes, I know, but seriously. 

As a hobbyist, I have never been more pleased with a camera related purchase than the day I started using this camera body.

Photography Technique / Re: Shallow DOF vs lighting
« on: June 26, 2014, 02:14:07 PM »
Another tip, get a set of multicoated ND filters if you want to shoot with speedlites during the day.  I stopped bothering with HSS since I found the power output to be really poor with anything but bare flash and my battery life really suffered as well.

I use a 3stop and a 6stop ND.

3stop ND for apertures from f/2 - f/5.6 @ 1/250 xsync in daylight
6stop ND for when I want to shoot wide open @ f/1.2 @ 1/250 xsync, or when I need to bump my ISO to 800-1600 for fast recycle times or more power.

Photography Technique / Re: Shallow DOF vs lighting
« on: June 26, 2014, 01:17:39 PM »
Thanks for all your responses!

Having both is certainly ideal, but I find myself forcing to choose one or the other. Shooting on a 7D, when using a long lens for shallow DOF, I need to stand further away from the subject and the lightstand. In windy conditions, the lightstand gets blown over all the time  :-\ Sure I could use a sandbag, but it's a lot of extra weight to carry. My wife already dislikes the idea of me carrying lots of gear when we go out.

So I like to put my foot on the lightstand, which needs to be relatively close to the subject. In that case, I'll need to use a wider angle lens -> reducing blur.

I guess the ultimate solution is to go full frame!

if you need to stand further away, just PP your stand out if it's in your shot.  I do that all the time when I need an environmental portrait with a wide angle but want to light my subjects with strobes.

In regards to sandbags, I generally leave those at home unless I know I'll be "shooting from the car".  My gear bags are heavy enough to play dual roles and generally keep stands in place when needed.

And I disagree about FF being the ultimate solution (for lighting).  I actually prefer using my crop sensor M when I'm using speedlites in broad daylight since I don't need to stop down as far for DOF, giving me faster recycles and more headroom in regards to flash power.

Your photos are superbalicious, btw. LOVE that DOF, and the lighting is excellent! :D
Thank you kindly! :D

Photography Technique / Re: Shallow DOF vs lighting
« on: June 25, 2014, 11:11:12 PM »
Hi all, my first post at canonrumours!

For portraits where you have time to mess around a bit, if you had to pick between shallow DOF or off camera lighting, which would you choose? Which technique alone do you think makes better portraits?

I choose both!

why force yourself to choose between one or the other?

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