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Canon General / Re: Lose or Loose?
« on: October 29, 2013, 03:46:48 PM »

And lets not even think about the word irony.  I am convinced that no one on the Internets Tubes seems to know really what that means.   ;D

It's ironic isn't it, that they don't understand the proper use of irony. ;)
Actually, that leads me back to cannot and the link to the German translation. While both languages tend to concatenate words to form new words, I think overall, modern German tends to concatenate more than modern English, although I haven't really done a comparison and my German vocabulary is pretty small.

In my case I use both English and German quite a lot and indeed there is a certain resistance to concatenation in the English language, which is unknown in German. It is best exemplified by using "-" in between combined words. Even more of a pronounced difference are common combinations such as lens cap, which are separated completely, while in German you would have an Objektivdeckel. In German you can combine two words spontaneously to make up something new and this new construct hopefully becomes a useful expression. Zeitgeist for example has become a rather famous word combination curiously more in English-speaking areas than in German-speaking areas. It also seems to me that it is not exactly en vogue any longer, being perhaps zeitgeistlos.

Canon General / Re: How to detect BS!
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:02:59 PM »
I do not quite agree with the author. Lies or made up "facts" are not what I consider BS even though some of them are. The most sophisticated BS is when somebody presents arguments ... which are BS. It is not like they are not telling you how they "know" what they "know", they do. But it is BS.

I am with you regarding the presentation of arguments. As long as a poster brings arguments, even if these turn out to be wrong, at least the poster is trying to be constructive. As such I don't consider what is presented as BS, even if it is totally misguided nonsense. We cannot expect anyone posting here to have a background allowing the person to see through marketing slogans or technical details or engineering processes or the like.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 27, 2013, 02:49:38 AM »
So Canon's 'last century' system compensates for the types of motion that account for the vast majority of 'shake' except at macro distances, and for the latter scenario, they have the 'this century' Hybrid IS than compensates for translational motion in addition to angular.

yes. As I said.  Canon has "2-axis" stabilizer (angular moves) and "4-axis" stabilizer in 100mm Macro. Oly has 5-axis stabilizer (but only) in their latest camera bodies (OMD5 and 1).  I'd imaginge that (micro-) camera shake can really occur in any of the 6 possible axes. Translational along the z-axis (optical axis of the system) is  probably really only relevant in very shallow DOF situations and macro.

Short overview of the 5-axis in Oly IBIS: OLYMPUS OM-D E-M1 - 5-AXIS IMAGE STABILIZATION VIDEO (English)
Especially in mirrorless ILCs with short-flange distance, in-body IS is a major asset, since it will also work with any non-IS lens mounted via adapter. Unfortunately Sony has not built their IBIS ("2-axis") into the A7/R - where it would matter most [exacting 36 MP sensor and so far only the 2 native zooms [28-70, 24-70) will have in-lens OSS, but not the 800 Euro 35/2.8 nor the 1000 USD  55/1.8, not to mention any of the other Sony A and E lenses. This is one of the reasons, why I'll probably pass on the A7/R.

Strange how Sony contradicts the assumptions that in-body IS is preferable by providing the A7/R without that. Wouldn't they jump on the opportunity to use their existing technology, if it were as preferable? It is really essential to understand that axis-counting is no good as a way to determine effectiveness of an IS system. I believe that the A7/R coming without in-body IS just demonstrates that Sony has proceeded through the learning curve far enough to realize that they can achieve better results with in-lens IS, simply because this is optimized for each lens.

Addressing multiple axis for image stabilization does complicate the overall design, so in contrast to what many might expect a vendor keeping their design as simple and as effective as possible will likely end up with the best product. This is not to say that further development will not include additional axis. This trend will likely remain, but we must not overestimate products by simply counting axis. Olympus is not currently selling a product from the year 2200, even if their product requirement specifications do allow for additional functionality.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 26, 2013, 04:01:16 PM »
You are certainly correct regarding optical stabilizers. Having a stabilizer in the camera body will obviously lead to at least some optimization limitations as the vendor cannot fully optimize for specialized lenses (for example for big whites) and in addition it kills off any opportunity to come out with something like the 100mm L macro's IS system.
Hahaha ..  Really funny! Canon is 2 axes and hybrid af in 100mm L IS macro stabilizes movement in 4 axes. Olympus IBIS is 5 axes. ;-)

I am looking forward to a mirrorless FF-body - maybe sony a9r - with 5 axes in-body is, so i dint't have to buy  in-lens is in a 24/2.8 or 28/2.8. and when a big white with in-lens is is attached, the ibis will automatically be switched off. In one word: Best of all worlds. :-)

I don't see axis counting as any feasible way of comparison here.  ??? It must be obvious that from a development standpoint a vendor will run into limitations trying to cater to a broad selection of lens usage scenarios or do you really believe that at Olympus they work miracles instead of engineering?  :o

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: High Megapixel DLSR a niche market?
« on: October 26, 2013, 03:56:10 PM »
Well then, good thing I preordered the A7R. :D

won't you have a problem getting lenses that can actually really use all these MPs?  Canon still has the best lens lineup, and even DxoMark show that a 5DIII with a good Canon lens produces better results than a D800. example:

what kind of lame arguments !

think about what  NIKON 85/1,4 , Nikon 200/2 , SIGMA 35/1,4  and many more lenses  can do together with 36Mp

the same with Canon ,  but Canon has no high Mp camera

Not a lame argument, just the choices of super high res lenses for Sony are more limited.  Of course it was not clear that you plan to use Nikon lenses on the Sony.

Interesting point. The key issue is that you do require a full system of lenses and camera to be adequate for high MP shooting. If there is even one no-good compromise in the entire system end results will suffer and the resulting high-MP images won't be forgiving either.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:58:56 AM »

For example their IS system. Lens-based IS was the only option in the days of film cameras. Canon invested heavily in research and then digital arrived. IMHO, sensor-based stabilisation is much better, especially for video as proven by Olympus's IBIS.

Yet Sony is going back to optical stabilizers. Canon just didn't take the detour.
Also for AF - you need sensor cells that deliver a good signal at short exposure times.  A dedicated module has a massive headstart here.

You are certainly correct regarding optical stabilizers. Having a stabilizer in the camera body will obviously lead to at least some optimization limitations as the vendor cannot fully optimize for specialized lenses (for example for big whites) and in addition it kills off any opportunity to come out with something like the 100mm L macro's IS system.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: High Megapixel DLSR a niche market?
« on: October 26, 2013, 08:50:26 AM »

more MP neither....

Good point there - I have to admit with my new 6d experience looking at the 60d crop shots my first thought usually is "oh my, what crappy iq" - but after some seconds I always realize 100% crop on the monitor is not the most important aspect, and if you cannot do nice photography you won't be able to with ff or high-mp ff...

You summed it up here; I saw the same thing after using a 5D mkii. Looking at the files on screen I thought 'this is much better than the original 5D. But it doesn't translate to the image as a picture, at least not one of a 'normal' size.

The only photographers who will benefit from very high mp all the time are those that like to look at their images at 100% on screen.

Even in this case you need to have good quality pixels on the 100% level. If an image consists of very many pixels, but whatever information gets there through lens, filter and sensor is of mediocre or even bad quality per pixel, even a pixel peeping photographer won't have an overall resolution benefit compared to another camera with less MP, but better per-pixel quality. This may become a rather frustrating experience for some.

The experience with crop sensor cameras like the 7D should set a clear example regarding the limitations of increasing pixel density.

EOS Bodies / Re: New 1DX Firmware Version 2
« on: October 22, 2013, 10:30:01 AM »
I hope none of these new functions make it to 5D III and 7D, 7D II.

Now there is an even bigger gap between PRO and advanced cameras.

(yes, even TIPA and EISA categorise the 5D III as an advanced camera)

Using both 1D-X and 5D Mark III I wonder just how I would benefit from bigger gaps between these cameras?  :o

I don't care for categorization of these cameras as advanced or anything else, either. Camera bodies are tools, not status symbols.

EOS Bodies / Re: New 1DX Firmware Version 2
« on: October 22, 2013, 08:40:38 AM »
Given that the AF system is supposed to be the same as the 5D3, I wonder if we can expect a bumper update for that too?

A similar upgrade to the 5D Mark III would be great, but there may be technical limitations we are not fully aware of.

"Developed as the ultimate Canon EOS camera, the EOS-1D X Digital SLR is designed with foresight that enables its performance to be periodically improved with new firmware upgrades, helping to ensure maximum long-term value for owners and users of the camera."

If there are options available in the 1D-series, which are not available as firmware upgrade options with the 5D-series we will not likely see similar updates. But let's not get our hopes down. Let's just hope for the best.

EOS Bodies / Re: New 1DX Firmware Version 2
« on: October 22, 2013, 07:48:48 AM »
Am I going crazy, or are they finally giving us a true Auto-ISO in M with exposure compensation?!?!?

That's a pleasant surprise!

At least according to the announcement it reads like that  8).

I am also pleasantly surprised at the announced AF improvements. AF performance was one of the primary reasons I purchased my 1D-X in the first place and if this is going to be even better with the new firmware, that's really something nice.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 21, 2013, 04:21:57 AM »
But seriously, why would someone cover their camera in tape like that? I can only think of one explanation, and that it that they have something to hide.

He even covered the Canon logo on the lens cap.

Could this be the unicorn we've been waiting for?

It appears to be merely a tourist fearing that someone may steal his camera during vacation. Probably it was an American, because in earlier discussions regarding the excessive use of gaffer tape on camera equipment only U.S. citizens appeared to have serious concerns regarding theft. As a European I have never covered up my equipment.

The core problem here is having to explain, why you would give a used camera as a present. Even if you expect it to be better, there is a remote risk that there may be issues with the camera body (maybe later on), which would be non-issues with a new body with standard warranty on it. Once your sister gets interested enough so that she would want to purchase additional equipment you can still talk her into purchasing a used 5D or 5D Mark II. In this way such a purchase will be a calculated risk for her, but xmas present memories won't become an issue.

Dear Surapon,

don't try to overanalyze such things. You can keep your beliefs intact, if you want. I don't think there is any need to demystify private lives just for the sake of being scientifically correct. Where would be the benefit?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 2nd Body... 1D IV or another 5D III
« on: October 20, 2013, 05:32:42 AM »
I would suggest to get the used 1D Mark IV with the 300mm L Mark II first. 1D Mark IV will give you extra reach with the 300mm lens plus the higher frame rate. Later on you can still add another 5D Mark III as a third camera.

If you would purchase another 5D Mark III, you will probably keep running into missed shots due to the lower frame rate until you have convinced yourself to buy a 1D anyway, but will a reasonably priced 1D Mark IV be available at that time? Maybe not. You will then have to bite the bullet and purchase a 1D-X. Purchasing the 1D Mark IV now at least enables you to sell the same camera body later on to finance a new 1D-X.

Canon General / Re: What's Next for Canon?
« on: October 18, 2013, 08:16:32 AM »
What I would like to read or hear about would be a 1Ds Mark III successor.

Sadly a new M offering is much more likely. I might purchase that, if it offers increased usability or I might also purchase the original M, if the price keeps dropping, but that is not my focus and neither will this bring anything more than marginal revenue for Canon on my part.

Is this important to anyone? Probably not, but it kind of shows the dilemma, which is obvious both for Canon product management and actually in this thread as both suffer from discussing both mirrorless and large MP sensor topics at the same time.

Hopefully Canon will not neglect the high MP DSLR market in favor of a Medium Format offering only. I don't think it would be a good decision for Canon to only go into that tiny niche.

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