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EOS Bodies / Re: The writing on the wall
« on: March 09, 2012, 01:36:52 AM »
I've read these posts with great interest, both the for and against DSLR's and their logevity.

No, DSLR's will not go away, not in my lifetime and probably not in your's either.

One thing no-one has been asking about is the value for money aspect of the mirrorless interchangeable lens cameras.
Have you seen the prices of them and their lenses and other accessories?

For what you get, they are ridiculously overpriced.
After all, most of them are just a point and squirt camera, with small sensors and slow auto-focus, poor high ISO quality, questionable handling, and they all cost far more than the entry level DSLR's!
The people who are buying them, and they are only a very small percentage of interchangeable lens camera buyers (about 10% in the US) and I would say most of these are buying them as a step up from a P&S, and so they think they're cool, but not many DLSR owners are changing their cameras for a Mirrorless that I know of.

I would imagine that most of these mirrorless buyers are wanting is really made perfect by the Canon G1x.
It has a larger than normal sensor for a P&S, has a great lens and good IQ for what it is, and it doesn't cost an arm or a leg, like a decent mirrorless camera costs, and the included lens covers probably 90% of what people use, rather than having to buy 3 or 4 prime lenses at great expense.

Once you've been used to looking through a good OVF, holding a small camera with a huge lens out in front of you trying to see the image on a poor quality LCD screen in bright sun, and waiting for the thing to focus and getting a good shot, will be a frustrating experience.
I know it was for me when I tried out a few of these new cameras, and considering what you can buy in a DSLR for less money, I wasn't convinced at all.
IF thes emirrorless cameras are priced somewhere between a P&S and an entry level DSLR, then they can start taking big slices of the market, but at their current costs, I very much doubt they will have much impact.
The Nikon J1 and V1 sold strongly for the first few weeks here in OZ, but now they are just sitting on the shelves gathering dust.
The new Fuji looks really good, but you can buy a Canon 5D MkII for less money!

Nikon has a big problem, and that problem is a heavy reliance on Sony.
As Sony is losing money hand over fist right now, and their camera sales are really pretty poor in most countries, there is a chance that Sony will be forced, by its board and shareholders, to cut costs and get rid of loss-makeing areas of the business like thier DSLR's.
If that happens, Nikon will be in real trouble as it doesn't have the resources to make their own high quality sensors, and without the sales of Sony DSLR's, Sony may decide that the volumes they make for Nikon are just not enough to keep this sensor business viable either.
You must have noticed that Sony bring out a camera using virtually every sensor that Nikon uses, haven't you?
Pentax also relies heavily on Sony sensors.

I've been in manufacturing for 40 years, and know full-well that you can't be reliant on just one manufacturer for vital components, becausae if that supplier has a hiccup, it can ruin your business.
What will happen to Nikon and Pentax if Sony goes down?
I'm not saying they will, but even huge companies, like Kodak, GM, Chrysler etc can falter.

EOS Bodies / Re: Locking Mode Dial.
« on: March 07, 2012, 04:53:56 AM »
When I first got my 60D, I wasn't so keen on the locking dial, but after using it a few times, I really like it.
It's easy to use your pointer on the button then turn with your thumb and middle finger, and this becomes second nature very quickly.
I've also bumped the mode dial accidently on other cameras, so I'm happy the III will have this feature.

I also think the 5D3 will be great for landscapes, and also lower light indoor shots without using a flash, which can often be a problem when taking shots of larger groups indoors at night.
The higher FPS also means it will be quite OK for sports, so IMHO, I think the 5D3 will be a great all-aroud camera for the more serious photographer - and that's me to a tee! :)

22mp is more than enough.
Many years ago, I had a D60 (which I still have actually and I'm thinking of getting it changed into an infra-red camera) and it's paltry few mp still gave reasonable shots, at low ISO's, and my new 60D is good, but the high ISO is not so good, so for me, the 5D3 seems perfect.
I do have a grip fo rmy 60D, but I often don't want to lug it around with me, so  1Dx wouldn't suit me, so the 5D3 seems to be the perfect halfway house.
I'm also dieing to try my new Sigma 150mm macro with OS on the 5D3!
The results should be spectacular.

I've bought lots of stuff from Top Buy and others, and even though some of my orders were well over $3K at a time, I've never been hit with GST or any taxes.
The couriers have always just delivered the stuff to my door.
I would doubt that many private imports get charged GST.
Customs here don't have enough people working for them to check every single shipment, and they are too busy with commercial imports.

There's a couple of funny things going on with Canon here.
Digital Camera Warehouse sent me an e-mail today about the release of the 5D3 and the G1X.
Their price on the 5D3 is $4199 for the body, which is $699 higher than than B&H and Adorama, yet their price for the G1X is only $749.00 ($50 less than B&H and Adorama)+ they'll sell you a Sandisk 32ig card for only $40 instead of the usual $100 if you buy the card together with the G1X.
So, Canon Aus CAN sell some stuff at the world price, or better, but they obviously choose not to sell the 5D3 at the world price.
The cost of freight from Japan to Aus is actually less per kilo than the rate from Japan to the US (much shorter distance), but I would imagine that Canon US buy so much more than Canon Aus, that they can get better pricing out of Canon Japan.
After all, if you had a customer that bought say $5M a year from you, would you give him the same price as a customer that bought $100M from you per year?
However, as the world is getting so much smaller, and importing stuff from other countries is now so easy, companies like Canon should have a world pricing structure, so that the retail prices around the world should be the same everywhere + local taxes.

Personally, if the local price of a genuine Canon Aus camera is within say 15% of the price I would pay grey, I'll buy it locally (mainly because I can claim back the GST from my BAS), but if it's more than that, I'll buy it grey.

EOS Bodies / Re: Was Canon camera ever...
« on: March 05, 2012, 05:40:04 AM »
The new 1Gx was on sale only a week or so after the release, so they must have had stocks all ready to go, and I'm sure there are thousands of new 5D3's just about ready to ship too, if they aren't on a boat already.

I'm not saying that you are wrong, but do you know how long it takes for a company like Canon to bring out a new model like the 5D3?
It would take them at least 12 months just to put new sensor in it, let alone such a complete re-vamp as the 5D3 is over the 5D2.
First they have to have meetings about what they are going to do abou tthe new model, then hand make prototypes and test them, as well as the software and firmware testing - which takes ages on its own, then there is the final design so they can fit all the components into the camera, then the tooling.
Do you know how long it takes to make just the tooling to cast the body and then test it?
Then there is the packaging, the pricing structure the advertising and marketing materials - the list is endless!
They aren't just making sausages, but very complex pieces of mechanical and electronic equipment!

I reckon the 22mp in the 5D3 is more than enough to get really good photos, and is better for high ISO than 38mp.

Nikon fixed this problem by forcing its retailers in the US and Asia to only sell their cameras for a fixed (and higher) price, to bring world prices into line, so in the end, Nikon users in Asia and the US are now forced to pay more.
Not a good thing as it stifles competition.

Canon Australia couldn't give a rats you know what about Aussie users and what they have to pay locally, and if you buy grey, and have a problem they won't warrant anything and if you do send a grey import to them for repair, even though you have to pay for the repair, they stick it on the bottom of the pile just to punish you.

I can't understand why multinational companies like Canon don't have similar pricing worldwide for thier products, taxes and duties excepted of course, but it does show that either the local companies want to make more profit in some areas than others, or countries who buy more get it cheaper.
Personally, I think Canon Australia are just plain greedy, and the margins they give their retailers is pretty poor too.
The best way to get back at them is just to buy grey!
Complain with your wallet, and don't give them any of its content and buy where you get a reasonable price and good service.

EOS Bodies / Re: More new 5D MK III sample pics from Bert...
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:24:18 AM »
Considering the high ISO used, I think these shots are amazing!

The shots at 12,800 and 25,600 look as smooth and good as many SLR's at 400-800 ISO.

Looks like you'll be able to get a good shot of a black cat in a coal bin at midnight, without flash!

No wonder the 5D3 doesn't have a built-in flash.
It would rarely need one!

EOS Bodies / Re: Apparently, Nikon users are switching to Canon...
« on: March 05, 2012, 12:06:31 AM »
I'm pretty sure I'll be getting a 5d3, but not for a couple of months yet, as I want to read a few non-biased reports about it first and let Canon get some of the bugs out of it with the second or third batch they manufacture.

Some years ago I decided to go to the Canon system, mainly because I thought there was a better choice of lenses and the lenses were a bit cheaper than Nikons.
As far as the camera go, Nikon have some better features than Canon, but then again, the Canon cameras have some better features than Nikon, so it is really just a moot point as far as I'm concerned as they really are pretty equal on a model for model basis.

Hearing all these people whinging on about changing brands because this new model doesn't have what they think they need is really pretty frivolous in my opinion as wasting your investment in lenses and accessories just because one camera has a higher megapixel count, or has USB 3 instead of USB2 is just nuts.
Just as a difference of $500 on a $3K body over the 3 or 4 years you'll be using it is pretty silly too and you would lose far more than that by having to sell all your accessories and buying new ones to replace them.
You often won't find out why there is a $500 difference in the cameras until you really get to know it, and then you might realise that the extra $500 was well worth it as it is more solidly contructed, and the low light performance is spectacular, and to me, having a useable 25,000 ISO as against 6,400 would be well worth the extra $500.

From a report I read from a pro photographer that has had a 5D3 for a couple of weeks, he reckons it is a big step forward, especially for high ISO photos.

You can read it here.

To me, the 5D3 is really most of a 1Dx for a lot less money.

EOS Bodies / Re: buying a 5DIII overseas or local?
« on: March 03, 2012, 08:28:14 PM »
If you're in Oz and you buy it from Singapore, Hong Kong or the US, the chances are you won't pay any GST.
However, as the purchase is over $1,000, legally, they can charge you GST on the import, but with all the gear I've imported over the years, I've never had to pay it, and the goods have just arrived on my doorstep.
But there is still a chance.

As far as warranty is concerned, forget about Canon Australia covering the warranty, and if something goes wrong with the camera, you'll have to return it to the seller to get warranty work done on it.

If you buy from the US and have to return it to the US, there is some quaestion about whether the warranty will be valid, as Canon US has some sort of fine print in their warranties about the goods being exported out of the country and hence voiding the warranty, but you'd have to get an assurance from the seller to verify this.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5dmkIII- No video autofocus?
« on: March 02, 2012, 06:12:42 AM »
It's amazing how well you can manually focus if you have some practice, but a good autofocus system would come in handy occasionally.
Hey, if they can do it on a $99 handy cam, why not on a $3.5K camera?

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 06:08:03 AM »
You guys in Europe should realise that your wonderful socialist governments are charging you around 20 -25% in taxes (VAT or GST or whatever they call it over there), so there's a chunk of the difference, + you also have heavy import duties on anything not made in Europe.

Here in Australia, our tax is 10%, which is reasonable, while in the US if you buy something from another state, you pay no sales tax, but if you live in New York and buy from B&H, you have to pay around 8-9% state sales tax on top of the price?

American has the cheapest prices, except for Hong Kong perhaps, but the US buys such huge quantities compared to other countries that the factory gives the US distributors the best deals too.

The distributors in the US pay relatively low wages to their staff too, especially with the minimum wage requirements in Europe or Australia (where the minimum wage is around US$20/hour compared to around US$7.50/hour in the US), so their overheads are less, and hence, they can sell it cheaper to the stores.

There's lots of things to consider when you compare retail prices from one country to another.

EOS Bodies / Re: Hugely Disappointed In 5D III Price
« on: March 02, 2012, 02:05:44 AM »
As DP Review says, this is not so much a replacement for the 5D2 (as it will remain in production for a reduced price), but halfway model between the 5D2 and 1Dx.
If you look at it this way, and seeing it has the 1Dx focussing, weather sealing, faster FPS etc etc, it doesn't look so expensive anymore.
We'll see in the near future how the Nikon D800 and the 5D3 compare when all the reviewers do their comparisons, but I think the 5D3 will hold its own.
Megapixels aren't everything, that's for sure.

Perhaps Canon should have called it the 3 or 4D just to say hey! This is a new camera, instead of calling it the 5D3, and then we would probably be happier about paying $3500 for it.

EOS Bodies / Re: Biggest Hardware Issue still not fixed?
« on: March 01, 2012, 08:51:08 PM »
I had the same problem with the Canon grip on my 60D, so much so that one of the brass gears inside the grip broke within a few days of purchasing it.
So, I got a Zeikos grip, and after some months of usage, it is still performing really well and feels more solid than the Canon one.
Sometimes the aftermarket accessories work better, and for a lot less money, than the originals.

EOS Bodies / Re: Second DSLR Announcement ?
« on: February 27, 2012, 10:10:34 PM »
Why would they bring out a 650D, when the 60D is less than 18months old and still selling well?

The new 7D will come out before the new 60D, as the new 60D will inherit the new 7D's sensor etc, and the 7d is older.
The 600D is even newer than the 60D, so apart from the 7D (and the new 5D MkIII), I think Canon would only bring out a new DSLR into a new category and not to replace any current models for the time being at least.

I could understand that Canon would bring out a mirrorless camera, using the new sensor from the GX1 and the ability to use EF-S lenses, as this would be a great idea for Canon and would give them an instant large range of lenses for the new mirrorless camera, but I doubt they will bring this out for another year or so, so that the GX1 can get some runs on the board first.

Maybe they will bring out the mythical 4000K video camera?

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