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I have been reading up on 50mm primes.  Obviously Canon has about 4 current offerings, but then you see Zeiss has two.  Manual focus of course, and apparently made out of the same stuff as Wolverine's claws if you believe their user comments, but a lot more than the Canon lenses. 

User comments talk a lot about how the colors are extra saturated, etc... 

Is there anything to this?  Is it anything you could not achieve with mainstream glass and a decent lens hood? 

One of the two Zeiss 50's is not entirely out of my price range, if there was a real reason.  It would do poirtrait duty on my crop frame, at least until I might ever go FF.  Maynbe I could will the thing to my grandkids or whatever.

Lenses / Craigslist lenses: Anything to watch for?
« on: March 23, 2012, 01:18:43 AM »
I want a lens and I wonder if anyone has any advice/cautions in using Craigslist???   What to avoid?  What to seek out? 

I have seen this reported pairing of this new lens with the new T4i body.  No speculation at all about this new kit lens, though.  Does anyone care to guess if this lens might be anything worth remarking on?  Could this be a "sleeper" announcement buried within the announcement of the new body?  Not "L" glass, of course,  and in fact it would be marketed as a "kit" lens, but...  Could it be a noteworthy lens nevertheless?

Lenses / 1.4x Teleconverter; the right choice?
« on: March 10, 2012, 11:26:41 PM »
I have a crop-frame Canon (T3i) and only 2 lenses; the lovely EF-S 17-55 f2.8, and an EF-S 55-250 which I lucked into as a give-away after said lens was the only surviving piece of equipment after a friend's camera bag got swiped.

Obviously I already have a native 1.6x distance multiplier due to the camera body.

My question is, would the 1.4x TC be a good purchase?  Primarily, I'd think it'd be used to extend the 55-250.  It is already magnified x 1.6 to essentially a 400mm telephoto.  But if I add in a 1.4 TC, would I be able to get acceptable bird shots losing IQ and a stop or two? 

I guess a TC could also give my 17-55 a wee bit of extra reach, but, hmmm.

Note:  I am not terribly serious about the long distance shooting, so I kind of hate to buy an expensive telephoto.  On the other hand, I hate to buy even the teleconverter if it is going to be unacceptably bad results.

Thanks all.

I was about to order a 2-sided collapsable reflector (Lastolite or one of the cheaper knock-offs), and I notice there are basically 2 ways to go.  Silver and Gold, or else White + either silver or gold.  Sometimes they combine silver and gold on the same panel, and call it "sunlight" or "sunshine" or whatever.

1.)  Anyway, I was thinking silver might be a little hard for the models (my unpaid little kindergarteners) to stare into, so they might be less willing to sit and behave w/o squinting.  That made me think about the white panels.

Does the white really reflect enough light to be worth the effort?  And if so, would you have to hold the white panel really close to the subject?

2.)  The Gold seems a little brassy, and thus potentially too weird in some normal portraits.  Would the silver/gold mixes be better?  The "sunlight" or "sunflare" or whatever they call them?

A basic question, but I'd appreciate any and all insights.  Thanks!

This was posted on TheDigitalPicture.  Which is irritating because I just paid $59.00 for it elsewhere.


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