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The thread in here on "Canon on top again" got a little flamey, but the OP's premise was that there is such a rumor.  (That Canon will be the top-ranked pro sensor when the Dx0 Mark rating comes out).  That was largely ignored in the responses, though. 

Anyway, I never saw that rumor.  Was that a CR rumor?

EOS Bodies / So does 6D have AFMA or not? Haven't seen that spec anywhere.
« on: September 17, 2012, 05:02:18 PM »
Of course I frequently ask the wife where things are in the fridge, when it is right in front of my face.  Have I misssed it, or have they not yet said whether it has AF micro adjustment?

Was feeling a little nutty today, and bought 100 shares of Nikon (NINOF) at $28 a share.  Had rolled old 401(k)'s into Fidelity, and was squirrelling away the proceeds into a lot of new investments.  The order has not cleared yet, but I assume it will do so Monday. 

Was considering buying some Canon, but at present the stock didn't look promising enough even for a lark.  Also, Canon does copiers, etc., so it seemed like less of a "pure photo play", which is what I thought was interesting in the first place.

Maybe if this grows, after some years, Nikon can buy me a nice Canon to play with in my retirement.

Feel free to check in from time to time and flame me royally if I lose my a*s on it!  Will teach me to stick to mutual funds where qualified professionals make the investments.

EOS Bodies / Should/can Canon keep making its own sensors?
« on: July 16, 2012, 03:22:39 PM »
I see Nikon using Sony sensors, and Sony itself is using its new sensors in its new well-received bodies, and I read people discussing how the Canon sensors seem to be falling behind. 

I wonder if Canon will reach a kind of "Apple Moment", like when Apple quit spending its R&D money trying to beat Intel on a component (CPU's) and started just using Intel chips like everyone else.  They freed up the resources and focus to start beating the competition by doing what they did best, which was making superior products, innovating and making customers happier with them than with the competition.  And now Apple went from almost disappearing to being bigger than ExxonMobil?

Canon makes better lenses than Nikon, and could focus on staying ahead on that.  They could/should take a page from the perfectionist Steve Jobs, and focus on addressing all the 1000 little niggling customer gripes and wishes about cameras, and making Canons just work better and smoother than Nikon (or Sony).  Outclass the competition by thinking of everything, and including it; and by not withholding simple little crap in hardware and firmware that they could instead make standard in all their cameras for very little cost.  Little stuff like firmware improvements (auto ISO), or simple features like AFMA, or including more external controls, or simpler cleaner menus.     

I think I am right on the little user-experience enhancements as a powerful & underutilized competitive opportunity.  I may be foolishly throwing the baby out with the bathwater here on the sensor question; I don't know.  I do wonder if the current "sensor gap" will or can continue.  If things are no better, or worse, in a year or two maybe that is something they should think about?

1.)  Assuming that a manufacturer wanted to make them work, and was not hoping instead to sell 2x as many lenses (or to make a smaller body), is there any reason a mirrorless camera body couldn't use everyone's nice, expensive, existing "L" glass?  I mean, is there any basic mechanical/operational difference necessary for a mirrorless lens vs. a traditional lens? 

2.)  If there is no difference, do you think Canon will nevertheless choose to make new mirrorless bodies incompatible with EF lenses?

Maybe it is just me, but it seems like the spammers are plaguing CR a little more lately than before. 

You notice them when they make the Homepage as a forum headline.  I guess that is because so many people are reporting the spam, that the spam post is, for a while, one of the most talked about posts on the site?

And what spammer in their right mind would think they can drum up business for their unrelated garbage on a photo site?  Especially when it just ticks everyone off?

Canon General / Canon stock (CAJ) repeatedly hitting 52-week lows
« on: May 25, 2012, 12:10:49 AM »
I was going to buy a few thousand bucks worth of Canon stock in my retirement portfolio, just to make it interesting to follow Canon's status.  Maybe "let them buy me a new Canon" or whatever.  Unfortunately, Canon stock (CAJ) is continually triggering news alerts in my browser for having hit a "new 52-week low".  I know that cameras are only a part of their business, but they seem to be in a bit of trouble.  Plus, their PE ratio is still high compared to others in their industry, even after the recent drops.
Anyone have insight as to how much of this losing is due to the camera end of Canon vs. copiers, printers, etc.?  I do know that Nikon has been losing money for years, and of course Sony has too, though they are so big that cameras are only a tiny part of Sony.

Animal Kingdom / Mr Cardinal feeds Mrs Cardinal in my yard
« on: May 18, 2012, 01:16:07 AM »
Comments and suggestions welcome; love photography and trying to always improve.

FINALLY got Mr and Mrs Cardinal together.  Learned to use MANUAL focus, which was good because it was early morning low light...Had to use fast shutter because they fidget a lot, and that plus shade and morning light required a f/2.8 aperature. 

Any and all critiques welcome!  I was just so excited to catch the two together after a MONTH of trying!

Is all the expensive, ever-more sophisticated video capability jacking up the price of DSLR's?  Is super-serious video/audio capability wasted on most purchasers of DSLR's? 
Should they come out with at least a couple models of stills-only DLSR's that would cost less for people who don't shoot any "serious" video?  If I buy a pair of snow skis, they don't force me to buy a set of golf clubs at the same time.  If the camera body I'd like costs $3,500, but $1,200 of it is just the video capability I won't use, I'd just as soon pass on that munti-functionality.

This is a fantastically helpful and informative post from the funny (in a photography-sort-of-way) guys at Lens Rentals.  It is pretty short but surprisingly comprehensive advice on lens and equipment selections for the new photographer.

I currently have 98 posts and this is my 99th.  I want to see if my rating of PowerShot G12 changes when I hit 100.

The "Lens Gallery" is one the really neat features on this site.  Like living next to B&H in New York or something, so you can (sort of) try out almost any lens out there.

It would really be a huge improvement if there was only one posting for each lens, which is kind of what you'd think it is, until you get in there and see all the dupes.  It is up to 6 or 7 pages now, but only because there are half a dozen postings for every lens.

Easy for me to say, though, as I wouldn't be the one having to sort them out.   :-X

Canon General / Frequency/Patterns for Rebates? (or for Promo Codes)
« on: March 30, 2012, 08:05:27 PM »
Does anyone have a feel for how Canon generally runs its rebates?  THere are a batch expiring on the 1st, but I suspect this will not be the last we see of rebates, right?  When would we expect them to return?  When they release all these new lenses they are talking about this year?  For Christmas?

Also, are there ANY promo codes actually working right now for lenses? Either retail or direct from Canon??


I have been reading up on 50mm primes.  Obviously Canon has about 4 current offerings, but then you see Zeiss has two.  Manual focus of course, and apparently made out of the same stuff as Wolverine's claws if you believe their user comments, but a lot more than the Canon lenses. 

User comments talk a lot about how the colors are extra saturated, etc... 

Is there anything to this?  Is it anything you could not achieve with mainstream glass and a decent lens hood? 

One of the two Zeiss 50's is not entirely out of my price range, if there was a real reason.  It would do poirtrait duty on my crop frame, at least until I might ever go FF.  Maynbe I could will the thing to my grandkids or whatever.

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