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Third Party Manufacturers / Sigma 50mm delay because IS (OS)?
« on: August 18, 2013, 01:39:50 AM »
It seems everyone on the face of Earth wants a 50mm that is as sweeeeeet as the Sigma 35mm. 

My prediction as to why they haven't yet released same is that Sigma wants to incorporate OS/IS into the lens.  Maybe that takes more time to perfect?  Any way you look at it, Sigma is KILLING it. 

You might have reservations about going to Austin, given your A&M icon, but they have a very good camera store there.   ;)  Precision Camera.  They have every lens, every camera body in stock to handle and inspect.  Also everything else from tripods & heads to every kind of photo backpack, etc...  I was there last month and I played around with the new Sigma 35mm lens.  Very nice feel.  The store is a big corner space with windows on two sides, clean and well-lighted and well-organized, too.  A lot of camera stores can look like a cluttered hole in the wall.  I don't know where in Texas you are located though.

Third Party Manufacturers / Nikon's Stock Hit Hard
« on: August 09, 2013, 10:01:30 PM »
Not my title; that is from the article on Nikon Rumors.

Lenses / Re: What should I upgrade? I can't be done, can I?
« on: August 07, 2013, 11:51:58 AM »
As for your wish for more length, I intend to address that with a GOOD crop body. Either the 7D2, or maybe just a 70d if the 7d2 is not dramatically better than 70d.

I don't want to divert $9k or $12k into a long lens, and I don't want a compromise IQ long lens.  I figure the 1.6 crop X my 1.4 teleconverter on the 70-20 2.8 IS mk 2 gives plenty reach (and zooming flexibility) for my girls' soccer. I have no interest in birds outside the aviary.

70d has the 7d AF so it might be the economy route.

EOS Bodies / Could "dual pixel" help DR (HDR)?
« on: August 04, 2013, 10:51:56 AM »
Could Canon (or Magic Lantern) use dual pixel sensors to shoot different exposures to make single-shot HDR to give extended dynamic range? 

The different exposure would have to be done with ISO since shutter and aperture would obviously be set only one way in each shot.

I may not be understanding something fundamental here.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 7D Mark II Information [CR2]
« on: August 03, 2013, 12:48:56 PM »
It needs something besides weather sealing to justify a big premium over 70d.  I will not pay 200% of the 70d just to get PARTIAL protection against a hazard which is only 10% likely to even happen in the 4 - 5 years before I'd be thinking a body is due for replacement anyway.  (I am not Bear Grylls and don't pretend to be).

They evidently won't have a better ISO or DR sensor. I doubt there will be a Digic 7 in the cards for this body.  What does that leave?  They will probably add some AF points. Perhaps they might give it a 1x form factor.  I honestly dont want any more FPS than the old 7d has, because of the hassle dealing with hundreds or thousands of images, most of which are essentially fast burst duplicates.  I personally have no desire for better video than what 70d will have.

Not sure that is enough.

I like the idea of built in RT transmitter, and it would be easy to include.   Also, is there any way at all that dual-pixel tech could do expanded DR, like quasi-HDR or something? 

Lenses / Re: Sigma 24-70 f/2 OS HSM Coming? [CR1]
« on: July 30, 2013, 06:06:27 AM »
I'm gonna buy Sigma stock.

Sorry for little offtopic...
I got curious and was looking for a chart, but under what name is Sigma noted at the stock market? I haven't found anything related to photograhy.

Sigma is a privately held company. There is no public trading of their stock. It is owned by the founder's family.

A few more lenses like these last 4 or 5 and it would seem like a very good moment for them to go public at a successful IPO though.  Selling 20 or 30% of their stock would give them money for even more R&D to make more products and to advertise more.

Lenses / Re: Sigma 24-70 f/2 OS HSM Coming? [CR1]
« on: July 29, 2013, 07:44:52 PM »
Holy cow!  How is Sigma doing all these great lenses, and all of a sudden?  What are they suddenly doing right that is making such a dramatic difference?

 And unlike some leading OEM's who rhyme with "Kanon", Sigma seems to release these great new lenses pretty quickly.  If it is real, I don't get the feeling we will have to wait for years to see it.

Serious kudos to Sigma.


I was thinking of getting a tablet for tethering in the field. I would use it for shooting but perhaps also for AFMA if helpful. I'm not a computer expert.  I don't know if the OS on a lot of these tablets would even support programs I would want to use. Not sure about the hardware limits either ( video card power, processor power, memory space)?

Would a tablet run Reikan Focal?  Would it need to? 

What software would I use for basic tethering?  I don't want to buy a second Lightroom license. Would I need it?  Would a tablet even run it? 

Would the free Canon PP  software ( which I have never even tried) work on a tablet?  If so does it work with tether?

Can anyone shed light on this?


I frankly am beginning to think I need a 24mm f/1.4, so would be nice if Sigma made one with similar quality and price to the 35mm.  35 is just not quite wide enough for me...I already have the 40mm pancake; I need something a lot wider...and preferably fast aperture, with good sharpness...for less than $1000.  Considering the Rokinon, but I would like autofocus.

I"m with you on that one. As others stated earlier in this discussion, a 24mm 1.4, 50mm 1.2/1.4, and the 135mm 1.8 all of comparable quality to the 35 would be enough reason for all prime shooters to shoot exclusively with Sigma glass. Although I reallyyyyyy want a solid 24mm 1.4 (I've heard mixed things about the Rokinon, so I'm hesitant to get one despite owning their 35 and 85.), I have to say I hope Sigma releases an "A" 50 next (I'd buy the 1.4, but 1.2 would be preferred is it was reasonably priced) as I've had my eye on the Canon 1.2 and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. Sigma would get all my money if they came out with a 50mm 1.2 at an even 1k, 24mm 1.4 at $900, and 135mm 1.8 IS at $800.

Also, I think somebody mentioned an UWA earlier, and I want one too! When I shoot UWA I shoot at the wide end almost exclusively, so I don't really want to pay for a 16-35 just to use 16-23mm. I'd really love a solid 17mm or 18mm f2.8 (or f/ that's possible) that takes filters and performs on par with the 17mm ts-e,but comes with a price tag of $500-700. That would get my money, too.

Exactly. A wide non-fisheye prime, something like 16mm?  Done as a Sigma Art lens.  For $650 on Black Friday after its been out a year.

My calculus was that this camera does all I wanted in a FF camera (portraits, candids, low light, light sports).  I plan to get 7d2 for sports.  The extra reach of a crop will work well for me as a non professional sports photog.

A highly specific kind of shooting, to be sure. Someone will no doubt have fun with the lens-cap-on part. But nevertheless, the difference is very noticable. Here is an interesting quick view:

Someone at Sigma deserves a big raise or something, for effecting such a radical turnaround in both their image and in their product line. The decision to make the one super high quality 35mm prime got everyone's attention and has people anticipating the follow-up lenses. Then the idea to release the lens "dock" directly addressed and solved their big problems of 1.) perceived inconsistent focus and 2.) future incompatibility with new body firmware.

Even the guy who decided to kill the god-awful crinkle finish deserves a nice bonus.

To go from a reputation that to almost everyone (rightly or wrongly) said "unexciting and mediocre",  almost overnight to being spoken of as a serious rival to top end manufacturers' OEM glass is impressive.  Even if you never buy a Sigma lens, you may benefit from the healthy "spurring" effect of stiff competition on Canon's lens quality, innovation, upgrade frequency, and pricing.

Lenses / Bokeh: better f/2.8 wide open than f/1.4 stopped down?
« on: July 15, 2013, 08:04:54 PM »
I get tired of the ultra shallow, only one eye in focus, super wide aperture shot.  Not to speak heresy, but if you routinely stop down a bright lens to get a workable DOF, are you not better off using a 2.8 lens or even an f/4 and shooting it wide open? 

From a bokeh standpoint that is. Not all lenses have rounded aperture blades, but even with them aren't you still seeing little septagons or hexagons, etc. around highlights?  Wide open (at whatever aperture that is for the lens) you get circles, at least in the center.  You can still blur the background if you use a distant background and get in a bit close to subject, use telephoto, etc. 

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II in 2014 [CR2]
« on: July 09, 2013, 01:30:19 PM »
I would take 16 mp over 24 on a cropper if I could get a real 1 1/2 or 2 stops gain in IQ at high ISO.

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