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Street & City / Re: Bratislava
« on: July 03, 2013, 05:39:48 PM »
Couldn't resist.  The name makes me think of the movie Eurotrip.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Clearly the real place is a lot more beautiful than the clip.

EOS Bodies / Re: Buy 7D now If I won't be able to afford 7D mkii
« on: July 03, 2013, 06:39:57 AM »
The OP asks a valid question and Whodaheck gave a rude and irrelevant response.   

I agree with the other replies saying before you buy a 5 year old 7d, see if the 70d works better for you. Since they have the same AF system and the fps are nearly the same the only advantage for 7d is metal body and weather sealing, which most shooters (though certainly not all) don't need. Most people retire perfectly functional cameras every several years because they are obsolete--many more than will ever have a non metal camera break in a situation where a metal camera wouldn't have broken too.   If you shoot in rain maybe you want 7d.

The 70d may give usable photos at higher ISO than the 7d does.   I'd think about it.

C'mon!  NOBODY is going to chime in with "Sell the body and take the golden opportunity to switch to a Nikon system"????  The trolls must be out enjoying the nice weather or something.

Hmm. Perhaps if you posted 50 or 60 more of those samples it would help to diagnose the problem.   ;)

That's what I thought Drizzt321 ... and if the focal plane shutter isn't being used we can sync at any speed !

Mirror would need to be locked up (or live view used), but i think it might work without compromising flash reach / distance ! :)

If your subject was moving so slowly that you could shoot it with the mirror locked up, why would you need a high speed shutter?

EOS Bodies / Re: New AF Technology Coming in July? [CR1]
« on: May 25, 2013, 09:06:01 AM »
Vague indeed. I would not read "new" to mean revolutionary, game-changing, etc. without a lot more info. Could just be a new arrangement of af points and a make 6 processor.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Color Bombs Kill Cameras
« on: May 10, 2013, 05:40:24 PM »
Hate to double post, but I didn't see this thread earlier.

Check out this guy's complaint about muddy images he had just shot. The photos are of the Holi festival with the color bombs flying.


Software & Accessories / Honda to start selling ONLY stretch limos
« on: May 07, 2013, 08:31:00 PM »
Popular car maker Honda announced today that it will stop making such popular cars as the Civic, Accord and Odyssey, and will begin producing only one vehicle:  a super stretch limousine.  Honda's press release states that its customers will actually break even, or possibly come out ahead.  This calculation assumes that the customer would have purchased one new model of each of the 11 different vehicles Honda makes every year, and would of course have crushed all its previous-year Hondas into metal cubes for recycling every year. 

Critics point out that very few existing Honda customers actually buy a whole fleet of Hondas each year, as it would be cost-prohibitive and also more vehicles than any one person would typically use.  Most people, consumer advocates contend, would only purchase one or two Honda models, and would ordinarily hold onto them somewhat longer.

As an added incentive, each of the new hulking 40-person limousines comes with a large, roomy 6' x 12' U-haul trailer to tow behind the enormous limousines, for useful storage.

Honda dismisses criticism as short-sighted, and "the grumbling of a lot of low-value casual drivers of one or two vehicles", as they pursue their more-valued top 2% customers.  When asked for comment, representatives from Ford, GM, Nissan, Toyota and Chrysler all said they would be happy to welcome the discarded 98% of Honda's customer base into a dealership to view their own selection of much lower-priced, and individually-available vehicles.

Dare I say new Sigma 300 mm f/4 and 400 mm f/5.6 in ART line, compatible with the excellent Canon 2x III and 1.4x III, with f/8 AF firmware update coming for 5D III  :D

Just guessing, but a 300mm or a 400mm lens would probably be "S" for "sport" in their new Art, Sport and Contemporary groupings.

Whatever they'd call it, if they could make a really great 400mm at f/4 priced less than Canon's, or even a 400  f/5.6 priced the same as the old Canon version, that would be big news.

I'd be on the buy list at $850.00 if it were f/1.4.  Unless Canon somehow swooped in suddenly with an IS version at 2.0 for the same price.  But Canon does not swoop fast.

It seems like there's a big demand for a new 50 mm lens.  The old sigma 50 mm got mixed reviews, and even the Canon 50 mm lenses get mixed reviews.  If sigma could make a 50 mm lens that is as well made as their new 35mm lens, it should sell like hot cakes, right?

I have the 1.4x mk.3, but I have never used a 2x TC. 

I find the 1.4 x does not do a whole lot on my FF camera with a 70-200 lens, as others have said here.  But it actually did make a big difference on my crop body, as long as you are not shooting tiny things like birds or squirrels. 

My feeling on birds is that they are terribly cheap, and will seldom pay much for even a great portrait of themselves.  Spending $7k on a bird lens would take forever to recoup in shiny bits of junk and sunflower seeds.

My kindergartener plays soccer on a midget field, and the 1.4x would make the lens too long to shoot that.

Come to think of it, she never pays anything for her photos either!  ;)

Lenses / Re: Prime vs zoom
« on: April 07, 2013, 01:55:26 AM »
I dunno. I think the super wide aperture effect is a little overused. Arty folks or lens guys love a super shallow DOF In more situations than do average viewers of photos.   At least for people photos.   My wife really dislikes shots where one eye is in focus but the other eye, and the ears and maybe even the mouth, and most of the hair are blurry.  And this is 1.33 stops more true on a FF body.   Plus your keeper rate plunges with a razor thin DOF.

Lenses / Re: New Canon L-lens: EF 16-600mm f2,8 L USM
« on: March 31, 2013, 09:03:06 PM »
Had me going until I saw the box reads "lens hood included".  Canon would sell that separately.

Lenses / Re: Want to expand my gear?
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:26:05 PM »
Do you have a good tripod? If not then I would make that my next purchase.

Most of the alternatives you list are for completely different types of photography. I think that before I decided on the lens I would decide on what kind of photography I want to branch out into first.  Macro? Landscape? Better portraits? Wildlife?

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