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EOS Bodies / Re: 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:44:00 PM »
I am struggling with the same decision.  90% of my shots are indoor sports...with fast moving action and poor lighting.

I have a 40D now...and my go to lens is a Canon 70-200 f2.8 IS II...and my walk around is the Canon 17-55 f2.8.  I have a couple of other lenses, but these two are responsible for most of my shots.

A 7D Mk2 would let me keep the 17-55 and give me great sports photography.  A 6D would give me the better low-light performance that I crave.  I suppose if I had to do it today, I would go for the 7D Mk2...if it existed...and looked like it had decent specs...and the price was not ridiculous.  I suppose the 7D's final specs and price will be the final decision maker for me.

Funny we have the same lenses, and the same thought process, although you are more seriously into the sports shooting.  I would love to keep with crop (a 7D2) and my 17-55, but between the fact that it must be at least a year or more away, and the fact it probably won't gain more than 1/2 stop in ISO performance, I think I am deciding to go FF.


How early a model was your first body, and how recently did you get the new one? 

Trying to gauge whether the "old" units have been flushed out of inventories yet.  Probably have been at the high-volume dealers, but maybe not at the smaller volume dealers.

Thanks Rusty.

Very nice.  It has a (COOL) Star Wars-y look, at risk of going full-nerd.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Going FF very soon; what to do about lenses?
« on: December 16, 2012, 02:23:43 AM »

I am going full frame.  Soon.  Nearly dove in on Cyber Monday.  Now just stalking prices.
I may get 5D3, or I may go 6D.  Either way, I obviously need a new "walking around lens".  I will be keeping the T3i body but I will be selling the wonderful 17-55 f/2.8 zoom lens.  I already have a 70-200 f/2.8 mk2.  I also have the nifty firty 1.8.

I have never shot FF before.  I am wondering if for the "normal lens" I should either:

1.)  Get the 24-105 f/4 at the nice discount for package/kit deal, or
2.)  Just get a prime (85mm?) (50mm?) and live with it, or
3.)  Wait for 24-70 f/4?

I know I need a walk-around lens. I worry that only a prime or primes would be too hard to work? 

I am also aware that you get a serious discount if you buy the lens with the camera, so the 24-105 looks great.

I could MAYBE do the 6D plus 24-70 f/2.8 mk2, though it would be a real stretch.

There is no way I could do more than the 24-105 if I bought the 5D3.

Should I go 6d instead?  I know the advice is usually to go lenses first and then bodies.

ALSO, what about a cheap 50mm or 85mm?  Supposedly Sigma is getting good at these for the price?

Sorry for so many questions.

I shoot:
Portraits of my elementary school kids, and
Some non-serious kid soccer, and
Candids of the family, and
misc., and
who knows?


Is this the solution?
This trigger/transciever has its own AF beam, which is the same beefy robust pattern shown on the Yongnuo 565ex.  At just $47.00 is this the solution to the 5D3's bad AF beam performance?  Either buy 2 or 3 of these at $47 bucks each, or just buy one to use as a stand-alone AF beam for the 5D3??

BTW I did NOT come up with this; I took it from another of the threads on this subject.  I am about to buy either a 5D3 or a 6D, and I would like to know what others think about this beefy AF beam as a possible solution/aid to AF on 5D3??

Lenses / Re: Ditch 100L for 70-200 L II ?
« on: December 13, 2012, 09:16:32 PM »
I find I use my 100L as short tele most of the time (once I got thru all the initial bug pictures) and I'm pretty happy with the results I'm getting. I like having the IS and 2.8 is for the most part fast enough for me.

I'm considering going to a 70-200 II instead and want to ask folks who've used both what their feelings are with respect to what each has to offer at 100mm.

I'd love to get a 200 f2 in addition to the 100 but I can't really justify tying up that kinda $$$. So the idea is do a 70-200 for portrait to moderate tele, and a couple of primes for normal and short.

Another thought is to go for a 135L instead. Less flexibility but more reach than 100 and faster.


If you are kind of done shooting the bugs, then I would say the 100 can go, and the 70-200 will give you awesome IQ at the same aperature, but over a much bigger focal range. 

Check out Canon's own forum.  Thanks mostly to CR members, it has a LOT of chatter on this subject addressed at Canon asking for answers.  It is in fact, THE post with the most "kudos" (likes) on the entire Canon forum.  And this is VERY conspicuous, as Canon has a list of the top 5 right on the home page of the forum, and people have made it clearly the "number one".  All the top 10 slots, and many of the top 100 slots, depending on when you are looking at it, in fact.

Some Canon rep named "Mike" initially responded asking for details, but has not uttered a peep for quite a while now.

See what you think.  Add your comments.  Give Kudos to other good posts in the thread.  Keep this in the forefront of Canon's collective mind.  Hopefully this gets addressed in a FW update, or at least formally acknowledged by Canon.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Am I the only one without 5D3 Problems?
« on: December 11, 2012, 03:21:02 PM »
I switched from Nikon to Canon (am I the only one doing this too LOL) last spring before wedding season and did some research online... Really dug the specs on the 5D3 as well as the 600EX-RT flash system. 

I made the jump and sold my Nikon kit which consisted of a D3s, D700, 3x SB-900, 24-70G, 70-200VR1, 14-24, and 50 1.4  I ended up buying a 5D2, 5D3, 5x 600 EX-RT, 35L, 85 1.8, 135L, 70-200L IS1, and 17-40.  I really haven't looked back since and shoot 85% of the time wielding two bodies with the 35L and 85 1.8. 

Here is what I love about the 5D3

The 600 EX flash system has changed the way I shoot, at any point during the day of a wedding I will have at least one additional light firing off-camera.  What a wonderful system.  It works flawlessly in group mode when I want to light up a reception hall with 2-3 lights.  My only gripe is that it doesn't work the same with the 5D2.  Canon claims it is the processor, but I think they just want to sell more new cameras  ;)

The 5D3 files I have shot look indistinguishable if not slightly better than my old D3s as well, which is a blessing given the smaller size.  The ability to shoot smaller RAW files has also been a charm.  During the reception and other boring parts of the day, I shoot away in mRAW as very few wedding clients need a 22MP file.  Despite a smaller file size, I like to perfect WB and exposure (which usually needs very little tweaking)...

The focusing system is incredible in my opinion.  People complain about it being confusing, but once you sit down and really put all the different focusing patterns and modes into practice, I rarely get an OOF shot even with a prime at ~f/2.  Granted my keeper rate is much higher with the 70-200 f/2.8 IS, but I think that is just a function of focus speed with primes vs zooms, not anything to do with the camera.  I did notice the camera focused a little slower with the 600EX AF assist beam, so I did a little test.  I have my DOF preview button set to switch between SERVO>ONESHOT when I hold it down.  I noticed that the camera focused much faster in SERVO mode without the AF assist beam (which it doesn't use anyway) even in very dim lighting.  Now even in ONE SHOT, I only use the AF assist beam when it is absolutely pitch black which is almost never these days since video guys always have their annoying video lights on heh.  From my experience using zone focusing/tracking, the 5D3 tends to get "thrown off" by objects in the background much less than any of my Nikons, even the D3s.

Perhaps the one "awful" thing about the 5D3 is the dark AF points in low light.  My Nikon cameras always had a red square and it made moving AF points around in low light a breeze.  I have learned to adapt to how my 5D3 works in this regard, but I am hoping for a FW update to remedy this at some point.  Not keeping my hopes up, but it would be nice.

As far as dynamic range, maybe my exposures are just really nicely lit because of how often I use the off camera flash system.  I don't really ever need to push or pull my RAW files more than 1EV, so maybe I'm not seeing this lack of dynamic range so many people have complained about.  There are certainly merits to having more dynamic range, heck I wouldn't argue against it.  For landscape and studio shooters, I'm sure the D800 is a better choice, but right now the 5D3 is the best camera I have ever used for a wedding, right ahead of the D3s.

So overall I really have nothing bad to say about the 5D3.  I view it as a baby D3s.  I shot just over 35 weddings this past season and it took only a couple jobs (second shooting for another studio in April) to get fully accustomed to the Canon controls.  I actually prefer how ISO is changed on Canon bodies and I never even have to take my eye away from the finder.  Despite some minor quirks here and there, the overall value of the 600EX-RT system more than makes up for anything I could complain about. 

Am I just oblivious to problems or a lot of people just suffering from "the grass is always greener" syndrome because of the rave reviews the D800 gets on websites like DXO?

So, Mike, do you ever take your 5D3 waterskiing on Lake Success?

(Note to CR members:  that was actually a sneaky trick question designed to get Mike to admit he works for Canon!  Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!) ;)

has anyone done the "RustyTheGeek" method (return the camera and get a new one) or approached Canon service with specific repeatable test conditions using valid comparisons with bodies such as 5D2 and 6D?  the more specific you get, the more likely we are to obtain a specific statment from  Canon regarding this behavior.  For example, if Canon service is asked to fix the issue where "the 5D3 AF takes 2 seconds to confirm and fire the shutter while the 6D appears instantaneous under the same conditions while acheiving accurate focus", then Canon has to confim yes or no that the Camera is performing up to its specifications. 

There are a number of explanations that could apply, but given that RustyTheGeek is now satisfied, having acheived AF speed improvement with a different camera, one explanation is that the issue is addressed with newer hardware and that the issue just silently goes away with newer bodies.  We have no proof that this is the case, mind you, but emperically this is valid postulation.  the implications could be as  interesting as a manufacturing defect or parts quality problem that was addressed and Canon chose not to recall any bodies but fixes them silently as they come in for repair.  It could have been a consious decision based on the cost of warranty claims.  Treat this postulation as CR0, naturally :D

Maybe someone "got to" Rusty. Maybe they roughed him up and got him to recant, or, maybe "Rusty" is no longer the one posting Rusty's last few comments at all.  Hmmmm?    (MA-niacal laaaaugh!) :o

Don't forget this forum guys for the problem also, Canon need to hear this,

YES. Add your post to the list and ALSO be sure to give "kudos" to all the previous posts you like in the thread. There is a list of the most-kudoed posts. It used to be all filled with this thread but it has fallen behind and now needs new kudos 

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D vs 5Dii - The End of an Era?
« on: December 10, 2012, 08:34:10 AM »

I am sure you have read the posts here and even on Canon's own forum site about 5d3 + 600 EX = slower AF.

Actually, it seems to be all speedlites, and the specific problem is the AF assist beam being too weak, or maybe the camera body's autofocus being too insensitive to dim light.

Supposedly the 5d2 did not have this long lag with the AF beam flashing and buzzing for focus in dim light, but 5d3 does.

Canon does not directly acknowledge the problem.  Marsu has been pretty vocal on this, but so have many others.

I would love to see if the 6D is better at this exact specific thing; AF in dim light using AF assist beam.  I don't know too many people that have both cameras, so you are in a position to comment on this issue.  If the problem is real, and the 6D does not suffer from it I think I will buy 6D. 


EOS Bodies / Re: 6D vs 5Dii - The End of an Era?
« on: December 09, 2012, 10:18:25 AM »
6d Focus lag in dark using speed lite WITH AF ASSIST BEAM. Compared to same with 5d3. Please.

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:14:50 PM »
I think you are correct that I would be a perfect candidate for FF.  I have almost no interest in wildlife unless it is kind enough to land on my patio for easy shooting.  Not too serious in the sports either.  What I do shoot is my kids, and often indoors with less than perfect light, and I don't like to mess with flash when I can avoid it.

I also like the idea of keeping the T3i and even using 2 bodies at the same time.  I would, however, probably sell the 17-55 if I got a FF with a 24-105 or 24-70.

I very, very nearly bought a 5D3 during the Monday sales a couple weeks ago.  The one thing that stopped me was a.)  wondering if the 6D could do the job just fine, and b.)  worrying what the heck is the deal with 5D3 focusing in low light?

Has a consensus been reached on that 5D3 AF assist lag question?  Some say it is the somewhat weak AF beam on 580 and 600 speedlites, but others say it is bad with the 430's too.  Some say a Chinese speedlite may (will?) fix the problem.  Some suggest you ignore focus confirmation and just mash the shutter button all the way.  No one seems to be sure a firmware fix could do anything or not.  Still others say they don't even notice a problem, or that maybe there is only a "bad batch" of bodies out there.

Has anyone specifically tested the 6D for af-assisted focuing speed?  Can anyone say for sure it is faster with AF assist than the 5D3 or not?

EOS Bodies / 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:27:51 AM »
Too many variables now.  6D or 5D3 or 7D2?

I have a T3i and the 17-55 Efs lens.  I also have the 70-200 f/2.8 mark 2 which is great.  I am 90% sure I want to get a FF body for the high ISO ability alone.

Part of me still wants to wait for the 7D2.

But I would not want to buy a super-crop like 7D2 UNLESS it had at least 1 stop improvement in ISO over old crops, preferably 1.3 or 1.6 stops?  What are the chances on that?

My PRIMARY goal is improving acceptable IQ at high ISO.  I shoot portraits and candids of my girls.  Maybe a little soccer.  FF is great for that, right?  How big a deal should 7D2 be in my thinking? 

I have the $$ ready to buy now, but I don't need to buy now.

Please no one post how if I don't make cash on pictures I should not spend money on equipment! :)


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