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has anyone done the "RustyTheGeek" method (return the camera and get a new one) or approached Canon service with specific repeatable test conditions using valid comparisons with bodies such as 5D2 and 6D?  the more specific you get, the more likely we are to obtain a specific statment from  Canon regarding this behavior.  For example, if Canon service is asked to fix the issue where "the 5D3 AF takes 2 seconds to confirm and fire the shutter while the 6D appears instantaneous under the same conditions while acheiving accurate focus", then Canon has to confim yes or no that the Camera is performing up to its specifications. 

There are a number of explanations that could apply, but given that RustyTheGeek is now satisfied, having acheived AF speed improvement with a different camera, one explanation is that the issue is addressed with newer hardware and that the issue just silently goes away with newer bodies.  We have no proof that this is the case, mind you, but emperically this is valid postulation.  the implications could be as  interesting as a manufacturing defect or parts quality problem that was addressed and Canon chose not to recall any bodies but fixes them silently as they come in for repair.  It could have been a consious decision based on the cost of warranty claims.  Treat this postulation as CR0, naturally :D

Maybe someone "got to" Rusty. Maybe they roughed him up and got him to recant, or, maybe "Rusty" is no longer the one posting Rusty's last few comments at all.  Hmmmm?    (MA-niacal laaaaugh!) :o

Don't forget this forum guys for the problem also, Canon need to hear this,

YES. Add your post to the list and ALSO be sure to give "kudos" to all the previous posts you like in the thread. There is a list of the most-kudoed posts. It used to be all filled with this thread but it has fallen behind and now needs new kudos 

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D vs 5Dii - The End of an Era?
« on: December 10, 2012, 08:34:10 AM »

I am sure you have read the posts here and even on Canon's own forum site about 5d3 + 600 EX = slower AF.

Actually, it seems to be all speedlites, and the specific problem is the AF assist beam being too weak, or maybe the camera body's autofocus being too insensitive to dim light.

Supposedly the 5d2 did not have this long lag with the AF beam flashing and buzzing for focus in dim light, but 5d3 does.

Canon does not directly acknowledge the problem.  Marsu has been pretty vocal on this, but so have many others.

I would love to see if the 6D is better at this exact specific thing; AF in dim light using AF assist beam.  I don't know too many people that have both cameras, so you are in a position to comment on this issue.  If the problem is real, and the 6D does not suffer from it I think I will buy 6D. 


EOS Bodies / Re: 6D vs 5Dii - The End of an Era?
« on: December 09, 2012, 10:18:25 AM »
6d Focus lag in dark using speed lite WITH AF ASSIST BEAM. Compared to same with 5d3. Please.

EOS Bodies / Re: 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 08, 2012, 07:14:50 PM »
I think you are correct that I would be a perfect candidate for FF.  I have almost no interest in wildlife unless it is kind enough to land on my patio for easy shooting.  Not too serious in the sports either.  What I do shoot is my kids, and often indoors with less than perfect light, and I don't like to mess with flash when I can avoid it.

I also like the idea of keeping the T3i and even using 2 bodies at the same time.  I would, however, probably sell the 17-55 if I got a FF with a 24-105 or 24-70.

I very, very nearly bought a 5D3 during the Monday sales a couple weeks ago.  The one thing that stopped me was a.)  wondering if the 6D could do the job just fine, and b.)  worrying what the heck is the deal with 5D3 focusing in low light?

Has a consensus been reached on that 5D3 AF assist lag question?  Some say it is the somewhat weak AF beam on 580 and 600 speedlites, but others say it is bad with the 430's too.  Some say a Chinese speedlite may (will?) fix the problem.  Some suggest you ignore focus confirmation and just mash the shutter button all the way.  No one seems to be sure a firmware fix could do anything or not.  Still others say they don't even notice a problem, or that maybe there is only a "bad batch" of bodies out there.

Has anyone specifically tested the 6D for af-assisted focuing speed?  Can anyone say for sure it is faster with AF assist than the 5D3 or not?

EOS Bodies / 6D or 5D3 (or wait for 7d2?)
« on: December 08, 2012, 01:27:51 AM »
Too many variables now.  6D or 5D3 or 7D2?

I have a T3i and the 17-55 Efs lens.  I also have the 70-200 f/2.8 mark 2 which is great.  I am 90% sure I want to get a FF body for the high ISO ability alone.

Part of me still wants to wait for the 7D2.

But I would not want to buy a super-crop like 7D2 UNLESS it had at least 1 stop improvement in ISO over old crops, preferably 1.3 or 1.6 stops?  What are the chances on that?

My PRIMARY goal is improving acceptable IQ at high ISO.  I shoot portraits and candids of my girls.  Maybe a little soccer.  FF is great for that, right?  How big a deal should 7D2 be in my thinking? 

I have the $$ ready to buy now, but I don't need to buy now.

Please no one post how if I don't make cash on pictures I should not spend money on equipment! :)


Is anyone out there able to test a 6D under the same circumstances and see how it does?

Good-natured helpful criticism is great.  But what compells someone to just plain savage someone else's efforts?  What button got pushed?  There is room for more than just one or two experts on this forum, right?  Why waste such considerable talents for precise measurement conducting vain (and metaphorical) comparisons of the size of one guy's "monopod" vs. the other guy's "monopod"?

If someone knows the only proper and relevant way to look at this question, and yet he sits back casting only stones instead of light, is he not denying humanity by not investing the time/effort to do a proper comparison themselves? 

Or, put another way, "is this how we welcome new members to this forum"?


I don't really get testing beyond the rated limit, maybe I missunderstand further explaination of the -7EV thing would be much appreciated. I also seem to recall a video from DigitalRev (in the boxing ring) where the 5D3 excelled against the D600 no where near -3EV?

How can you not understand the interest in testing beyond the rated limit?  The light around you won't stay to the rated limit of your camera, right?   :)

Thanks Michael.  Very interesting indeed. A lot of folks wanted to see exactly that.  I wonder if you would be able to confirm/quantify the issue of 5d3 + 600ex speed lite AF assist = even worse lag?  (and comparing 6d on same speedlite AF too)  No one else is going to, and yet a lot of people are very interested in that! 

Lenses / Re: What's your dream lens
« on: December 04, 2012, 11:28:50 AM »
A 50mm lens at f/1.4 or f/1.2 which is sharp at wider than f/2.  Can be metal or plastic.  Weather sealed or not.  Image stabilized would be nice, but not necessary.  EF mount.

And here comes the dreaming part: 
No more than $500.00 (the price of the Sigma 50, which is not especially cheap).

;) If anyone else wants to go give KUDOS to the postings and replies on that thread, it will keep it "front page news" on the Canon forum. ;)

If you did that, you should have come across this message: "Kudos Flood: You have exceeded the limit of 10 kudoed messages per minute." ... so just select the 10 messages that make the most sense to you. I think Canon should react to this issue, and even though I don't have a 5d3 yet I think it is ok to bump the thread for all you posh 5d3 owners :->

I think I missed getting over-Kudoed by dumb luck.  I kudoed several slowly as I read it over the weekend, then I went back later Sunday and handed out the rest, and again this afternoon.

Yes, it is good news.  Sort of.  So many months after the release date, I would like to see Canon stop asking what people think is wrong and just admit there is a serious problem, they are working on it and then announce a fix.  The specifics they are asking for are irrelevant and a little insulting.  (Lenses, etc sure didn't matter on my camera's problem.)  Gathering this data is a lot of work on our part.  And it's already documented on several forums in detail.  Why can't they take a couple hours and read for themselves?  My low light AF was broken.  Period.  Just like many others have described.  I don't care if they just say they found a QA problem, a bunch of drunken assembly workers or a batch bad of components.  Just explain the problem (or not), fix the problem and let's move on.  Anything else sounds like stonewalling while they take in profit.  You really can't tell me that they are that clueless about every aspect of this camera before and after it was RTM'd in early 2012.

The camera I had showed defective low light AF.  It was unmistakable.  Thank goodness I returned it in time and received another one in exchange that so far seems to be good and a compliment to the Canon line.  The fact that the low light AF works so well in this 2nd camera is a testament to the fact that the first one I had was faulty.  I'm sorry about anyone who is dealing with the AF problem I had with my 1st camera on their camera that can't be exchanged!

Thanks again for everyone's comments, support and honest feedback about their camera.

Interesting note about Canon's forum:  There is a list of the most highly rated ("kudos") posts.  I went in and gave KUDOS to all the postings in that thread, and it was enough to fill 4 of the top 5 posts with the thread about 5D3 + 600 exrt = slower focus. 
 ;) If anyone else wants to go give KUDOS to the postings and replies on that thread, it will keep it "front page news" on the Canon forum.  ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: Downgrade to crop
« on: December 03, 2012, 07:54:50 AM »
So I ask you FF shooters: what is it that you can do nowadays with you FF that you would no longer be able to do if you downgraded to crop?

Well, no small number of FF shooters would miss the ability to post smug things about how superior FF is on intangible things like dreamy bokeh, color saturation, etc..., whether they could actually pick a FF print out of a police lineup or not.   ;)

I think the biggest thing about going FF to crop would be losing 2 or 3 stops of low-noise performance at higher ISO settings, at least when comparing it to the newest FF bodies.  That is very valuable stuff.

I think you can get all the blurry background/shallow depth of field most people would really ever want using a crop body by following the basic rules.  Bright prime lens shot wide open, shot close to subject, background far away, etc... Frankly, I find the 50 f/1.8 DOF shot on a crop to be too thin sometimes.  My wife actively dislikes the look, actually, when we shoot my girls and you see an eye or two in focus, but an ear that is blurry.

Well, at least if you listen to chatter here and elsewhere, it would be hailed if it can find focus in dim light without an embarassing pause, and a seizure-inducing spell of of pre-flashing and buzzing.

Actually, I would be happy if it could work well on the center point, including in dim light, and then work as well (or even a little better?) on ISO noise than the 5D3.  Don't know what use I would have for GPS, but then I don't use video either, and yet it is in all the cameras. 

Really, the ISO thing is my only real criterion other than the inherent properties of "full-framedness".

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