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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Samsung NX-1 Review
« on: November 26, 2014, 07:09:01 AM »
   After I read the manual, my impression is that the NX-1 is like a Powershot style, interchangeable lens camera... very "simple" AF system and not much customization available.

   Have a nice day.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: LuLa likes the Samsung NX1
« on: November 26, 2014, 06:53:48 AM »
     Very curious about how the Samsung NX1 work, so download the manual to take a look. The manual is only 222 pages and my impression is this is a very simple camera and basically no customization available, but it includes a function to email your photos... not sure is it practical as most email don't allow you to attached large file.

    Have a nice day.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: LuLa likes the Samsung NX1
« on: November 25, 2014, 07:38:41 PM »

LuLa is impressed. A contender for the APS-C crown.
LuLa has trouble reading Samsung's spec page that they linked to in the 'review'.
Lula mentions the NX1's weather sealing, Samsung's page states;
"6 This product is not water or dust proof. It is designed to resist dust and minor splashes only. Exposure to severe conditions is not recommended."
Not impressed with LuLa.
   Top be fair, I think when most said weather sealing, it's does not mean water and dust proof... it's just mean water and dust resistance... the different will be how good is the water and dust resistance.

   The manual can be downloaded and will be interesting to take a look, but notices that it's in camera charging which I think is a big mistake... better come out with an external charger soon.

   Anyway, let the camera "race" begin... Japanese company had lost the TV "race", let see whether will they lost the camera "race" too...

   Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies / Re: 7D Mark II Amazing Custom Settings
« on: November 25, 2014, 11:50:25 AM »
I set up my camera as follows. Please note I am a bird photographer so if this does not interest you just skip over.

AF-ON button has a custom setting for Birds in Flight.  Go to the custom controls (3rd tab in the orange menu).  It should be set for metering and AF start.  Then hit the info button and 4 more options appear.  Mine are set as follows.  AF start position set to SEL.  2nd is set to AI servo case 1. 3rd is set to AI servo.  4th is set to expanded zone focus.  So basically when I hit that button I am immediately in ai servo with zone focus with the sensitivity that I set for case 1.  No excuse to ever miss a BIF shot now.

The * button is set as to sel, case 2, one shot, af area 1 point focus.  So again I hit that button and am automatically in one shot with center point focus.

I custom set the Set button to be the magnifier button at 2x.  So no need to use my left hand at all and can quickly see if I have the correct shot and sharpness that I need.

I custom set the multi controller to direct AF point selection.  so while in one shot or servo I can just move it to pick any focus point or zone that I want without pressing any other buttons.

And the AF lever I custom set to ISO.  so I just need to pull the lever and turn the main dial to quickly change ISO.  Again without taking my eye off of the camera at all. 

All of these can be done very easily while eye is on the subject.  For instance I am shooting a shore bird and am using one shot to do so with my thumb on the * and the bird takes off flying.  Now I only need to move my thumb and I can instantly track it in expanded zone and AI SERVO. 

In addition I have the shutter set to metering and af start.  This allows me to press shutter half way and I have it set to ai servo and 1 point focus.  So now I have 3 options at my fingertips.

Only shutter with ai servo and center point focus easily switched to stay on the eye with my multicontroller.

af-on with ai servo and expanded zone for BIF

and the * with one shot and center point.

Hope that helps.
    I got a similar setup, but shutter button to metering only, AF-ON to AI Servo AF only and * button with one shot AF and single point. With this 2 AF button setup, the "viewfinder display illumination during AI servo AF" option (which allow the viewfinder to flash red intermittently in AI Servo AF mode when metering is active) become very useful in low light situation where it's hard to see the viewfinder AF point and info. During such situation, you can just set to AI Servo mode and the viewfinder will flash red intermittently when the metering is active (so that you can see the AF points and info in the viewfinder) and still use one-shot AF or AI Servo AF to your shooting... but I think battery life will be shorten by quite a bit... ha ha ha  :P

  Have a nice day.

Canon General / Re: Does Canon really deserve this?
« on: November 25, 2014, 06:27:49 AM »
   Samsung strength is always their hardware, but their biggest weakness is their software (firmware in this case).
   Have a nice day.

could you be a bit more specific please - with regards to firmware-related issues of Samsung NX1?

Canon (and even more so Nikon) certainly got more than their fair share of software/firmware issues.
Especially Canon's inability and/or unwillingness to unlock and enable fairly basic and simple firmware features on their hardware (Cameras) is notorious. No focus peaking, no zebras, very poor Auto-ISO implementation in most of their DSLRs, no second curtain sync in their wireless ETTL protocol and many other software-/firmware related issues come to my mind. Just look at what Magic Lantern adds to Canon cameras that can be "hacked".

So before accepting any finger-pointing in the direction of other manufacturers, including Samsung - I'd really like to know very specifically what those issues may be in in what ways they are (even) worse than Canon's.
    I'm not saying this camera got software issue... I'm saying that base on using their current and past products,  in general, the software (or firmware) is always Samsung weakest side... they had no problem making good hardware, but always mess up on the software side.

    Have a nice day.

Canon General / Re: Does Canon really deserve this?
« on: November 25, 2014, 04:10:26 AM »
There certainly are plenty of mirrorless and software comments, and you are correct most threads start out ok and tend to get progressively worst.
It's hard for me to be objective about software as they mostly involve features I won't use, but I certainly understand why people want to untapped resources that are there. Fuji is very good at upgrading firmware on their cameras , but canon ensured f8 autofocus and that's a feature I wanted.
Now the mirrorless argument for me I don't get at the moment. The major sacrifices are af and ergonomics which are things I don't want to sacrifice. Now mirrorless will be the future but I haven't seen anything that makes me want to swap to a mirrorless as my primary camera. I have a fuji x100s which i like as my portable camera, but I wouldn't take it wildlife watching.
Now regarding criticism of Canon software and the mirrorless options to me they aren't even close to causing me to want to leave Canon, to others perhaps they are. Should those comments unnecessarily dominate many threads? I don't think so, and I find a lot of the out of place. But if they are constructive rather than complaints then good on them.

On the mirrorless option am I the only person who doesn't like smaller cameras in general?

You're not alone. I simply don't think it's feasible to use larger supertelephoto lenses with tiny bodies effectively - so even if the future is mirrorless, it needs to come in a roughly DSLR-shaped body.

It's not the biggest body, for sure...but it is the closest thing to a DSLR-sized and shaped (ergonomically) mirrorless that I've seen thus far. I have to try it out to say for sure, but I would much rather use this with a giant supertelephoto than any other mirrorless. I still think it might be a little cramped...but, so was my Rebel, and I used that with the 100-400 all the time. Samsung is also readying it's own superteles for use with this body, and  they seem to be just as large as Canon's.

This is to be welcomed.
   Samsung strength is always their hardware, but their biggest weakness is their software (firmware in this case).

   Have a nice day.

That will be an exciting lens to use on the A7 series because it won't need an adapter and will likely have fast autofocus.

With the 135 I'd hope for an STF-version. That might not make it an AF-king, likely no luck with phase detection, but the rendering of OoF areas is rather unique.
   I thought Sony already had an 135mm STF lens which they inherit from Minolta, but in alpha mount and manual focus only.

   Have a nice day.

7D MK II Sample Images / Re: Anything Shot with a 7D MII
« on: November 25, 2014, 12:50:36 AM »
Canon 7D Mk II
Canon EF 400mm f/5.6L

I'm torn ... I think I want the new 100-400 v. 2, but need to sell this sharp/fast 400 to be able to get it ...
    Hmm... nice shot, but "too clean" for my taste and your background "bokeh" miss out one small area...  ;D

    Have a nice day.

   No one having this problem??

   Anyway, after some more testing... seem like the issue will happen only at longer focal length... 350mm and longer. At focal length shorter than 350mm, it doesn't seem to happen.

   By the way, one way to make sure the lens will search focus till the minimum focusing distance is to put the lens cap on.

   Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Sending my 7D2 back due to high ISO noise
« on: November 23, 2014, 10:49:39 PM »
   I accidentally took some shots at ISO 12800 and after a basic NR in LR 4, it's look ok to me for web use:

  Have a nice day.

Reviews / Re: Bryan Carnathan has completed his review of the 7D Mark II
« on: November 23, 2014, 08:03:51 PM »
Well I hope Brian's knowledge of the camera is better than his knowledge of horses !

You might try reading the review before embarrassing yourself with a gratuitous negative comment.

"Perhaps even more beneficial for understanding what can be done with this frame rate is to look at a visual example. Drag your mouse over the labels under the following image for a visual look at the 10 fps rate. Drag your mouse completely across all of the labels in 1.3 seconds to get an idea of the speed of the approaching horse – approximately 40-45 mph (64-72 kph). I know, the labels are a bit small for that mouse move, but this approach happened very fast."

She would have to be riding a top form Derby winner - on the flat - on good going - with a race saddle - riding weight less than 7 stone. As I said, this target would have been travelling towards the camera at 18 mph max.
   Know nothing about horse, but are you sure horse run so slow?? Slower than most top athlete?? Hmm... I thought basically any healthy horse can out run the fastest human...

   Have  a nice day.

    I discover today an issue when using Tamron 150-600mm live view focusing with 7DII... not sure is it my copy issue only or a common issue, so may be those who had the Tarmon 150-600mm and 7DII can try this out and see whether is it a common issue.

    Usually, when the lens cannot find focus and hit the minimum focusing distance, it'll try to find focus by focusing towards the infinity, but with Tamron 150-600mm and 7DII, it'll hang at the minimum focusing distance (it'll happen regardless of the setting in "Lens drive when impossible" is on or off). Please note this only happen in live view.

    Below is the procedure that will cause this issue to show:
1) Under live view setting, set Continuous AF to Disable.
2) Now using live view, focus something closer than the minimum focusing distance.
3) Once the Tamron 150-600mm focus till the minimum focusing distance, it'll hang and won't respond on any new AF command in live view.
4) To get back to normal operation, you can: (a) switch out of live view and use normal viewfinder to achieve AF, then the live view AF will be back to normal or (b) Using the manual focus to focus till very close to focus, then your live view focus will be back to normal.

   I try the below combination, but only happen when using Tamron 150-600mm with 7DII:
1) Tamron 150-600mm with 60D: Normal operation, after it focus to minimum focusing distance, it'll try to find focus by focusing towards the infinity.
2) EF400mm F5.6L with 7DII: Same as above.

    So the issue must be with the Tamron 150-600mm. Also, the Tamron 150-600mm live view focusing is very, very slow... My EF400mm F5.6L is way faster in live view AF.
    Have a nice day.

About APS-C vs FF bokeh/DOF - a recently published portfolio of mine in Lenswork Magazine contains a number of images that I made with a small NEX5 and a Nikkor pre-Ai manual focus lens.  The OOF rendition is so creamy smooth and luscious that people thought I might have used an old large format film camera and lens.  I feel concerns about OOF rendition in APS-C vs FF may be overblown.

About heavy and large having perceived value - I immediately thought of Cadillac (or whoever it was) putting lead in their doors to give them a customer satisfying "clunk" when they closed.  Between friends we call this the "impressing strangers" effect (yes, we're all nerdy engineering types).  Bigger and heavier means "better", right?   ;)

About talking jumping ship - You can put me down in the column of people who already have jumped ship.  The only thing I have left to sell is my 7D/100-400L birding kit.  The 5D MkII/24-105L studio kit (and a bunch of other L glass) are already sold.  And with the in-camera IS Sony just announced, I can see a 70-400 Sony kit on will soon be on it's way. 

I'm only one small insignificant drop in a sea of millions of cameras sold each year, so I'm not tilting any balance any particular direction by doing what I'm doing.  I just wish Canon gave me a compelling reason to stick around.  The transition costs are significant.

Sensor tech will keep evolving, but a larger sensor means less dof with the same f-stop - that'll keep "full frame" running even if "full" is just a strange reminder of the film days...

... A lot of people don't mind about heavy and large, it implies value and craftsmanship...

... If Sony keeps innovating at the same speed, about that time the difference to old-school dslr gear will be so large people might really jump ship rather than talk about it.
      Every woman is beautiful and every man is handsome when seen alone, but when you start comparing side by side, some woman are more beautiful and some man are more handsome unless you are very good in makeup.... ha ha ha  :P

     Anyway, I consider camera an expensive equipment and I usually only change once in many years unless there are some feature on the new model that I need, so for me, good technical support and after sales service is top priority. IMHO, Sony had many very good and interesting products, but their technical support is very bad (at least in my country)... the service center told me that they do not have power adapter and LCD screen replacement for a notebook that just run out of warranty, so cannot repair and this had happen not once, but quite a few times. For me, I won't buy any Sony product that cost more than double digits.

    Have a nice day.

for those who haven't experienced IBIS in a Pentax or Olympus body, it can work very well.  Makes nearly every lens you have stabilized, even classic old primes.

Oh my, the IS does sound appealing and is bound to rival Canon's hybrid IS on their newer 100L, 24-70L. But looking at the picture on the japanese site, the 5-axis version seems to need a generic, tc-like attachment?

Canon and their shareholders have to count on the old-school dslr crowd not jumping ship, looking at the speed Sony innovates Canon can nearly stop trying in the enthusiast-midrange market.
    The TC-like attachment is the adapter for A-mount lens to the A7 II. I think what the picture show is that:
1) The pitch and yaw IS correction is perform in the E-Mount OSS lens when use with A7 II.
2) The 5-axis IS correction is all done in the A7 II when using E-mount non-OSS lens and A-mount lens via adapter.

    Hmm... Is there any new innovation?? Only just a refresh of A7 with better specifications...
Anyway, at this rate of releasing upgrade (releasing upgrade model faster than Canon Rebel entry DSLR??), I don't think it's good for Sony and especially their technical support department... may be they don't intend to have one: Your camera not working... we just release a new one, go and get it.  :P

    Have a nice day.

Software & Accessories / Re: Adobe Lightroom 5.7 Now Available
« on: November 19, 2014, 08:34:23 AM »
    Adobe DNG Converter 8.7 is also available now with 7D2 support...  ;D

    Have a nice day.

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