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    I discover today an issue when using Tamron 150-600mm live view focusing with 7DII... not sure is it my copy issue only or a common issue, so may be those who had the Tarmon 150-600mm and 7DII can try this out and see whether is it a common issue.

    Usually, when the lens cannot find focus and hit the minimum focusing distance, it'll try to find focus by focusing towards the infinity, but with Tamron 150-600mm and 7DII, it'll hang at the minimum focusing distance (it'll happen regardless of the setting in "Lens drive when impossible" is on or off). Please note this only happen in live view.

    Below is the procedure that will cause this issue to show:
1) Under live view setting, set Continuous AF to Disable.
2) Now using live view, focus something closer than the minimum focusing distance.
3) Once the Tamron 150-600mm focus till the minimum focusing distance, it'll hang and won't respond on any new AF command in live view.
4) To get back to normal operation, you can: (a) switch out of live view and use normal viewfinder to achieve AF, then the live view AF will be back to normal or (b) Using the manual focus to focus till very close to focus, then your live view focus will be back to normal.

   I try the below combination, but only happen when using Tamron 150-600mm with 7DII:
1) Tamron 150-600mm with 60D: Normal operation, after it focus to minimum focusing distance, it'll try to find focus by focusing towards the infinity.
2) EF400mm F5.6L with 7DII: Same as above.

    So the issue must be with the Tamron 150-600mm. Also, the Tamron 150-600mm live view focusing is very, very slow... My EF400mm F5.6L is way faster in live view AF.
    Have a nice day.

Software & Accessories / Anyone use Zoner Photo Studio 16??
« on: April 09, 2014, 10:08:13 PM »
   I'm looking at lightroom alternative and came across this Zoner Photo Studio 16 ( Look good and price is good (especially you can get a household license). Never heard of this software before and no one seem to be mention it in CR, so just wonder how is it especially compare to lightroom??

   Appreciate if any existing user can feedback.

   Thanks and have a nice day.

EOS Bodies / EOS Camera with MF Peaking??
« on: January 23, 2014, 11:56:45 AM »
   Do anyone of you know is there any EOS camera that had MF (Manual Focusing) peaking??

    I was reading the DIGIC 6 image processor page and in the MF peaking section, it's mentioned that "with MF Peaking, a concept inherited from EOS cameras", so I just wonder which EOS camera had it?? My 60D and 6D don't have it.

   Have a nice day.

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