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What else can they add to a DSLR?

A slot for a nano SIM card and 3g/4g connectivity plus software to upload to facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

This basically translates "Ditch the Canon OS, and move to Android (or iOS, if you somehow managed to convince Apple to license it)."  In all likelihood, doing so would require hardware changes in addition to a fairly major driver and UI porting effort.  That's not saying it isn't a good idea—it's a great idea, and I wish Canon had moved to Android when they first adopted touchscreens—but I wouldn't hold my breath.
    That's the worst thing to happen... an Android is a general purpose OS which mean it's very slow compare to specific purpose software especially at boot up... try to restart your phone and see do you want to wait so long for your camera to boot up after changing battery?? Also, general purpose OS usually mean it's more prompt to bugs than specific purpose software as it's more difficult to test and debug.

    Have a nice day.

   The smartphone camera is very useful and I use it to take a lot of photo for work... you know those photo showing the model and series number of PCs, laptops and equipment that are difficult or too small to see under dim lighting...  :P I also ask my client to use their phone to take photo of the computer screen if any error or issue appear on their computer as many of them do not know how to take a screenshot... smartphone camera is very useful for this purpose... Other than that, I use my DSLR.

    Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: 1100D video for astro work
« on: December 27, 2014, 11:49:31 AM »
Dont forget safety guys !  For your instruments, I mean.
Dont start with the Moon, you can damage your sensor.
    Damage your sensor?? What do you mean?? If shooting the video of the Moon using DSLR will damage your sensor, all those mirrorless camera won't exist and nobody will be using a DSLR for video.

    Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: 1100D video for astro work
« on: December 27, 2014, 07:54:53 AM »
Hi. I have been thinking for a while if it would be possible to use the video mode to use for astrophotography? Has anyone tried this and if so, what were the results please?

    Usually, video are usually use for planetary and lunar imaging only... most people use webcam for this. Crop mode in DSLR video is usable, but resolution is very low, so I think most will do a mosaic by imaging many small area of the moon and combine them to a big high resolution version... a lot of work, but result is quite good.

    See this:

   Have a nice day.

Lenses / Re: TDP Results for 7D MK II and 100-400mmL MK II
« on: December 25, 2014, 10:24:21 PM »
So if we look at these charts it would lead us to believe we would get a bit more reach with the 7D II. This sound very good. But this is a zoom lens, and that cripples the benefit, why buy a zoom lens to only shoot at the longest length like a prime? Any shot you can make under 400mm that can be properly framed will have a greater benefit in IQ with the FF than the gain you make in reach using the crop. This is just something to weigh out if a person is choosing a body to go with the lens.

I'd choose any modern FF camera, no matter how gimped, over a 7D or 7DII for wildlife.
    I had the 6D and the IQ is great, but the AF is not that fast, not that accurate when shooting small object (around same size as the AF point), so I had to go closer which some time is difficult for wildlife especially birds. Also, composition is a bit more troublesome due to the limited number of AF points.

   5D3 will be the best choice, but the price is way out of budget for a me, so I get the 7DII. The IQ is not as good as the 6D, but the focusing is faster, more accurate when shooting small object, so I can be further away from the subject. Also composition is easier and faster due to so many AF points and the frame rate is great.

   Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies / Re: More 7DII focus problems
« on: December 23, 2014, 09:10:15 PM »

What this guy said.

I normally test with still objects or parts of the scenery - signs, patterns, buildings, desk items. It erases the variation in movement. As basic as it gets. The unit was a dud. No big deal, but it would have been a big problem for the canceled shoot.

I havent posted the pictures of the af errors because im not out to attack a camera, thats pointless.
However at some point ill post some 7d2 long exposure images (spot AF point) along with the 6d comparisons. They wont be anything surprising to those that do FF night photography.

The unit could only be "dud" because you didn't have enough experience to use the complex AF system as is found back in 5D3, 1Dx or 7D2. It's not because you use a 6D that you can handle the AF of the 7D2.

And yes your are attacking the camera by mentioning that "The Af on my 6d is spotty at best, but even that beat the pants of the 7d2 tester I had" just after using this 7D2 for a very short period and that without specific knowledge in AF of such a system.

For sure the FF 6D camera will get better results for long exposure images. But this is caused by the FF sensor inside, not the AF. Even for a long exposure I always use a remote control, and focus manually. But according to you this is then a AF problem of the 7D2.

I don't really understand what you want to tell us, but as mentioned here several times, most of the AF problems where people talk about are caused by the user, and not the camera. I know what my camera can do, and how it reacts, and this is based on the fact I own such a camera, not by testing it quickly and telling such things on internet.

I think your signature tells us everything of yourself "Be the best you, screw everything else"

How much experience  does a person need with the 7D II to shoot in single point, single shot AF mode at stationary objects? That is about as basic as it gets.
   Not sure, but at least he need to use the correct mode and point or move the selected AF point on the subject he want to focus on.

   For example, a compact camera user just need to point the camera at the subject, see the subject in the camera LCD screen and take a shot, but when he got the 7D2 and try to do the same in Av or Tv mode, he might get 90% of the shot out of focus and he conclude that the 7D2 had focusing issue.

   For example, an analog phone user just need to pick up the phone, hear the dial tone and dial in the phone number, but when he got the iPhone and didn't see the dial pad and he conclude that the iPhone had an issue and not usable.

   Anyway, what simple and obvious to you doesn't mean it's simple and obvious to everyone... usually more advance system need more knowledge to operate properly even basic task as it's usually provide more controls over the simpler system.

   Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies / Re: Ron Martinsen Blasts the 7DII in his review
« on: December 22, 2014, 05:28:23 AM »
@Tuglea - I want a cup of coffee and the 7DII won't brew one for me.  Therefore, it fails to meet MY needs and it's a crappy camera.  So I guess we agree.

 ::) ::) ::)

I didn't say the 7D2 was a bad camera, I said that it was a disappointing camera because it is 2012 technology, but was released in 2014 when the world has moved on. If they had built it from current tech instead of old tech it would have been so much more than it actually is now. My old T3i is a good camera too, but I wouldn't buy it now because there are so many much more capable options available now.

But, if you are cool with buying the latest and greatest made from old stuff from a few years back, then more power to you. I am sure that Canon greatly appreciates customers like you because your expectations are so undemanding, they can cobble anything together and you will buy it with a grateful smile.

Me - I have watched Canon do this same trick for the last few years where they re-wrap old tech into a new shell annually, and have become increasingly unimpressed by it. I once bought into the hype that they were a great innovative company and would deliver any day now, but the "any day" became years and still the same old old. But no more. If they want to impress me now they have to do it by delivering cutting edge stuff, not recycled last years products. As I see it the 7D2 is a recycled last years product. And yet so many drool over it as though it is the second coming. It boggles the mind!
   Hmm... 7D2 is 2012 old tech?? Don't need to compare 2012 DSLR, just compare to 2014 camera:
   1) How many DSLRs in 2014 had 65 cross AF points?
   2) How many DSLRs in 2014 can shoot 10fps??
   3) How many DSLRs in 2014 can focus as fast as 7D2?

   The sensor in 7D2 might not performing as good as others, but you need to remember it's 40.4 million photodiodes meaning it's basically a 40.4MP APS-C sensor.

   Anyway, a good sensor cannot make a camera and cannot take a photo by itself... you need a good lens to produce a high IQ image on the sensor and a good AF system to focus the image sharply as fast as possible. You also need a image processing unit to process all those otherwise meaningless data from the sensor to produce the image and you also need good ergonomic to help camera user to capture the moment. All those add up will make a camera.

   Have a nice day.

Samsung tech specs say:

Shutter Speed:    Auto : 1/8000 sec. - 1/4 sec. / Manual : 1/8000 sec. - 30 sec. /

This puzzles me as I'm not familiar with Samsung gear (put aside mobile phones).

Does "Auto" refer to the Auto-modes (Av, Tv, P), that can only be set to 1/4 sec at max.? Is the NX1 not able to shoot up to e.g. 30 sec in Auto-modes?

Maybe someone has better knowledge and can clarify on this?
    May be you should ask in the dpreview samsung forum... better chance of someone who had the camera to answer your question.

    Have a nice day.

EOS Bodies / Re: More 7DII focus problems
« on: December 22, 2014, 04:29:50 AM »
    Here my suggestion:
   1) "All points" in your case is not a good choice as you are allowing the camera to select the focus subject for you. You should use single-point AF or AF point expansion and move it to where you want it to focus on.
   2) "AI Servo AF" don't work well in low light and the camera might priority speed or focus depend on your "AI Servo AF priority". "One Shot AF" is a better choice and make sure the "One-Shot AF release priority" is on focusing.

   Anyway, there is always in some situation that the AF system will not work well, that's why the AF system got so many options available, so that with experience, you'll be able to select the correct settings that give the best result.

   By the way, have you read the manual especially the AF Setting guidebook?? If not, you should read it to understand how the AF system work... highly recommended.

   Happy shooting and have a nice day.

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
« on: December 21, 2014, 10:07:34 AM »
Anyone that sticks this lens on a 7D2 will like it, a lot.   This is 7D2 and 100-400 V.2 at 100% crop -- OOC jpeg.
    By the way, have you try using 7D2 + 100-400mm II + 1.4xTC?? 7D2 can only use center AF point at F8, but I was wondering can 7D2 use other AF points at 420mm F7.1 (100-400mm II @ 300mm + 1.4xTC)??

   Have a nice day.

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II
« on: December 21, 2014, 04:08:34 AM »
Anyone that sticks this lens on a 7D2 will like it, a lot.   This is 7D2 and 100-400 V.2 at 100% crop -- OOC jpeg.

Some serious onions in that bokeh.

Thank you for this quick sample!
    The onions is call "diffraction pattern" which will appear on bright pin point of light that is out of focus. Telescope user use the "diffraction pattern" generated at high magnification to judge the optics quality of their telescope... this is call "Star Test".

   Have a nice day.

Lenses / Re: EF 100-400mm II - first impressions
« on: December 19, 2014, 01:27:02 AM »
    Any 7D2 user with the EF 100-400mm II and 1.4x TC??

   According to TDP, the aperture at 300mm for this lens is F5.0, so with 1.4x TC, it'll be 420mm F7.1. 7D2 can only use the center AF point at F8, so just wonder will 7D2 able to use other AF points at 420mm F7.1??

   Have a nice day.

   Hmm... may be Canon service center had report enough case for Canon to cause concern and issue this warning??

   Have a nice day.

Lenses / Re: Review: Canon EF 24-105 f/3.5-5.6 IS STM
« on: December 18, 2014, 12:09:35 PM »
I could easily see a 6D2 or 5D4 bundled with this lens going forward, particularly if Canon pushes video as a reason to buy future bodies.

I could see the 6D being kit with this new lens for sure.  But the 5D line is a huge bump in price, features, and expectations -- that brand will likely only be kit (by Canon) with an L zoom of fixed max aperture.

- A
    If they lower the kit price, why not? I think we'll know by next year April...

    Anyway, if the next FF DSLR get this lens as kit, may be Canon had plans for Canon EF 24-105mm F4L II...

   Have a nice day.

Canon EF Zoom Lenses / Re: Canon 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L Mark II
« on: December 17, 2014, 08:56:37 PM »
The lens has a locking (friction) ring that locks it at any focal length.  If it is not tightened before pointing up or down, the lens may tend to creep.  mine is new and still stiff, but after it gets worn in, I'd expect that it would need the friction.
   Can lock at any focal length... good... this is one feature that I want to confirm before consider this lens.

   Have a nice day.

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