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EOS Bodies / Re: What if the rumored 5Dx is actually a 4D?
« on: February 15, 2013, 09:17:10 PM »

I never use small or medium raw, nor do I know why anyone would. The point of raw is non-processed information; down-interpolation is processing.

I've often used MRaw for time lapse.  I find it gives me PP flexibility without huge file sizes.  YMMV.

Site Information / Re: Anyone bought from DWI?
« on: February 15, 2013, 09:09:56 PM »
Doesn't pass the smell test

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Cinema EOS C50 [CR1]
« on: February 13, 2013, 09:29:15 AM »
.........not working with morons and getting the blame when it goes tetes up.......

I don't do pro film/photo work, but I do have to contend with morons on a frequent basis.  Most of the ones I have to deal with have zip for common sense and no social skills whatsoever.  On those days that are particularly exasperating, I let my co-workers know they should use my Native American name when talking with me:

"Works With Morons"

My $0.02:

7DII will be startlingly good and startlingly expensive

70D will be more affordable and have enough improvements for those who prefer crop to replace 40D/50D, and to some extent 60D.  All the above plus 60D and to some extent 7D users who are on the fence (crop vs. FF) are IMO the target market for 6D.   If you have to make a decision by mid-May, you're looking at being an early adopter who will pay premium price, something to consider.

FWIW - I have an astro-modified 40D and a 60D.  If all I had was the 40D I'd be looking hard at the 6D.  As it is, I AM looking at the 6D, getting my 60D modified and selling the 40D (which is still a fine camera) to pay for the 60D modification.  For my purposes, wireless trumps the 5D3's AF.  YMMV.

PowerShot / Re: Canon SX50 Review - Best Superzoom yet.
« on: February 10, 2013, 01:50:28 PM »
No mention that it's also capable of high frame rate video, with reduced resolution of course.  Put it all together and this is an ideal carry everywhere camera.  We don't all want to carry a DSLR and a bag of lenses every day.  Comparable in price to, f'rinstance, a Tamron 28-75/2.8.

Video & Movie / Re: The Blizzard of 2013 Time Lapse
« on: February 10, 2013, 01:32:38 PM »
For your dedication and push-the-shutter-every-30-seconds efforts I give you two thumbs up and a virtual beer, amigo!  I enjoy doing time lapse also, although on the day of the storm I was outside in 70 degrees and sun in the Florida Panhandle taking (camcorder) video of fire ants.  I grew up in snow country and have friends and family digging out - I no longer recognize a snow shovel.  I shoot many of my TL's in MRAW and find that Lightroom's 720 resolution is just fine.  I found full size RAW and 1080 to be overkill for this application.  Just my opinion.  Processes fast and for video the quality is fine.  I recommend a timer remote from GadgetInfinity or some such, I have both wired and wireless, although on my 60D I use Magic Lantern exclusively.  For astro lapses, I shoot three per minute, 15 second exposures, ~1000 frames for six hours and 45 seconds at 24fps.  Sunrise/sunset stuff I use ML's Bulb Ramping.  Daylight just pick an appropriate interval, sometimes using ML's fps override and saving shutter cycles.  Lens twist method for constant aperture or an adapter and a manual M42 lens.

Lenses / Re: I can't stop thinking about A MONSTER!
« on: February 08, 2013, 01:30:11 PM »
If you get the lens, may I borrow it next time in Austria??

Heck with that.  Your girlfriend got a sister???? ;D ;D

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 6D Anti-Aliasing Filter
« on: February 08, 2013, 12:33:42 PM »
But, when a third-party offers a fix for a problem... you've really got a problem.

I understand your point of view, but I don't consider it a 'problem', I believe the camera was intentionally designed that way for still photos, it was not intended to be optimized for video.  What you consider a third-party fix for a problem I consider a third-party aftermarket accessory.  If it does the job it's a good thing for all.

Lenses / Re: I can't stop thinking about A MONSTER!
« on: February 08, 2013, 09:11:15 AM »
Given this added info, I retract my former advice.  Go for it and enjoy.

Lenses / Re: I can't stop thinking about A MONSTER!
« on: February 07, 2013, 02:34:34 PM »
Rent it.  Seriously.  And be sure to include the damage insurance.  Then rent a 300/2.8IS and 1.4x and 2x TC's.   Maybe even the 100-400 also.  Then sit down with your favorite adult beverage and have an honest conversation with yourself.

Canon General / Re: anyone had someone over their shoulder on a job?
« on: February 07, 2013, 10:32:57 AM »
The recent weddings I've attended were for a friend who married one of my co-workers and for my nephew.  At the friend's wedding I stayed out of the way and mostly took candids.  For the formals, I saw the photographer talking to the wedding party and gesturing toward friends and family with cameras who were standing around.  He asked all of us to hold off until he was finished, then told us the wedding party would like us all to get our shots while they were still posed.  He became an integral part of the reception and seemed to enjoy things as much as anyone.

At my nephew's wedding, I got one dirty glance from the photographer when he first spotted me using a long lens from a distance, I think he was concerned I would be Uncle Bob (Ed, actually) and get in the way at some point.  Understandable.  I never did and never tried to horn in on his money shot poses, just wanted photos of my favorite nephew's wedding, I live 1600 miles away.  I didn't get any more dirty looks from him and he never offered to let friends and family take photos of his formal poses - went to a separate room and closed the door.  He did not interact with reception guests (i.e., came up a little short on candids IMO) and had an air of "I'm a professional, do not interfere with or disturb me in any way."

Both professionals were well paid and did excellent work.  If needed, I would hire one of them.

These are reasonably priced lenses I've used on a crop and have been satisfied with.

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8  To quote Roger Cicala (LensRentals)..."The Tammy is the best lens nobody knows about, and possibly the best bang-for-the-buck of any camera lens— period."

I very much agree and have used it on 40D and 60D, this would be my first recommendation. 

Tokina 11-16/2.8  I have the older version, it spends a lot of time on my cameras.  Aperture ring is easily de-clicked for video if that's your fancy.  While quite good, the MkII is a bit better.

A must-have is the 50/1.8  Cheap and functional.  Just get it.  With some Kenko closeup rings you'll have macro at a good price point.

RokSamBow 8mm fisheye    Cheap, fairly good.  Used often enough that I'm glad I have it but not so often that I'm willing to pay quite a bit more for a 'better' one.  Along those lines, the RokSamBow MF primes are optically pretty good.  AF and IS are important for some types of photography; not so critical for a hobbyist.

Sigma 70-200/2.8 APO  Several flavors exist, I bought mine used about 9 years ago and still use it quite a bit. 

On the tele end -

300/4L non-IS    Older, discontinued, very good wide open, amazing at f/4.5.  IMO Canon's best 'affordable' long lens.  They show up on FredMiranda once in a while, but not often.  Folks seem to just keep them, I know I will.

Sigma 400/5.6APO Macro  -  older, discontinued.  AF will work but aperture control will NOT with your 7D.  Known to develop a fungus problem if not well cared for.  I only include it because it is surprisingly sharp wide open, the macro ability is quite good and it is often available for well under $200.  I paid $120 and another $140 for cleaning.  It's big and heavy, but much better than the 70-200 with 2X extender.

One non-recommendation....
EF 28-135IS  Kit lens with 40D.  It works, IS is nice, but I've never been particularly happy with it.  Stiff zoom and beyond soft wide open.   

If you haven't done so already, head over to LensRentals and read 'Roger's take' on the lenses you're considering.  He seems to call it the way he sees it, no fanboy BS.  That was my basis for first renting then buying the Tamron 28-75.

Yea, I'm pretty sure my wife would kill me if I bought yet ANOTHER camera.

I can certainly sympathize with that ;D  Get the lens, you'll enjoy it.

I agree with CanNotYet.  I also have a 60D and agree it would be nice to have that 18-250 for the same reasons and situations you mention.  For my money, I'd rather pick up the SX50 instead.  For just a few dollars more, you get a very capable camera with some interesting features.  I'd have a lot more use for the SX50 than I would for that lens.

Ditto on the suction cup mount, it's stupid strong.  I've used it on a motorcycle at, um, a 'tad' in excess of the posted limit and on a catamaran hull.  Rock solid.  I also attach a lanyard.  And I second the tripod mount adapter.

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