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i wont challenge the points being offered up through the conference call but i will contest the notion that introducing new higher megapixel cameras will do anything but be a temporary salve in a declining market.

how will a mega resolution camera which essentially fulfills only small niche needs and likely come at a high end price thus being out of reach to a majority do anything to change the nature of today's market? canon might experience a relatively brief reprieve in declining sales but will end up in exactly the same place it stands today...which is a position it shares with all camera companies.

the market is simply oversaturated and expendable income is still becoming increasingly difficult to find for your average consumer. i expect that we are seeing a natural return to consumption models closer to what they might of been in the film days where investment in gear wasnt a 2-3 year turnover but rather several more years over that.

on a personal level, i simply have no interest upgrading every 2-3 years for anything. not my cameras, not my lenses, not my computer, or my software, or even my phone. i'm sick of all of it to be honest....i'm upgrade fatigued. i have a few spots that i still feel will significantly benefit from an upgrade but after i take care of those i intend to stretch that investment well past the 5+ year mark for cameras, phone and computer and 10+ years for lenses.

this will be the challenge camera makers will face. the past 15 years was an anomaly brought on by a radical change in how we did things. digital grew fast and we all raced to keep up. i welcome the maturation of digital and with it a much slower product cycle.

in no way what so ever will the introduction of these 2 cameras or anything else canon (or any other camera company) introduces the rest of the year will change the nature of what the market is now.

Photography Technique / Re: Superbowl Photo Help
« on: January 31, 2015, 11:47:56 AM »
Texphoto has the basic gist down. you can take any photo you want, but because there are branding issues associated with these photos their use will be severely limited to pretty much personal use only. the company wont be able to use any photo with any recognizable branding in any marketing or advertising. 

the liability for you comes in where if you shoot the photos and hand them over to this company then it becomes out of your control on how they are used. to protect yourself you need to have in your contract that the photos are for non commercial use only or you need to make sure your name doesn't show up in the copyright. don't tag those puppies in the metadata if you have even the slightest concern of culpability.

really the legal concern lies mostly with the company...not you. but always a good idea to make sure you are covered. don't get caught holding the potato when the music stops.

EOS Bodies / Re: Where is the EOS 5D Mark IV? [CR2]
« on: January 30, 2015, 04:02:06 PM »
Touchscreen is an altogether different problem. The 5D is still a prosumer and pro market camera...who may not want touchscreen to work through menus, etc.

count me in this camp. not once have i ever had trouble accessing a canon menu quick enough and thought to myself "i wish this was touchscreen so it would be easier"

on the contrary...my fat fingers had issues with the touch screen on an iphone 4s. i can only imagine how infuriating trying to deal with a touch screen that is much smaller would be.

for me...no thank you.

the attachment is broken for me. cant access the image you attached.

Photography Technique / Re: Beginner Tips for Home Studio and Portraits?
« on: January 28, 2015, 12:58:23 PM »
the allure of studio work is that it offers the potential for full control over lighting and exposure. everything is manually controlled as has been stated.

 the challenge in learning studio technique is that the approach is almost limitless. for example, i have at least 3 different lighting set ups that i use for simple headshots alone depending on my mood and the look i want to achieve. no one can tell you how to set up or use your lights...there are just way too many variables to try to do that and in the end each individual technique is just a personal preference and may not be suitable in your space or for your intended purposes.

 my suggestion...start to learn and understand what lighting ratios are. this is key in studio work. next, learn how different modifiers shape light. understanding that will inform you on when to choose an umbrella, softbox, dish, grid etc etc. all of this will greatly depend on the size of the space you are working in. width, depth, and height of your space will dictate what you can or cannot do in terms of lighting scenarios.

im confused a bit. in your signature it says you have the 1dx and the 24-70mm F2.8 II. are you saying that you sold those just recently and now you are looking to purchase them again?

not sure i understand the point of that.

Landscape / Re: Landscape paradise: Colorado vs. Pacific Northwest
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:31:08 PM »
wow, such an well timed topic as i just got back from denver colorado myself and kinda struggled with my expectations as i am used to visiting the pacific northwest.

in a nutshell my takeaway experience was that while the rockies outside of denver were quite impressive, i didnt find the "wow" factor that i typically find in pretty much everything i see in the pacific northwest. the areas that i have been to included oregon, montana, idaho, and washington...all of which provided a vast amount of opportunity to me even in the brief visits that i took.

i wondered if i am biased towards the PNW. i wondered if being in denver during the winter and for just 2 days somewhat minimized my overall experience. we were able to get to an elevation of 10,000 ft via the main roads alone. i am nowhere near the shape i would need to be in to do any serious hiking and the roads that went deeper into the range were shut down for the winter so i hesitate to qualify it as much of an experience.

still, to me, the pacific northwest offers a plethora of streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, mountains, paths, clearings, etc etc ad nauseum etc....you get my point. i LOVE that country...so much so i insisted that we end up in that region on my honeymoon (the wife did not regret that one!). anyway...denver had lots of mountains, but in 2 days we were hard pressed to find access to any impressive waterways. saw them on the map...just couldnt get to them easily.

my vote is PNW.

EOS Bodies / Re: Buying second hand, avoid low shutter count.
« on: January 22, 2015, 06:13:57 PM »
I had a shutter literally explode during a shoot with my 5dC. It failed at 186,000 actuations.

The cost of replacing a canon shutter is cheap. Mine was replaced for around 200.00 by canon. That's peanuts relative to the added years of use I got out of it. For that reason, I no longer care about shutter counts. If it fails I'll have it repaired quickly and cheaply. No big deal.

Much ado about nothing.

Lenses / Re: The Canon EF 50mm f/1.0L
« on: January 19, 2015, 08:37:41 PM »

That's nice for you but for the rest of us, we have to read it.  You do realize that no one really cares, right?  So why post this at all?  It's a waste of both your time and ours.  This appears to be a beef between the two of you.  If it can't be settled in the PM Board, why not just ignore each other and focus on the topic?  Really.  Please!   ::)


I'm just here to share a story that's common in the community and which I hope to prevent such instances like this

i am fine with your post. i think in a forum such as this it is perfectly fine to report on such behavior and i think its completely natural to express frustration over it.

i also think its good that you followed up to your original post.

I really wonder what the bride would think about her wedding photographer, which I assume you were paid for, was pulling her wedding photos into this drama? Would she be happy knowing that her wedding pictures were being used to bash this guy?

just out of curiousity...do you shoot weddings?

early on when i was starting i worked for a highschool portrait company shooting sports and events. typically each school signs a contract with these companies that prohibit any other commercial photography from happening at a contracted school event.

outside of becoming a freelance shooter for one of these companies you will meet some stiff resistance trying to photograph highschool events. even if you offer to shoot for free and not charge for prints, the company will look at it as the school is breaching the contract as it could take potential sales away from them.

as far as higher level athletic events, i have shot a few collegiate athletic events only because i was hired by one of the institutions departments to cover alumni related stuff. those type of events will require some type of pass being issued either through the institution or through the media. when you get to that level (and i imagine the pro level) institutions will be very cautious about allowing photography as they are very keen on controlling their brand.

your best bet might be approaching media outlets to see if they hire freelancers to cover sporting events. i couldn't advise you as to how to do this as i haven't personally done it myself. i'm friends with a photojournalist that works for the local paper and i hear alot about the state of that industry. what may work in your favor is that many media outlets have cut their staffing by a significant amount which could open up more opportunities for freelance coverage. what may work against you is that their budgets have been cut significantly as well and they may not be interested in paying freelancers. another consideration is that you likely would not have rights to any images you shot as they would be owned by the media outlet.

outside of being a parent of a child who participates in a youth league, its not the friendliest environment out there for sports photography if you are not already affiliated with an organization.

at worst...you could always just show up and shoot until you are told to stop.

What is the main difference of cheap vs expensive inkjet? pixma ip series and pixma pro?
Paper they can handle? Color Only?

the differences in inkjet printers will include the number of inks it uses, what the ink set is comprised of (does it have multiple greys for better B&W printing), the size and thickness of paper it will accept, the resolution of the printer (most have good resolution these days) and the speed at which it can print, among other differences.

i upgraded from an epson r1800 to an epson r2880 an couple of years ago for the additional inks, the improved archival quality of those inks, and above all the ability to print on thicker stock fine art paper. i like using Hahnemuhle papers with higher GSMs and these would often get stuck in the feeder of the r1800. hence the r2880 was a good solution for me at the time.

you need to identify what printing parameters you need and then select the printer that will allow for those parameters. i use B&Hs website to view specs for different products to quickly determine if the specs i need are being met by an item i might purchase.

Lighting / Re: Fast firing units?
« on: January 11, 2015, 12:17:12 PM »
Hmm, interesting. Never shot under those conditions but i imagine you need short bursts of fast recycle then you have a short break until the next racers are on the block?

What i would do is a single flash unit on a stand aimed at racers with wireless trigger. Dial the power down to match your ideal camera settings. If you get the power dialed down far enough (on say a 600ex rt) you may be able to get a decent recycle rate on batteries alone. If not attach an external power pack. Drag shutter for taste....

The only wrinkle i could potentially see is getting permission to fire a strobe in the direction of the racers. Participants in sporting events can be particular about conditions that may be distracting and flash is usually at the top of the list.

Good luck.

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