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EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Semi-Erotic Photography: Questions...
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:55:33 AM »
Re age, always take a photo of a drivers license or a passport  :)

Also, I'd never ever shoot any models under 18 for a nude / implied nude even with a written parental consent - its just not worth the risk.
This. You're legally obliged (IANAL but I'm pretty sure) to be able to prove that your models are over 18 at the time of shooting. Also, this seems a little paranoid but it sounded like good advice to me: make sure you never physically touch your models. Many photographers will prop up arms and legs and the head in order to get the right shot ("hold it here, like so"). With erotic shoots, this might be construed to be harassment of some sort. Most models will probably want all the direction you can give 'em, but you only need one 'misunderstanding' for the lawsuit you really do not want.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mkIII image "Dust" after impact
« on: October 24, 2012, 03:05:47 PM »
Smile! :)
+1 - your puppy will be as good as new shortly, I'd have done the same.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mkIII image "Dust" after impact
« on: October 23, 2012, 07:03:29 PM »
I would also try and find canned air without an added bitterant. I have noticed, that will leave a film/cloud behind. Good luck
Canned air is not air. I wouldn't ever use it on your sensor, with or without bittering agent. Alternatively, an air compressor delivers much too much punch for your camera and, again, it will probably just move the dust around, rather than removing it. Better cleaning tips have been given above, esp. in the video.

Well...I can always get the house only...but a grip is a must have!
There are a lot of third party grips, if you search around you can probably find a few threads here. I think the one in highest regard is the Pixel, less than 100 usd on eBay and reasonably sturdy. Although I wouldn't want to depend on the tripod mount screw, which is why I bought the original, expensive Canon  :-\

Read the front page if you haven't already. I'm quite pissed at canon USA for making me buy the wrong goddamn camera based on something you can fix with a firmware update. I'm still accepting paypal and checks this time for my new 5d mkIII fund.
I need the money myself for my TS/E-fund :P but I seriously empathize. I hope you can offload it without too big a loss, but otherwise you still have a far superior burst rate, superior build quality and an extra 30% free reach. And a camera that will make 95% of CR visitors srsly jealous - including me, and I *have* a 5D3.

Of course, I'm pretty happy with the announcement, but I am also a little puzzled about it for just this reason - they could have forseen they would @!$$ people like you off. Until yesterday, you wanted f/8 AF, you should buy a 1D. I guess no more...

But I still think the 5D3 would be a pretty good move for the TS, even if it means getting a new UWA. After all, there's only so much glass you can put on a camera before it's just not worth it anymore. I'm still reeling from how much better my 70-200 is on that 5D3, moving up from a Rebel. And any future glass will immediately benefit from that IQ jump too.

So it's a hardware wish -- 5D3 folks really shouldn't hold their breath for that, right?
I'd love to be able to say 'right you are' and be done with it, but I fear here's some more fuel for the hate brigade :P

If you compare (click page 7) and (click Metering and exposure control), you'll notice both camera's have very different systems. The 1DX even has a dedicated Digic 4 to deal with metering.

However, the 5D3 does have a 63 zone metering sensor that presumedly could follow AF points. If you're doing 61pt auto selected AF (and maybe zone AF too), it actually will weigh the lighting for all focus points that have focus. So there it already does what we want it to do, but only if the camera gets to pick the focus points. And with Evaluative, Spot, Partial and Centre-weighted metering however, it always works for the center point only (with more or less extra zones around it used depending on the mode), no matter where you have achieved focus.

So I believe Canon could improve this with a firmware update. If it would work as accurate as with the 1DX, especially taking into account the lesser hardware - probably not. But I'm convinced it can be done. Sorry ;)

  • Where can't we have spot metering at the selected AF point like the 1DX?  (Okay, no one really complained about that other than me, but I'm still putting it on this list.)
You've missed a few votes, including mine - this is my only REAL gripe about the 5D3. The red illumination thingy is second, but it's not close - I can work around that. This, not so much.
Shouldn't we keep our feet on the ground here?  Or am I trying to reason with a mob in full bloom?  :-P
As you might have read earlier in this thread, people have camera's that malfunction because of these rumours. That is a very serious concern and you can't blame anyone but Canon. I'm mostly surprised at how few people have announced their switching to Nikon, but presumedly, the night is still young  ::)

How about this one:
I don't know if you'll fare better with this one but I do stand corrected, hdmi recording is apparently much cheaper than since I last checked. Thanks for that :)

Can anyone explain the particulars here what this means with regard to video with the 5D3.....?
It's only relevant for professionals. There are no consumer grade hdmi recorders because it would mean digital video copying on a humungous scale. The cheapest recorders you can find are in the $5K region, I think.

Uncompressed does mean that you can achieve a higher bit rate than what is stored to the cards, but I couldn't say anything about the magnitude of the difference.

For me, this is a forgettable extra, anyway. Ymmv :)

Your decision just got a little harder: seems from April on, the 5D3 will officially support f/8 lenses and combo's, too. Obviously too early to say how the speed will be, but this does mean you can use Canon TC's as well.

Hope this helps :P

[edit]Whoops, forgot the link: :)

April 2013? You mean April 1st 2013? Because in that case everything is explained  :P
My thoughts exactly. No way that a software fix gets announced this far ahead, unless there's something fidgety going on.

Mind you, I'm very happy with f/8. I'm going to borrow a 100-400 quite a bit more often now. Then, I'm going to try and shoot birds and miss, because still no red illumination in Servo AF :o

Don't see the need for uncompressed hdmi - but that's obviously because Nikon, and now the fanboys need to be appeased. Clear indication that forums like these are totally counterproductive  ::)

And what about the minimum shutter in auto ISO? Doesn't need an update (to add at least 1/500, 1/1000) ?
Yup, there's that too. Must have!

Lenses / Re: New 50mm f/1.4 lenses are metal throughout?
« on: October 22, 2012, 07:04:14 PM »
Why does everyone want a heavy metal lens that would cost like 3 times as much?
Because heavy metal makes everything awesome! :D

Proud participant in the I-can't-help-myself-movement.

I had meant to say check if the Tokina is compatible, as I know very little about them, but some are compatible with full frame. However, I would be more concerned about damage to the mirror assembly if it isn't compatible.
I'm pretty sure it will work normally except for the crop circle (which is going to be more of a very jagged crop rectangle), like all Tokina UWA's. I'm also pretty sure that all EF-compatible lenses will work with all Canons and not crash the mirror in the process, except for the Canon EF-S range. I'm unaware of any other exceptions, but I too don't know everything about all lenses - I'm just hoping that together, we'll get there in the end :) Anyhoo, TS needs a new wide angle lens ::)

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mkIII image "Dust" after impact
« on: October 22, 2012, 05:38:02 PM »
I often won't even put any solution on the swab. 
Solution is not just some sort of soap, but also lubricant - your swab is more abrasive if you do not apply any. I'd strongly recommend you always use it.

I cleaned my Rebel sensor as a matter of course, but my 5D3... Let's just say I hope it won't need to be cleaned for some time ;)

GL @ TS - my Rebel fell on concrete once from about two feet high. I feel your shock ::)

If the Tokina is the only wideangle you have, depending on your style for landscapes, you may find it a little wide on the 5D MkIII (although you could of course crop).
No worries - it would crop automatically, as this is a crop lens ::) It's not meant for either camera; it might be a 16mm on the 5D3 and even be used at 14 or 15 on the 1D4, but ymmv and I wouldn't call it a zoom lens anymore anyway.

Also, a word of warning on the Sigma 120-300: reviews have it that AF is not all that reliable, which is why I scratched it from my must-have list. If you don't have a good copy, you can't shoot what you want, when you want it. I'd say that lens is not guaranteed suitable for sports and birding, and your purchase will involve risk ;)

For more reach, I think most of your solutions would work. Any 300/2.8 with an extender means 600mm and that's 1.5 times your current resolving power. I think my 5D3 is significantly sharper than a 7D, especially at high iso - it's not double, but it might come close to your 7D with 200mm extra. I don't think the 1D4 will make a much bigger difference. For versatility, I'd choose the 5D3 over the 1D4 because of the freedom the high iso performance gives you, which I'd value higher than framerate.

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