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The idea of being able to do this is absolutely drool-worthy.
Will be interesting to see how well it performs and how much movement range it will have on a FF.

Dang!  Sony's the only system I don't carry... yet.

Photography Technique / APOLLO missions - image inconsistencies
« on: August 17, 2014, 07:36:51 PM »
This seems about the most appropriate forum heading to post this so here goes.

I've often heard of controversy around various aspects of images from Apollo missions.  I'd never taken it too seriously but an interesting old video on youtube .. Small | Large

.. caught my attention the other night and I started watching it.
I've only gone thru the first 1.5 hours, it's ~3:40 total.

They present a variety of interesting discontinuities and other inconsistencies which could lend some credence to some of these images being produced in ways that are not congruent with the official story.
Whether differences in lighting or physical geometry, some things just don't look right.

None of this was obvious, when I was a wide-eyed kid watching these events unfold, back in the day on a small B&W TV.  Thinking about it now, that would have been an exceptional feat to accomplish with the technology of the time!  So there's room for doubt.. and deception.

Has there been a good discussion on this topic on this site before?

If not, with all the expertise available here, it should be possible to have a very interesting one.

For convenience' sake, if you comment on this, or any other video you may reference on the subject, please include the video time relevant to your reply.

Lots of useful incremental improvements in the D810 over the D800/e!

NX-D software going free soon too

I wonder if the 64 ISO is truly native and will result in a bit more DR as well.
The improved battery life and shooting speed, group AF, highlite metering, etc, could all prove very practical.
Video improvements will likely appeal to those who need that.

Third Party Manufacturers / I'd call this more of a tie, for now
« on: April 14, 2014, 01:03:56 AM »
Sony's sales of system-cameras slightly exceeds Canon's... in S Korea.

it's taken a while for the trend to get to this point and I'm surprised homegrown Samsung product wasn't up there.

they traded a little overall sharpness for improved micro-contrast
the test-bench result here looks pretty good.

smooth bokeh also a goal for Sigma's 50mm f/1.4 Art lens

See about 2/3 the way down in this dpreview interview, or just search for "onion"

I hope this makes Zeiss blush.

and at a considerably lower (half) price

same size sensor, slightly faster 22 fps framerate, plenty of useful features.

DxOmark's new king of the DR hill is a crop video sensor.  ouch!

Red's Epic Dragon - so video is not a handicap to excellent sensor performance.  I guess I'd based that tenet on some other companys' products. ;)

Altho not very flexible as a still camera, just goes to prove that well designed hardware can produce excellent performance metrics even at video framerates, ... with a crop sensor.  I'm impressed, too bad we don't get to view the basic measurement data.

I wonder how that Arri would test.

Looks like there's gonna be some serious butt-kickin' mirrorless crop cameras to choose from in 2014!

As much as I am excited by the prospect of using Fuji's new xt1, excited enough to have pre-ordered one, this new Sony sports a higher res sensor, AF with more coverage and claims to be the fastest.
AND an impressive price tag! (half the price of the Fuji for body alone)

Now I've never paid much attention to Sony for still cameras, and from what I hear, they're still lacking a good lens selection, but bodies like this are going to attract photo enthusiasts' interest like Katy Perry in latex would attract oglers.
Add in-body stabilization to a feature set like the a6000 and we'll almost have it all.

If Pentax is wondering what to build to replace the K-01, the Sony and Fuji would be a good foundation.  But DO make the register distance short enough to adapt all other lenses; K-mount is too restrictive that way.

Third Party Manufacturers / FUJIFILM'S latest, X-T1 ?
« on: January 20, 2014, 04:20:38 AM »
Well, hardly a rumor any more.
January 28th official announcement.
Looks like they're plastering the deck with manual controls a-plenty.
I sure hope it fits and feels better in hand than Nikon's Df.
If so, it's looking like the next Fuji in my collection and likely to displace a few more DSLR bodies for regular use.
A little popup flash would be convenient but can't always have it all.
The one on the xa1 and xm1 works nice as you can tilt it back and use for bounce.

Third Party Manufacturers / Nikon D5300, now shipping
« on: November 14, 2013, 03:37:31 PM »
Once again, evolutionary improvements on an already good Nikon consumer series body leave competitors behind in many metrics.. and price.

One of these is on my xmas list.  2 more if it performs really well.

They seem to have changed the grip to body spacing a little from previous models, I hope it's still comfortable to hold like the 5100/5200. 
WiFi and GPS abilities, + 1080P at 60fps will be features useful to some.

Third Party Manufacturers / Anyone try the Olympus OM-D E-M1?
« on: November 14, 2013, 01:54:25 AM »
I see that it's performance levels are impressive and I've been intrigued by MFT for a while.  I'd have to see what the available lenses are like, some seem to have a lot of native distortion before in-camera correction.

I played with one in the store tonite and WOW!  I LIKE IT!  Feels like it was custom made for my hand, yet nice and compact, unlike my very comfortable but mugh larger crop and FF DSLR bodies.

AF was super fast under indoor lighting.  Not what I've come to expect from mirrorless, much more like newer DSLR and PDAF.

I'm definitely going to have to spend some time playing with one.
At base (200) ISO the files look, pixel-per-pixel, pretty close to the d800 output at 200 ISO.
Hmmmm...  The Fujis are really nice but methinks I small new Oly toy is now higher on my lust-list.

Third Party Manufacturers / Olympus OM-D E-M1 officially announced.
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:47:10 AM »
Not cheap, well featured.
OK, I'm waiting for DxOmark to test it. ;)
Some new glass looks promising too.
Likely will be a good successor to the 'M5

It's been happening a while but seems to be getting even worse lately, opening the front page of this site can take a very long time.
from what I can tell, it often seems the holdup is google-analytics related code and waiting for social media sites to return data for their links (with counters?)
Seems at its worst during the day when all those over-used social media sites are very busy.

Once into the CR forum section, stuff loads pretty quickly, even with graphics.

I doubt any of this is going away... I'll either be skipping the front page or looking for a browser plugin to block all that 3rd party code from trying to load.

EOS Bodies / 70D black-cap tests - Now with samples
« on: August 30, 2013, 11:02:53 PM »
Lens cap shots.  You bet! :)

Well, I had to process them using DNG-converter 8.2rc but that's likely adequate for now.

What I can see is that the noise structure of the 70D's sensor is still typical Canon; lots of noise in the red and blue channels and still a fair bit in green but the noise structures at base ISO are mostly fine-grained and should respond well to NR software.

There is still some larger structured noise banding tho it's mostly broad horizontal banding and unlikely to severely impact most images.  Dark-sky photographers pushing to look for dim details my be about the only ones who would run into problems.

edit:  BUT - I accidentally took the first 100 ISO dark shot with the info display activated, so rear LCD was ON. The resulting noise levels were much higher (~ between 400 & 800 iso dark shots) than the next 100 iso shot when I turned the display OFF.  The 100 iso dark shot with LCD display ON had much more red channel noise than any of the other shots.

200 and 400 ISO are similar but the noise structures are (more balanced) with both H & V elements.  Again, these are quite fine and will probably respond very well to typical NR software.

Noise starts to pick up at 800 ISO, noise structure similar to iso 400

1600 and 3200 iso show increasing overall noise levels as expected.  Noise structures become a little more obvious but, again, would respond well to NR software and only pushed large areas of continuous shades or tones may bely some of this non-uniformity.

6400 and 12800 are pretty noisy and continue to show some banding structures in both H & V axis but


FPN exists but is at a workably low level and may even be comparable to Toshiba's new sensor as far as noise structures.  However, overall TOTAL NOISE is still much higher than the Sony or Toshiba sensors and this will reduce effective maximum DR somewhat but that can be partly negated with NR software.

I would not steer anyone away from using this camera, it's comparable to the 6D for noise quality and certainly bests my 60D and blows away the 7D I used to have.

If you need the ultimate in clean black levels in your raw files then this is still not the camera for you.

BUT, using some decent noise-reduction software you can comfortably use the 70D in ways that the 7D and 60D before it would disappoint.  The 70D is "good enough" for most uses unless you're as picky as I am.  I know I could still find some situations where this camera might not perform as well as I'd like.

I could also not find any significant variation in noise structure I could attribute to the areas that were normal pixels VS. the AF pixels so they've done a really good job on that.

Polite applause for Canon.  They've certainly made some progress in this model.

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