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Third Party Manufacturers / Olympus OM-D E-M1 officially announced.
« on: September 10, 2013, 01:47:10 AM »
Not cheap, well featured.
OK, I'm waiting for DxOmark to test it. ;)
Some new glass looks promising too.
Likely will be a good successor to the 'M5


It's been happening a while but seems to be getting even worse lately, opening the front page of this site can take a very long time.
from what I can tell, it often seems the holdup is google-analytics related code and waiting for social media sites to return data for their links (with counters?)
Seems at its worst during the day when all those over-used social media sites are very busy.

Once into the CR forum section, stuff loads pretty quickly, even with graphics.

I doubt any of this is going away... I'll either be skipping the front page or looking for a browser plugin to block all that 3rd party code from trying to load.

EOS Bodies / 70D black-cap tests - Now with samples
« on: August 30, 2013, 11:02:53 PM »
Lens cap shots.  You bet! :)

Well, I had to process them using DNG-converter 8.2rc but that's likely adequate for now.

What I can see is that the noise structure of the 70D's sensor is still typical Canon; lots of noise in the red and blue channels and still a fair bit in green but the noise structures at base ISO are mostly fine-grained and should respond well to NR software.

There is still some larger structured noise banding tho it's mostly broad horizontal banding and unlikely to severely impact most images.  Dark-sky photographers pushing to look for dim details my be about the only ones who would run into problems.

edit:  BUT - I accidentally took the first 100 ISO dark shot with the info display activated, so rear LCD was ON. The resulting noise levels were much higher (~ between 400 & 800 iso dark shots) than the next 100 iso shot when I turned the display OFF.  The 100 iso dark shot with LCD display ON had much more red channel noise than any of the other shots.

200 and 400 ISO are similar but the noise structures are (more balanced) with both H & V elements.  Again, these are quite fine and will probably respond very well to typical NR software.

Noise starts to pick up at 800 ISO, noise structure similar to iso 400

1600 and 3200 iso show increasing overall noise levels as expected.  Noise structures become a little more obvious but, again, would respond well to NR software and only pushed large areas of continuous shades or tones may bely some of this non-uniformity.

6400 and 12800 are pretty noisy and continue to show some banding structures in both H & V axis but


FPN exists but is at a workably low level and may even be comparable to Toshiba's new sensor as far as noise structures.  However, overall TOTAL NOISE is still much higher than the Sony or Toshiba sensors and this will reduce effective maximum DR somewhat but that can be partly negated with NR software.

I would not steer anyone away from using this camera, it's comparable to the 6D for noise quality and certainly bests my 60D and blows away the 7D I used to have.

If you need the ultimate in clean black levels in your raw files then this is still not the camera for you.

BUT, using some decent noise-reduction software you can comfortably use the 70D in ways that the 7D and 60D before it would disappoint.  The 70D is "good enough" for most uses unless you're as picky as I am.  I know I could still find some situations where this camera might not perform as well as I'd like.

I could also not find any significant variation in noise structure I could attribute to the areas that were normal pixels VS. the AF pixels so they've done a really good job on that.

Polite applause for Canon.  They've certainly made some progress in this model.

« on: August 15, 2013, 02:34:20 AM »
Their latest lenses are IQ competitive with the best OEM and the performance/cost ratio is very good too.

I've never experienced tardy service from Canon Canada but if Tamron's trying to make 3 day turn-around service on their lenses that's gonna be a bit irksome to the likes of Canon and Nikon who will only expedite service for their paid-up pro members.

story found on I-R


Has anyone else seen this announced anywhere?

Geez, I was about to do something constructive tonite when, in typical habit, I had to check the various forums to see if anything happened in the last 6 or so hours.
Good thing I did!

Looks like most Pentax distributors have quietly jacked-up prices on almost all lenses, by huge amounts in many cases!
OTOH, body prices have dropped a bit, and a considerable amount on the 645D.

I managed to find the 2 FA series primes I wanted to get, still available at original prices and quickly dealt another blow to my battered credit card.  Doing so is saving me about $350 or more on 2 lenses.

Is this just Pentax trying to make a better profit for their retail partners or is this something they'd do a little in advance of releasing a FF body that would need to use some of that now very much costlier FF-capable glass?

If you have a Pentax habit you need to feed, tonite's a shopping nite.

today only, Thursday, April 18th.
only IN store.

SX50 super-zoom for $350. also various other rebel-ish deals.

Really, no kidding.
April 01 firmware updates.
Dare we load them?  ;D

Check your country's Nikon site, support, downloads, firmware, DSLR, ....

it's up on Canadian and US sites



update affects the following:

  • Support for AF-S NIKKOR 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR added.
  • Improved ubject tracking performance in AF-C (continuous-servo autofocus) mode.
  • Gamut for Adobe RGB images displayed in the camera's monitor has been changed. Enables more vivid display.
  • Resolved always-on exposure preview With live view in [M] (Manual) exposure mode
  • Resolved halting of movie recording in some very rare cases when certain memory cards were used, even when the time remaining display indicated remaining recording time.
  • Resolved purple line along right edge of image when shooting at an image quality setting of TIFF (RGB) and an image size setting of Small.
  • Resolved rare case of images recorded in JPEG format that could not be opened by some software applications.
  • Resolved rare cases of shifted colors when shooting with white balance set to a specific color temperature, as with Preset manual or selected color temp.

The 70D satisfaction poll had me thinking this would be a more interesting poll and, since someone there suggested it, this should expand on the happy vs unhappy binary with a little more variety of options.

I had a 7D, loved the AF, viewfinder, built-in level, and overall performance of it.  However, i sometimes used this camera for landscape type shots because it was what I had with me when the scene presented itself and I was often disappointed with serious shadow banding if I tried doing much with the image in post.
I sold my 7D while it still got a good resale price and have been hoping a new 7D Mark II would arrive this summer with an improved sensor, hopefully providing cleaner low and high ISO performance.  If the AF improved over the original, that's an added bonus.  Once I got accustomed to the way it worked I was able to get adequate AF hits of birds, and even some bugs, in flight.  Sometimes even in low light.

I had a couple 60Ds.  I kept one of them because it's a nice light compact camera that makes a good walk-around or travel camera.  If I were to buy a 70D it would have to be all that, possibly even back to the body design of the 20/30/40/50D, AND have greatly improved sensor performance.  I'd not buy it if it offered; more video features, WiFi, GPS, a bucket full of firmware features but no sensor improvement.

I have not yet chosen to replace my 7D with a competitor's camera, mostly because of one lens there's no good substitute for, the EF 100-400mm L IS.  I could use a competitor's fast 70-200mm with a 2x adapter but that would likely cost me more than a new Canon body so I'm still undecided to pick a solution in this area.  There may even be perfectly viable options in the micro/four-thirds range to do this job but I'm in no hurry.

So...  Things to think about before voting, or buying.

• If a 70D shows up with a better sensor than the original 7D or 60D, and an improved AF system over the x0D line, maybe even comparable to the original 7D, it would have to be priced competitively with a used, original 7D to be worthwhile to some, depending on what their intentions are for such a camera.

• What level of sensor and AF performance improvements might you want from a 70D or a 7D Mark II to entice you to buy one?

• If the 70D doesn't have sensor performance improvements over the 18MP sensors that Canon has supplied over the past few years, will you still consider buying it if all it provides are some extra features like raw video out, WiFi or GPS?

• If the 7D Mark II gets an AF system comparable to the 5D Mark 3, maybe 10 fps, but does not get much, if any, improvement in sensor performance, will you still buy it?

• What is the minimum set of improvements, over the previous body being replaced, would you say is enough to warrant Canon releasing this as a product with a new badge on it?  Would that make you buy it?

• Are you considering cameras from competitors like Sony, Nikon, Pentax, Olympus or others?

• Have you already purchased a camera from one of the competitors because it offers better performance in some way compared to what Canon is currently offering?... or is rumored to supply?

• Or have you had enough of the rumors of future Canon products, looked at available competitor's products, and still decided that it's time you tried a full-frame camera instead? (even though they have different trade-offs compared to crop sensor cameras)

Any other viewpoints you'd like to present, share and discuss are welcome, of course.
And Canon, watch this thread. :)

Just watched the video, posted February 15th, where the high performance of this new lens is designed to not only meet the sensor abilities of cameras like the D800 for resolution, but also to provide very high sharpness and contrast, corner-to-corner, wide open.  Some of the printed test comparisons they show are VERY impressive.
Wish I could justify one of these! 
Addendum:  Expected price at launch is 3000 Euro.


throw in the stabilization and much lower price this lens is certainly worth considering if you don't have the budget for Canon's latest or the Nikon.
It also beats Canon's f/4 offering at a similar price point.


Anyone been using it?  How is it working for you.. subjectively?
Other than it's less-consistent across-the-range performance and likely less rugged build than the Canon, I don't see much for drawbacks to the Tamron for shooters who don't need best-in-class gear in this range.

Let's see how well this thread holds up!

We've got lots of threads here with various sides arguing the merits of read noise and banding in files, fixed pattern noise (FPN), dynamic range (DR), some on annoying lens aberrations and plenty more.

If it's subtle, tell us what it is (and where) versus what you hoped for or expected.
Avoid posting images that started with poor technique or other major problems that are user errors rather than equipment flaws. If you were close but couldn't fix it in post...  Show before, after, and describe what you wanted to achieve.

We have a lot of good people with good advice on good equipment here.  A BIG HOLE IN THE INFORMATION, in my opinion, IS WHAT ARE THE WEAKNESSES OF A PARTICULAR CAMERA OR LENS or other bit of equipment that can make it impossible, difficult, or frustrating to get the shot you wanted.

LET'S SEE THE BAD STUFF SO WE CAN LEARN TO AVOID IT OR WORK AROUND IT and not miss any more shots because of it.  I, for one, had been a little too remiss in the past and I accepted of a lot of positive reviews on equipment only to find out shortly after buying and using it that it had some significant flaws that hindered its usefulness to me.

POST YOUR REMEDIES OR WORK-AROUNDS.  If discussing the issue, please EDIT YOUR QUOTING TO MINIMIZE THE QUOTE TO ONLY WHAT'S REALLY NEEDED instead of quoting everything including all the graphics.

Let the bashing, and learning, begin!
Have fun, keep it civil, make it EDUCATIONAL.

Addendum - to give you an example, here's a scaled shot taken with a 5D Mark II and EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II
The image is basically ruined by garish, multi-outlined bokeh.  This is not a crop, this is the full frame.
200mm at f/4.0

hasty typo fixed, supposed to be 200mm, not 20mm.

Third Party Manufacturers / TAMRON'S thinking about making FAST PRIMES
« on: February 05, 2013, 11:43:56 PM »
short video clip to watch, from the guys over at Pentaxforums.
Interview with Tamron marketing guy.


with the decent performance of their moderate range zooms, I'll be very interested in seeing them return to making some good primes to compete with OEM and Sigma in the "affordable" market.

Too bad the old Adapt-all theme is not returning any time soon.  Would be great for us multi-platform types.

If you're interested and have a chance, let them know you'd like them to produce some.  I'll likely be talking to my local rep in the next couple months about it.

here's an interesting story.
Instead of the color filters used on typical Bayer or other patterned image sensors, this is a color-splitting method based on diffraction within the sensor surface.
This could utilize significantly more incoming light to create electrons for readout signal.
Overall increase in effective QE and SNR possible.

IMO, This may be a method better suited to tiny pixels in small sensors rather than larger sensors and larger pixels in higher end cameras. Either way, an interesting and promising development.


Just saw this on some other sites tonite.
They've been making lots of wide zooms but i haven't seen a new medium long since I can't remember when.


Nothing on Tokina's site yet.

Looking fwd to test results.
Canon's and Nikon's offerings are already pretty good but there's still some room for improvement.

for now, anyway, and likely for a long time to come
That's gotta make y'all happy if you bought one. :)


The Tamron would suffice for me for what I'd use it for and how I'd use it.

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