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It's lot of camera for a really decent price.  And it's small and light with a real enough viewfinder.  Makes me have second thoughts about getting a Pentax K3...

I'm only gonna bide my time, and timing, to upgrade some d5100s to 5300s.  the 5200 was certainly tempting so if the low ISO performance is as good or better, this 5300 is offering way more stuff I can actually use (GPS, WiFi, more battery life, 1080/60p video if I ever use it) at a comparable price point (that will eventually come down to about $650-700 b-o).

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon 58/1.4 - $1,700!!!
« on: October 17, 2013, 02:07:15 PM »
it's 58mm because the legendary old Noct was also 58mm.
This new lens is supposed to be much sharper than the f/1.2 Noct.
I like it.  Don't know if I'll buy it.  Samyang's got a fast 50mm in the works. ;)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Sony A7 or A7R pre-order list
« on: October 17, 2013, 02:05:10 PM »
short register distance with class-leading FF sensor = nice compact back for whatever you want to put in front of it.  Smart thinking Sony!
This could be the sort of modular imaging tool that appeals to gear/tech geeks in a big way.  And the price point is practical enough.
I'm mildly excited by this product, it's really cool!  And useful for more than typical photo-video applications... microscopy for example.. astrophotography?

No pre-order for me, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for some goofy project to justify getting one.

EOS Bodies / Re: Reactions, Pros and Cons, and Results to the 70D
« on: October 15, 2013, 01:02:21 AM »
If it is truly the best crop camera, it has to beat out the 7D which from what I have read is pretty tough to do.  I imagine they are on the shelf because of the uncertain economic climate.  If I had the money Now, I would order it today. 

7D is a different beast, and is now getting to be an old one too.
I loved everything about my 7D except the very strong low iso pattern noise mine had.  if it weren't for that it'd still be THE top Canon crop body for so many reasons, IMO.  Some 7Ds are good at low ISO, if you get one of those it's worth grinning cuz it is a really great photographic tool for so many kinds of work.

So yes, the 7D is still a very strong competitor and worth considering over the 70D in some ways.

For me, the 70D is an improvement/better because Canon has actually made some sensor improvements that result in almost non-existant pattern noise at low ISO.  The split-pixel AF is a vast improvement in live-view AF which also has its uses.
I'm not sure I'll buy a 70D though.. I can wait until the 7d2 comes out to see what it will do.  Meanwhile, Pentax has released the new K3 which might come close enough to the old 7D's abilities for me to be satisfied as I don't need top-teir performance as much as maximum low ISO image quality.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: "Downgrading" for a very specific reason
« on: October 14, 2013, 04:29:20 PM »
Yup, you're not imagining the difference.  This topic has been touched on in numerous, often vociferous debates here in the past. It's likely the tighter bandwidth of the CFA on the older sensors.
I don't know how much the in-camera processing differs, as far as generating raw files is concerned, but even using the same PP workflow I prefer "the look" from Canon images from the Digic 3 or older generations.  I sold off most of my newest Canon gear when switching to PentNikon but I retained my favorite Canon croppers; 40D, 450Ds and even 1000Ds.  I still prefer the older 350D in some ways, it also has "that look" that's very similar to the 5DC.  You can also find this difference, to a less extent, even in PnS cameras like the G-series.  G3 is one of my favorite old compacts for IQ.  Combined with the different low-iso noise character, those old cameras produced very pleasing results with minimal tweaks in post.  HI iso is no comparison, modern wins.

too bad Ankorwatt/Mikael isn't here to have his, "I told you so" moment. ;)

EOS Bodies / Re: Reactions, Pros and Cons, and Results to the 70D
« on: October 12, 2013, 02:44:00 PM »
I was having a chat with the manager of a major retail chain outlet yesterday and we had a brief discussion about the 70D.
In short, this is probably Canon's best crop body yet, but the response from the buying public has been very underwhelming; they're sitting on the shelf much longer than expected.

40D is still my favorite Canon, 60D is very good too, but from what I've seen of the 70D you will likely find it a very pleasing upgrade from the 40D in most ways except for a few ergonomic differences.

Good thread folks! inspired by many of the shots I've seen. Proof that it's about the technique and the elements, not just about megapixels and wi-fi..

Yup.  Was surprised to see an old Pentax K100 delivered a gorgeous close up of a dragonfly used in a page+ spread in recent Canadian Geographic magazine, collectors' edition I think, on stands last week.

There were probably more great shots with old gear in there but the checkout line started moving and I didn't want to buy the magazine.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Where is the Canon 7D successor?
« on: October 09, 2013, 03:09:31 PM »
Pentax's latest toy, the K-3 has more fps, more AF points, more MP, better metering, better viewfinder, USB 3.0, new AA feature ...

And what has Canon given us recently? ...
Canon has plenty of incredible lenses which Pentax can NEVER match ... Canon's 7D with a 400mm, or 500mm or 600mm or 800mm lens will kick Pentax's a55 any day, even with their latest "toy".
maybe, once Canon picks themselves up and brushes off the dust from the $1300 kick that just landed on their rump. ;)
I'm not a super long-lens geek but the new Pentax 560/5.6 performs well enough optically and it's long enough to use as a weapon.

cool shot
looks like a fun lens to play with.
more convenient than reverse mounted lens on bellows.

Canon General / Re: Baffles the mind
« on: October 09, 2013, 02:54:50 PM »
How can someone love making images and completely dismiss motion pictures?

Hmmm.. I've never heard anyone want to print and hang a video on a wall.

Only time I shot video was for a raucous parade that I was then able to show to some housebound octogenarians later.  (used a 60D) 
OTOH, my buddy was shooting stills of the same event and I prefer looking at his stills, and the few that I took, than my video.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Where is the Canon 7D successor?
« on: October 09, 2013, 01:08:36 AM »
Pentax's latest toy, the K-3 has more fps, more AF points, more MP, better metering...

The K3 BETTER have better metering, or at least as good as the 7D's was.
I find the only thing to gripe about on my K52s is the metering; inconsistent, unpredictable, and often way under-exposed.
From what I've seen so far, it's new metering system will be about what Canon or Nikon have already been doing for a long time even on their P&S bodies.  The extra resolution of the K3's metering sensor may, however, make it close to what the D800 can do - and that's sweet.

If K3's AF is at least as good as the old 7D's it'll be good enough for me.
Time to sell the 100-400L and use that to fund a K3 while dredging up some other loot for a Sigma 150-500 to take its place.  Total outlay still cheaper than adding a new 7D2 (to an old lens) is likely to be.

But no rush to do that. I'll wait until the K3's tests and reviews are out, add my own noise tests and decide.
Maybe the 7D2 will arrive by then to wow us and cause a moment of reconsideration.

EOS Bodies / Re: Brand New EOS 70D has a lot of specs on sensor
« on: September 30, 2013, 01:30:53 AM »
Get some good blowers, preferably a FILTERED one like the Zeeion by Visible Dust.

did you try it?

it stinks and compared to my other blower it has a very weak airflow.
i send mine back after initial testing.

would like to have a filtered blower but i can not recommend the visibledust one.
especially not for the high price.

visibledust likes to talk tech mubo jumbo so people who like to have high-tech (aka photographers) will buy their stuff. it makes them feel better.  ;) 
but if it really works as expected is a different question.

and im always suprised that visibledust gets so much praise.
their products are build so cheap.

i love the idea of the arctic butterfly.. but now i have the third one (warranty).
the first two stopped working after some time. broken electromotor.
good idea but bad chinese manufacturing.
and the price is not even cheap. :(

Yes, I've used the Zeeion blower successfully many times.
It certainly is not like a Rocket blower blast, the fine filter adds restriction after all, but it was enough to remove particles the built-in cleaning system couldn't dislodge, and most importantly, it doesn't add new ones.
Zeeion requires more careful use to put the nozzle closer to the sensor for some stubborn particles.

I use the Giottos Rocket for everything BUT the sensor these days.  It's great for pre-cleaning around the mount, back of the lens and the mirrorbox while the shutter's closed, or lens filters.  Do this every time and you'll rarely have to blast the actual sensor from dust.

Zeeion is useful as it is, but if you can find a better FILTERED blower bulb, please let us know.

as for that video of the static test - try the Giottos Rocket in comparison.
AA filters are already anti-stat coated and incredibly slick.

.. Now where are those new swabs I got to get the oil spots off my D800?…  ???

EOS Bodies / Re: Brand New EOS 70D has a lot of specs on sensor
« on: September 28, 2013, 11:06:15 PM »
that does have a fair bit of crud on it for a "new" camera
Either way, takes less time to clean it than to send it back and it's something you'll occasionally have to do anyway.
Get some good blowers, preferably a FILTERED one like the Zeeion by Visible Dust.

The Giottos Rocket Blower that so many people like provides a strong stream of air and also is good at cleaning gear ...
I've had it leave more sticky waxy particles on my sensor that then require more serious cleaning methods to remove.  Likely some leftover mold-release material or something.

Lesson learned.
Use the Giottos on everything BUT the sensor unless i have no other choice.  It's great for cleaning around the lens mount and inside the mirror-box.  Keeping the mount and box clean will greatly reduce dust getting ON your sensor.

Use the Zeeion blower on the actual sensor.

other than that I prefer my own micron-filtered compressed air line and custom nozzle when I'm at home.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: 10 Signs You're a Photo Geek
« on: September 19, 2013, 02:33:28 AM »
You might be a photo geek if you have painted your walls 18% grey.

Or added focus targets

Or see pattern noise when you close your eyes.  ;)
If I rub my eyes, REALLY HARD, I see some cool color patterns!  ;D
If I don't then the noise is pretty random and organic and confined to luminance channel only.
Since these sensors are always stuck on live-view I don't have the software to boost in real-time to check for possible underlying patterns.  It's OK tho, because in normal earthly lighting conditions they have exceptional dynamic range, resolution and the ability to identify the faintest of adjacent shade/tonal differences, probably exceeding 16 bit/color.  ;)

And with that I'm gonna go away and let that post-count sit for a little while.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 2nd Camera Dilemma
« on: September 18, 2013, 09:08:23 PM »
sharing accessories is nice, but so's a compact camera that will kick something like the 7D and 5D2 all the way from 100 iso to 6400 and back when it comes to IQ.

I've heard good things about the Fuji X100S and X-E1 and the Sony RX100 but wasn't aware their IQ was superior to the 5D2.  Are there any sites that do side-by-side image quality comparisons?

5d2 can make some good images but it's old tech and is a noisy beast compared to today's best
Have a look at DPR's recent review of the little X-M1 Fuji, still kickin' butt, even compared to my Pentax K52s

you can select a 5d2, and many others, from one of the other camera's drop-down menus

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