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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon DSLR Body Rumors for 2013
« on: January 02, 2013, 01:30:42 AM »
70D would pretty much have to supply at least 5fps to maintain its prosumer category which the 60D nearly lost due to lost features and downgraded handling.

7d2 can have the same AF as the 7D, it was good enough for most things once you figured it out, worked well in low light and action tracking.  Adding ability to track the subject also using color cues from a more complex metering sensor would be a nice benefit to have to match some of the Nikon bodies.

but they'd better get rid of the banding and pattern noise problems for both new bodies, especially at low ISO. It's become a pathetic weakness already when competitors' cameras costing under $400, like the ultra tiny Pentax Q or D5100, can supply raw images without banding problems.

I'd take the 6D over the D600 because it fits my hand better, I already use D800s, and I'd prefer a replacement for my FF Canon disappointment known as a 5D2.

I shifted from all Canon bodies to a mix of Nikon & Canon over a year ago because I could not push Canon files to the extent I needed to without running into their low ISO patterned noise issues.

My first Nikon was a D5100, cheap, great IQ, fits my hand well and was easy to get used to. Tilted sensor issue affects most of the 8 I've now tested but... they're under $400 now!  Best IQ/$ I've seen.

Next came a pair of D800/e bodies.  I love the ergonomics and compared to my 5D2 the raw files are fabulous for what I need. There's a button for nearly everything and once used to it it's very much a photographers' tool, programmable and adaptable enough for most jobs.  Requires 2 hands to operate more often than a Canon body.

I planned to sell one D800 and replace with cheaper D600 but, like the D7000, the ergonomics of the D600, for some reason, presses my irritation button, instantly.  Just plain hate the feel of the D600 and D7000!  It also was not worth the $1k savings to not have all the extra goodies I was starting to enjoy using on the D800.

I'm ready to toss my 5D2, it's raw files are too affected by low ISO pattern noise.
I had a quick feel of the 6D and like it.  It feels like a decent enough layout and likely performs better than my 5D2 but need to make my test shots before I know if swapping my 5D2 for a 6D is an actual upgrade.
Also, with rumors of improved sensor tech coming from Canon, I'd like to see a FF body that actually performs really well at low ISO. I can't say, today, if the 6D's low ISO has improved enough to be comparable to the $380 D5100's raw files.  6D's hi iso performance certainly looks better but that's not what I really need to augment my kit.
I want a FF Canon that performs much better than the 5D2 for low ISO IQ at similar resolution, nothing else is needed.
I will not buy another Canon body, however, until it is essentially free of low ISO fixed pattern noise like current Nikons are.

Gotta give it to Canon tho, they make a better user interface in every body they make, very intuitive.  Nikon's UI takes a lot more getting used to, often puzzling what some functions are until you learn them.
OTOH, Canon seems to re-arrange button layout on every model, so I often have to pull out a flashlight and look for a control in the dark.  Kinda wish they'd pick a layout and stick to it for a while.
One more major thing for me is that Canon's live-view works a heckuva lot better than Nikon's in low light. This is 5D2's amazing feature in comparison to even the latest Nikons.

Happy New Gear!  :)

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikons and Canon's equivalent
« on: December 31, 2012, 01:48:49 PM »
As such, I want to know what is the Canon "equivalent" of the Nikon D700. I know that there will definitely be problems in comparison. I know that the 5D2 doesn't really match up to the D700 in terms of specifications like AF points, FPS, etc.

no real direct comparison; 5d3 for speed and AF, 5d classic for resolution

Also, is the EF 50mm f1.4 as good as the AF-D 50mm f1.4 in terms of accurate focusing (I know this varies with different lenses), speed of focus, colour rendition etc? Individual lens reviews can only say so much so I hope to know if they are comparable.

both of those 50mm f/1.4 lenses are quite good, color rendition is subjective and editable so a moot point to me.
I prefer the Canon one for slightly better border and corner performance, tho on the lower rez D700 the Nikon lens' slightly reduced performance is not likely even noticed.  On a D800 the extra sensor rez could allow an even greater effective overall system resolution.

On a good Nikon body, like the D700, AF speed of the Nikon's screw-drive lens could be a little faster than the USM Canon lens. Nikon's AF accuracy is also very good, altho I've not used the D700 myself.  Those who do shoot with the D700 love it for various reasons and the AF is one of them.
Nikon's D-series lenses are reputed to be very fast focusing when used with high end bodies.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 60D Stock Levels Getting Low?
« on: December 31, 2012, 01:31:09 AM »
Thanks for your input. Iv spent a little bit of time with a 60D, had i bought one a few months ago id be more than happyif i was still shooting with it today, but to purchase one now feels a bit wrong, its just a bit of a weird time for the top of the line canon aps-c market. I also considered a 7D but i still have the same dilema. As you say, CES is a just over a week away so im going to wait and see if announcements are made but from what iv heard even if they are announced next week they may only be available sometime mid 2013. I really hope that wont be the case as iv got quite an itchy 'trigger' finger at the moment (ha) and dont feel i could wait too long, im just hoping an announcement is made next week and they release the product soon after otherwise im still stuck with this predicament.

As far as lenses are concerned i was thinking of getting a 17-85 but my friend has one and he claims the barrel distortion at the wide end is a bit much. The 28-135 was another option but on a crop sensor i fear it wont be wide enough. The 15-85 seems like a good choice, i dont mind spending a little bit more for better glass. There doesnt seem to be much choice for a mid range variable zoom (walkaround lense).

So its one of those 3...or perhaps a third party?? Sigma, tamron? :-\

Sigma's 17-70mm OS seems not bad and being updated shortly too. (I don't personally use this lens so can't say more)
New Sigmas are alleged to be produced with better quality control so hopefully less variability in IQ.
They've sometimes suffered from de-centering issues in previous product that could otherwise be good but hit-and-miss on whether you'd actually get a "good" copy of one.

Canon's EF-S 15-85mm quickly became a favorite of mine on the 60D as a general purpose, walk-around and everything else lens.  It's a bit bothered by CA within a few mm of either end of the zoom range and occasionally has severe corner shading that can't be corrected (combination of filter ring and IS system near limits on some shots) and even some mushy extreme corners at the wide end.  But none of this is enough to make me leave it at home until I can determine whether a competitor's equivalent performs any better.

IMO, I've never liked the 17-85mm for its distortions and the 28-135 is not nearly wide enough, even on FF, for my preference.

One more question... Long exposure NR, does it do a good job on Canon camera or better turn it off and fix the image in Lightroom or DPP ?

In-camera long-exposure NR does a great job of eliminating hot-pixels if you have the time to spare for it to expose and subtract dark frames = to exposure time (up to 30s at least)

BUT, it also INCREASES the baseline (blacklevel) noise slightly on all the the Canon cameras I've tested. (and there's lots)

you probably won't notice this increased black level noise unless you are also pushing the dark areas up in post to do something like show more foreground detail in a starry sky shot.

I now use a different method to shoot and post-process such shots.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Information [CR1]
« on: December 28, 2012, 07:29:22 PM »
Just sold my 7D for a decent price.  ;D
Now I can recharge my credit card and wait to see what's around the CES corner.
Hopefully something with better low ISO performance and equal or even better AF and, dare I wish for it, to be affordable?  Would be nice to hang an improvement on the end of my 100-400mm.  I can wait until summer on that.

My 5D2 should find a new place to live too. gonna take a bath on that one.  ???
Possibly followed by my love-it-hate-it 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS II if I don't stay in the Canon semi-pro body camp.  :-\

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 60D Stock Levels Getting Low?
« on: December 28, 2012, 02:18:10 PM »
Im in a situation where im looking to buy my first dslr but am also unsure as to what to purchase. Iv had my eye on the 60D for quite some time and now the price has dropped considerably. The problem im facing is that this product is over 2 years old and from what iv read a replacement or 60d-7D amalgamation announcement should be coming soon, however i have no idea when we could expect the product to hit store shelves or its release price. I have more than enough money to purchase a 60D now and still have a fair amount left over or purchase its replacement upon release. As most of you know a dslr purchase is a mini investment and i dont want to regret buying a 60D so late on when a new one could be just around the corner, with better features/IQ/sensor etc.

Was just wondering what some of you guys would do or you thoughts on the matter, any advice at all would be very much appreciated!

It's always a tough decision WHEN to jump on the bandwagon. :)
I've had 60Ds since they first came out.  Sold one, kept one.  It's my favorite general purpose body at this time and the first one I grab if I'm off to do some quick documentary shots.  I keep a 15-85mm on it all the time, covers most situations more than adequately for me.  The simplified controls, semi-compact size, good ergonomics, flip screen all are useful.  You can pretty much shoot and control it with one hand if needed.
IQ from the 60D is on par with Canon's best, no worries there. (shares the same weaknesses too)

We're all waiting to see if the rumors of improved Canon sensor technology will show up in the next model, whether that will be a 7D2, 70D or the next consumer Rebel.  Likely not the Rebel tho because the T4i is pretty new yet.

These next models SHOULD be announced within the next 6 months if history has any relevance.

An announcement COULD be made as early as 2nd week in January for the CES gig.  CES is a consumer electronics oriented show so a good venue for consumer or prosumer product announcements.  Hopefully we'll learn something about the new tech by the time CES is over.  Often, in order to garner as much free advertising from the media as possible, they'll issue press releases and announcements a week ahead of the show.

If you can bide your time until after CES, hold on for a few more weeks.
If the money is burning a hole in your pocket then the 60D is a decent camera and will provide you with plenty of good images at a price that's very appealing right now.  It should still have good residual resale value a year from now if you upgrade then.  Judging by Canon's recent pricing on new product its replacement may fall to an appropriate price point by then too.  Any "extra" money you have is always well spent on good glass.  Lenses don't change very often, bodies in this range come and go much more quickly.

Lenses / Re: Bokeh confusion.
« on: December 28, 2012, 01:53:43 PM »
Aglet: I would struggle if I did not use that lens... I find that it has a very useful focal length range..
But yeah the bokeh going by what we see here does seem weird. It is almost as if the camera was rotating on its axis as the shutter was pressed.

I hear ya.  I'd love it if I could just use this lens and not be concerned about ugly bokeh showing up.
but it does, so be aware of the weaknesses of whatever gear you're using.
Just because it cost a lot and came with an "L" in the moniker does not mean it's perfect.

It's a lens with compromises, as most are, unfortunately.
My new Nikon 70-200 f/4 VR shows some of the same effect.  I knew this before I bought it as I could see the radial blur effect in a sample image someone posted from an early production sample.  The shot was of grass, at a shallow angle, so you could see the blur quality around the central focus area.  In the full size shot it was hard to notice the radial blur but in the small thumbnail size image it was grossly obvious.

What I've seen from modern zooms is more of this radial bokeh tendency.  I'm no lens designer but I think this is the price we pay for zooms that are super sharp with well controlled CA.  Subjects in the focus zone are rendered very accurately but those just in front and behind get some strange distortion that seems to be caused by the special elements which are used to provide the corrections that give the focused area its sharpness and color convergence.

For anyone shopping for zooms tho, you can see this effect in the viewfinder if you can aim at some suitable subject matter tho.  I find that tree branches in backgrounds, especially those where you also have plenty of sky available for contrast between them, will often show this distorted bokeh.  Just focus the lens in front of or behind the branches and play with focal length, focus position and aperture and you'll see the distortions show up as you make the changes.  On my 70-200/2.8 v2 I noticed entire sections of blurred branch actually disappearing at some settings! Very strange!

In general, I'm finding these radial bokeh effects show up more at close focus distances and at wide aperture settings.  They often diminish in effect when stopping down.
Your mileage may vary.

This is just another instance of where you need to be wary when everyone raves about how good some piece of gear is.  There's often a catch that's not been discussed as well.  Forums like this are good education opportunities.

Knowing this I've kept a lot of lower quality lenses on hand for just this reason.  Altho a cheap lens will rarely provide the biting sharpness of the pro glass, they'll also rarely show these same distracting aberrations.  They'll have their own problems of course.  But a $200 lens may provide you a workable option when the $2000 one fails in this way.  Some of my best images were made with second-hand consumer grade lenses merely because they provide a balanced "look" with adequate sharpness and smooth bokeh.  I wouldn't expect these cheap lenses to perform well at a race-track though, they focus too slowly.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Samyang 24mm tilt and shift
« on: December 28, 2012, 12:49:40 AM »
Exciting! Now if it's IQ is close to the Canon and it's priced around $1K or less, and we have a winner on our hands. If it's $600, it'd be really, really hard to resist buying it on the spot.

recent rumor price from russian site implies a price of a bit over $1000 on intro.
if if really performs, I'll be all over it even at intro price.

Lenses / Re: Bokeh confusion.
« on: December 28, 2012, 12:39:47 AM »
I find a practical solution is to NOT USE THAT LENS.
Choose something else when you know you'll have somewhat fine textures in the focus transition zone.

For all it's fabulous sharpness and great IS it has too much CA and horrid bokeh in such situations.
Have a look at a recent shot I put in the lens gallery as an example.

Since I got this lens last year I've been amazed at the sharpness and dismayed by the bokeh, often in the same shot.
I preferred my old, non-IS 70-200mm for better bokeh.  Might still grab a used one for the purpose.

If time and planning was possible, I'd have shot that scene with a prime.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 60D Stock Levels Getting Low?
« on: December 27, 2012, 03:03:03 AM »
In Canada, some of the better package deals I've seen the last week or 2 have been directly from Canon's online store.  They were on the 7D with 60D and Rebel kits also at promotional prices with extra lenses, flashes, tripods, bags, etc.
Looks like early 2013 for announcements.  If not at CES in January, then perhaps late Q1 to Q2.

EOS Bodies / Re: Moving to 6D from 5DII
« on: December 27, 2012, 02:58:41 AM »
IF the AF point in the middle  is sensitive as Canon claims it is a big bonus compared to 5dmk2 .

that too
Altho center AF on my 5d2 worked very well in super low light with a fast lens, no complaints.

A new Pentax Q w 5-15mm zoom, 17-50mm f/2.8 Tamron in F-mount and some special FX equipment I can use in the studio.
Looking fwd to playing with it all.
I've got a big empty pocket waiting for that miniscule Q!  Now I'll have a fun gadget to play with instead of pecking away at a cell phone like a typical schmuck whenever I'm waiting for whatever.

EOS Bodies / Re: EOS 60D Stock Levels Getting Low?
« on: December 25, 2012, 01:28:55 AM »
I'm starting to see some 7D promos that are pushing the price down now too.
Looks like Canon's starting to clear the channel of current inventory for some new crop-sensor product to be released sometime first half of 2013.

EOS Bodies / Re: Moving to 6D from 5DII
« on: December 23, 2012, 08:52:04 PM »
it seems to be a good choice, the FWC and QE is higher in 6d compare to 5dmk2 and 5dmk3.
You gain little bit in high iso and even in DR  but there is not any heavy visible banding in 6d as in 5dmk2 mk3 at base iso

I need to shoot some test shots with the 6D and see for myself how much difference there is in low ISO banding and noise structures.
I'd like to retain at least one decent Canon FF body.  The 5d2 was a disappointment to me from day 1.  I must've given too much credence to the FF fan boys out there who were raving about it at the time..
I'm a much harsher critic now.
6D fits my hand fairly well, would feel comfortable in use.
Just have to wait until cost differential of selling 5d2 to buying 6D is optimal.

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