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EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Canon EOS 6D Service Advisory
« on: December 06, 2012, 05:54:16 PM »

You've picked exactly the wrong company to hold up as an example of purity.

I worked for Honda and read internal technical papers acknowledging problems I knew existed as an owner before I worked there. And they had no intention of correcting them -- in those or any subsequent models. There are no companies that will universally treat the customer with fairness and honesty.

I am losing respect for companies pushing products out before testing properly. Why can't they do like Honda? I know its been going on for a while with companies, prob since the beginning of time but social media like these forums catch fire over this type of stuff. I was ever so lucky to be a first 1dm3 owner that had shutter and focus issues. I didn't have major problems but still had the recall. Seriously if Canon weren't so big and the fact that other companies also fail like this they would be out of business. I felt shame for the same thing happening in a company i used to work for where i found an issue and they said well if the customer complains we will address it then. Seriously, made me sick to my stomach that I had to send product out that i wouldn't buy knowing the issues. All for the almighty dollar.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D MkIII instructions - Rant !!
« on: December 06, 2012, 12:41:30 PM »
1. Flake, I can't imagine why you'd be sitting around reading a camera manual. Why torment yourself? Go out, watch a sunset, have a beer. Be gentle with yourself, as a philosopher once advised.

2. Litigation is the cause of this nonsense. Akio Morita, cofounder of Sony Corp. devoted a whole chapter to this travesty in his 1986 book, "Made In Japan." Here's the first paragraph of that chapter:

"I once complained to an American friend that it was becoming difficult to find anything actually made in the United States these days, and he said, 'Why don't you take some of our lawyers, a genuine Made in America product!' We both laughed over the joke, but it isn't really funny."

And 26 years later, none of us are laughing. With Canon, as with every major corporation, not a single official word leaks out that is not vetted by lawyers. When I went to work for a national trade association in Washington, DC in 1984 we had a "staff attorney." When I left 10 years later we used an entire floor of our eight-story building to house the legal department. Perhaps, as Shakespeare suggested, we should kill all the lawyers!

3. Many Americans (people in the U.S. that is) are fat. I think stats now say a third are officially "obese." And all you have to do is look at the failing educational systems, the dysfunctional political system and the crumbling infrastructure to realize as a whole, the people really are dumber than dirt. However, it's dangerous to say such things. This country of the fat, dumb and fearful is armed to the damned teeth and has global reach -- over 1000 military installations worldwide, satellites, drones and a president who sits in his office looking at lists of people he decides will or won't be killed in any part of the world. Just a word to the wise -- my lawyers made me say that!

Anyway, I'll get the 5D3 this month. First thing I'm going to do is burn the manual (after getting the necessary environmental permits, of course).

Canon General / Re: What real Pros shoot...
« on: December 04, 2012, 12:06:49 PM »

Interesting look at the current state of photojournalism.

Despite the common dictum "f/8 and there," most of these images are on the extremes -- slow shutter speeds, wide apertures, high ISO (although not as high as I would have expected from the 5D2 bodies).

Thanks for the link.

PowerShot / Re: Christmas Camera, Under $100US ??
« on: December 03, 2012, 08:44:42 PM »

Thanks, folks. I appreciate the help -- very useful.

PowerShot / Re: Christmas Camera, Under $100US ??
« on: December 02, 2012, 09:57:06 PM »

Thanks, folks.

The Lego camera looked good at first, but reviews are awful. Basically, it's just some lego-looking plastic around a 2005 cell phone camera. She would see right through that.

I immediately thought of the waterproof, ruggedized models, but they're all well over $200.

The fixed lens is a great suggestion, but I don't see any at this level.

Right now a Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-W620 looks like it may be leading the pack ($98 at Amazon).

Anyway, I'll keep looking. Still 22 big shopping days until Christmas!

PowerShot / Christmas Camera, Under $100US ??
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:04:48 PM »

I hope someone here knows something about cheap P&S cameras.

I have a five-year-old niece. For our Thanksgiving dinner day, I gave her a Kodak disposable camera to take pictures. Once she stopped taking pictures of her finger, she did well. She actually took a couple of good pictures. So, I've been thinking about giving her a cheap digital P&S for Christmas, but I don't know much about those cameras.

Canon and Nikon seem to have comparable items around $79, but that's the extent of my "shopping."

Does anyone know how durable these things are -- would they hold up well in the hands of a young child? I do know Canon has a problem with zoom lens sticking in some of their low end cameras. That seems to be triggered by foreign objects getting between the lens segments. I know that won't work with a child.

Her mother is computer competent so she could upload for her so she can display.

Any thoughts? Thanks.

Canon General / Re: Is it worth it...for me?
« on: December 02, 2012, 02:04:49 PM »

Sorry to rain on the shopping parade, but you need experience far more than you need equipment. You've already got decent picture making equipment; spend your time using that to make the best images you possibly can. Give yourself a year with what you've got. A few suggestions:

1. Get involved with a photo club or some class or group that will critique your work constructively. Typically, they will give you "challenges" to go out and get a particular type of picture so you have to get focused on what it takes to MAKE that kind of image.

2. Limit your shooting to only one lens for a day or week or so. That forces you to live within the limitations of that lens and schools you in the discipline of being challenged by limitations. Photography is nothing if not dealing with limitations. The better you get at accepting and dealing with that, the better photographer you will become.

3. Take pictures relentlessly. Shoot every single day. Maybe for 2013, do a 365 project where you have to take and post a picture every day. This forces you to do the work that makes you better.

4. Do some formal training (reading, classes, online videos, etc.) in the theory of photography -- composition, lighting, optics, etc. I know the more I do this the more it eventually sinks in.

Finally, if you can't resist playing Santa for yourself this month, get one of these two lenses:

EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro. This gives you a tighter portrait capability as well as a new option to try some macro work.

EF 135mm f/2.0L. This provides some reach for the sports you mentioned, and it's great for low light, nighttime work. If you get this, go out and walk around at night taking pictures. Also spend a day doing "headhunting," portraits of everyone you see.

Both of those are L-class lenses and will become part of your kit when you move to full-frame photography. Also, you can get either one for less than $1000US.

Thanks for asking -- a good first step.

Abstract / Re: Goofing around could lead to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
« on: December 02, 2012, 01:17:30 PM »

Yep, the older I get the mushier my brain becomes! (And I haven't even added alcohol into that mix, at least not in the last 30 years.)

EOS Bodies / Re: Just ordered a 6D...
« on: December 01, 2012, 07:21:09 PM »

Well, somebody had to do it.

Lenses / Re: Is this the normal bokeh for an L series lens
« on: December 01, 2012, 01:56:28 PM »

Coincidentally, I noticed exactly this phenom using the ef24mm f/1.4L ii last weekend. The room was decorated for Christmas with those icicle lights hanging from the ceiling.

After reading this thread, I wonder if it is not the lens at all, but a different issue of light. When you look directly at any light bulb, it has some light source element inside and an outer casing (glass or plastic). Light passing directly from the source to your eye (or lens) passes through a minimal amount of the casing. Light at the sides or border is passing through substantially more casing material and is greatly diffused.

Anyway, just a thought; could be completely looney. But if there is some "fault" in optics, I want to lean toward the maker of the cheap light bulb rather than a team of optics engineers who designed and built a very expensive camera lens.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Information [CR1]
« on: December 01, 2012, 10:49:27 AM »
If canon puts a 21-22 MP APS-H sensor with 8-10 fps on the new 7D2 .. i will buy one regardless of the price...

You might want to be careful with that "regardless of the price" talk.

I'd bet Canon will do you a one-off for $50 million or so. Maybe less.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 7D Mark II Information [CR1]
« on: November 30, 2012, 05:41:15 PM »
The tidal wave of used 7D bodies hitting the market will obliterate Rebel and 60D sales. I can get a well worn 7D for a hair under $1000 and a barely used one for a little bit more. Hate to think what would happen when that price drops down to compete with new T4i bodies

I'm curious about this "tidal wave of used 7D bodies hitting the market." Where are they coming from? As of a few minutes ago, there were about 140 7Ds listed on eBay in categories other than new (used, refurbished, etc.)

That's a decent quantity, but it doesn't comes anywhere close to the new sales every day of the 60D, T4i, T3i, etc. Certainly not enough to skew the new market in any significant way. Most customers don't buy used and don't want to buy used, which is the reason you can buy a "well worn 7D for a hair under $1000." Plus, one shouldn't assume that the introduction of a 7DII will suddenly prompt all current 7D owners to sell their current bodies. I, for one, will be keeping mine.

What can these people be thinking?

Did the introduction of the 5D3 send a tidal wave of 5D2 bodies to the used market? I don't watch it that closely, but I didn't feel the marketing earth move. What I saw were a lot of people who were rather stunned at the price of the 5D3 so they decided to keep using their serviceable and capable 5D2 equipment. Same thing is going to happen with the 7D2.

As I've been saying for a year or so the price of the 7D2 will be at or near $3K. That's going to stun most people into keeping their 7D.

And speaking of current prices relative to hair. A virtually new 7D body is now at the Canon refurb store for $1023. You can have a 60D body for $640. I can't imagine why someone would go into the jungle of the used 7D market with all its pitfalls when you can have a Canon-assured refurb for the same price -- or at least within a monkey hair of it!

It's about size, weight and stealth if you are into street photography.

Your opinion about the "right tool" for street photography is your opinion about what works for you and you alone.

There are as many "right tools" and different ways of doing street photography as there are people with visual recording devices.

Your way of doing street photography is not my way of doing street photography. Please do not make such statements.

Sony must done something right to already have people comparing it directly to the 5d3 ::)

So, if I compare it to my disposable 35mm Kodak, what does that tell you about Sony?
Anyone can compare any product to any other.

I gave my five-year-old niece one of those Kodak "disposable" cameras at Thanksgiving to take pictures of the day. She did a pretty good job, and the prints are surprisingly good.

Portrait / Re: My 5D Mark III portraits
« on: November 28, 2012, 04:52:38 PM »

Fine work in every respect.

Thanks for showing them.

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