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EOS Bodies - For Stills / How do you test your new camera body?
« on: March 27, 2012, 07:00:46 PM »
There have been a flurry of posts since the Mk3's hit people's hands of either problems or soft images. Until reading these posts I would have never thought of checking a sensor for dead pixels by shooting images with the lens cap on.

So I wanted to ask, in what ways do you test a new camera body for functionality? Any other checks you routinely perform like the dead pixel test above? Do you always do an AFMA with each lens in a closed environment?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5DMk3 Poll Deleted?
« on: March 27, 2012, 06:24:06 PM »
No it was not the 500th thread about what people thought.

It was a poll about frequency of issues (if any) that people have been complaining about with their 5Dmk3.  I'm interested in what issues I should be aware of when my preorder arrives and if it was just a select few.

Guess I also assumed I'd at least get a message as to why the post was deleted.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / 5DMk3 Poll Deleted?
« on: March 27, 2012, 05:14:50 PM »
Not sure where it went or why it was deleted. Can someone shed some light?

Finally got my confirmation!  ;D March 2nd Noon EST Preorder. Pittsburgh PA. Estimated delivery: April 2, 2012 - April 6, 2012. Still has not yet shipped though.

Just thought I'd give ppl an update.

This is what pisses me off about Amazon!!! I placed my order at 7:00AM CST on March 2nd. I have overnight shipping and my status still says Not Yet Shipped. How can Amazon be shipping orders that were placed AFTER my order!

Nothing against you Fatalv :-)

For what it's worth mine is still in the "Not Yet Shipped" category but I did get a delivery estimate and the email delivery estimate as Amazon said they would. I selected Super Shipping Saver if that matters.

I really think the supply lines are dependent upon warehouse location. Tons of ppl here on CR have theirs that ordered after both of us! I'm just glad it's coming and crossing my fingers that there are no major issues like the mass of threads on CR.

Finally got my confirmation!  ;D March 2nd Noon EST Preorder. Pittsburgh PA. Estimated delivery: April 2, 2012 - April 6, 2012. Still has not yet shipped though.

Just thought I'd give ppl an update.

So.. I ordered mine March 22nd.. I am probably never getting one am I? I was hoping to have it before I left on a trip second week of April..

At this rate I would suggest finding another dealer. I'm still at "Not Shipped" / "Preorder" stage with Amazon and I was a March 2nd noon EST purchase. This is getting a bit ridiculous.

EOS Bodies / Re: Disappointed in Amazon 5D Mark III Preorder
« on: March 25, 2012, 11:01:57 PM »
My observation:

Proofread your messages before you send them.  I read you as an annoying teenager when I read that message, or at best, someone who wrote it on their phone and the autocorrect messed up a few words.  Emotionally driven messages hardly ever warrant a response; be lucky you even received one. 

My issue:

I pre-ordered 6-12 hours before other people who were receiving theirs while mine had no ETA.  We (this community) later figure out (best we can) that this has to do with individual proximity to the warehouses that have stock.  This is wrong.  "First come, first serve" shouldn't take a back seat to Amazon wanting to save on overnight shipping from one location in the country to another.  Wrong.  Also, to have the big giant's customer service team tell me and many others that the camera is not in fact released yet, as they are concurrently shipping thousands of them to people who have pre-ordered them is also wrong.

I won't be pre-ordering anything from them again.

That being said, I ordered it from a third party on Amazon and will receive mine Tuesday.  I paid a tiny bit more for shipping.  When Amazon's third party sellers can ship the camera faster, and with more information, than they can themselves, things are pretty messed up, you have to admit.

So while I dislike the way this was handled, are you really surprised?  That being said B&H and Adorama hardly handled things properly either IMO.  This whole launch was terrible.  I received one of the very first 7D's at launch and had no problems whatsoever getting mine, first shipment.

Canon surely also screwed up.  Body only was second place to the kit.  I think that's like a retailer telling you the camera is out of stock unless you buy their kit with two lenses and filters!  It's crap.  They obviously have the camera in stock otherwise the kit wouldn't be an option.  Should be illegal.

All in all this launch was FUBAR'd and everyone needs to learn from the mistakes they ALL made.  In the Canon vs. Nikon battle, things like this get noticed.  Whether the product is great or not is irrelevant if they can't get it into people's hands effectively.  This happens anytime a new game console ships and stock is severely limited.  Poor publicity.

My closing comments:  Nothing will change.  This is the way the broken machine operates.


EOS Bodies / Re: Disappointed in Amazon 5D Mark III Preorder
« on: March 23, 2012, 11:16:28 AM »
Another disgruntled Amazon customer here. Preordered 12:15 EST March 2nd. Still at the "Not Yet Shipped" stage. If it wasn't for the 3% off for using the Amazon Visa ($105) I'd have gone elsewhere by now.

I'm also starting to wonder whether Amazon screwed people that chose free shipping. Although it seems like the majority of people are being screwed so it could just be that I'm paranoid.

If CR says things started to ship on the 21st why haven't so many people that ordered on day 1 , including myself, seen any estimate of delivery?

I'm from PA and still no info. Any others from PA that preordered on the 2nd??

Still stuck at "Not Yet Shipped". Body only order at noon EST March 2nd  :-\

Ordered from Amazon March 2nd @ 12:19 EST. Still no email about estimated ship time.

How are people who ordered after me getting a shipping date? Does my super shipping saver selection screw me over in the preorder line somehow??

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