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16 that is a well known, trusted maker of cameras with a great track record of development, manufacturing, and support.    :P

They brought it out because it was spec'd exactly the way I wanted it....and I could not wait any longer  :)

Would I have liked a better price?  Yes....but a few hundred USD are not a major issue, and I blame that more on the weak $, not, so much, Canon.

Greater DR at low ISO?  Maybe..?  But more as insurance against my not getting the correct exposure.  While intellectually it may seem nice to open up all the dark shadows, an image like that usually looks too artificial and is why we often tire of HDR....even if it is not garish.

More megapixels?  Always nice, but has trade offs....which I guess is true of pretty much all the specs.  It's like what we are told about tripods....if you want cheap, light, and sturdy, you can have any 2, but not all three.

In summary,I believe the 5D3 is an extremely well balanced system....and aim glad I jump on getting it right away (even if it is going to need some taping up).


EOS Bodies / Re: The Techradar Test of the 5D MK3
« on: April 26, 2012, 09:30:45 AM »

However, what i'm more interested in this graph is not the DR on high ISO…it proves one thing that i've always believed in, the 5D3 (or any Canon camera for that matter), performs at it's best at ISO160! Just look at the results..ISO50 and 100 wasn't as good at 160…unlike Nikons that perform well at ISO50…
It's surprising how close the 5D3 is to the D4…

Iso 50 and 160 (and other iso's other than 100, 200, etc) are "derived" ISOs'.  Your best results are obtained by shooting at "full" ISO's and using the principles of ETTR.


EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mk3 - A few complaints
« on: March 26, 2012, 06:27:21 AM »
I never do jpeg.  Raw results using DNG 6.7RC to LR 4 are giving great results. 

are you able to post a sample?
do you have a 5D2?
if so is ACR6.7 giving you results as sharp as the 5Dmk2 does?

I have a 5d2, but ave not spent time doing comparisons.  Mainly exploring and marveling at the 5d3.  When the dot release of LR 4 drops....which I expect/hope will be shortly....I will do some...maybe....

Point is, I do enough "like" test shots that I am pretty sure that the 5d3 excels....without doing a rigorous analysis.  Tonight I am going to do some low light shots in the same venue I did with the 5d2 last week....should be telling....bu on a subjective basis, not a controlled test environment.


EOS Bodies / Re: 5D mk3 - A few complaints
« on: March 25, 2012, 11:49:43 PM »
So i've been snapping away wildly all weekend with the 5Dmk3 and there are a couple of things that bug me
overall the build and handling are significant steps up but there is some silly stuff going on.

1 - The rate button, probably the single most useless button I have even seen on a camera EVER, which would be fine if you could assign it a usefull function instead such as a bracketing button like ever 1D has had since the 1Dmk1 remember that good ol 4MP kodak sensor?
If you want/need to do field rating the button is great.  Lightroom and ACR will pick up an use the star ratings you set.
its nice to just hold a button down and scrollt he wheel bringing up the bracketed stops. having to go into the menu to enable bracketing on a PRO body is just plain lame. This could easily be fixed with a firmware update to enable assigning of more functions to that button
as for rate and protect the whole 2 features you can choose this button to perform, very underwhelming. As it is this button is a total bull tit.
Bracketing can be quickly set through the quick menu or setting C1,C2, or C3.

2 - out of camera Jpeg files are horrible, accross the board there is far too much smearing going on they are well and truely overcooked, mushy and about as sharp as a bowling ball. I like to have medium jpg files writing to the SD card so i can just pop it out to give someone quick access to the pics without jumping through all the raw processing hoops. As it stands I'm really not going to give anyone these jpegs so i've turned it off all together until an update comes out.
This is particularly concerning because all the talk from the marketing machine talked up how all the improvements of blah blah stops is based on jpegs. If this follows through to the 1Dx there are going to be alot of unhappy people with $6500 less in their pocket.

3. RAW processing, I'm a bit amazed that none of this was sorted out prior to release, neither DPP or adobe are producing satisfactory results. The only way i can even see the detail i'm chasing is in DPP preview.
. I never do jpeg.  Raw results using DNG 6.7RC to LR 4 are giving great results. 

4. AF isnt as good as i was expecting in AI servo but I'm still playing with it (there are lots of settings to play with and test) so i'll have to reserve judgement on this but as for just turning it on and shooting with AI servo in standard mode the 1Dmk3 still eats it alive both in speed and accuracy :(
Perhaps I am doing something wrong maybe 7D users have some tips on getting the most from these new AF systems in AI servo.

Suggest you go to the Canon Learning Center....a number of wrieups by Rudy on 1DX and 5D3 AF....should help you get as good with new system as you seem to be with the 1Dmk3


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