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Regardless of what else you read here on CR and/or elsewhere on the internet, I suspect you'll be best served by a Legal Professional.
What you've described sounds quite innocent, wholesome and innocuous, the way things are today you may experience extreme and unexpected backlash of the sort that costs huge in legal fees, ruins your reputation, ends with incarceration or any combination of those.
Don't mess around gambling with your future serenity, seek a Pro in the field.


Here are a few I took at Duxford recently. I felt the skies ruined nearly all my shots of the two Lancasters together. Have kept the shots to try to go back to one day, but I think they are beyond hope  :(

If your Lancaster photos are in focus and reasonably well exposed, please please post them.
I've been hoping some of you 'over there' would get to shoot those two together, their reunion being of historical interest.
Photos of the pair don't need to be art in order to be historic and iconic.

Reviews / Re: Are Gitzo's really overrated?!
« on: October 06, 2014, 02:32:25 PM »
I have a Gitzo GT2531LVL, Acratech Ultimate GP Ballhead.
Both are beasts, I expect they'll last the rest of my life.
The Gitzo has one design/engineering flaw that was apparent from photos and description, I accepted that going in and have addressed it since. Can't complain about this flaw.
It had a manufacturing defect (in duplicate) that I found unacceptable, the ends of the post weren't square. B & H stood behind it with a replacement, same defect present.
Gitzo support (U.S. and Italy) just didn't care, Italy suggested I buy a Manfrotto leveling base to address the flaw, I found that totally unacceptable, that would have largely defeated the object of a leveling post.
I found a local machinist who was happy to take my money to true the center post aluminum end pieces with a lathe, I now hope to never ever have to part with this now marvelous support.
Gitzo support gave me the impression that they were poorly treated low wage clerks with little (if any) knowledge of what, how and why their products should work.
I did want one spare part to modify, ordered through B & H, shipped from Gitzo/Manfrotto's support contractor in Arizona, part arrived quickly, reasonably priced.
I'll rate Gitzo support one thumb up, two thumbs down.
There's something lacking in factory QC too but I was unable to get through to anyone who might care.
I even rang Gitzo/Manfrotto in the U.K., looking for contacts I couldn't get through U.S. support. Response from the U.K., while very pleasant, had no additional help to offer.


Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 04, 2014, 10:52:25 PM »

Here's one.

Visit http://www.luminous-landscape.com

The principal behind that website used to own and review a lot of Canon equipment. Going back as far as the EOS 1V. The 5DII was his last serious Canon camera.

Now, he not only doesn't own any but Canon products haven't feature on that website in many years now.
A quick search of LL shows that is indeed quite true.
That establishes the LL site as a place for partial and biased journalists which throws doubt on everything they publish.
Really? A photography site with regular gear features that excludes the market leader?
Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention that LL is so biased and dilbert approved.

You can quit any time before you get farther behind.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 04, 2014, 03:20:10 PM »
.....LOL! That's so funny. I'm going to be nice and not say any more because you've said more than I expect you realize about yourself here.........

I assure you, I'm well aware of what I wrote, every word carefully considered and chosen. I find it odd that you find it laughable and worthy of your disrespect.
......Nah, you'd miss me.....

Not in the least, that's a promise.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 04, 2014, 02:26:01 PM »
........ Let me clue you in on something: nature isn't built with photographers in mind.......
Um, nature, the world, everything in it, light, shadows, contrast, tonal gradations, compositional elements, all available instantly in infinite combinations, combinations that continually change with time of day, year, weather, viewer's mood and perspective, another combination available with a single step in any direction, words can never even begin to describe a single instant of our visual input to a blind person yet a click of the shutter can record and archive any instant to share with the sighted.
You are so wrong dilbert, nature is indeed symbiotic with photography, you have no cluing me in to do here, none.
......Flash systems? For 99%+ of my shots I don't use a flash.........

Shadows dilbert, your favorite topic and you and your use of your gear's inability to reproduce detail from shadows; shadows are places where light is reduced or blocked partially or entirely.
I think you could stand to learn some lighting techniques beyond simple, flash is one way shadows can, in a controlled manner, be exposed to light and exposed to your sensor.
You are welcome to wish for exquisite detail in every crag in every distant mountain in a landscape scene, you are welcome to continue to wish.

I'm already committing next year's tax return to buying Sony...

…....Conservative market stability is not something that I desire. My camera and lenses are tools, not investments. A digital camera (like any other technology product) is obsolete the day it is announced........

And there's the crux.
You have no budget for the gear you desire, you're waiting on next year's return.
You have my sympathy, I've been there too.
While there, I learned that I had to accept and work within budget limitations, it served no one, especially myself, to continually protest things I could not change. I longed for a 5DII for so long, the 5DIII was released and longed for, then the 6D arrived along with a budget change, meanwhile I worked a D80.
Perhaps if you'd had a conservative and stable outlook to your purchases, you'd have gotten more enduring satisfaction from those purchases.
In other TL:DR words, step up (buy your desired Exmor now) or step aside (grace us with your absence).

Software & Accessories / Re: Bent tripod leg
« on: October 03, 2014, 08:08:25 PM »
I'd take it apart and find a wooden dowel, maybe two different sizes to push down the tube, first the smaller dowel, then the larger.    If its the lower section, I might even leave the dowel in place since it will likely bend again.
I like the way you're thinking here.
I'm thinking similarly only using a steel pipe as an internal anvil to keep things round, judicious hammering on the bends to straighten.
Leaving a dowel in place as a stiffener sounds brilliant, I'm also thinking steel electrical conduit, copper water pipe or aluminum tubing.
Teen, for a metal forming heat source you're going to need more than a lighter. Consider a basic propane torch from any hardware store, very inexpensive. For more heat, switch out the propane bottle for Mapp gas.
If you see an oxygen/propane or oxygen/Mapp torch, keep walking right past. All I've ever gotten from those is a lighter wallet. They blow through both gasses in a big hurry, they don't begin to approach the heating capability of a real oxygen/acetylene set which really is the next and comparatively expensive step up from a simple propane or Mapp torch.
I like a hose between my torch head and bottle but adding one usually costs more than the torch kit.
Do not use a pocket butane lighter to ignite any torch, it can become a literal bomb in your hand, use a sparker.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 03, 2014, 07:37:02 PM »
.... a blatantly contrived scenario merely to prove your point........

That's what is often considered passive aggressive behavior, dilbert seems to come by it naturally, don't call him on it though, that makes him really jiggy.

Had I of taken this image with an Exmor based camera ...

Please please dilbert, if you don't yet have an Exmor based camera, sell off all your Canon gear right now and buy one.
Hopefully, you'll lose all interest in things Canon and CR, should you then choose to grace us with your absence, the atmosphere here on CR can then lighten considerably.
I suspect that once you start posting in Sonykon/Exmor forums, those folk will soon tire of your continued rants regarding build quality, lens choices, support issues, lack of conservative market stability, menus, ergonomics, flash systems, etc..

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 02, 2014, 10:10:18 PM »

So you (and tolusina) have no idea why I was there or where I was, yet you see fit to decide that I could have done something else.

Hint: with that level of light, the shutter speed is measured in seconds, not tenths of seconds, and humans are not steady enough and nor does IS work in situations like that.
Well dilbert, please, stop with the passive aggressive head game set up and tell us your excuse for your failed preparations for whatever you failed at doing and wherever you were failing at doing your mysterious whatever.
You can drop the other shoe, make us look the fool. If you can.

Hint: long exposure, mirror lock up, self timer, IR remote, tethered remote are all options for triggering.
There are endless support possibilities with things on hand, granted, it does take a bit of imagination and creativity to solve.
One of my best and favorite portraits used a suitcase for support. I've used rocks, trees, trash cans, automotive engine oil drain barrels, anything at hand padded with something else at hand.
Canon's inexpensive IR remote resides on my camera's strap, it's always available, I've a free IR remote app on my phone as back up.
I've DSLR Remote for cabled or WiFi tethering on four androids, at least one is always along as is a USB OTG host cable and standard USB cable.
What? Were you using a phone for a camera's job? If so, that's really laughable.

Wild animal or jealous husband chasing you? Fire? Thunderstorm? Bad times to photograph, failed planning.

Bottom line, whatever it was, apparently you failed.

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: Nikon's 2.300$ D750 said to best 5DIII
« on: October 02, 2014, 07:33:05 PM »
It wasn't the camera's fault OR my fault - it was the ballhead on the tripod.

Would anyone else like to showcase their ignorance?

Correction: It's always the photographer's fault. Even in instances of gear failure, it's a photographer's fault for:

1) Not having backup gear.
2) Not having the correct gear for the job.
3) Not being able to work around gear failure to capture the shot through alternate means.

Thank you for deciding this.

Maybe you would like to explain...
(1) What job I was there for on that day
(2) What backup gear I should have had for said occasion
(3) How I was meant to work around the gear failure through alternate means

....it was the ballhead on the tripod.......
What job were you on? Doesn't matter, any job, anywhere, anytime, if it's worth doing, get it done well.

Who's ballhead?
Even if it wasn't yours, maybe rented or borrowed, you selected it, you decided it was adequate to bring along.
When it failed, that demonstrated failure of your choices and decisions.

Workarounds require cleverness, innovation, the creative ability to improvise on the spot with whatever is at hand.
Um, ballhead failure, tripod has become useless, find rocks, place clothing, backpack or whatever as an alternate support, trip shutter with IR remote that is always always along or the IR remote app on your smartphone.
Still can't get the composition you'd like? Wing it and find another.
Alternately, you can whiney post on CR, blame your gear choice, oh, sorry, that just went back to failure by your choice.

Canon General / Re: Financial Times - "Digital cameras: out of focus"
« on: October 02, 2014, 06:07:17 PM »
I, for one, welcome the smart phone camera underlords.
The more poor photos from smartphones proliferate, the better DSLR output looks in comparison.

My Galaxy S4's camera is pretty good as phone cams go and of course it's always along. Very rarely do I ever get results I can proudly share though, sharing is always done with reservation, disclaimer.

My 6D amazes almost every time I click.

Canon General / Re: Those D'oh moments!
« on: October 02, 2014, 05:59:34 PM »
I wish that cameras remembered the last used aperture for each lens. That was a standard feature when the aperture was set by the ring on the lens, and a minor annoyance to me with any modern camera........
I miss aperture rings too, a lot.
Ergonomically, they were just about perfect. They just about forced one into holding a camera correctly, camera body supported in the left hand, fingertips on the aperture ring.
Stop down preview worked so very well on all cameras that had stop down preview, camera didn't even have to be on.
I like how Fuji has brought them back, Canon's multi function ring on S95s and such is pretty cool too though still not the same.

The trolls post to literally waste time and stir the pot.  They enjoy watching a fire storm ensue with the established members and see how far things go.....
OP's total active time as a CR member is less than two minutes.
The guy never hung around or came back to see what responses were generated.

Wow.  The only thing worse than the OP's rant was the way he was treated.  Flat out insults directed towards him and even his photographs.

Well to be honest CR is not the most friendly photography forum on the Internets Tubes... especially for people just starting out in photography.

There is a lot of good information on CR, but there are some more prolific posters here that could use a human communication course (or ten).

Agree with both of you. There is definitely a herd mentality here that particularly feeds off of pointing out the (perceived) shortcomings of others. Lots of good info here if you can wade through the trash talk. I wish the mods would reel in those who constantly become aggressive and trashy here. Not ban them, just get the message through that this is supposed to be a constructive photography (canon or whatever) community first and foremost.
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He has less than two minutes total time between sign up, copy/paste his only post and never came back.
Identical post on the 23rd at
I dunno. What is a reasonable definition of a troll?

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