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Landscape / Re: Railway odds and ends...
« on: November 09, 2014, 10:14:30 AM »
........Nice pictures, thanks for a very informative link......
Thank you!

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Need Best Monitor for Photo Edits
« on: November 07, 2014, 04:38:17 PM »
Here's what I use......
Wide gamut, DisplayPort input, integrated (and device specific) calibration, get the hood too.

Eizo is another high line brand with an excellent reputation.
I think Dell has some less pricey wide gamut monitors too.
If you expect to print, step up to a printer profiler, profile each printer/paper/ink combination you'll use, soft proof in Lightroom using the intended printer profile while viewing on your calibrated monitor, prints come out pretty much identical to what you viewed/edited on the monitor.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Recommend first slr
« on: November 07, 2014, 04:29:29 PM »
Keep it simple.

I suggest a Canon T3i or a Pentax K-3 or K-5 IIs, a single prime lens in the so called 'standard' range of 35, 40 or 50mm. No need for a beginner to use faster than f1.8.

Both brands include a pop up flash, with a little experience, upgrade to off camera flash.
Just looked at B&H prices, yikes, Pentax lenses are higher than I expected. Pentax 40mm pancake is ~ USD $550, Canon's is only USD $200.

Technical Support / Re: Question about " FORMAT" of the memory cards.
« on: November 07, 2014, 01:15:34 AM »
Dear Friend, Teacher and Fellow Student Surapon,

I use only SanDisk SD cards.
I use them straight out of the package with only factory formatting, I swap them back and forth between my 6D and my Nikons, swapped out from my 6D to a Pentax 645Z in a shop and back again, no unexpected issues, ever.
Images from one camera will not always display (sometimes will display but not properly) on another, especially raws, images are always fine on a PC through a card reader no matter how I've juggled the cards around.
My experience is counter to conventional recommendations but that's what I've experienced.
All that said, if you plan shooting large videos over 4GB, probably best to format to exFAT on a PC with a card reader, test such cards on all your camera bodies. I expect older bodies might exhibit issues with exFAT.

Landscape / Re: Railway odds and ends...
« on: November 05, 2014, 01:45:17 PM »

Henry Ford's electric railway, 1927 - 1930.
Sorry the pp is so bad, they were shot jpg prior to my raw days.

Canon General / Re: what's wrong with this shot?
« on: October 31, 2014, 08:07:15 AM »
What is the subject?
Nothing compelling to draw the eye.
Blown highlights.
Poor shadow detail.
Tilted horizon.
Wide angle distortion.
Nothing sharp in the shot anywhere.
Looks like a grab shot from an iPad.
Print and hang it, see if anyone gives it a second look.
Sorry, you asked.

Software & Accessories / Re: BlackRapid FAIL - grrrrrr
« on: October 30, 2014, 08:11:57 AM »
Please people, before you spend on a tripod socket attached sling strap thingy of any sort, google "camera strap failure".

...a brief google search might convince you.

Egad!!  I just googled my car make/model and 'failure' and there were millions of hits.  Not that I've had any problems in the four years I've owned it, but millions of hits on google mean it's doomed to fail.  I'm off to set it on fire then push it off a cliff into the ocean because that brief google search convinced me it's obviously unreliable. 


For $10K I'm thinking medium format... current Pentax 645Z is "just" $8,500.......
Handled a Z today briefly.
It is gorgeous, it is a monster.
I do think it's hand holdable.
It's so massive and conspicuous I think it's just too outre for casual carry.
Studio, weddings, planned shooting of any type, yes, casual use, nope.
I'm still wanting one, 6D and 40 will remain my carry around unit though.

EOS Bodies / Re: Modular DSLR Coming from Canon? [CR2]
« on: October 29, 2014, 07:04:05 PM »
Modular, like Pentax color combinations and matching handbag.........   :P

Software & Accessories / Re: BlackRapid FAIL - grrrrrr
« on: October 29, 2014, 07:00:09 PM »
Please people, before you spend on a tripod socket attached sling strap thingy of any sort, google "camera strap failure".

It took my mechanic's eyes about 10 seconds to see seriously objectionable flaws in the entire concept, for those of you not highly mechanically inclined and experienced, a brief google search might convince you.

For $10K I'm thinking medium format... current Pentax 645Z is "just" $8,500.....
The Z has my attention.
What's it missing and what flash system to switch to that can be radio controlled by Pentax, Canon or whatever?

Put your Canon flashes on Phottix Odin II's.
I think I might be missing something here. Looking at Phottix' site, I don't see which components make nice with the 645Z.
Cactus looks like a cross make compatible system that can effectively mimic the functionality of a ST-E3-RT/600EX-RT system plus more, but the prices are so low I'm wary of getting what I pay for.
Cactus linky

For $10K I'm thinking medium format... current Pentax 645Z is "just" $8,500.....
The Z has my attention.
What's it missing and what flash system to switch to that can be radio controlled by Pentax, Canon or whatever?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Can I copy camera pics direct to a tablet?
« on: October 22, 2014, 08:47:01 AM »
Appologies if I'm not picking you up correctly here but when I plug my 7D into my PC (USB cable) it just appears in Explorer and I can copy files, no software installed. The only annoyance is that it's USB2.


Really? Nothing installed from the EOS Solutions disc? No Lightroom, Photoshop or any other cataloging type software?
I briefly had a Rebel years back, did not show in explorer without software, same with my current 6D.

I'm intrigued to learn that the 7D shows as a removable drive. Can you copy other, non-image files to the camera, use the camera like a very expensive thumb drive?
Canon, what's up with that? Some models do, others don't??

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Can I copy camera pics direct to a tablet?
« on: October 21, 2014, 11:19:08 PM »
Thanks for your responses guys.

What I need it for is so that when I am doing a job for a customer out in the field, I can download the camera shots directly into my tablet, preferably with a wire as wireless is too slow for high res images, then I can select the photos I want to transfer and then copy them onto a USB key or onto their phone, as well as having a copy for myself.

What I really wanted to know is if I put the appropriate cable into my camera and my tablet, will they talk to each other or not, without using other 3rd party software.
Just for this thread, I've been trying various combinations of 6D to ASUS tablet and 6D to Samsung Galaxy S4.

All wired attempts required a USB Host (OTG) adapter cable, mine is a genuine Samsung found in store at Best Buy.

Camera to device only worked using a 3rd party app, doesn't meet your desired spec.

Card reader worked flawlessly, transparently using the built into Samsung 'My Files' app.
Connect the OTG cable, Samsung device shows a 'USB connector connected' notification, that notification then goes away.
Connect card reader, insert card from camera, notification shows 'USB mass storage device connected', the Samsung 'My Files' app opens immediately and by itself showing the contents of the root of the card.
Browse to the files you want to transfer, 'My Files' will show a 'Gallery' thumbnail and the file name, a long press brings up a context menu relative to that file, or checking the box brings up a context menu at the top right of the app.
Check box select multiple files of your choice, use the app's context menu to move or copy, I suggest you choose copy.
Tap 'My Files' at the top left of the app twice to get to the level where you choose 'Device Storage', 'SD Memory Card' or 'UsbDriveA', drill down to wherever you want to go, paste where you like.
Files are now copied from the camera's card to the device.

Don't just yank the card at this point.
Instead, pull down the status bar, see the 'USB Mass storage connected' notification'? 'Select to remove USB mass storage safely'.

Open the Samsung 'Gallery' app, start by creating a new album from within the app, sort and select the photos you want to transfer to your client, copy them to the newly created album from within the 'Gallery' app.
Back to the OTG cable, connect an appropriate card reader or a thumb drive, reverse the browse/copy/paste procedure described above.
It took longer to write and probably to read than it takes to do.
Connect OTG adapter.
Connect card reader or thumb drive.
Browse/copy/paste files from connected device to device internal or SD Card storage.
Remove connected device safely.
In Gallery, sort and copy to a new album.
Connect another card or thumb drive.
Browse/copy/paste newly created album files from device internal or SD Card storage to connected device.
Safely disconnect.
Hand to client.

If your field work includes tripod work with considered exposure and careful composition, you will be blown away with delight if you do so tethered to your tab through DSLR Controller. DSLR Controller is worth a whole lot more than the USD $8 cost.
While you'll be blown away with delight, your client will be extremely impressed with your mad skillz, wonder why you charge so little.
Tethering, especially to the general public, looks (and is) rather high tech and exotic, very very professional.
Next job, quote higher.
Mo' profit.

edit the 2nd--------

Ok, now I'm on to an anti Canon rant, one of many I have available, I find Canon is just lame beyond description in many ways, still I buy and shoot Canon because among my far fewer Nikon rant topics, Nikon has a couple of absolute deal killers that make Nikon's superiority over Canon in many ways absolutely irrelevant. Nikon wins all the battles but quits just in time for Canon to win the war and my $$.
Anyway, plug a Nikon, Olympus, probably Sony into a USB socket on a PC, there's your device as an external drive, no drivers or software needed.
I just plugged one of my old Nikons directly into my Sammy G4 via USB OTG, same thing, root of the Nikon's SD Card just popped up on my home screen in My Files ready for browse/copy/paste.
In contrast, plug a Canon into a PC, the OS screams back I ain't gots no drivers for dis ting, whatcha 'spec me to do now boss, huh?
So you run the software disc that came with the camera, now you can use Zoom Browser or whatever to copy from your directly connected Canon. No way possible to write anything back to the camera installed card, none.
Considering this 'feature' of Canons, there's no reasonable reason to expect a phone to access a Canon directly without 3rd party software.
Many Canon shooters prefer using a card reader for these very reasons. The card shows as a removable drive no matter what device the reader is connected to, simply use Windows Explorer, Finder, My Files, Nautilus, whatever file browser your OS uses by default, drag/drop/copy/paste all work normally.
So, if you care not for tethering but only want to transfer files around, Canons, when directly connected, suck to the point of fail at the task, use a card reader.
Nikons etc. are so transparent as removable drives, any type file can be transferred directly from PC to cabled camera whether the camera can do anything with the files or not. Nikon with a USB cable can serve exactly like a thumb drive and/or a card reader.
Canons just cannot do this.
Sorry Nikon, you excel at this topic. But you are the only camera maker with flocked, dust generating and collecting mirror boxes, that's one deal killer.

--- edit the 2nd


EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Can I copy camera pics direct to a tablet?
« on: October 21, 2014, 04:44:08 AM »
Just tried downloading .CR2s and .jpgs from 6D to Asus tablet, pretty straightforward and easy.
I can't say regarding video as I've zero interest.
I used DSLR Controller from Google Play, USD $7.99.
Transferring images is just one of many features of DSLR Controller, its primary function is tethered remote control where it fairly well excels.
You'll need a USB Host adapter, also known as USB OTG (on the go) connected to your tab, that will connect to your camera's standard USB cable.
Samsung's Host adapter cable runs around USD $20,00, similar can be found on Amazon for around USD $3.
If you've used Canon's free EOS Remote app for Android, you'll leave that freebie behind once you try DSLR Controller. Never mind, I see EOS Remote is only for 6D and 70D over WiFi.
DSLR Controller can connect over WiFi or USB to most recent Canon DSLRs.

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