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Hello I'm wondering if anyone has this problem with their 580 EXII flash. This happens quite a few times the unit will shut off and disconnects itself electronically from the camera but turns backs on (of course after I miss the shot). I tried turning both the camera and the flash on and off repeatedly to reconnect it nothing but then magically it reconnects later. Go figure!!! Tired of missing shots... It's happens on both of my bodies 5D Mark II & III when this flash is attached. Thanks >:( >:( >:( 

Hi I recently purchased the 5D Mark III camera and found that the Lightroom 3 would not process the Raw files. Wow... I thought I would have to purchase the lightroom 5 but however there's an add on you can use to process the Raw files for your Lightroom 3 :) :) :) I know that this works for windows 8.1. I hope this helps:

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