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Like anyone with a 5D or 1D X or 1Ds or whatever full-frame body you shoot with will want to switch to Nikon, because they bring out a new entry level full-frame body. This is only significant for Nikon shooters wanting to switch to a cheaper full-frame body. If you have Canon lenses, there is no point in changing systems just for that. If you are invested in the likes of Nikon D800 or D3/D4, there is also not a big impact by a new entry-level camera. Perhaps you might consider it as a backup camera, but so what?
I doubt its just for nikon shooters, its a really well round package with a few really sweet adds(dual sd, spotlinked meter, flash, F8 etc) that its bound to interest everyone in the market for FF. Obviously not the guy with 5k+ on canon lenses but definitely Aps-c and 1st and/or 2nd gen FF users who cant afford or dont want to spend 3k+ on a new camera

Half plastic, overpriced, usual Nikon poor image quality, very inaccurate autofocus... don't know why they even bothered. Pointless gimmick camera. Bit I guess they'll just bribe dxo to give it 10x the score it deserves again.
funny world you're living in mate  :)

Lenses / Re: Wide Angle for Crop and FF?
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:04:34 AM »

Wondering if anyone knows of a wide angle lens that is compatible with both crop sensor and full frame cameras?

Shooting on a 60d now but anticipating upgrading in the next few years.  I am aware of the 16-35L but it's out of my price range.  Any other options out there?


Buy a used ef-s 10-22 for your 60D now. Sell it later when you ready for FF, get 16-35 or 17-40 for your FF.

second that,
you wont see what the 16-35 is about till you get an FF. Up till then you'll be shooting with the equivalent of 27mm, hell even your 24-70 will be wider than everything you shot with your 60d. In this sense i wouldn't recommend the 16-35. You would be much happier with a used 10-22 plus it'll keep its resale value. Another thing is that -for me at least- 10-22 is a much better lens in crop than the 16-35.

EOS Bodies / Re: Is a 46mp Canon EOS-1 on the Way? [CR1]
« on: September 11, 2012, 05:23:05 AM »

I think its highly speculative to think Canon is losing enough customers to matter to the D800. Keep in mind, despite its great sensor, the D800 (and D4, for that matter) have had quite a few problems of their own, from a very yellow-green LCD, to RAW images that mirrored that yellow-green hue, CF card compatibility problems, tethered shooting issues, a couple AF issues (that has caused many a D800 owner quite a lot of problems requiring multiple returns to Nikon support), and on top of all of that, Nikon throughout it all has often denied, even in the face of mass evidence by the online community, that the problems were even real...and demonstrated they have vastly inferior support to Canon, making their customers jump through a myriad of hoops and hoopla just to get some necessary service.

Sorry...I don't think Canon has anything to lose sleep over. The only edge the D800 has is ISO 100/200 DR and some extra megapixels, and it seems the extra megapixels deal won't be much of an edge for long. DR is important, but I would take Canon's "crappy" sensor tech and their stellar customer support over Nikon any day.

out of the 4 people i know that shopped D800s, 2 were Canonnites since the film days; one of' em started selling gear, the other, yours truly, is comfortable staying in both camps  ;D
We're not talking about rebels here, in this price bracket each lost client means 5k euros

as for this:
...Nikon throughout it all has often denied, even in the face of mass evidence by the online community, that the problems were even real...and demonstrated they have vastly inferior support to Canon, making their customers jump through a myriad of hoops and hoopla just to get some necessary service...
set back the clock to 2007, swap brands and its just starts smelling like 1d3 autofocus & Canon's "superior support"

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon EOS 6D Announcement Soon? [CR1]
« on: September 08, 2012, 07:13:16 AM »
The D800 (reputed to be Sony's best sensor to date) only has higher DR at two ISO settings and only at a huge downsample ratio throwing away ~75% of its pixels, and even then that is only if you believe DxO represents the sole source of empirical data.
DPReview shows the base sensor performance of the 5DmkIII has the greater DR range than the 36mp Sony sensor.
Personally I would rather have greater performance in hand and in the field than on paper under an extremely narrow set of parameters...

lots of missinformation here, rent one and see for yourself, there is just no comparison.

This looks like a great replacement of the 5D Mark II, as long as it has the same price. To me, it seemed that the 5D2 was one of the most wanted cameras, until February 2012. Some people seem to have forgotten this and dismiss it as old tech. It’s still better than most cameras out there, in terms of IQ, especially combined with proper Canon-glass. As an owner of the 5D2 who mostly shoot landscapes, I don’t feel like I need an immediate update. I can wait a couple of years, but the rumored specs seem ideal for those who are in the market for their first FF.

True, i still use my 5d2 and couldnt be happier although its now 50/50 between it and a d800

Actually a lot of people were expecting a 5d2 with a 7d AF and if it comes at a reasonable price it will be attractive.

What really bothers me is 2 things,
First, that suddenly canon seems to be following nikon and this is also notable in the forums; after the d800 there was /is a surge of post about the imaginary new 40+mp d800killer, and after the leaked d600 imgs a flood about the cheap canon.
Second and most worrying, that if canon responds to d600 with a repackaged 5d2 then, apart from 1dx, the whole dslr line of canon will be comprised by a 4yo old 18mp aps-c & a 4yo old 21mp FF sensor*, and this is rather disheartening.

*in my book 5d3's sensor is just an incremental update to 5d2's one and nowhere near what was expected by the leading company after 4years of R&D >:(

Third Party Manufacturers / Re: rumor: D600 gets 16 Bit processing
« on: August 31, 2012, 04:44:01 AM »
It's hard to complain about a $1500 FF camera, but I hope this "RUMOR" is wrong about the SD card slots.  I don't think I even own a SD card anymore?  I also remember reading another "RUMOR" about the D600 using a sensor that is not made by Sony.  That may no longer be true, but if it is, don't expect the DR you get from a D800.
apparently D4's & D3200's sensors are also nikon made and not sony, so if thats an indication, DR should be aproximately ~.5-1 stop less than D800's

hell yeah! check his old posts  ;D

cant see "test" & "proof" fitting in the same sentence with fakechuckwestfall site imo.

Long ago fakechuckwestfall was just that, impersonating westfall and ripping a new one at canon for every mistep, after the last slr generation he's actually impersonating real chuck westfall at the age of 10 with Tourette Syndrome and an iq of 35.

Even if its fun to troll the nikon users its far more boring & pointless than what it was originally.

EOS Bodies / Re: The Mirrorless Future
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:07:45 AM »

But here is a sacred promise I make in the presence of other vacant-eyed calves on the conveyer belt… ID-X is my last miorred SLR… I do not plan on buying anymore “intermediate”…incremental flagships.
Enjoy your veal! ;)

"calf" here, its one thing being optimist about a tech, another being ignorant.
Suggesting that next gen tier-1 models will replace ovf for evf, meaning that you would be able to -lets say- pan with a 40mp 1D in harsh light is just that, pure ignorance. Ignorance is bliss though so keep entertaining us please!

EOS Bodies / Re: More Big Megapixel Talk
« on: August 20, 2012, 05:32:31 AM »
I second that. It is a travesty only as long as the sheep dole out more money without demanding substantive changes from the camera maker.  In this day and age there is no reason why we talk about "fps" in the 10's when this bottle neck is introduced primarily by  the shutter/mirror mechanics and of course the speed at which the chips and the system are able to process and record the images falling on the sensor.  Computers and chips evolve continually and very fast. As I see it...the primary hurdle is to break the strangle hold mirror boxes have over the community... but that will reduce the flimsy super-duper number the companies use to bait us with..8.9 fps!!! (Oh my god, you wet your panties!) ...the new cam is 9.2 fps...(OH My god!!! I need stronger Depends)...

Mirrorless full frames are the future, when this will happen... depends on the number of sheep... baaahhh! :)

Lets see what happens to the current MP leader, the d800:

It shares the same mirrorbox/shutter with D4 (11fps).
In this case if mirrorbox was at full speed you would have to move approximately:

74.4MB x 11 = 818MB/s or 6.55Gbit/s to the processor and then
41.3MB x 11 = 462MB/s or 3.7Gbit/s throughput to the storage.

Even if you could load the camera with serious ram and processor you would hit into power efficiency and thermal/interference issues which with the current technology would probably require also a complete redesign of the dslr form.

So in this case everything else in the chain is the bottleneck in getting the full mirror potential

Assuming that mirror/shutter would peak at around 10-14fps, data throughput & cpu intensive tasks (such as a move to 16bit files, lens correction, deconvolution sharpening etc) will balance out the advancements in tech for the near future.

Apart from that, evf vs ovf although promising still has a long way to go & i'd rather see fully fledged HUD implementations in the next slr generation than laggy dr-limited noisy evfs

All in all i would be confident buying slrs for the next decade!

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon's Next Full Frame Camera [CR2]
« on: July 16, 2012, 10:15:40 AM »
It does sound like a repackaged 5d2. The probability of inheriting 7D's AF sounds promising and the package might come awfully close to mark3 for 1.5k less; perhaps some features chopping is due.

on another note, i seriously wonder about Canon's product planners abilities. 5years ago they were alone in the game and now they're being dragged around. Suddenly Canon who was in the frontier of FF finds itself stalling with cameras between 18 & 22mp and the competition ( that 5 yrs ago didnt even had FF) has models spanning from 12 to 36mp

This: Vello ShutterBoss Timer Remote

Used to be the Pearstone ShutterBoss, which is the one I got, but this one should be identical.

Edit: Actually, I wanted to control a Rebel as well, so I got the Rebel version (sub-mini jack) and sacrificed a cheap N3 remote and made a sub-mini-to-N3 adapter. They might sell such an adapter nowadays, though.

for some rebels there was/is a hacked firmware with a solid intervalometer included

The design & ergonomics of the grip area in 1D series is an integral part of the concept for the camera sharing the same budget, resources & R&D whereas the design for any grip is kept to a minimum necessary (just styling actually) since its an accessory.

Accessory grip ergonomics could have been resolved/updated even within the limitations imposed by the form if companies would spend for proper R&D, thing is it doesn't make sense from a market point of view. (there wont be a significant sales shift plus grips are intended as cash cows).

If you really need autoiso buy a 1 series . I have and I use it by default, works perfectly and gives me ec for fine tuning.

I suppose you my say that this should come as default like it does in the D800 - to which I would say why doesn't the D800 give me 10fps. We could carry on forever that way.

The 5DIII has a limited AutoIso
The 1 series has the full AutoIso

Just buy the camera that suits you best and stop whining

Its a valid whining, 10fps is a hardware issue and one expects to pay the premium; deliberately crippling software you already have to make it unusable is just ridiculous.

Assuming it is just a firmware tweak, and I think you said you can do that in a few minutes or so...  why dont you email canon and while you are at it, send them your resume....  surely what canon needs is forward thinking and innovation that they lack... 

Yes surely, cause Canon has a trackrecord of incorporating user tweaks, ML for example, or i remember couple of years ago a hacked 400d (400d!) with features ranging from intervalometer to motion sensing.

And maybe a rebel model doesnt really need bells & whistles to sell, but 5d could take advantage of soft tweaks & it would be really cheap for Canon to do so, but no..., well they cheaped out the few pennies for a usb3 controller cant really see them try that hard for the rest...

I work in a legal role where a one word error in my writing could have significant consequences for the organisation I work for, so these things certainly can matter.

As far as DxO goes, its all about credibility: if they can't get the simple stuff right, it does beg questions about what else they get wrong, which I think is the OP's position too - and it's not the only such mistake they've made by any means.

And if they can't properly QA their prose, why should I automatically trust their numbers?

This is a perfectly legitimate perspective, whether or not you agree with it.

yes perfectly legitimate perspective,

for example if i would buy a 550d and the 18-55 kit lens turns out to be decentered, i mean its a 50$ piece of lens but hey, " if they can't get the simple stuff right, it does beg questions about what else they get wrong," right?  "and it's not the only such mistake they've made by any means" so Canon is definitely cr*p right? i mean this is what you're claiming there right?

You get the ridiculousness of yours and Northstar's statement or?

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