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Third Party Manufacturers / Re: rumor: D600 gets 16 Bit processing
« on: August 31, 2012, 04:44:01 AM »
It's hard to complain about a $1500 FF camera, but I hope this "RUMOR" is wrong about the SD card slots.  I don't think I even own a SD card anymore?  I also remember reading another "RUMOR" about the D600 using a sensor that is not made by Sony.  That may no longer be true, but if it is, don't expect the DR you get from a D800.
apparently D4's & D3200's sensors are also nikon made and not sony, so if thats an indication, DR should be aproximately ~.5-1 stop less than D800's

hell yeah! check his old posts  ;D

cant see "test" & "proof" fitting in the same sentence with fakechuckwestfall site imo.

Long ago fakechuckwestfall was just that, impersonating westfall and ripping a new one at canon for every mistep, after the last slr generation he's actually impersonating real chuck westfall at the age of 10 with Tourette Syndrome and an iq of 35.

Even if its fun to troll the nikon users its far more boring & pointless than what it was originally.

EOS Bodies / Re: The Mirrorless Future
« on: August 20, 2012, 11:07:45 AM »

But here is a sacred promise I make in the presence of other vacant-eyed calves on the conveyer belt… ID-X is my last miorred SLR… I do not plan on buying anymore “intermediate”…incremental flagships.
Enjoy your veal! ;)

"calf" here, its one thing being optimist about a tech, another being ignorant.
Suggesting that next gen tier-1 models will replace ovf for evf, meaning that you would be able to -lets say- pan with a 40mp 1D in harsh light is just that, pure ignorance. Ignorance is bliss though so keep entertaining us please!

EOS Bodies / Re: More Big Megapixel Talk
« on: August 20, 2012, 05:32:31 AM »
I second that. It is a travesty only as long as the sheep dole out more money without demanding substantive changes from the camera maker.  In this day and age there is no reason why we talk about "fps" in the 10's when this bottle neck is introduced primarily by  the shutter/mirror mechanics and of course the speed at which the chips and the system are able to process and record the images falling on the sensor.  Computers and chips evolve continually and very fast. As I see it...the primary hurdle is to break the strangle hold mirror boxes have over the community... but that will reduce the flimsy super-duper number the companies use to bait us with..8.9 fps!!! (Oh my god, you wet your panties!) ...the new cam is 9.2 fps...(OH My god!!! I need stronger Depends)...

Mirrorless full frames are the future, when this will happen... depends on the number of sheep... baaahhh! :)

Lets see what happens to the current MP leader, the d800:

It shares the same mirrorbox/shutter with D4 (11fps).
In this case if mirrorbox was at full speed you would have to move approximately:

74.4MB x 11 = 818MB/s or 6.55Gbit/s to the processor and then
41.3MB x 11 = 462MB/s or 3.7Gbit/s throughput to the storage.

Even if you could load the camera with serious ram and processor you would hit into power efficiency and thermal/interference issues which with the current technology would probably require also a complete redesign of the dslr form.

So in this case everything else in the chain is the bottleneck in getting the full mirror potential

Assuming that mirror/shutter would peak at around 10-14fps, data throughput & cpu intensive tasks (such as a move to 16bit files, lens correction, deconvolution sharpening etc) will balance out the advancements in tech for the near future.

Apart from that, evf vs ovf although promising still has a long way to go & i'd rather see fully fledged HUD implementations in the next slr generation than laggy dr-limited noisy evfs

All in all i would be confident buying slrs for the next decade!

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon's Next Full Frame Camera [CR2]
« on: July 16, 2012, 10:15:40 AM »
It does sound like a repackaged 5d2. The probability of inheriting 7D's AF sounds promising and the package might come awfully close to mark3 for 1.5k less; perhaps some features chopping is due.

on another note, i seriously wonder about Canon's product planners abilities. 5years ago they were alone in the game and now they're being dragged around. Suddenly Canon who was in the frontier of FF finds itself stalling with cameras between 18 & 22mp and the competition ( that 5 yrs ago didnt even had FF) has models spanning from 12 to 36mp

This: Vello ShutterBoss Timer Remote

Used to be the Pearstone ShutterBoss, which is the one I got, but this one should be identical.

Edit: Actually, I wanted to control a Rebel as well, so I got the Rebel version (sub-mini jack) and sacrificed a cheap N3 remote and made a sub-mini-to-N3 adapter. They might sell such an adapter nowadays, though.

for some rebels there was/is a hacked firmware with a solid intervalometer included

The design & ergonomics of the grip area in 1D series is an integral part of the concept for the camera sharing the same budget, resources & R&D whereas the design for any grip is kept to a minimum necessary (just styling actually) since its an accessory.

Accessory grip ergonomics could have been resolved/updated even within the limitations imposed by the form if companies would spend for proper R&D, thing is it doesn't make sense from a market point of view. (there wont be a significant sales shift plus grips are intended as cash cows).

If you really need autoiso buy a 1 series . I have and I use it by default, works perfectly and gives me ec for fine tuning.

I suppose you my say that this should come as default like it does in the D800 - to which I would say why doesn't the D800 give me 10fps. We could carry on forever that way.

The 5DIII has a limited AutoIso
The 1 series has the full AutoIso

Just buy the camera that suits you best and stop whining

Its a valid whining, 10fps is a hardware issue and one expects to pay the premium; deliberately crippling software you already have to make it unusable is just ridiculous.

Assuming it is just a firmware tweak, and I think you said you can do that in a few minutes or so...  why dont you email canon and while you are at it, send them your resume....  surely what canon needs is forward thinking and innovation that they lack... 

Yes surely, cause Canon has a trackrecord of incorporating user tweaks, ML for example, or i remember couple of years ago a hacked 400d (400d!) with features ranging from intervalometer to motion sensing.

And maybe a rebel model doesnt really need bells & whistles to sell, but 5d could take advantage of soft tweaks & it would be really cheap for Canon to do so, but no..., well they cheaped out the few pennies for a usb3 controller cant really see them try that hard for the rest...

I work in a legal role where a one word error in my writing could have significant consequences for the organisation I work for, so these things certainly can matter.

As far as DxO goes, its all about credibility: if they can't get the simple stuff right, it does beg questions about what else they get wrong, which I think is the OP's position too - and it's not the only such mistake they've made by any means.

And if they can't properly QA their prose, why should I automatically trust their numbers?

This is a perfectly legitimate perspective, whether or not you agree with it.

yes perfectly legitimate perspective,

for example if i would buy a 550d and the 18-55 kit lens turns out to be decentered, i mean its a 50$ piece of lens but hey, " if they can't get the simple stuff right, it does beg questions about what else they get wrong," right?  "and it's not the only such mistake they've made by any means" so Canon is definitely cr*p right? i mean this is what you're claiming there right?

You get the ridiculousness of yours and Northstar's statement or?

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: 5D3 Dynamic Range
« on: May 05, 2012, 02:55:29 PM »

Why should you compare the D800 with the 5D3 - apples and oranges - definitely not its chief competitor

If the d800 is not the 5D3's primary competitor - then what body is?

D700 Mk II. :P

But seriously, EVERY camera is a competitor. People will decide between 5d3 and a 7d, or a rebel. The 5d3 might lose out due to price. The D700 and 5d2 are competitors. But I would say yea, the d800 is the primary competitor, if only because that is what people are comparing it to. People who are in the market for a $3000 FF camera will look at the 5d3 and d800 and decide between them. that makes them competitors! So yea, they are all apples.

same price range doesn't immediately make it so.  If strawberries are $4.99 a lb, and asparagus is 4.99 lb, does that mean both are the same?

Yeah, same price range.  But they are two different beasts.  If you primarily shoot landscapes and aren't bound by investments in lenses or overall budget/earnings the d800 is the way to go.  If you are more of an all purpose shooter, the mk3 has many advantages.  And while its not everyones cup of tea, if you shoot events and weddings and landscapes and are using canon systems, me thinks investing in ND and Grad filters would be a good work around to get more DR ---or shoot HDR...its not the best solution, but unless your making most of your income shooting landscapes I'd say switching systems is a frivolous investment...

(note I did not ad architectural work to this mix only because even with the DR of the d800, the canon Tilt shift lenses are much better than what nikon offers...)
Carrying NDs & grads & umbrellaboxes is not a substitute of the flexibility a greater DR offers you, there is just no comparison.
And It is the competitor in most cases, they're in the same price tag and are the most affordable -latest-tech- FF one can get.

and as for this:
If you are more of an all purpose shooter, the mk3 has many advantages
Lets be honest, it doesnt have many advantages, it has one, a measly one at that: 1fps more @22mp. And seriously for an "all purpose shooter" a choice between 16mp/6fps/crop - 25mp/5fps -36/4fps sounds much more convenient than between 22mp/6fps -22mp/6fps 22/mp/6fps

The TS-Es as you say though are a reason enough not to jump ship.

Canon has to be future proof: if the Mark III had the DR of the Sony Exmor what would they sell you in four years? A wise parent always reserves part of the presents for the next occasion...

well to a lot of canon people around here including me, they probably sell nothing at all for the next 4 years, how's that working for Canon? You can't really pick parents but sure as hell you can pick companies..

i wont be selling my Canon equipment anytime soon and I'm still shooting happily with my 5d2 but i will invest in D800 plus a couple of lenses.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Why so much trust in DXO.
« on: April 20, 2012, 10:03:38 AM »

the techradar test:

i thought techradar is a DxO certified lab?

anyone cares to explain?

that does not explain how techradar and DXO come to different conclusions... given they both use the DXO testing method.

read again, they are a DXO certified lab.... so i guess they use not only the same software but also the same methodology.

I would love to see how they perform the tests in Techradar cause apparently if you'd give 5 monkeys 5 crayons and a paper they would definitely get less random results(and given enough time they would get them right:). for those who havent checked the graphs in the link, here are some exquisite findings:

  • d700 & 5dII have the same snr @ 6400iso as @ 200iso
  • you want the best DR out of a  D700 or a 5DII jpeg? shoot @3200
  • 5DIII jpegs has the same DR @ iso 50 & iso 25600
  • 5DII raws have the same DR all the way from 100 to 6400iso

Its not the first time either, i seem to remember some olympus-related paranoid results some time ago that didnt had any relation with reality either

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800
« on: April 05, 2012, 09:42:53 AM »
Asking whats the point of 36mp is kinda absurd;

So u're saying that If they can provide great high iso performance when downsized to their main competitor size AND still retain greater detail & DR  fullsized at anything below 1600 -plus- offering them 500$ cheaper doesnt make sense. Seriously?

Actually thats whats wrong with DPR forums, its not the nikon trolls & the pissed Canon users, its the thickheaded cheerleaders that are pathetic...

Ah, I knew a topic like this would attract more replies from Nikon fans than Canon, just like what happens in the Canon forum at DPR, which has now become unusable because more Nikon fanboys post on the Canon forums than Canon owners :D. I'm especially wary of member #s here higher than my own (read: recent registrants :P).

First of all, what is the point of 36MP if you have to downsize it to 22MP to get so-called "equivalent" high ISO noise IQ? This is why even DPR, rightly or wrongly, tests 100% crops from different MP cameras at its native resolution, and if you ask DPR they say that this is because "they don't do printer tests" (IOW, for them, it is silly to normalize to a common output). Most ironically, they actually now do printer tests :D. And thus, as early as now, I would say that the eventual DPR review would also show the same result as that on the article cited in the 1st post of this thread.

So again, those justifying the argument that "it's equivalent when downsized" should be called out, because then what about that other ability those other defenders claim 36MP allows them to do: crop and resize. Really, all their shots need to be downsized and cropped after* it has been downsized to 22MP to make it look good against its closest perceived competitor? I find that funny as a Nikon owner.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon marketing may be working overtime soon
« on: March 24, 2012, 10:23:55 AM »
well internet forums are only a small part of the "reality".
they are full of trolls, fanboys and wannabes.

a great deal of complains you see about the 5D MK3 comes from people who would/could not afford it anyway (same is of course true for the D800).

it´s like apple vs. microsoft.
if you believe the trolls neither of these companys make products that are good enough to make some money.

obviously these trolls are wrong.

what counts for canon and nikon are fiscal results.

My personal view is that opinion should be judged by its merits not by the person's expressing it. I dont care if you have a couple of phase1s lying around or a 350d, if your opinion is sound then thats all i need.

what counts for canon and nikon are fiscal results
Yes and this fuzz about the new releases will have repercussions to the fiscal results. If you see 5dmk3 dropping 300-500$ in less than a semester what would you think? That its Canon's good soul or that apparently many people stayed away (and a good percentage of them cause of the racket in forums like this)?

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