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EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 04:38:50 PM »
The C100mk1 has the third generation chip in it, the C100mk2 has the fourth generation chip. So the new firmware won't work on the old camera. There may be improvements in the IQ enabled by the new chip beyond the 60p, we'll have to see.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 04:27:07 PM »
In the realm of subjective argument, there are far more factors outside the camera that influence image quality, but even within the camera the problems that 1700lph can solve in practice (framing, stabilization, jump cuts, etc.) probably overwhelm considerations of a baked-in "look" via camera color science settings. Then there are the ergonomic factors of whether you can get more setups done in a shoot day because the camera already has everything in place and is portable rather than requiring rigging.

If you have a shot worth fussing over, fine, hire a great colorist if necessary. But the hard part is getting that shot worth fussing over and right now I'd rather be armed with an FS7 than a C300/C100. In 2012 I would rather have the C300/C100 than the FS700, and acted on that preference, but Sony has really swept past Canon now. There are still moments that the Canons will outshine the Sonys, but they are few and far between, and with a bit of rigging (e.g. a hot IR mirror, better lighting, etc.) the differences can be overcome.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 03:53:06 PM »
Technical write-up on a preproduction FS7: http://www.dvinfo.net/article/acquisition/sonyxdcam/first-look-sony-pxw-fs7-l-s-s-shoulder-mount-camcorder-part-1.html

Canon only has the C500, at more than twice the price and far worse ergonomics, to compete with the FS7 right now. Sony is running away with the market.

The EVF and OLED on the C100mk2 are nice, but they're still in the wrong places. The necessity for external recorders to get high bitrates is also obsolete (it's excusable for RAW but that's it at this point). Canon's product cycles tend to be long and that's why this is a concerning development; they absolutely need an FS7 competitor delivered by NAB or they are going to be left in the dust.

The one really nice thing the Canons have going for them are the included ND and IR filters, partly enabled by their long flange distance. But the flexibility of the mirrorless mount on the FS7 can't be denied, and Canon's EOS-M mount was a spectacular failure and can't support full frame 135 sensors anyway. Sony has been calling all the right shots and finally with the FS7 pulled together a product with all the checkmarks. Three years ago, the C300/C100 were great options, and they still have a few advantages left over the Sonys, but absolutely not enough to sway purchase decisions at this point. The fact Canon have yet to respond to the Nikon D800 even is suggestive of serious difficulties in their pipeline. That said, they retain market leadership largely due to their absolute successes in 2012 and earlier and the inertia of people's lens collections.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 02:32:18 AM »
If the 5D4 is the high-megapixel camera, the video on it is going to be rather poor indeed, as the readout speed limits will mean either line-skipping, severe cropping, or miserable rolling shutter. I don't think the 5D4 will be the high-megapixel camera I think that will be the 1DXs or something like that. The 5D4 will be more or less the 5D3 we have now, but enhanced with the new toys like GPS, touch-to-focus, DPAF, 1080p60, and maybe a storage format bump to CFast.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 02:11:58 AM »
But the FS7 doesn't include a free 1DX in the tin.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: Today at 02:08:14 AM »
Let's not forget the 1DC, a Canon DSLR with full-frame 4K video (and the first DSLR with either).

It's doubtful the C100 has the bandwidth to get 4K out of it either through HDMI or the crummy SDXC card slots. The C300 has a better chance, but Canon will much rather sell you (and all the rental houses) new cameras.

As for these contraptions, exactly, this is about the FS7.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:52:22 PM »
It's $5500.

I imagine the face detection AF doesn't use DPAF but uses a lamer contrast detection scheme. Or maybe the AF point is movable. Would like a definitive on that.

The Atomos Ninja can't record 1080p60 via HDMI (can do 1080i60 as on the original C100). So that will be a highly compressed AVCHD output...better than interpolated 1080i60 we already have? Doubt the HDMI out even sends 1080p60 but that is another opportunity for an informed person to distinguish themselves by sharing.

It's nice they finally made it work handleless (it has a built-in mic, and a teeny joystick on the OLED display). This is more or less a "what I meant" product...the things that they compromised on to get it out the door quickly at a price point have finally been fixed. It's amazing how slow Canon is rolling out basic things like firmware tweaks. I hope it's all hands on deck getting something together that will hurt the FS7.

EOS Bodies / Re: Canon Announces the Cinema EOS C100 Mark II
« on: October 21, 2014, 09:32:27 PM »
Really bad news for Canon this mild refresh is all they could manage. The Sony FS7 will run away with sales this season now. This refresh was due last year or so. We could just about fake 60p slomo with 60i already. The card format is still the same old SDXC and won't be firmware upgradable to 4K. There is no mention of whether you can move the AF point yet or if it's still stuck in the center (I imagine it is stuck as Westfall claimed it was a DPAF sensor limitation). Stills shooters can survive with only center AF but video absolutely cannot. Of course cinema shooters don't autofocus unless forced.

Canon also announced a contraption kit that tries to make a C300 sit cat-on-a-shoulder like the FS7 does stock for half the price. No dice.

If the C400 (affordable 4K120 onto CFast I'd guess, under $10K) shows up at NAB they are still in the game but limping a bit. The FS7 really is stealing the show. The new 50-1000 zoom is amazing for a niche lens but it only covers Super35. Which may suggest Canon isn't doing a full frame video camera other than the 1DC derivatives. Yes I do doubt 4K in a 5D4. 1DCmkII yes.

I imagine the new EVF and OLED are nice, but it's basically the same camera. Day late and a dollar short Canon. This is still better than a DSLR but there is no reason not to buy the FS7 instead.

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Can Canon Cinema EOS Keep Up?
« on: September 25, 2014, 02:10:23 AM »
8K video is over 33 megapixels. Canon still don't have a stills camera that shoots that.

There is a certain quantity called "enough" and I think 4K is about that. 24/48 audio is already enough. There are post processes that benefit from a larger capture resolution and processing space. But for consumer delivery 4K video may be standard for decades, most likely the change from there isn't just going to be resolution (it will be holodeck etc.).

EOS Bodies - For Video / Re: Can Canon Cinema EOS Keep Up?
« on: September 24, 2014, 04:58:27 AM »
The 5K displays allow full-res editing of 4K with some "chrome" (UI controls) around it. They are just a doubling of the equivalent 30 inch display resolutions from the HD era (2560x1600 or something like that).

8K is more or less ridiculous I doubt delivery of motion will exceed 4K at least to consumers. There will be some IMAX-style theaters with 8K perhaps.

But sooner than 8K is 6K, that's out already in the Alexa 65 and the RED Dragon. This extra resolution will allow repo (reframing in post) and stabilization for a 4K deliverable.

Post (CGI/VFX/Roto etc.) pipelines for 4K are still rare. 2K/HD is going to be used for a while and if upscaled well it can work too. We like 24p because of the blur remember.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« on: September 22, 2014, 02:34:53 AM »
And no, Sony and Canon don't care about the AJA CION, AJA will probably be out of business entirely this time next year. They also don't particularly care about the other CMOSIS cams from Blackmagic, those are only relevant to internet fanboys. The FS7's design process started around the introduction of the C300 and it aimed directly at it in ways they thought Canon would have trouble matching within the product cycle. E.g. the ENG crossover ergonomics as mentioned. But I think Canon will have an answer by NAB, they aren't far off.

Also the C100 does allow LANC focus control. Doesn't work terrifically good but it does work. They will have Wifi focus worked out well for the next generation.

Yes the F55 is being used for high-end TV, I've watched the Wachowskis use it for Sense8.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« on: September 21, 2014, 06:57:40 PM »
No one uses timecode anymore. Plural Eyes is arguably better than timecode given sound travels only 1 foot/ms.

EOS Bodies / Re: Will Canon answer Sony's new cinema cameras
« on: September 21, 2014, 12:03:39 AM »
I posted here amongst other places on the week the C100 shipped that there was no point to owning the C100 without the Ninja external recorder. That combo gave you the same direct-to-ProRes workflow of the Alexa along with the same 1080p24 image the C300 or C500 would give you via external recorder (OK plus and minus some minor color science tweaks), for only $7000 then and $5000 today.

The GH4 and FS7 do 4K internally but it's so ignorant to restrict yourself to comparing internal recording only. External recorders are standard throughout professional production, often with many formats being recorded simultaneously for various purposes.

The GH4 has something like 1100 lph resolution internally while the FS7 has an incredibly impressive 1700 lph internal. The FS7 is just about the first cam I'm aware of that really has a workable 4K internal workflow (RED certainly doesn't). It's a formidable entry and does easily outperform the C100/C300 at native ISO, with over a stop better DR and over three times more distinguishable pixels, all into a compressed format on commodity media. The FS7 completely eclipses the CX00 series from what we know now (incl ergonomics), but I have yet to see IR and low-light tests (the Canons are awesome there). SLog3/SGamut3Cine is very workable color though you may prefer Canon Log as a starting point, a matter of taste. The FS7 examples so far haven't had competitively good grading (look at the new Panasonic Varicam demo video for truly pro grading).

Canon has its work cut out for it catching Sony, I think they can do it, but right now Sony is very much in the lead.

EOS Bodies / Re: A New EOS Pro Body With 46mp Next Month? [CR1]
« on: September 19, 2014, 01:20:50 PM »
You can get an A7S+Ninja 4k recorder+A7R+metabones adapter for Canon lenses for like $7000. $2000 less.

The "Ninja 4K recorder" is called SHOGUN.

If Sony have the same sensor that's not so bad for Canon as Canon has a more mature ecosystem and design. But if the whole industry is just using the same Sony sensors it's going to be a marginal business and all our photos are going to look more or less alike, as if we were all shooting on the same emulsion.

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