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Not a lot of people use light meters anymore since we have them built into our cameras. I guess the answer is up to Sekonic.

Really?  What camera has a built in light meter?

Most cameras have evaluative meters, and you can see a histogram on the back of the camera, but it is far from a light meter.

Yeah yeah I know ...  :)

I have a trio of 600RTs and am waiting for for the ST-E3-RT. Those 600's are truly the bomb, best flashes I've ever used.

Not a lot of people use light meters anymore since we have them built into our cameras. I guess the answer is up to Sekonic.

EOS Bodies - For Stills / Re: Combining Sensors...is it possible?
« on: April 30, 2012, 07:57:50 AM »
Link seems to be broken, but do you think 4 smaller sensors would be significantly cheaper than a 35mm sensor?

Technically it may be a little cheaper for the sensors themselves, production costs and yields tend to go up a fair degree with increasing die size, however that would be offset by increased costs of the sensor read electronics and assembly costs.

How do you know this? I work in the semiconductor test industry, and while I don't know for sure I believe that cost of producing larger IC's goes up way faster than producing more smaller. Consider a CPU board which has many small IC's that you can buy for $100. If all those were combined into one SOIC it would cost a fortune.

I believe this technique of combining smaller chips is used in very large sensors for scientific applications (astronomy mostly). Knowing nothing about it, I would guess the problem is that you would need to have the FOV's overlap by 'tipping' the sensors relative to each other, which would seem to work when you're always focused at infinity (astronomy) and not so well when you're taking a picture at near field. Don't know.

Street & City / When did photography become a crime?
« on: April 24, 2012, 08:09:49 PM »
In the vein of the thread here on brits and cameras ... I was walking along my street the other day, and somebody stopped and pointedly asked "why was I taking pictures of their houses". Recently I've been taking pictures of my kids school. We're not going to be there much longer and I want pictures of it (and am always trying to practice), and a policeman came by my door because the school is freaked that some guy is taking pictures.

What are these people trying to accomplish? Somehow harassing photographers will make them safer? In an age when cameras are on every bodies phone (ironically at the school somebody took a picture of me - taking pictures), the govt. has cameras everywhere including the sky, along with corporations and businesses. Suppose I'm a criminal - what will walking around obviously taking pictures do for me? I'll photoshop them, ignoring the billions of free photos of people available on the web? Seems rather stupid, and takes focus away from the real crimes that you never see.

I think we should put a stop to this right now, and all of us go out and take photos in public, at schools, in churches and in safe neighborhoods. Time to desensitize people from thinking that photography is a crime.

Speedlites, Printers, Accessories / Re: Where is ST E3 RT in stock?
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:42:30 PM »
Nobody. That Amazon page is bogus, they have another with the correct MSRP of $319 new.

Another use for the 430EX II; I'm keeping mine around as a 'beach flash'. The 600's are quite nice and despite the weather sealing I don't plan on taking them outside in less than good weather.

My circa polarizer is mostly useless, I don't take it out anymore. Finally got an ND filter and plan on using it soon.

Look at the CPN article by Syl Arena on the 600RT. Using some cheap dumb triggers it is possible to use the 600's in radio mode with legacy flashes firing off of the main flash. It works because with radio there is no longer any pre flash to confuse the legacy slaves.

I have a 430II and 580II, along with 3 600RT's. Not sure what to do with the older ones, I can use five in optical if I want, or maybe I should sell them.

EOS Bodies / Re: 5D3 and Canon's Comeuppance
« on: April 21, 2012, 09:56:32 PM »
I haven't been the only one who has made the observation that Canon seems more intent upon maximizing profit and protecting market segments instead of making the most kick-ass camera that it can. There always seems to be something purposefully gimped or a decision that was made by the marketing department instead of the engineers

All the decisions that a corporation makes are based on maximizing profits. Not some, not most but all. The only difference is that some get it right while most get it wrong (relative to others it the same market).
Now, the reason the D800 looks so nice on paper is not because over there the engineers have more sway than at Canon and it isn't because of some romantic notion of sacrificing profits to make photographers happy. It is rather because they knew that without some big wow factor they won't be able to challenge Canon's overwhelming market share in this segment. And that's exactly what we expect underdogs to do. In the end, if they manage to pull it off like Nikon seems to have managed, we all profit in the end.

You all have it wrong - I work in a very similar situation (handheld custom hardware platform with custom software and accessories, AND competitors ). The reality is that each product group in the respective companies have their particular cultures, and collectively they decided to produce these specific products. The reasons came from the different groups involved - marketing, management, R&D, Learning Products (documentation/training) and OF (order fulfillment - manufacturing). As to the specific group which pulled the shots - if there is one that stands above - it's unknowable (by us) and unimportant.

The OP is correct, Nikon looks to be working harder for us than Canon, who has been over charging and under delivering. It may change in a few years or may not.

I agree with you. The 5DmkIII can be used for general shooting of course, as NA sez, but at that price it really isn't worth it IMO for the general shooter. I can easily afford it and I'm not buying.

I think a high pixel camera would appeal more to the general shooter than anything else. Without getting into the discussion as to whether more pixels are actually needed, I suspect that it will sell.

Why does anyone even still mention that person?

Why does anyone still say "why does anyone still [mention,listen to,talk about] that person"?

lol ... sorry, just poking fun. I find all the KR bashing amusing.

He's become a Fuji X100/XPro1 convert, and makes the fair point that DSLRs are still stuck in the dark ages. True enough, but I have an X100 and spent the weekend with it (didn't bring the 5DmkII on purpose) to see how it did. A thousand shots later and probably half of them are out of focus. As much as the 5DmkII AF sucks, it's lightyears beyond Fuji.

Maybe I should upgrade to the III and get even better AF, and semi-silent mode ...

He has an article where he states (his belief) that real photographers don't post on newsgroups; they're too busy taking pictures. Obviously meant to be a loud and controversial statement, but its a fair point. Instead of talking about gear we could be taking photos, and we can't use the excuse that we can't do that all the time (due to weather, time of day, etc). Even then we could do experiments indoors.

Anyhow, I like chatting about gear, and I'm NOT a real photographer, so I'm OK with that. Don't worry about it, I don't know why you bothered sending the email, at any rate.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and I AM a programmer, score one for KR!

The only thing I miss is flash exposure bracketing which marketing has cut (thanks, Canon!).

Can't help you with the getting wet issue, but why would you use flash exposure bracketing? That seems like a film days hangover to me.

Lenses / Re: Any word on the Canon prime's with IS?
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:18:15 AM »
I'm interested in them, just wish the 24mm was a 20mm.

Canon doesn't have a lot of good, small primes. I want one for a small walkabout lens. Or a camera I can people shoot at family events without shoving a huge zoom in their face. I also have a Fuji X100 for that, but it's slow and annoying. I miss a lot of shots.

I had the 50 1.4, until the focus mechanism crapped out. And I want wide angle. Fast would be good, but 2.8 is sufficient. IS is a nice bonus. Sure it's a little bit expensive, but Canon is jacking up the prices of everything, and if it lets me get shots I wouldn't otherwise who caress?

I'm not sure I'll get one - probably, still thinking about it.

Software & Accessories / Re: Thoughts on DNG
« on: April 14, 2012, 09:09:47 AM »
I convert all raws to DNG (JPG's can't be converted naturally).

Of course there's no loss involved in converting. DNG is simply TIFF with metadata - a wrapped TIFF file if you like. There's zero reason to not convert to DNG, and a lot of good reasons to.

I have a few cameras from different manufacturers, I really don't want a bunch of raw file formats floating around with different metadata capabilities.

I wish all cameras would output DNG like Leica. Makes so much more sense.

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